Westclox Wall Clocks

Looking for a wall clock? Check Westclox offer with a wide variety of designs for every interior. Browse the models below - you'll be stunned with the vast range of ideas and materials used. With one of Westclox wall clocks you'll measure time with style.

Ideas By Cintia Garcia
Nyl Holdings Llc 33883A Wooden Wall Clock 9.5 " Round

Classic wooden wall clock with subtle old-fashioned touch. It features round distressed dial, wood grain finish and solid glass clock lens. The face of the clock is a medium to dark parchment color. Works quietly.

Found by RaquelStone12+8

A very attractive and simple construction. This is a wall clock that features a round shape. It has got a white face hidden behind solid glass. The clock has got large, black, simple and easy to read arabic numbers.

Found by GriffinVeronica+131
Sunburst Clock.  Superb vintage wall clock by Westclox of Scotland

Straight from a high shelf of vintage classics, this sunburst wall clock looks really impresive. Its off-white, round dial is secured by a thick glass and features Arabic numerals with metal black hands along with a second hand.

Found by AshleyYoun+25
Retro Sunburst Starburst Teak Wood Westclox Wall by RetroClassics..this

If you love original interior details, this beautifully made retro clock will be perfect. The golden elements combined with green combine perfectly well, and the expressive Arabic numerals on the dial are captivating.

Found by MargaretWhite+296
Westclox 46984 Round Simplicity Wall Clock 8", Silver

A simple style that looks very attractive in any interior decor. It is a wall clock that has got a round shape and a nautral grey frame. Its black arabic numbers are quite large, so they are easy to read.

Found by BryantMonica+100
Westclox 32041AB Round Vintage Kitchen Classic Clock, 12-Inch, Black

A simple, yet captivating wall clock. It has the classic round shape. It has dark frame and clear dial. It has black numbers indicating hours. Everything is simple and unpretentious. Perfect for almost any interior.

Found by DanaGreen+4
Westclox 32042BK 1950's Retro Black Case Convex Glass Clock, 9.5-Inch

This type of product is a high quality round wall clock that has got a round glass front. Its retro black case looks very attractive in different interior stylizations. This clock has got large arabic numbers that are easy to read.

Found by SuperAlexLambert+3
Westclox Oversized Classic 24" Clock

This 24-inch diameter wall clock features a sturdy antiqued brown case. The parchment-look face sits behind a glass lens, and includes Arabic numerals, metal hands, and quartz movement.

Found by SuperAlexLambert+2
Westclox 32042R Retro 1950 Kitchen Wall Clock, 9.5-Inch

With big black Arabic numerals and tapered black hands on white background, this wall clock will let you know what time it is even from a larger distance. Besides, it has a thick vivid red case that gives it a feel of a retro charm.

Found by ClarkMonica+42
Westclox 32041ab Black Round Quartz Movement Glass Wall Clock, 12"

Round wall clock with quartz movement. It has ivory face, big black Arabic numerals, brass-colored rim around the face, and a black plastic case. The item combines affordability with versatile visual style.

Found by ZernikeLaetitia+2
Westclox 47612 Big Ben Wall Clock

It is a stylish and simple wall clock that has got a brushed pewter finish on the heavy metal case. It is a great idea as a gift and beautiful decoration for your home. You will be impressed how nicely finished this clock is.

Found by CintiaKowalski+2
Westclox Vintage Butterfly Postcard 12" Wall Clock 32897BF

Adorable wall clock with vintage postcard butterfly motif. It has 12'' in diameter and features a convex glass lens and clear numbers that are easy to be seen. It is sure to win a place in your heart and your home.

Found by ElizabethCoupe+63
Westclox 46985 8 1/2" Round Wall Clock Blue

This kind of equipment is a round wall clock that has got a blue frame. It is a product that has got a simple design and an attractive appearance that looks very nice in any decor. This clock has got large arabic numbers.

Found by JennaRic+66
vintage 1970s era Westclox wall clock in a nice olive

The Westclox vintage wall clock has got the nice olive green and gold finish, Roman numerals and unique shape. You will be impressed how great it looks on your wall in home office.

Found by SuperAliceMartinez+120
18" Round Panel Wall Clock

18" Round Panel Wall Clock
This is a very interesting round wall clock. It has a very original look and composition. Each digit of the clock is placed on a separate board, and each is in a different color. The whole makes a very interesting impress.

