Table Lamps

Table lamps that are shown below, are a favourite piece of furniture of quite a lot of people. Thanks to this collection, you will have a rare chance to get familiar with such an incredible variety of shapes, designs and sizes that have their own particular elegance and are very useful, of course.

Copper Table Lamps

Do we need to tell you about how important table lamps are? Feel free to get to know all of them and do your best to choose wisely. After all, even those previous customers who are very demanding, have managed to decide on the most suitable offers for their houses.

Cordless Table Lamps

Light is very useful and thanks to these cordless table lamps many people might enjoy it a lot more. Throughout the history and in the modern times we have seen different designs and the collection below has almost all of them. Are you a fan of classic or modern lamps?

Native American Table Lamps

Lamps are obviously useful and perhaps underappreciated pieces of furniture that we all have at home. Down here you will see a wide range of choice of table lamps in Native American style. They all come in varying shapes, sizes and designs and everyone will find the one they like most.

Blue And White Porcelain Table Lamps

Porcelain is an interesting material, isn’t it? In case you are not yet sure if it is something for you, have a look at the table lamps that you can see on this site. Their designs, shapes, sizes and colour arrangements differ so everyone shouldn’t find it too difficult to pick the right model for them.

Pink Flamingo Table Lamp

I saw a pink flamingo table lamp at a local flea market and found it so incredibly funny – such an epitome of kitsch, I thought. But then I did some research, and it turns out pink flamingo accessories are really popular these days, making very stylish additions to even the most refined interiors. Just see for yourself.

Japanese Lantern Table Lamp

What do you think about such table lamps? We can assure you that you are not the first person who wanted to see all the photos presented below. That is why we invite you to have a careful look and pick the most suitable Japanese lantern table lamp out of this compilation.

Porcelain Ginger Jar Table Lamp

Sometimes one single object of decoration can completely transform the interior and inject plenty of style. In my opinion, porcelain ginger jar table lamps do exactly that. Their refined floral drawings and a charming mix of colours are sure to work miracles. Browse my collection below.

Waterford Crystal Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal table lamp? If you think that you could make use of such elements at home, there is no better place to choose from than this collection. Many people have already chosen something for themselves from this variety, and you can do that, too. The main question is now which one will it be?

J Hunt Home Table Lamps

We don’t need to remind anyone about the importance of lamps. Now you can feel free to browse through these table lamps and see if any of them suits your taste. Of course, there is no need to rush with anything so make sure to see all these solutions, first of all.

Galle Table Lamp

What do you think about table lamps? If you are one of those who appreciate such elements, especially when they are artistic, then you have come to the right place. Have a closer look at the designs, shapes, sizes and colours that you can see below, and decide if any of them would be a nice thing for you.

Porcelain Oriental Table Lamp

If you’re looking for a porcelain oriental table lamp, you’re in the right place. I don’t know about you, but for me, porcelain is surrounded with that special air of old-world elegance and somehow implies great respect for tradition. A hand-painted porcelain lamp will make a fabulous gift for someone who is sensitive enough to appreciate it.

Lily Tiffany Table Lamp

A lily Tiffany table lamp is considered a milestone in the history of lighting design. Ranging from a single lily to a 49 light chandelier, it is the most successful a product ever created by Tiffany Studios and a timeless addition to any home with a hint of historic charm. Browse the collection to find a style and size that suits you best, and do pay attention to how the organic character of each piece is emphasized in its details.

Table Lamp Hand Blown Glass

These are very elegant and quite functional, don’t you think? Take a closer look at these table lamps and see if any of them is suitable for your house. You don’t have to rush with making the choice as there are really a lot of interesting designs, shapes and colours available. What will you choose?

Lenox Table Lamp

Are you one of those who appreciate nice table lamps? In that case you should browse through all the offers provided below. They have their own particular charm and they are quite functional – what more can one want? Check this collection and get inspired, like many satisfied customers before you.

Lily Pad Table Lamp

Lamps are quite useful, don’t you think? Now they can also have an interesting and nice look – just have a look at the photos that are presented in this collection. It can be recommended by numerous customers who have already ordered their own table lamps. Choose the right style and shape for yourself.

Palm Tree Table Lamp

Table lamps are useful very often, regardless of which style you prefer. In this collection you will find a lot of different types, different shapes, sizes and designs of palm tree table lamps. Many previous customers have been satisfied with their choices made here and what will you say? Can you already see your favourite one?

J Hunt Table Lamps

We all know how often we use table lamps. Below you will find a very rich choice of interesting choices so everyone who is interested, should find it rather easy to pick the most appropriate model for themselves. What do you think about all this and what will you do?

Night Light Table Lamp Base

On this site you will find many shapes, sizes and colours of table lamp bases and similar elements. They are not only nice looking but also functional. Thanks to that, everybody should be able to find the one they like most so choose carefully. Will you be one of the satisfied customers?

African Table Lamp

Would you like to introduce a little safari vibe into your décor? African-themed interiors are lively, energetic, and elegant, yet very cozy. For a total African look you could paint the walls an earthy shade, use dark wood furniture, create an accent wall with tribal art, and decorate with wooden animal sculptures. If you need just a minor change, though, an African table lamp should do.

