Vintage Room Divider

Amazing, amazing, amazing! A vintage room divider can make such a stunning visual impact that professional decorators like to use them even if there’s actually nothing to divide – as pure decoration. Take a look at the examples in this gallery and try to resist putting a divider in every single room in your house.

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Vintage room divider
Christina Ross

An outright take on shabby chic style: a room divider screen made of reclaimed storefront. When you are keen on accessories that are straightforwardly vintage, it's probably the right thing to have in your room.

Vintage room divider 16

If you just need an extra hand at dividing the rooms of your home then this is the perfect option - opt for these room dividers that give off a vintage feel and would make for a sublime addition when it comes to style as well thanks to the oval shape.

Vintage room divider

If you find yourself a vintage design enthusiast, then this windows hung shall appeal to you. This cleverly crafted project, featuring an arch stained glass window, hanging by chains, creates a smooth space divider as well.

Vintage room dividers
Cassandra All

Through the Looking Glass - A vintage window makes a stylish substitute for a transom in the passageway between the entry hall and the living room. Old windows are easily found and can be used to add architecture where it might be missing, or even to serv

Antique room dividers

This stylish and beautifully made wood and wrought iron architectural gate is an excellent way to get the original interior design. Beautiful ornaments combined with the warmth of wood create a stylish whole.

Vintage Oriental Style 6 Panels Screen Room Divider
Bianca Weberable

Vintage Oriental Style 6 Panels Screen Room Divider

Carved wooden screens

Room divider in vintage style. Construction is made of wood with antique finish and covered with glass. Stylish accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Stained glass room divider
Jenna Delicata

These old doors from Forever Vintage Rentals are perfect for taking photos in  at an outdoor wedding, but I'd love them in my garden every day!

Painted room divider 1
Rivera Tiffany

The Classical vintage room divider is an excellent way to have a fun interior design and functional element of every decor. Beautiful and solid construction with wooden panels is folded and lacquered. The perfect solution for the bedroom.

Mirror room divider 1

A chic vintage room divider made of wood with an off-white finish. It's built of 3 tall hinged panels. A central panel is taller than side ones. Each panel has curved legs, a wavy apron, an arched top part with a mesh inset. Edges are rich carved.

Vintage room divider 7
Craven Rachel

oooh this would be awesome on the east side of my deck to keep out the wind while I sit, i could have stuff on both sides. hmmm now to find 4-6 old doors...mission on

Vintage room divider
Kristina Torres

Decorative glass plates that can play the role of a vintage room divider. They are made of recycled windows and decorative glass panels with plenty of patterns. Durable frame is made of wood and finished in blue color.

Vintage room divider 15
Cassandra All

Bilt-Well Catalog 40: Colonnades BW-1171 and 1174 BOOKCASES, COLONNADES, AND OTHER CONVENIENCES

Vintage room divider

Transform your interior into a country cottage room, with this weathered, old-fashion room divider. Its vintage appearance is well-mixed with functionality, offering 4 hardwood door panels you can easily set thanks to working hinges.

Antique room dividers 2

Old door as room divider #Door, #Room

71" x 96" Diamond Weave 6 Panel Room Divider

71" x 96" Diamond Weave 6 Panel Room Divider
Room divider made of natural fiber and featuring arched top made of wood. It features six panels and has dimensions of 71 by 96 inches. Additionally, the divider features appealing modern design and classic white finish.

Stained glass room divider screen
Alyssa Wilsonify

A great way to craft a "wall" for your deck or portch. You can frost the windows or grow a vine throught the frames if the windows are missing. DIY Craft Projects using Old Vintage Windows Doors - Trash to Treasure - Architectural Salvage

Vintage room divider 10
Alexis Milani

Seriously.. where are all these old doors? Not in my area!! Repurposed Door--lovin the vintage look outdoors too!

Vintage room divider 9
Alexander Natalie

Fantastic Pallet Sliding Door Provides A Degree Of Privacy and Air Movement ~~~ Amazing Uses For Old Pallets

Victorian screens room dividers
Abigail Wrightful

Your cottage country decor won't be complete without a proper room divider that boasts of vintage accents. This one is made of a repurposed door, characterized by a weathered looks, 6 hollow windows and metal hardware.

