Spice Rack Wall Mount

Every inch of space on your countertop is precious and it’s important to look for ways to eliminate clutter from you kitchen. A wall mount spice rack is one of the practical solutions that help to save working space effectively, but still enables you to keep the frequently used spices handy. Oh, and check how it can be used to store nail polish bottles. Brilliant!

Marisa Thompson Interior Design Expert
Spice rack wall
Cintia Brook

Spice rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Handy accent for any kitchen. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and functional design.

Spice rack wall mount 3
Stone Caroline

Pantry Door Spice Rack

Spice storage racks used to store all of your nail
Liliana Gadjus

Spice Storage Racks used to store ALL of your nail polishes and accessories... Check out this image I found on Amazon, Remember to put the racks up

Spice rack wall mount 1
Alexandra Wood

Acrylic 20 Bottle Spice Rack Wall Mount/Countertop Kitchen Tools Racks Prodyne

Spice rack wall mount 8
Cynthia Phil


Spice racks wall mount
Hilton Emily

RESERVED Copco Honeycomb Spice Rack Mid Century by JunkHouse

Spice rack wall mounted
Ebony Hil

Euro™ Spice Rack - Wall Mount by Spectrum®

Spice rack wall mount
Anderson Marisa

honeycomb [mid century] spice rack on JunkHouse's etsy shop

Spice rack wall mount 12
Griffin Lauren

Sleek wall mounted spice rack

Spice rack wall mount 20
Bianca Noorda

Now you can easily mount this amazing spice rack to the wall and enjoy a significant boost of visual appeal in your kitchen, while being practical at the same time and organizing your kitchen to perfection.

Spice rack wall mount 30
Alexis Milani

sarah richardson I love the round metal board with the magnetized containers. I've seen these containers for spices at Ikea.

Spice rack wall mount 34

Magnetic Spice Rack Wall Mount

Spice rack wall mount
Peyton Donaldson

Apparently, vintage glass test tubes can perfectly serve as stylish spice containers - mounted fittingly on dedicated wooden stands adjusted to walls. Here, each tube features a cork, and in general it's sooo enormously cute.

Copco spice rack
Jessica Zernike

A charming traditional kitchen wall rack of wrought iron in red. A frame is built of 2 thin tall round tapered posts with ball finials. A top edge is adorned with scrolls and a cute cock figurine. Two baskets have wide edges and wire meshy walls.

Spice rack wall mount 29
Diaz Mary

Spice rack idea from Jo Packham. Darling.

Spice rack wall mount 5
Danielle Sand

love this idea! Photo by sleepinthegardn

Spice rack wall mount 15
Julia Lambertify

Wall mounted basket for kitchen indoors. This element of kitchen equipment provides space for spices or kitchen accessories. Its metal construction looks simple and it is resistant to damage caused by many factors.

Spice rack wall mount
Alyssa Wilsonify

Instead of installing shelves from wall to wall, these shelves stop short, leaving room on the wall to mount a broom and mop holder. By sacrificing a just a few inches of shelf space, these cleaning necessities have a place to call home, and any storage s

Spice rack wall mount 21
Patterson Gracie

Black Metal Scroll Wall Mount Spice or Nailpolish Rack. 14-1/2" tall x 12-1/2 " wide x 2-3/4" deep. Perfect for nail polish, perfume, fits two row acrylic lipstick holders. Get at walmart or target. Brand name: Spectrum $15.82

Spice rack wall mount 4

Garden gate kitchen rack-or office uses, or bathroom uses, or....

Spice rack wall mount 10

Wall mounted rack for spices. It allows for good organization of spices and other kitchen products. It includes round compartments with white words informing about types of spices. Durable metal frame looks nice thanks to its shiny finish.