Found by MackenzieMilani+2
Westclox 32223 Round Bronze Oil Rub Case Finish Clock, 16-Inch

It is round, stylish wall clock, which is perfect for every elegant and tasteful room. It has a brown frame. The dial is white. Tips and numbers indicating the hours are black. The numbers stored in the system of Rome, which adds elegance.

Found by HiltonEmily+143
Nyl Holdings Llc 32032A Live Laugh Love Wall Clock

This inspiring wall clock features a print of the words that are the most important ones for many... And in these terms, the clock is sure to bring a smile on your face every time you look at it, recharging your inner batteries with a positive energy!

Found by RachelMassonable+11
Westclox Wall Clock 9" Brushed Aluminum Round Quartz Movement Glass 1 Aa Battery

Sleek contemporary stylized wall clock in glossy silver case, with tapering hands in silver, and silver Arabic digits on black matte background. This accessory is a nice option if you seek for a clock that's both elegant and easy to read.

Found by KrystleBrya+3
Westclox 73004P Round Woodgrain Clock, 15.5-Inch, Dark

Solidity, attractiveness and simple style are the most important advantages of this wall clock. Its face has got a white color and it is protected by solid and attractive glass. The clock has got large, readable arabic numbers.

Found by RachelMassonable+22
Midcentury Modern Westclox Wall Clock

Midcentury Modern Westclox Wall Clock

Found by GinaBailey+15
latte decorations | ... -Kitchen-Wall-Clock-French-Paris-Bistro-Cup-Latte-Coffee-Home-Decor

latte decorations | ... -Kitchen-Wall-Clock-French-Paris-Bistro-Cup-Latte-Coffee-Home-Decor

Found by JaclynPrice+1
Westclox 36014 Color Panel Round Quartz Wall Clock, 18.5-Inch

Round wall clock sporting vintage inspired, weathered design, but with a modern funky vibe. Each of the black Arabic numerals is displayed on a geometric panel (assorted colours). Big black hands are decently visible.

Found by MonicaFos+45
Vintage Red Westclox Wall Clock. Circa 1950. Industrial Style

Vintage Red Westclox Wall Clock. Circa 1950. Industrial Style

Found by TheAmandaGosselin+85
Westclox 32041W Round Vintage Kitchen Classic Clock, 12-Inch, White

Very delicate and extremely simple wall clock which is made in vintage style. It is extremely minimalist. It was made as a combination of two colors, white and black, which makes it even more classic and elegant.

Found by MurphyMeghan+2
WESTCLOX 32897 12" Round Multicolor Dial Clock

This is a very interesting and interesting wall clock. It is round, it has a black frame. The colors of the dial has been carefully selected and arranged. They are aged a little, which causes the clock to check the category vintage. This is a very interesting concept.

Found by LauraAnderson+128
Westclox Wall Clock, $118, now featured on Fab.

Westclox Wall Clock, $118, now featured on Fab.

Found by AngelaRuss+124
Westclox 32059 Round Marbel Case Finish Clock, 20-Inch

Stylized aged clock with round marbel finished case. Raised details add depth to the case, and the clock is more visually appealing. Black Roman numerals have been printed on yellowish backdrop with brown staining.

Found by SuperOliviaJackson+100
Vintage Industrial WESTCLOX Wall Clock - *SOLD*

Vintage Industrial WESTCLOX Wall Clock - *SOLD*

Found by CrystalTur+2
Westclox 46994a Simplicity Wall Clock, White, 8-1/2"

This wall clock is easy to hang on your wall, and is quite durable thanks to its round white frame. The face is also white, and features black Arabic numerals, and black sweep hands along with the second hand.

Found by StephanieParker+93
Westclox Wall Clock Large Industrial Old School by auctionannie, $85

Westclox Wall Clock Large Industrial Old School by auctionannie, $85.00

Found by LindsayLee+16
Westclox 32217B Round Deep Dish Classic Clock, 10-Inch

It is quite ingenious wall clock, which makes little impression of 3Ddevice. Of course, as an object, it is 3D, but thanks to the fairly significantly lags behind on the wall is strongly enhances the flight.

Found by AlexisRobe+104
70's Westclox Wall Clock - Kitchen Clock - Home Decor

70's Westclox Wall Clock - Kitchen Clock - Home Decor - Kitschy

Found by ThomsonMarisa+2
Westclox wall clocks range from the decorative to the standard

Westclox wall clocks range from the decorative to the standard and practical.