Vintage room divider 5

Turquoise room divider

Stained glass room dividers
Alicia Perr

Vintage Show Off: Screen Door Displays with lots of hanging areas. Light weight, portable and stand by itself, great for shows

Divide and conquer 10 room dividers to bring order to

Divide and Conquer: 10 Room Dividers to Bring Order to Your Space

Dishfunctional designs new takes on old doors salvaged doors repurposed

Dishfunctional Designs: New Takes On Old Doors: Salvaged Doors Repurposed

French room divider
Robinson Layla

Splash your home with a touch of vintage flavor by deciding on this antique room divider. It's made of three wood panels in a distressed finish and with beautifully arched tops. Each piece is also decorated with a very old ornate, while standing on two short legs.

Vintage room divider screen
Alexis Milani

Vintage Style Lantern par WeddingLanterns sur Etsy, $35,00

This idea is a great way to make two rooms
Jessica Pet

this idea is a great way to make two rooms from one big one just add extra wood up to ceiling and some molding. can even add a door and attach frame to bookshelves.

Vintage room divider 13

I've always wanted an oriental folding screen, just never knew the name . . . Folding Screens

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Latoya Wal


Vintage room divider
Chloe Hughesful

Love the see through glass cabinets used to separate 2 areas of your home

Vintage room divider 11
Jacqueline Murphy

Vintage glass dishes in an epoxy frame. via

Painted room divider 1
Michelle Ward

A wonderful vintage room divider comprised of 4 rectangular panels with a worn wooden edges in browns. Panels are of mirrored Venetian glass with traces of fogging and splotching but featuring beautiful hand-painted birds and flowers designs.

Vintage room divider 8
Alexis Hallify

Tower of Pans by Sally Mankus love this. "I would add a few surprises in the pans like an old photo or a collection of scissors."

Shabby chic room divider
Laetitia Kloss

Room divider in the shape of doors. It is made of wood and glass. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. Simple form and functional design.

Arched room dividers
Margaret Ram

Love this wall divider since I'm moving into a (large) studio in September. Got to get creative!

Vintage room divider 12

as much as I love this, I don't know if I could handle it in my room all the time.

Room divider vintage
Hilton Emily

Display collections of small items (like dice, matchboxes, or dollhouse miniatures) in a divided case like this printer's tray.

Room dividers made from old doors

Vintage room divider idea as an alter... and then can be re-used as a backdrop for a photo booth for the reception!!!!

Vintage room divider 6
Sarah Ashleyist

Faded Charm: Old porch trim hung from ceiling separates kitchen and dining areas.

71" H Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panel Room Divider
Caitlin Nel

71" H Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panel Room Divider
71 inch high room divider featuring four panels. Each panel is made of natural fiber and features wooden top. Additionally, the divider features appealing design, which is perfect for majority of interiors.

Vintage room screen divider

Vintage room screen divider

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Courtney Phil


Room divider ikea
Lisa Anderson

I've never seen a similar room divider before - instead of standard standing panel, a window has been affixed to the door frame on hinges. It defines the space but retains its brightness and open design.

70.88" x 47.25" Mannequin & Singer 3 Panel Room Divider
Alexis Millerism

70.88" x 47.25" Mannequin & Singer 3 Panel Room Divider

Room dividers 3
Olivia Smithist

room dividers

Oriental Furniture 1930's Art Deco Photo Print Images, 6-Feet Tall Double Sided Vintage Women Canvas Room Divider Folding Screen

Oriental Furniture 1930's Art Deco Photo Print Images, 6-Feet Tall Double Sided Vintage Women Canvas Room Divider Folding Screen

Retro modern room dividers

Retro/modern room dividers

Vintage room divider 14
Wright Stacy

DIY Simple Sliding Barn Door @ Vintage Revivals

Vintage room divider richard harvey room divider
Tara Zucker

Vintage Room Divider Richard harvey room divider

Vintage room divider 17
Sarah Ross

Sea of Blue - Charming Shabby Chic Living Room Designs on HGTV-- There's something about this I like.