Electric Lantern Table Lamps

On this site there are presented different types, many different shapes, designs and colours of interesting table lamps. Thanks to that, even the most demanding customers who have been looking for such solutions, will be able to pick the model which is suitable for themselves. You can also make it come true.

Quoizel Lighting Lenox Table Lamp

Table lamps are surely an important element of everyone’s house. If you happened to be looking for an appropriate table lamp for yourself, you have come to the right place as this collection includes many sizes, shapes, colours, designs and other details of such table lamps. What will be your final choice?

Amber Glass Table Lamp

To be honest, many people are not sure if all of these are actual lamps when they see them first. Some of them are so innovative and original that they look like museum treasures. This collection has been compiled to help you choose a table lamp which will fit into your house. Have you already made your choice?

Celadon Porcelain Table Lamp

Porcelain lamp tables are not a treat only for fans of classic style. Now everyone can pick the one they find most suitable for their house, thanks to the wide range of models presented on this site. They come in different designs, shapes, colours and sizes and nobody should complain about the choice.

Peacock Stained Glass Table Lamp

Lamps are surely a useful piece of furniture. Thanks to this collection you will stand before a great chance to pick from among a surprisingly wide range of choice of stained glass table lamps. Many of these look as if they were taken from some museum or art gallery, don’t you think?

Stiffel Brass Table Lamp

Looking for a nice and functional table lamp? In that case you should have a closer look at the options that you can see in this collection. They differ when it comes to their size, shape and design, and are all suitable for customers with different tastes. Discover all of them for yourself.

Hand Painted Porcelain Lamps Table

What do you think about porcelain table lamps? If you feel that you would like to have one of these at home, here is a great opportunity to pick from among different sizes, shapes and colours. These designs also differ from each other so there is no need to rush, you can take the time you need to choose.

Tiffany Peacock Feather Table Lamp

This is artistic, don’t you think? All the peacock feather table lamps that are shown at these photos, are really nice and really functional. Discover all of these and find the one that would fit into your house well. If you think that this is something you really like, get inspired.

Pineapple Table Lamp

Do you like fruit? If that is the case, maybe it is worth to see all these designs, shapes, sizes and other details of pineapple table lamps. We can assure you that many people have already chosen these and what will be your final decision? Take a look at them yourself.

Antique Solid Brass Table Lamp

Cast a warm glow in your office, living room or entryway with a stunning antique solid brass table lamp, featuring a sturdy, ornamental base and a beautiful decorative shade. Reminiscent of the past and the long-established lamp making tradition, it will bring a sense of old world elegance to both modern and vintage interiors.

Crackle Glass Table Lamp

If you think that such crackle glass table lamps would be something for you, feel free to discover this collection. These solutions have already become an inspiration for many and what about you? You don’t have to rush while browsing through these offers as all the designs have their particular charm.

Rice Paper Table Lamp

From inexpensive Ikea models to designer pieces worth a fortune, if you’re looking for a rice paper table lamp, you will certainly find something suitable in this collection. Quite specific in character, rice paper lamps don’t go with all decorating styles, but you can be sure they will look fabulous with oriental and modern minimalist schemes.

Sea Glass Table Lamp

What do you think about table lamps? On this site you will have a unique chance to get to know a very wide range of choice of sea glass table lamps. As you can notice, they are not only nice looking but also very functional so what are you waiting for?

Art Deco Glass Table Lamp

If you decide to have a closer look at the art deco glass table lamps that are shown on this site, you will surely find a lot of interesting designs, sizes and shapes. All of them function well and are quite nice looking. Even if you haven’t thought about buying them before, perhaps now you will change your mind.

Southwestern Table Lamp

Take a look below and check out the Southwestern table lamps. They have plenty of ethnic charm and can make a really nice addition to many interiors. Eye-catching lines, refined materials and designs which are far from typical - you can get it all in just one lamp. See for yourself. I have some great examples in the selection down here.

Glass Murano Table Lamp

Murano glassware belongs to a group of the most recognizable glass products in the world. Fancy and beautiful, a glass Murano table lamp is so much more than a functional piece. It will add style and plenty of color to any interior, making a fabulous accent piece wherever it is placed – in the entryway, bedroom, or next to the sofa.

Palm Tree Shade Table Lamp

Want to enjoy the tropical climate? The collection that you can see here presents virtually all the available shapes, sizes and designs of table lamps with palm tree shade themes. After seeing these models, you will surely find yourself inspired by the range of choice that you have. Are you ready?

Paper Lantern Table Lamp

This will be a treat for all those who like innovative and colorful solutions. Below you will have a chance to browse through a lot of paper lantern table lamps, all of which have certain charm and are surprisingly functional. Can you already tell us what you will decide on?

Seashell Table Lamp

Table lamps are used in different situations. Thanks to this site, you will have a great chance to see many designs, shapes and sizes that have already become an inspiration for many people. You can take all the time you need to make the right choice, taking into consideration all the possibilities.

Western Horse Table Lamp

If the minimalist style and simple lines is not what you are after in the interior design, you might find western horse table lamps interesting. Check the products I've found on the web! Aren't they eye-catching and perfect for cowboy-inspired interiors? Jump below and get some inspiration.

Glass Cylinder Table Lamp

What would you say if you had so many nice table lamp designs to choose from? In this collection you will find various shapes, designs and sizes of glass cylinder table lamps, all of which have their own charm. That is why it is worth to look carefully and make the right choice.