Found by RaquelStone12+198
7.75" Round Wall Clock

7.75" Round Wall Clock
This device is a round clock designed for wall placement. It has got a round face in a white color. It includes black and grey hands that show large, readable, grey Arabic numbers. Its mechanism is reliable and accurate.

Found by EstherMor+115
Big Ben 12" Round Metal Frame Outdoor Wall Clock

Big Ben 12" Round Metal Frame Outdoor Wall Clock
This wall clock is a very solid and functional device designed for indoor and outdoor applications. Its round frame is made of metal. Its white face includes a clock, thermometer and hydrometer. Its full size is 12" H x 12" W x 2.63" D.

Found by KristenHowa+1
Westclox BIG BEN 47617 Classic 1949 Big Ben Design (Ivory)

If you are keen on vintage inspired designs, check out this fancy Big Ben clock in ivory. The clock features retro design, but the hands are fluorescent, so they are particularly easy to read even during nighttime!

Found by CoupeAndrea+65
Westclox 32004BL 7-3/4" Blue Translucent Wall Clock

Battery operated wall clock showcasing attractive, updated design, with translucent blue frame in cheery, vibrant hue, black hands and big blue numerals, large and easy to read. The face diameter is six inches.

Found by JenniferCook+5
Westclox 32004G 7-3/4" Green Translucent Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring original green frame made of translucent plastic, white dial and large green Arabic numerals. It's a great idea for a gift as the clock fits majority of the interiors and has appealing design.

Found by BushEliza+57
Westclox 32902 It's Time for Coffee Clock

This kind of clock has got a very original and attractive stylization. Its round frame is solid and it has got a silver color with a red trim. The face has got a black color and the size of this clock is 13.8 x 12.7 x 2.1 inches.

Found by ErikaJone+3
WESTCLOX 32886 10" Round Blonde Woodgrain Clock

It is the perfect wall clock to hang in the Scandinavian interior. The clock is a simple and minimalist. It has a light brown wooden frame. The interior is white, and has black numbers. It is very simple, but for it is elegant.

Found by TheAmandaGosselin+62
14" Map Dial Wall Clock

It is a very elegant, sober, you would thing that even official clock on the wall. It has a circular shape. Simple, dark frame. It has a clear shield. Tips and time are black. The figures recorded by the Roman system.

Found by SuperAlexLambert+3
Westclox Ventura Wall Clock, Black

It is a very simple, yet very elegant wall clock, which is ideal for any modern interior. Just because of this simplicity and minimalism it is so perfect solution. The clock is white and black, which means it fits almost anywhere.

Found by AbigailWrightful+4
Westclox Wall Clock

White analog dial, well visible Arabic numerals and black case come together for a fresh, modern look of this round clock. It features also high-quality quartz mechanism. Requires one AA battery (not included).

Found by CarmenKowalski+5
Westclox BB Quartz Vintage Mantle Clock

Handsome vintage mantle clock with a sturdy metal stand, finished silver, and round bezel. The face is coloured ivory and it is protected with clear glass lens. The Roman numerals and spade hands are black.

Found by ElizaReid1+4
46991 1/2" Round Wall Clock Black

It is a small, round wall clock. It has been designed in that way that it fits almost anywhere. It is black and white. Is minimalist and simple, but at the same time very nice, elegant and classy. It looks very well and is very practical.

Found by MariaAnderson+3
Westclox 32896G Sunburst Gold 3D Case Clock with Patina, 16-Inch

A very interesting proposition for people who love functional and decorative solutions in their houses. This type of clock has got an original sun stylization. The frame is made of metal with a distressed gold finish.

Found by EmilyLee47+20
1920's Westclox Big Ben Alarm Peg Leg Clock -

1920's Westclox Big Ben Alarm Peg Leg Clock - I've been looking for one of these in just the right condition for my living room.

Found by JuliaLambertify+4


Found by IsabellaMartinable+245
Vintage Westclox Wall Clock

Vintage Westclox Wall Clock

Found by SuperOliviaJackson+4
RARE Vintage Quartzmatic Westclox Wall Clock Yellow Barn U s

RARE Vintage Quartzmatic Westclox Wall Clock Yellow Barn U s A Works | eBay

Found by AlomaGarcia+40