Upholstered Tub Chair

What’s not to love about a pretty, colorful tub chair? This highly versatile chair provides great comfort, is small enough to fit into a compact apartment and makes a great accent piece wherever it is placed. If you’re looking for an upholstered tub chair, you should be able to find a few really nice offers in this collection.

Cintia Garcia Interior Design Expert
Upholstered tub chairs

This type of chair is a high quality element supported on a solid frame, so it is ideal for adult users. This chair features a soft seat and solid back for enhanced support. Its size is 18.5" H x 20.0" W x 21.75" D.

Upholstered tub chair 16
Bennett Erin

Now you can add some refined elegance to your bedroom or living room with this beautiful, hand-crafted tub chair that offers a luxurious design with an aray of colors on its stunning upholstery of pure linen.

Upholstered tub chair
Courtney John

Blue Ikat Upholstery Fabric | ... -blue upholstery fabric with ikat pattern, exotic decoration patterns

Upholstered tub chair 5
Karen Nelson

Laszlo Velvets - Sanderson Fabrics stock photo

Upholstered tub chair 1
Peyton Donaldson

"Edwardian Tub", Chair in Sculptural Leather by Helen Amy Murray

Upholstered tub chair

A fantastic makeover of tub chairs. Originally they were dull and dated, now they look unconventional and welcoming. The old upholstery was changed to classy, blue and white stripes. Wheels were added for better mobility.

Upholstered tub chair 10
Michelle Ward

| Pair of Upholstered Tub Chairs

Louis xvi tub salon chair large upholstered with cream fabric
Jennifer Nels

Louis XVI Tub Salon Chair Large Upholstered with Cream Fabric

Upholstered tub chair 2
Ross Melissa

Who doesn't love tub chairs? I do. They're a classic club choice. This single seat tub chair is fully upholstered with jeans blue fabric. Bucket style backrest creates a cozy support and a spot to snuggle in.

Swivel dining chairs 1
Abigail Wrightful

This beautiful tub chair is an exceptionally original and stylish piece of furniture. Beautifully decorated seat upholstery embellished with studs is impressive. The soft seat is extremely comfortable.

Upholstered tub chair 4
Rachel Coo

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Upholstered tub chair 1

Free sewing pattern: loose chair cover\ It looks just like my Tulsta chairs from Ikea!

Barrel style chairs 5

A truly royal set of a barrel chair and an ottoman. They are upholstered in a vibrant purple material with visible stitching and decorative fringed edges, which make the set look even more sophisticated.

Upholstered tub chair 6
Nicole All

A very interesting and comfortable tub chair. This kind of product is covered with a comfortable and solid bonded leather with a camel finish. The comfort is provided by a supportive backrest, armrests and a soft seat cushion.

How to recover a tub chair
Cintia Kowalski

A fantastic tub chair in a simple yet elegant form. The whole structure is upholstered in a classy grey material that features a smooth feel. The edges of the armchair are nicely decorated with distressed elements.

Upholstered tub chair

Portland Upholstered Tub Chair, Gray/White Zebra I Target

How to reupholster a tub chair

Custom Upholstered Tub Chair may have just found my reading chair

Upholstered tub chair 3
Hilton Emily

Love this chair - In keeping with my pinning today could go on my B&W plus 1 board

Tub chairs images

Very elegant upholstered tub chair with cool oval shape. It has three symetrical wooden legs that look just fantastic. Super soft fabric in yellow looks very modern and stylish. Ideal place for this beauty is in your living room!

Upholstered tub chair

Aubergine floral fabric upholstered tub chair

Birdhouse Tub Chair
Marissa Hern

Birdhouse Tub Chair

Polka Dot Tub Chair
Carmen Kowalski

Polka Dot Tub Chair
A tub chair, made of solid pine frame and upholstered in gorgeous polka dot fabric in black and white. Contemporary style and great look, perfect as an accent chair. Very comfortable and matching any home decor.

Swivel Tub Arm Chair
Mendes Natasha

Swivel Tub Arm Chair
It is very elegant and comfortable armchair. Its elegance is expressed in black, sober upholstery, which raises associations with luxury. Suplemented by soft backrest, armrests and seat, which provide comfort and convenience.

Reupholster tub chair
Wesson Jessica

When I look at this two tub chairs - I see the form of luxury shoes. Upholstered tub chairs in elegant dark red shades, have precisely quilted headrests that expand upward. To honor their elegancy base was made with silver leaf finish.

