Sofa Chairs

Show your unique personality with a piece of seating furniture that’s neither a chair nor a sofa. With modern designs, different upholstery options and more color choices than ever, there's a sofa chair to fit every style and aesthetic preferences. Browse the following collection of sofa chairs and choose one that best enhances your space.

Sofas & Couches

What can one say about sofas and couches? Maybe that they are all comfortable and look well. Thanks to such collections as the one that you can have a look at here, you will surely find it musch easier to pick something for yourself. Take a look at all the arrangements and decide.

Sofa & Console Tables

Are you about to furnish the living-room? Here are a few suggestions I find inspiring. Check out the sofa console tables below. They are nice and quite functional additions to the room which can be used for display and storage depending on the needs. Here's the board of inspiring ideas and products I've found.

Sofa Arm Tray

Just imagine a lazy moment with a book in hand and sinking into a comfy sofa. To add even more relaxation bliss to that picture opt for a sofa arm tray. Now you can place a cup of coffee there or other small bits and pieces. Check the collection below.

Sofa With Storage Underneath

A sofa with storage underneath is a perfect example of furniture with space-saving potential. It's multifunctional, comfortable and on the top of everything you don't have to sacrifice style either. Browse the selection of sofas below.

Sleeper Sofa With Chaise And Storage

Designed for today's lifestyle with the right dose of style, comfort and functionality, a sleeper sofa with chaise and storage is a good money investment. It will sit you comfortably, store some bits & pieces and provide relaxed space for lazing about and watching a favourite movie. See the products we've collected.

Country Cottage Sofas

If the rustic style is your fancy, you'll find my collection of country cottage sofas below appealing. The awesome combinations of colours and patterns as well as carved wooden details on some of the sofas make them ideal choices for country-like interiors. Browse below.

Narrow Sofa Table

Get some more space for family photos and knick-knacks. With a narrow sofa table placed at the back of your favourite couch the little display will please the eyes of the whole family. Check what we've collected and get some inspiration!

Game Room Sofas

Every game room needs a comfortable sofa apart from all the entertainment gear. A comfy piece of furniture to sink in when watching a movie or bounce off when immersed in online war encounters. Check the styles below! Perhaps there's a sofa design especially for you.

Modular Sofas For Small Spaces

When furnishing a small space, you need to think strategically. It's easy to clutter the room when you choose furniture which is simply too big. Instead choose modular sofas for small spaces which fit in perfectly and are perfectly compatible with the room size.

Wide Seat Sofa

Nothing spells comfort in the living room like a sumptuous, wide seat sofa that can practically accommodate the entire family. After all, who doesn’t love hanging out in a deep loungey couch, sinking in squishy pillows and enjoying a movie with kiddos, a glass of wine with friends or a late night conversation with someone dear.

Sofa Pocket Organizer

Keep your bits & pieces handy with a sofa pocket organizer. It's a simple idea to keep the remote control, a TV guide, a book and your glasses at hand when sitting on the couch. Just put it on the arm and chill away. Browse the organizers below.

High Back Tufted Sofa

Tufted furniture has the magic boutique-style ingredient in it. It looks really classy in simple and minimalist interiors where its design and lines can speak for themselves. Check the styles below and get inspiration for your home.

Modular Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas are surely a nice place to relax. Thanks to this collection, you will find many inspirations for modular sleeper sofas, all of which have their own specific elegance and charm. They are also very functional and nobody should complain about the choice presented down here. Feel free to choose something for yourself.

Sofa Table With Wine Rack

Furniture which cleverly combines different functions is exceptionally useful. Sofa table with a wine rack is a good example to prove the claim. Use it to store wine bottles and keep them handy and to put some decorative knick-knacks around.

Leather Sofas With Nailhead Trim

For the detail lover, leather sofas with nailhead trim are an example of eye-catching furniture. Their lines are accentuated and stylish which instantly makes them the focal piece of furniture in the room. See the collection below.

Industrial Sofa Table

I just love how an industrial sofa table blends seamlessly with rustic and bohemian interiors – a strong tendency in modern home design. And the best thing about this trend is that it takes a really simple DIY project to come up with a unique piece of furniture for your living room. Just have a look at some of these examples.

Print Fabric Sofas

Sofas are very functional and comfortable, aren’t they? In case you like print fabric sofas, here’s something for you. Now you can feel free to discover many different types, sizes, colours and designs of such sofas – all of them have their own charm and are really nice. But you can decide for yourself.

Curved Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofa is surely a comfortable piece of furniture, no doubt about that. Here you can see photos of various curved reclining sofas in different designs, shapes and colours, as well as different arrangements so that you can see how they would look like in your house. Take a closer look and choose the one you like most.

Button Back Sofa

Sofas are comfortable and functional, that is unquestionable. Check all the designs, shapes and colours of those that you can see here, and decide if this is something for yourself. You may take all the time necessary to browse through the photos below, after all the choice might not be so obvious since all the models are nice.