Honeycomb spice rack

This Wall Mounted Spice Rack by Above Edge is perfect! #zulilyfinds This is great for organizing kitchen spice but also in the craft room for holding ink refills, embossing and other powders or a few craft punches

Spice rack wall mount 6
Jacqueline Mitchell

Kitchen Plate Rack and Spice Rack - wall mounted - WHITE fishpond

Spice rack wall mount 7

Magnetic Spice Rack Wall Mount

Spice rack wall mount 1
Alexis Milani

Dollar Tree Pencil drawer organizers screwed to the wall for extra pantry storage.

Twist Wall Mount Spice Rack
Amber Gre

Twist Wall Mount Spice Rack
Practical aesthetic wall rack for containers with spices. Its frame is of thin straight and bowed steel rods and wires finished in black. It has 3 rectangular wire shelves with bowed safety rails and size-varied overlapping half-oval elements.

21 Piece Revolving Spice Tower in Stainless Steel

21 Piece Revolving Spice Tower in Stainless Steel
A very practical and simple 21-piece spice tower made from stainless steel that makes it robust and reliable. It is great because it keeps spices within easy reach while saving valuable counter space.

Spice rack wall mount 9
Aloma Garcia

I love these little baby food jars as storage!! I love the color they painted the tops too! I think this would make a great spice rack as well! I'm trying to find good spice rack options for the new apartment. Cabinet space is at a PREMIUM, so I am lookin

Spice rack wall mount 11
Gina Barnes

Creative ways to organize craft supplies

Spice rack wall mount 13
Dominique Cox

I will find these spice racks or something like them one day. I want them so that I can organize my nail polish and hang it in the bathroom!

Spice rack wall mount 14
Harris Kelly

How to Make a Wall-Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack

Spice rack wall mount 19
Isabella Martinable

Scroll Spice Rack Wall Mount -> DIY Polish or Shadow Racks

Spice rack wall mount 25

I am a ceramist as well as a collector of vintage pottery. I love how each item has its own story to tell and is uniquely made.

Spice rack wall mount 26

Image Search Results for kids art studio organization

Spice rack wall mount 27
Rebecca Turn

Mid Century Spice Rack/ Wall Mounted

Spice rack wall mount 28
Abbey Kowalski

Copco Honeycomb Spice Rack - Mid Century Modern Spice Rack Wall Mount

Spice rack wall mount 31
Jennifer Cook

reserved for e french spice rack wall mounted by joellecutro

Spice rack wall mount 32
Chloe Hughesful

spice racks wall mounted - Bing Images

Spice rack wall mount 33
Griffin Veronica

Shelving space inside wall-mounted cabinets is maximized with stackable wire racks. The racks come in different heights and widths and allow various sizes of plates to stack neatly within the same cabinet.

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Spice rack wall mount 35
Tara Gosselin

Keeping up with the Joneses: New Kitchen Organization & DIY Magnetic Spice Wall

Spice rack wall mount
Lindsey Kell

Spice Rack Wall Mount ...

Spice rack wall mount
Kristin Gra

Scimitar 12 Jar Wall Spice Rack in Hevea

Rubbermaid® Pull Down Spice Racks

Rubbermaid® Pull Down Spice Racks

Spectrum 45478 Euro Wall Mount Spice Rack, Satin Nickel, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance
Mackenzie Poly

Spectrum 45478 Euro Wall Mount Spice Rack, Satin Nickel, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance

Spice rack wall mount 36
Mega Leahbrown

Organising and storing of your herbs and spices | Make Create Do

ClosetMaid 3-Tier Wall Rack, 18-Inch Wide
Caitlin Russ

ClosetMaid 3-Tier Wall Rack, 18-Inch Wide

Mount this three tier mounted spice rack to your kitchen
Julia Lambertify

Mount this Three-Tier Mounted Spice Rack to your kitchen wall or kitchen cabinet and start organizing your spices today. Always have your spices at hand.

Spice rack wall mount 37
Roberts Isabelle

Copco Honeycomb Spice Rack - Mid Century Modern Spice Rack Wall Mount

Kitchen spice rack wall mount storage organizer mounted black scroll
Lambert Abbey

Kitchen Spice Rack Wall Mount Storage Organizer Mounted Black Scroll Jar Holder