Tall Flower Pots

Use them to flank the entrance to your house or as a showstopping focal point of the garden. Tall flower pots make an undoubted accent feature around the house and its exterior. Try them with different types of grasses and perennial flowers.

Ideas By Laetitia Kloss
Flower Round Pot Stake

Flower Round Pot Stake

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3 Piece Jewel Tone Round Flower Pot Planter Set
A set of three pot planters of various sizes, coming in three colors: amber, green and sapphire blue. Each pot features antique-like mosaic resembling pattern on its sides, plus each has a thick top rim.

3 Piece Jewel Tone Round Flower Pot Planter Set
A set of three pot planters of various sizes, coming in three colors: amber, green and sapphire blue. Each pot features antique-like mosaic resembling pattern on its sides, plus each has a thick top rim.

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Planting a Perfectly Proportioned Garden Vase -- three easy steps to planting a garden vase that will be a beautiful focal point for your front porch or deck!
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I need this by my pool to add pop of color.  This link will lead you to other container pictures.
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Container Gardening 101 - Redeem Your Ground | & Unique by Design. One of the more educational and informative articles on containers and simple/small gardening!!
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DIY color block dipped pots~~ fun and easy to do and a great way to decorate around your patio or porch  //  Could do this with tall glass vases, along with the rubber band+spray paint thing, for variety
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wine barrel garden - tall salvia, yellow rudbeckia & climbing petunias trail out of the barrel.
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Wow! A fun new hypertufa look using old fabric!
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Impressive! - Ingredients: Canna ‘Australia’, Canna ‘Tropicanna Gold’, Infinity Orange New Guinea Impatiens, ‘Hot Shot’ Orange portulaca, Begonia boliviensis Bonfire, ‘Orange Marmalade’ Crossandra, Sweet Caroline Bronze sweet potato vine.
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Lush planter.  Cordyline for the foundation (I would also consider using purple fountain grass) surrounded by potato vine and calibrachoa for the trailing greenery and flowers.
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43 cool container gardens.  Beautiful container plantings for your deck, entryway, or yard.  I just love sites that show you tons of ideas.
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Tall grass in planters on either side of garage door
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White, green and zinc looking pot = welcoming.  Love the idea of using branches in the center of the pot. Adds height, and makes for a ready trellis for the vines.
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13 Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard & Deck (With lots of pictures and resources)
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Coleus 'Redhead'...I need this in my shaded front yard! Where to buy one?
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Plants pots full of tulips now for gorgeous blooms in the spring! via The Telegraph
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30 Unique Garden Design Ideas Don’t forget to add height with tall plants and let some of the greenery spill over the edges. There can be many levels of detail to your arrangement:
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How to easily add privacy to a yard, deck   or patio!
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Create a kind of living fence by lining up tall potted grasses along a walkway or wide driveway.
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Window box in Charleston - what a striking arrangement of blooms! #summer
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Cilantro...easy to grow from seed in low, wide bowls...    *note: the main tip for this is to make sure it doesn't get tall.  Cilantro has a long tap root which requires a deeper pot but as long as it's kept short that won't be a problem.. One of my Favor
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Pick out a large glazed pot. Stack unused plastic pots in the base to prop your hanging basket of flowers. Remove the wires of the basket and voila....
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Lemon grass and Petunias - Deborah Silver Dirt Simple
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Great way to plant bamboo.  Bamboo tends to be intrusive and hard to remove once it takes hold.  It spreads fast if not contained.
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Container Gardening Design
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Could use a couple more purple flowers in the back, but it different, interesting :)
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Tiled Wooden Planter DIY Garden Decor - I think I could make this!
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Zebragrass  -- We love zebragrass because of its bold colour: Each leaf blade features a series of bright yellow bands. The plant really stands out in the landscape! Zebragrass also has a nice upright habit that looks great in the perennial border
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galvanized french flower buckets   7": $2.99  9": $3.55  11": $4.50  13": $4.99  15": $6.50
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Lookong for inexpensive ideas for around our pool, deck, filter, etc.  Here are tall upright plants/grasses in containers.  This is horsetail.  Keeps it well contained.
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Orange Surprise, by Ball Horticultural Container Size: 14 inches, Exposure: Sun  New Day™ Clear Orange gazania (2) Emerald Falls dichondra (2) Silver Falls™ dichondra Pony Tails Mexican feather grass
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This site has great ideas for plant combos for your flower beds or for containers.  In containers, put a "thriller" (something tall), a "filler" (plants to fill in the middle), and a "spiller" (plants that trail over the edge).
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How to Faux Finish A Plastic Flower Pot | DIY Home Staging Tips
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Beautiful, tall garden container
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Use Containers for Color & Height. Dress up your deck with knockout containers. Flatter areas along railings or beside a door with pots that can hold tall, striking plantings such as this tropical canna ringed with fuchsia, coleus, and lantana. Bring in p
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Russian Sage We can't help but love Russian sage. One of the toughest plants, it offers fragrant silvery foliage and plumes of violet-purple blooms. Taller varieties are great for the back of the border. Not only is it heat and drought resistant, but deer
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Zebra Ornamental Grass Impressive and exotic looking, growing 4-7 ft. tall and spreading to 3-5 ft. Emerald-green foliage will develop golden stripes midsummer, and silvery plumes appear in autumn and last through the winter. Does best in full sun, as an
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Plant Horsetail in large container like this for privacy.
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Create Formal Flair  Many grasses such as feather reedgrass or the big bluestem shown here have a distinctly upright form that's perfect for enhancing a formal theme. Plant them in pairs to maximize the effect.  Test Garden Tip: One of the easiest way
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Lounge bench and two large planter boxes made of recycled pallet wood
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Oxalis, gardening, landscaping, one of the easiest plants I have ever grown... beware though, it needs lots of water during the drought season
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DIY Large Planters: Instead of buying to large (always expenisve) pots for the porch entry build our own?????
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London windowbox - love the  use of pussy willow!
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Bold foliage plants in a large pot.  @LaDonna Coy how about this on my front porch?
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This is a must! Mosquito Repelling Plants unfortunately mosquitos love me.
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This golden maple makes a beautiful potted tree in this tall terra cotta. Maybe a Princeton Gold Maple "Acer platanoides" or a Golden Full Moon Maple "Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum'" (small, shade)
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Patio Princess is a relatively small plant that produces some of the most delicious little tomatoes ever.  The plants typically only reach about 2 feet tall and produce a continual stream of 2-1/2″ fruits.  The 10 Best Tomatoes for Containers | Veggie G
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Dracana Pink Palm - gets to 4' tall - so dramatic and very low water needs! Great potted or in a border #xeriscape
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Beauty on the patio in container gardening -  Found on
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3ft Plant Tower - grows flowers or edible plants like tomatoes, strawberries, and herbs. I bet you could make this out of some ABS pipe or a drainage pipe. Very Clever!
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