Wall Stickers For Boys Room

An accent wall is always a great way to add interest in a kid’s bedroom, especially when the space is sparsely furnished and it seems empty or bland. The choice of wall stickers for boys room is dazzling. Just have a look at the examples featured in this gallery. Such peel and stick decorations are an instant, affordable solution guaranteed to keep your son’s imagination alive.

Ideas By Vanessa Weber
Personalized Skier Boy Wall Decal

Personalized Skier Boy Wall Decal

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Rainbow Room Wall Decal
This charming wall decal is a great way to decorate the children's room. Beautiful theme of the rainbow and clouds of charms and ease of installing and removing makes it an exceptionally versatile decoration.

Rainbow Room Wall Decal
This charming wall decal is a great way to decorate the children's room. Beautiful theme of the rainbow and clouds of charms and ease of installing and removing makes it an exceptionally versatile decoration.

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
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Pac-Man Ghost  In this PAC-MAN wall decal, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde quickly roam the maze while trying to catch PAC-MAN. Watch out for Inky, he's unpredictable and his random movements make him dangerous! All PAC-MAN wall decals are official NAMCO BA
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Wall Stickers Vinyl Decal Video Games Gamer Joy Stick Fun Cool Decor (z2065) on Etsy, $29.99
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Skateboarding Wall Decals
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want the Peter Pan shadow as a tattoo! already had planned for them flying but love the addition of the ship
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Vinyl Decal Deer Silhouette in the Forest,  Woodpecker -  Removable Sticker. $90.00, via Etsy.
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Oh my! Trains, and planes, and ballons, and rockets, and and and! I don't know if Daniel would ever sleep! :)
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Wall Stickers Vinyl Decal Video Games Joystick Gamer Decor For Play Room (z2065i) Wallsticker4you
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Love for a boys room. Cheap and easy way to decorate especially if you are not crafty!
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Roundup of Stunning Wall #Stickers for Your Inspiration, Wall #Decal |
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Baby room ideas
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Cowboy Wall Decals
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Airplane Name Wall Decal Boy Skywriter for Baby by graphicspaces, $50.00. Love this for Henry's room!
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Below the thunders of the upper deep;   Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,   His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep   The Kraken sleepeth
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Playroom Rules Wall Decal Decor Art Sign for Childs, Child or Childrens Nursery boy or girls room Decor Quote Vinyl Sticker Mural via Etsy
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Ice Hockey Puck Ripping Bursting Through Wall by PerfectPeacocks, $22.00 - This would be cool for a man cave or a little boy's bedroom!
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Jet stickers -etsy. >>>>When was the last time you were in a real AVIATION THEMED RESTAURANT? Tell your ARIZONA FRIENDS that we’d love them to visit our restaurant, the LEFT SEAT WEST, in Glendale, Arizona!  Check out our Facebook page! http://www.faceb
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little girl bedroom ideas | Bedroom Ideas for the Little Girls, love the desk and chair
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Low bookshelf storage with city decal stickers for the wall (makes the top of the bookshelf like a road through a city!!! Love!)
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Michael Jordan Typographic Famous Quote Sticker Air Jordan Silhouette Basketball Decal
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Show us your nursery - it's modern and bright for Jarvis
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Disney All About MICKEY MOUSE wall stickers MURAL 10 decals Clubhouse decor  ~For my bathroom theme!!!
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These wall stickers have lots of trucks & diggers to make a cool construction boy's rooms. Buy boys wall stickers today and get fast shipping worldwide.
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Google Image Result for
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her wall is currently green, so i was thinking of putting purple dinosaur silhouettes on the wall
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For the Love of music wall stickers  jabril music theme room
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Indian Elephant Wall Decals Floral Pattern Wall by BestDecals
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No Buddy like a Brother vinyl decal by OffTheWallExpression, $23.00
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Colourful Flying Airplane Hot Air Ballons Nursery Decal Wall Stickers Babys Room | eBay. Super cute for boy's room
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Kids Decorating Ideas provides amazing theme room ideas for boys and girls bedrooms, play rooms, or nursery.
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Athlete in Training 23 Removable Wall Decals Baby Sports Nursery Decor Stickers | eBay
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space rockets wall stickers by mirrorin |
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Cars Trucks Taxis Buses city traffic wall decal set of 12 decals Choose Colors fun designs for boys rooms on Etsy, $25.00
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Basketball Big Ticket idea for Boys room. Could do Baseball. From Apartment Therapy
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Dinosaur Wall Decals Dinosaur Stickers by NurseryDecalsAndMore, $24.99.....These will go perfectly in Evan's dinosaur themed room I'm working on :)
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OMG....Need this for boys room but with UVA instead of a name...LOVE!!!!!!!
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I know the tree and owl decals are so overdone now. But these are just so cute! So many colors and variations!
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Comic book wall decals. I really want to do Gabe's room in a retro comic book feel.
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Cloudy Sky Seven Pack - Perfect For Baby Nursery - Boy Bedroom Decal - Children Decor - Playroom Vinyl Wall Stickers
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Gotta Be You by One Direction     (Lyrics Wall Sticker, £16.99)
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Bucks Trucks Ducks That's What Little Boys Are Made Of Country Wall Decal Home Decor Vinyl Art
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Boys Bedroom Decal Planes Trains Trucks and Toys there's nothing quite like little boys wall words quote for kids.
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Snow Mountain Scandinavia Design Wall Decal Sticker for Modern Nursery
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Distract yourself from work, old school style, with this falling blocks wall decal for your office by vinylwalldesign.
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Train Room: All my grandson needs. Set up his Thomas stuff and he probably wouldn't even come out for meals...
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Tiki Surf Wall Stickers Decals - thinking of this for my music bedroom although I'm not particularly inspired by the surf music scene it's just a cool clash of cultures this tiki.  Obv. Hawaiian with the tsunami and the tiki surfboards...
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Perfect decal for a boy's room, man cave, hunting room or for any hunter lover's room.
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Nursery Kids Removable Wall Vinyl Decal Children Nursery - Jungle Monkeys On the Tree - PLMG020L. $149.00, via Etsy.
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