Solar Candle Lanterns

The solar lanterns that you will see down here, are not the same when it comes to their size, shape and design. However, they are all nice and fulfill their functions well. Those who still remain unconvinced, should browse through all these offers and then decide if they are really unimpressed.

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Solar candle lanterns 13
Peterson Michelle

Solar candle lanters light up a pathway effortlessly and efficiently, and they provide an ambiance comparable to the one provided by candles - all with their warm light. They're pretty easy to operate, light and small-scaled.

Solar candle lanterns

The charming bird lantern stake with the detachable latern. The base was made of rust-free aluminium. The glass cylinder is protecting the candle flame from the wind, but also provides the romantic light.

Solar candle lanterns 1

These solar candles lantern will not only brighten up the patio or garden but also bring much charm and warmth to the space. Its shape and form of a hanging posts resemble vintage street lanterns from the past centuries.

Solar candle lanterns
Ramirez Jasmine

A beautiful bronze candle lantern that offers the LED lighting to make it not only simply ooze visual appeal but also provide a safe and economical addition to your outdoor or indoor setting from now on.

Diy hanging solar lights
Danielle Sand

Waste sorting is one of the banes of every household. This incredible item is part solution for this problem. Hand-made lattern are made of recycled tin cans and have pattern composed of littles holes.

Outdoor hanging chandelier
Mackenzie Milani

28 Outdoor Lighting DIYs To Brighten Up Your Summer - cupcake lights were cool as was the outdoor solar light chandelier.

Solar candle lanterns 1

Mason jars w/ dryer vent clamps for garden lights

Garden stake candle holders
Brown Katherine

DIY mason jar solar lights. Neat idea. I wonder how it would look to add some colored glass in the bottom of the jar and possibly wire to hang them.

Rustic candle wall sconces

Those two rustic wall candle holders will bring intimate atmosphere to your home, which you can use for romantic dinners for two. They are attached to weathered wood planks with a strong chain that holds a clear glass jar hurricane.

Solar light candles
Torres Melanie

Now you can easily add ambience to any patio or balcony with some help from this stunning hanging floor lantern - it is a piece that will work for both your indoor and outdoor setting and allow for a sublime option of delicately accentuating your decor.

Solar candle lanterns
Lily Cravenable

DIY: Hanging macrame candle lanterns - for the patio. - use the solar light jar DIY with this and that will look awesome around my hot tub!

Cast iron lanterns for candles

A vintage trio of beautiful lanterns for indoor use, hanging on a wall-mounted, wood base with three wrought iron hooks. Each lamp has also a wrought iron case, with X-shaped sides that are covered by clear glass.

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Laetitia Zernike

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Wes Exotic Sunset Candle Lantern
Craven Zoe

Wes Exotic Sunset Candle Lantern
This amazing and stylish candle lantern would be a perfect decoration for every kind of house or courtyard. Check it out and enjoy an incredible look together with the highest quality and functionality.

Solar candle lanterns
Parker Joanna

Tin Can Solar Lantern Tutorial this would be great around holiday time to light the porch and or sidewalk!

Solar candle lanterns 9
Melanie Ste

Dont you just love all of the things you can make and do with Mason j… :: Hometalk

Dollar store solar lights
Michele Cox

A simple and clever DIY solution for creating a magical and romantic atmosphere at the outdoor party or gathering. A few mason jars with white candles inside are simply attached to a tree. You can also use it in a patio or terrace.

Solar light holder
Wilson Gabrielle

Thrifty and Chic - I'm going to make these, and use the solar light mason jar idea to make the lanterns to hang on them :)

Solar candle lanterns 19
Abbey Kowalski

Love the candles in the plants---this could work for Christmas....maybe Christmas wreaths lying on top of pots with candle in the middle---in red, of course!!!

Solar candle lanterns 4
Nicole Richardson

A cute set of simple Moroccan lanterns used outdoors in a garden. #Moroccan #Lanterns.

Solar candle lanterns

This beautiful solar lantern will make a perfect addition to your patio. Its intricate design, referring to the Victorian style, along with modern mechanisms, make an incredibly charming proposition.

