Wooden Bird House

Wooden bird house? Many people would like to have such solutions in their gardens and what about you? There are really a lot of colours, shapes, sizes and designs that you can see in this collection. Thanks to that, even the most demanding customers shouldn’t have too many problems with picking the right one.

Amanda Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Wooden bird house 27
Martinez Leah

These wooden bird houses resembling moose and bear will embellish your garden area. Beautiful, handmade constructions, which will be a great spot for all surrounding birds, providing them food and shelter.

Wooden bird house
Foster Anna

Incredible alternative for standard bird house. These wooden bird feedes are hand-maded in DIY style. They looks like cartoonish human faces. You can attached they to the tree to give birds food in their natural environment.

Wooden bird house 9
Denise You

Amish Wooden Primitive Painted Barn Bird Feeder with Tin Roof

Wooden bird house 35

Image detail for -Cedar Creek Woodshop | Bird House | Porch Swing | Patio Swing | Picnic ...

Wooden bird house 29
Jenna Daviesful

Add a nice and charming bird house to your household and ensure that it will feed those little creatures all through the winter. It sports the strong and durable structure that will easily stand in the harsh weather.

Wooden bird house 12
Cintia Brook

Wire spool bird housing project, an absolutely fantastic concept! With all the raccoons around here I'd definitely use 1/2"x1" welded wire instead of poultry wire, but what a fabulous idea! I just love how these pigeons are living right inside the spools.

Wooden bird house 34
Bush Eliza

pictures of bird houses | The Best Bird House Plans and Bird Feeder Plans | Bird House Plans

Wooden bird house 3
Valerie Jame

A DIY bird house in a rustic style. It's a simple wooden construction, which looks like a miniature of a real house with a window and roof. The wood features all the imperfections, which gives the piece a natural look. You can hang it on a tree.

Wooden bird house 20

Week 1: bird is the word DIY Birdhouse - great project for kids to help with

Wooden bird house 5
Amanda Adams

Bird House Wooden

Barn wood bird house foothills wood factory
Cassandra Reed

Barn Wood Bird House: Foothills Wood Factory

Wooden bird house 36
Ashley Pete

bird houses | Out of Thin Air - Custom Wood Carvings, Sculptures, Bird Houses ...

Wooden bird house 6

Well House Cypress Wooden Bird Feeder Kit - 33 Pieces

Wooden bird house 14
Laetitia Kloss

Woodland Fairy house - like Moss, twigs and stones

Wooden bird house 8

Bird house with antique finish. Construction is made of wood and metal. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Stylish accent for each outdoor place.

Wooden bird house 5

Beautiful stylish table is must-have in every house. This unique sophisticated table plays its role perfectly as a coffee table, but you can use it as bedside table. It has sculptural incredible kickstands and desktop made of marble.

Bird garden decor 4

This garden stylization includes an old ladder with attractive bird houses. All decorations are made of wear and weather-resistant wood, so these are long-lasting outdoor decorations that can be functional for birds.

Wooden bird house 18
Coleman Allison

Put up a nice birdhouse in a tree between your yards, you can both enjoy the visitors // @vivint #letsneighbor Kate W

Wooden bird house 2
Samantha Ale

Lovely bird house for the garden and others outdoor places according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Wooden bird house 28
Bianca Weberable

$45.00 Antique Style Birdhouse, Victorian Birdhouse, Vintage Birdhouse, Rustic, Functional Birdhouse, Shabby Chic, Primitive Birdhouse

Wooden bird house 13
1 I love them and their tenants!!!! Especially like the style and distressed look......

Wooden bird house 30
Renee Har

Rustic Birdhouse Designs | Details about Hanging Timber Bird House Cottage Design Rustic Aged ...

Wooden bird house 21
Tara Zucker

Decorative bird house shaped as stone cottage, with all the details. Lacking a stone fairy house in the garden? Probably this offer can end your search. The stone lodge features green doors, windows and red slates covered gabled roof.