Taupe Leather Sofa

Taupe is an awesome colour which blends perfectly into so many interiors and makes eye-pleasing matches with lots of other colours. A taupe leather sofa is thus a perfect addition to the living-room. Opt for clean lines and modern details and you can be sure that it is going to look great for years.

Leather Chesterfield Sofas

A chesterfield sofa with its rounded arms and buttoned upholstery is a timeless classic. It looks great in both modern loft apartments, fashionable bars and country-like interiors. Discover its vast potential, types of upholstery and truly magical effect. Browse the sofas below.

Sofa Without Arms

Sofas are surely comfortable and nice, no doubts. What would you say if you were to choose from an incredibly rich collection of sofas without arms? Now you can browse through these photos and see if any of these models would fit well into your house. Do you need more time?

Down Filled Leather Sofa

A perfect sofa for the living-room? Check out the down-filled leather sofas in the collection below. Comfort guaranteed as well as classic designs which look great in many interiors. The luxurious upholstery is sure to add some classy vibe to the interior.

Camel Back Couch

Couches are nice and cozy, no doubt. If you check the collection of camel back couches below, you will surely have many possibilities to choose from. They are different in terms of style, colour, shape and size – this makes this collection rich and interesting. In case you disagree, just look at the photos.

Camo Couch Covers

Are you an enthusiast of camo patterns? Here's a decoration suggestion for you. Camo couch covers are useful solutions for many living-rooms especially with children around. The dense pattern easily hides stains that are quite common when the little ones play around. See the collection of camo couch covers below.

Traditional Sofas Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture? If you decide to browse through all the photos that are shown on this site, you will surely notice that these models and arrangements are very impressive and quite functional at the same time. That is why there is no need to look any further for other collections.

Curved Sectional Couch

I’ve never actually considered a curved sectional couch, but I’m browsing the pics with living room décor ideas, and I begin to think the overall impression is pretty interesting. Even if you are a fan of straight lines in furniture, take a peek below and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Wouldn’t it be a great idea for a bay window nook?

Pull Out Sleeper Sofa

Why not allow the guests sleep over comfortably? With a pull out sleeper sofa it's easy and that's why such a design is a good idea to have at home. You can use it to relax and watch TV during the day and transform it into a sleeping zone for the night.

Metal Sofa Table With Glass Top

Metal sofa tables with a glass top make a stylish and functional addition to the living room. You can use them to place a cup of coffee and enjoy the moment or keep the remote control handy. Look below to see the designs I like most.

Leather Sofa Nailhead Trim

All of us like to relax on our sofas, don’t we? Thanks to this collection, you will have a great chance to discover different sizes, designs, colours and other features of leather sofas and related pieces of furniture. Discover how many types and possibilities there are and decide which one you like.

4 Piece Sofa Slipcover

We all like to enjoy the comfort of our sofas, don’t we? This collection might make it even more comfortable and enjoyable for us as it consists of a variety of slipcover sofas in different sizes, shapes, as well as designs and colours. Can you already see the right one for you or do you need another look?

Marble Top Sofa Table

Do you like relaxing on a sofa? Now you can have also a great and useful marble top sofa table. Check all the designs, sizes, colours and details of these tables so that you will make the right choice. Many people have already decided on these solutions and are satisfied. How about you?

Pink Tufted Sofa

Discover this incredible variety of pink tufted sofas, if this style is something for you. You can browse through all the sizes, designs and shapes so that you can make the best possible choice. This is very probable even if you are a very demanding person. Do you have any ideas?

Queen Anne Sofa Table

This is a treat for fans of classic style. Look at the Queen Anne-style sofa tables and check if this is something for your house. You don’t have to rush with making your choice – on the contrary, you can browse through these inspirational photos at your own pace to pick the right design and colour.

Convertible Chaise Sofa

Furniture which can be converted and which has more than just one use is great. Check the convertible chaise sofa below. It's easy to transform it from a comfy seat to a bed and enjoy a good night sleep. Check out my collection presented below.

Teal Tufted Sofa

These sofas are so classy and make such an impact even in the dullest of interiors. The colour looks just great in white and wooden surroundings and the tufted design is so luxurious and inviting. Check the beauties below.

Small Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofas are certainly among the most comfortable furniture. Below you will see many types of small reclining sofas, all of which come in different shapes, sizes and colours. What do you think about such a great variety of choice? Even those who are demanding have managed to find their favourite design here.

Corner Sofa Tables

Sofas are comfortable and important, aren’t they? In case you are searching for a nice looking and functional corner sofa table, here’s a great opportunity to get to know a very wide range of choice of such furniture. There are quite a lot of people who decided to buy them and what will be your final decision?

Curved Couch Sofa

Sofas are very important and very comfortable, right? Thanks to the collection which you can witness below, you will stand before a rare opportunity of choosing from among many different models, shapes and sizes of curved sofas. Do you need to look at these photos once more or can you already see the appropriate one for your house?