Solar candle lanterns
Sarah Ashleyist

Candle lantern designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of glass and fitted with iron frame. Adds freshness and elegance to each outdoor place. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Solar candle lantern
Lopez Dana

Wine bottle candle . Need to make this for my future patio area. This cool solar candle lantern made from clear glass looks fantastic and represents a very modern style of garden design. Ideal to have couple of them in a row.

Moroccan solar lanterns
Coupe Andrea

Garden Stake Mason Jar Outdoor Candle Holders, Solar Light Stakes Tall Decorative Wedding Lighting, Metal Mason Jar Lantern Patio Stake on Etsy, $115.00

Homemade candle lanterns
Catherine Martin

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lanterns! Check out Creative Cain Cabin for some interesting ideas...........

Candle Lantern
Michele Smith

Candle Lantern
If you're a fan of extraordinary and stylish decorations, you're gonna fall in love with this unique candle lantern. Check it out and enjoy an amazing design brought straightly to your house or courtyard.

Diy candle lanterns
Vanessa Diaz

Pretty Moroccan lanterns used outdoors. #Moroccan #Lighting.

Ceramic candle holder
Courtney Rodr

With this unique candle holder, you will be able to create a truly romantic ambiance in your outdoor area. Made of quality ceramic and beautifully designed, the candle holder accommodates 1 candle, and it comes with a matching pedestal.

Solar candle lanterns 8
Megan Pow

A solar Jack-O-Lantern! Just with a 1.99 pie pumpkin and a $1.00 solar light from the dollar store! No worries about candles or buying the expensive electric ones.

14" Solar Powered Outdoor Garden Patio Black Lantern with Flameless LED Pillar Candle
Tara Zucker

14" Solar Powered Outdoor Garden Patio Black Lantern with Flameless LED Pillar Candle

Solar candle lanterns 10
Valerie Broo

Cute idea to put a plant in the lantern instead of a candle. A few trailing succulents would work really well in a shallow soil bottom.

Effervescent Candle Lantern
Emily Murphy

Effervescent Candle Lantern

Candle Lantern
Lily Cravenable

Candle Lantern

Hanging garden outdoor solar candle lantern post lights pack of
Gina Rivera

... Hanging Garden Outdoor Solar Candle Lantern Post Lights (Pack of 8

Solar candle lanterns 11
Heather Long

great decor idea....I'd use a solar light in it though

Sale westinghouse solar led patio lantern candle recharges in

Sale” Westinghouse: Solar LED Patio Lantern & Candle ~ Recharges in ...

Solar candle lanterns 14
Lindsay Rob

Dishfunctional Designs: Solar Light Crafts: Ideas & Inspiration! Lampshade hanging from shepherd's hook with solar light

Solar candle lanterns 15

container gardens and candle lanterns :)

Solar power candle led light umbrella tree lantern hang lawn
Chloe Hughesful

Solar-Power-Candle-Led-Light-Umbrella-Tree-Lantern-Hang-Lawn-Path-Wall ...

Ahh awesome alternative to chandelier and electric lights can hang
Lisa Perr

Ahh!! Awesome alternative to chandelier, and electric lights can hang down to allow for less candle use

Solar candle lanterns 16
Danielle Price

IMG 5251 thumb DIY Mason Jar Solar Light

Solar candle lanterns 17
Jessica Zernike

Make Solar Lanterns From Mason Jars on an outdoor table- OR take old vases use transparent spray paint and put a tea light candle in the bottom

Solar lantern post 29
Jenna Delicata

Garden art: could hang turquoise painted bird cages at different heights (on fence posts or shepherd hooks). Put a solar light in a Mason jar inside each one for lighting.

Barney bear woodland solar garden statue
Craven Rachel

Barney Bear Woodland Solar Garden Statue

Solar candle lanterns 18

How To Make Garden Treasure Jars#/1344487/how-to-make-garden-treasure-jars?&_suid=137612239511209643325651990096

Solar candle lanterns
Stacey Ram

Making these for you pronto :)

Solar country snowman outdoor garden

Solar Country Snowman Outdoor Garden

Solar stake christmas lantern wreath yard decor
Cintia Kowalski


Solar candle lanterns
Jessica Zernike

hanging flower vase lid mason jar wedding reception canning flowers Ball rustic woodland country candle lantern bouquet bridesmaids girl

Solar candle lanterns 20
Phillips Jessica

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