Upholstered tub chair

New velvet upholstered tub chairs and sofa // mostard & yellow #luxury #interiordesign

Upholstered tub chair 12
Jenna Delicata

New Wallpaper Introductions: Thibaut Enchantment Collection | The English Room

Tub style dining chairs

Unique arm chair covered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. It is mounted on wooden base. Upholstery is decorated with interesting pattern. Great as additional place to sit or place for relaxation.

Upholstered tub chair 8
Jaclyn Smith

Meet the Maker: Nicole Crowder of Third & Grace

Upholstered tub chair
Martin April

The Art Deco lounge armchair. The cylindrical sitting wrapped up with the sophisticated backrest. The dual color upholstery in circular theme. The orange and cream looks good in the combination with the warmth colors.

Portland tub chair
Holly James

Cleverly restored tub chair, which gained lightness and smooth, fresh design. The use of wheels provides functionality, classic white and blue ticking covering stands for style and class, while the red pillow trimmed in white pom poms makes a lovely accent.

Cheshire Tufted Upholstered Lounge Chair
Robinson Layla

Cheshire Tufted Upholstered Lounge Chair

Monarch Vintage French Fabric Accent Chair with Swivel Base

Characterized by a vintage French pattern, this accent chair beautifully accentuates living rooms and bedrooms. Features a wing style back, a round seat, and a sturdy frame with a swivel base, wrapped in stylish white fabric upholstery.

Upholstered tub chair
Katherine Cook

A high quality chair that provides the best level of comfort in a living room. It features a soft, upholstered seat cushion, solid arms and a supportive backrest. This chair stands on solid and attractive legs.

Small bucket armchairs
Wright Stacy

Beautiful white skyline custom upholstered tub chair. Symetrical legs made from dark cherry wood and beautiful white fabric finish make it look really adorable. Don't you wanna have in in your bedroom?

Small tub chair

Take a seat on this unconventianal contemporary uphlostered chair. One part seems to be like a milk that has spilled and has been converted into solids - geometric forms. Based on oak structure, tub armchair has a light pink uphlostery.

Loose tub chair covers
Kimberly Perr

A wonderful bathroom layout in a farmhouse style. It captivates with its simple and natural beauty. The walls are covered with wooden panels, which creates a homely atmosphere. There is a drop-in tub in a baby blue color and shelves built-in the wall.

Upholstered tub chair 1
Thomson Marisa

Skyline Custom Upholstered Tub Chair

Upholstered tub chair 2
Patterson Gracie

Yuri Contemporary Upholstered Tub Chair - maybe for kitchen area

Upholstered tub chair 4
Anna Joh

Upcycled 1950s Bartolomew Cocktail Chair - Teal Blue Underground Velvet

Tufted Upholstered Chair
Bush Eliza

Tufted Upholstered Chair
It is a chair that has got a tufted upholstery and cushioned seat and back, which provides an excellent seating comfort. It has got three finish options to choose: gray, ivory and oatmeal.

Upholstered tub chair 11
Sara Nels

Victorian tub chair, blue grey ============================= profgasparetto / eagasparetto / Dom Gaspar I ================================== ==================================

Upholstered tub chair 13

1930s English Tufted Upholstered Tub Chair

Upholstered tub chair 3
Smith Jamie

Ebonized Upholstered Tub Chairs image 7

Vintage french barrel tub cane upholstered tufted by orangenolive
Wright Stacy

Vintage French Barrel Tub Cane Upholstered Tufted by OrangeNolive, $ ...

Upholstered tub chair 14
Bianca Weberable

Skyline Custom Upholstered Tub Chair

Upholstered tub chair 15
Lauren Martinezify

Skyline Custom Upholstered Tub Chair

Upholstered tub chair 17

Moona Autumn Upholstered Tub Chair

Safavieh Hudson Collection Clara Leather Club Chair, Red

This handsome club chair is in line with latest decor trends. However, as it's characterized by simplicity and sturdy make, it fits just everywhere. Next to all its advantages, it is pretty affordable.

Velvet Tub Chair
Jenna Delicata

Velvet Tub Chair

Bora Modern Swivel Fabric Chair - Charcoal Grey
Theresa Mart

It is a chair that has got a contemporary design, charcoal gray finish, fabric upholstery and swivel function for enhanced comfort of use. It fits perfectly to any style and decor.