Vanity Tray For Dresser

Thanks to these vanity trays, many people have managed to pick elegant solutions for themselves. Actually, it was more than that since these offers are also functional. Which one of them do you find most attractive? Take a closer look and check it yourself. Think your final decision over and tell us about it.

Abigail Wright Interior Design Expert
Mirror serving tray
Robinson Layla

Life given on silver vanity tray? Why do you crush, when you can have a few - stylized metal trays, with mirror bottom. Wonderful hand-carved frames, different motifs are suitable for bringing breakfast to bed or as a decorative element.

Gold vanity tray
Zernike Laetitia

A classy traditional vanity tray having an oval handless frame of metal with a golden finish. It features an openwork raised edge with beautiful intricate floral ornaments. It has a mirrored bottom.

Vanity tray set for dresser 11

Right now I am using an old plate, but this is a perfect way to organize our dresser! Now off to find a cheap one to paint! Thrift store anyone?!

Vanity tray 9

Vanity Tray

Vanity Tray I

Vanity Tray I
An aesthetic decoration for homes, stores and offices. This Vanity Tray in Clear Finish features a beautifully bordered glass design, raised edges to keep items inside the tray, and stainless steel hardware to keep glass tubes firmly in place.

Vanity tray for dresser 2
Edwards Sarah

Love the tray for master bath or on top of dresser

Dresser tray
Elizabeth Russell

The secret to updating old brass items! Such an easy update! Check this out!

Antique mirrored vanity tray 1
Elizabeth Coupe

A beautiful, silver tray that may serve as a nice decoration of your vanity table. You can keep your jewellery, perfumes or other cosmetics on it. Display it together with a candle in soft colors and you will get a nice decorative corner.

Makeup vanity tray
Johnson Veronica

From 7 Must-Copy Tips to Makeover Your Home For Spring :: displaying perfume bottles on a tiered food tray

Mirror Vanity Tray

Mirror Vanity Tray
This mirror vanity tray is made of glass and is hand wash only. It is perfect for dresser, bathroom shelves and more. It adds style and glamorous look to any room in home. You need to have it.

Stone bathroom accessories sets
Anderson Marisa

The white tray made of Greek marble. It could be used as a contrast on the dresser to hold the jewelry and the parfumes. I am not pretty sure if it looks good in the modern bathroom, but will be perfect for the classical one.

Jeweled vanity tray

Round tray covered with mirror. It is finished with decorative crystals. Perfect for displaying perfumes, jewelry and more. It is very well appreciated by customers for elegant design and high quality.

Mirrored braided dresser top trays 27 41
Williams Rachel

Mirrored Braided Dresser-Top Trays $27-$41

Vanity tray set for dresser 7
Alexandra Taylor

Tips for organizing your makeup!

Vanity tray for dresser 1
Lopez Christine

those little cute things matter

Vanity tray for dresser 3
Alyssa Wilsonify

Stick It On A Tray: There are some perfume bottle and skin care jars that are just too pretty to hide away in a drawer. Instead, use a tray (or repurpose a picture frame), and display all of your best items for everyone to see.

Vanity tray for dresser 12
Craven Zoe

love the lucite trays for belts holders and the brassiers in the drawer - *hitting self on head* why didn't I think of this!

Vanity tray for dresser 13
Julie Rus

Need to put together something like this for my room!

Vanity tray for dresser 5
Jamie Butler

Filigree Scroll Vanity Tray | Urban Outfitters | Looking for something like this for my dresser, but I want one more authentic

Dresser tray for perfumes
Sanchez Rachel

A mini Celine and a bunch of bangles. Can this be my dresser? (via Style At Home: Catt Sadler Of E! News |

Give Her a Large Vanity Tray. She'll Love a Glass Makeup Jewelry or Perfume Catch All Plate for Years. Also Makes a Great Mirrored Oval Centerpiece Accent.
Sarah Ashleyist

Give Her a Large Vanity Tray. She'll Love a Glass Makeup Jewelry or Perfume Catch All Plate for Years. Also Makes a Great Mirrored Oval Centerpiece Accent.