Wooden bird house 23
Peyton Marthy

Bird House -A cute bird house adds much to a country garden and can be very entertaining when a bird family moves in. You can easily build a bird house or purchase a rustic looking one.

Wooden bird house 11
Denise Barnes

Hometalk :: Home Made Fairie Houses A $5 plain wooden birdhouse from JoAnns or Micheals, a bunch of twigs and sticks, wood glue, glitter glue, moss, and some shells from the lake made my first fairie houses. I paint the houses first so any gaps or show t

Bird garden decor
Wright Stacy

Lovely contemporary birdhouses hand-crafted of wooden materials painted in vivid colours with geometric or floral patterns. They have different shapes and roofs and are fixed to height-varied colourful posts.

Wooden bird house 26
Zernike Laetitia

bird houses

Big birdhouse
Robinson Layla

Large Victorian birdhouse constructed from solid wood and painted. The house has many entrances on various levels and a gabled roof painted red, with decorous finials on top. It stands on turned black post.

Wooden bird house 32
Nicole Thom

Wooden bird house 10
Tiffany Alle

Little wooden bird houses, and a rustic vintage window? It's clear that this garden is owned by a person who loves old stuff as much as I do

Wooden bird house 1
Dominique Wilson

This lovely wooden bird house will embellish every backyard or garden. It has a notice worthy antique brass door handle. Mounts on a post (not included). 1 ½” opening. Easy to clean. Has the size of 18”x6”x6.

Finch Valley Winery Freestanding Bird House
Melissa Davi

Finch Valley Winery Freestanding Bird House
This beautiful freestanding bird house will be a perfect addition to any outdoor area. It was crafted with pay a lot of attention to details from a highest quality materials, so it's very durable and solid.

Lighthouse Lookout Hanging Bird House
Allen Michelle

Lighthouse Lookout Hanging Bird House
Are you looking for some intriguing solutions for your garden? Then, check out this charming and stylish bird house! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of style and a unique feeling of being close to the nature.

Wooden bird house 33
Rebecca Hall

reclaimed wood bird feeder #LiquidGoldSalvagedWood

Decorative wrension bird house jpg
Kimberly Cole


Decorative bird houses for sale 1

Decorative Bird Houses For Sale

Wooden bird house 4
Jenna Delicata

Frame Cypress Wooden Birdhouse Kit - 29 Pieces

Washi tape wooden birds spring craft on
Bianca Weberable

Washi Tape Wooden Birds :: Spring Craft on

15 amazing handmade wooden bird houses 10
Isabella Martinable

15 Amazing Handmade Wooden Bird Houses (10)

Wooden bird house
Isabella Martinable

make a fairy garden using those tiny unfinished bird house ornaments from craft store

Solid wooden rectangular house bird aviary ideal for birds chipmunks
Craven Rachel

Solid Wooden Rectangular House Bird Aviary ideal for birds, chipmunks ...

Love bird house rustic and wooden with a by blackberrymarket
Maria Adam

Love Bird House rustic and wooden with a by BlackberryMarket, $22.00

Wooden bird house
Bianca Noorda

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Wooden birdcage
Mackenzie Milani

Wooden Birdcage

Amazing weathered cedar birdhouse
Wright Stacy


Blue Bird Manor Bird House

Blue Bird Manor Bird House

Wooden bird houses beautiful cedar house this wooden bird house
Esther Walker

wooden bird houses beautiful cedar house this wooden bird house

Gifts accessories tea kids corner art sale
Cassandra All

Gifts Accessories Tea Kids Corner! Art Sale

Wooden bird house
Hilton Emily

wonderful way to display a birdhouse! I need a stump ... then a wooden box, planted with flowers and small plants, birdhouse nestled amongst them. Love it!

Wooden bird house 37
Tiffany Ram

Make a Fairy House pt 2 --added a acorn at top of roof. Glued house to base & painted some grass. Used the end of a paintbrush in different colors to make flowers around the door and on base.