Vanity tray for dresser 8
Patterson Jamie

Antique Limoges Porcelain Dresser Perfume Tray Hand Painted Roses from antiqueporcelaingallery on Ruby Lane

Perfume plate
Stone Caroline

A truly enchanting proposition for every princess. This cut lace white vanity tray will constitute an exquisitely stylish surface to store your perfume collection.

Vintage mirrored vanity tray

Romantic vanity setting with a DIY vanity tray made of an old picture frame. Thanks to raised edge with unique carvings, it serves the purpose with style. The bottom was painted hot pink to match the vanity table skirt.

Vanity tray for dresser 11
Laetitia Anderson

love this tiered tray for makeup & perfume on the dresser or vanity | 6 Tips to Organizing Your Beauty Products. The Everygirl

Vanity tray for dresser 6

vanity tray for dresser or bathroom

Vanity tray set for dresser
Bianca Weberable

Chic dresser... white quatrefoil screen, prop a piece of happy art, and use a pedestal tray to cluster your perfumes... just works!

Vanity tray for dresser

what a great idea for organizing the small stuff on your dresser top or bathroom counter. So easy and affordable

Vanity tray for dresser
Catherine Jac

i didn't know humans could be so organized and simplistic in actual life. and for that - we salute you.

Perfume tray
Elizabeth Russell

Jewelry organization

Perfume tray for dresser
Jones Jenna

I love this for my newly painted nightstand!!!! Boudoir Vanity Tray #UrbanOutfitters

Dresser trays perfumes

A chic traditional vanity tray crafted of quality material with a glossy white finish. It's composed of 2 size-varied round trays with scalloped edges and intricate perforated lacy floral patterns, a round elevated base and a tapered up stem.

Vanity trays for dresser
Melanie Murp

You could do this with old photo frames with an interesting paper pattern under the glass. Would make a great catch-all

Dresser perfume tray

Picture Frame Catchall - Reclaim a forgotten frame as a tray for baubles and bottles. Gather pretty printed fabric, cardboard, scissors, masking tape, four inexpensive half-inch beads to match your frame, and a hot-glue gun. Remove the glass from the fram

Vanity tray for dresser
Patricia Barnes

Put vintage handkerchiefs in an old frame for a cute tray! I have a whole bunch of my grandmother's lovely handkerchiefs. :)

Vanity tray for dresser 4
Kathleen Gray

Okay, totally dreaming, love this! This would be amazing! especially for all my delicate pieces I keep in boxes. jewelry , organization , clear storage containers , dresser top detail .

Vanity tray for dresser
Brittany Brow

Vintage Style Wedding Decorations

Vanity tray for dresser 1
Monica Edwa

Gorgeous monogrammed tray

Vanity tray for dresser 7
Esther Bryant

acrylic monogram tray

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Vintage vanity mirror tray dresser gold wall hanging mid century
Olivia Smithist

vintage vanity mirror tray dresser gold wall hanging mid century ...

Vanity tray for dresser 9

Antique wood sewing machine drawers for organizing perfume, toiletries, and dresser knick knacks.

Lovely mid century vanity tray dresser dresser by oakiesclaptrap 16
Lisa Davi

Lovely mid century vanity tray dresser dresser by oakiesclaptrap, $16 ...

Vanity tray for dresser 10
Valerie Russell

This stunning white lacquer tray is just the thing for the fashionista on your list. Perfect for showcasing watches, bracelets and other jewellery on a vanity. #HolidayGifts

Mirrored jewelry tray perfect for displaying perfumes
Brown Rebecca

Mirrored Jewelry Tray - perfect for displaying perfumes! :)

Vanity tray sets
Jessica Zernike

Pretty rhinestones and antiques on a mirrored tray <3

Dresser tray for jewelry perfume
Gina Lewis

dresser tray for jewelry & perfume.

Vanity tray for dresser 1
Erika Moo

I want to make this cute make-up tray out of an old frame for Haley!

Vanity tray for dresser 3
Peyton Marthy

time for my daily cupcakes & cashmere pin! Love the tray and bowls for jewelry/perfume storage

Vanity tray for dresser

Spacious Closet-An angled roof provided a configuration challenge. But groupings of cabinets, drawers, and shelves were assembled to create the maximum amount of storage. The island in the middle features removable jewelry trays.