Small Bars For Your Home

There are plenty of designs for small homes in which you need to think in a space-savvy way. In the collection below I've included small bars for your home which don't take too much room and yet they offer the functionality and storage they should. Check them out below and choose the perfect one for your home.

Ideas By Alyssa Wilson
Home Theatre Bar
This is a wooden home bar in contemporary style in a espresso finish. It has a decorative sides and long, rectangular top. It will be perfect and practical piece of furniture to complement any living room.

Home Theatre Bar
This is a wooden home bar in contemporary style in a espresso finish. It has a decorative sides and long, rectangular top. It will be perfect and practical piece of furniture to complement any living room.

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Americana Home Bar
It is a home bar that is perfect for dining room and has got four shelves and one storage drawer for storing bottles and glass. It is available in three colors to choose: black, white and brown.

Americana Home Bar
It is a home bar that is perfect for dining room and has got four shelves and one storage drawer for storing bottles and glass. It is available in three colors to choose: black, white and brown.

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Stools on hinges inside of a kitchen island or bar are a total space-saver. | 33 Insanely Clever Upgrades To Make To Your Home
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Ah the outdoor kitchen, the one thing that everybody dreams of. Having a kitchen outside makes entertaining company a breeze. This added luxury has quickly become a desired feature for home-buyers. An outdoor kitchen patio creates an alluring ambiance tha
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dining room Cute bar set up for a small space @ Pin For Your Home
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33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs. Use shelves for your bar and glassware. Saves space and money.
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20 gorgeous essentials for the perfect home bar
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Coffee station. This is so cute! Hang decorative mugs (including ones the kids have made) above the coffee table where you can store different things you put in your coffee. Also suitable for making hot chocolate and tea
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They say it's only $1.44 a sq foot to do flooring, and beautiful
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Small Space Solutions: 7 Small But Stylish Eating Spots for Tiny Homes
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Use trays to keep your bar cart organized.
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I'm going to do this in our dining area to this extent. the kitchen is way too small for all the coffee stuff.
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stone kitchen island , we will install stone around our island in our kitchen this summer, hopefully. love this cozy look, even for a small kitchen
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Love this little baking supply area! My baking supplies would take over this, but its cute!
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9 New Ways to Decorate With Old Things: The next time you pass a salvage yard (or — let's be honest — organize your garage), you might get lucky.
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Do you need more space in your kitchen? Here are some great ideas for maximizing your small kitchen!
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Creating a small drinks station is as easy as using a small cupboard, a stylish console table, a sideboard or really, any flat surface available and creating a gorgeous entertaining space.  Just add a stylish tray, your favourite tipple and mixers, a few
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This room is in the running for "Best Party Space" on  Vote if you love it or view more design challengers here-->
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Build your own basement bar like a pro.
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Never underestimate the power of moms. (Or wine.) | 34 Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Look So Much Better
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Here's a how-to for building a small bar at home, or adding another bar surface for your small restaurant. Note how they've placed planned appliances like mini fridges in advance for the perfect fit. |
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Must make wine rake. Think I'll use old reproduction nails instead of bolts.
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Choosing white, cream or soft beige for the color of your kitchen will help the space to feel brighter and bigger. If you’re someone who needs a pop of color, there’s nothing wrong with painting an accent wall. Just choose a color that is equally ligh
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Balcony -- extra prep space while barbecuing, and room for potting small plants if its a cleanable surface
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A small ledge mounted under a window makes a great small-space desk. More inspiration for small home offices:
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Not a fan of your laundry room design? Here are a few quick tips to transform the space from feeling commercial to an inviting space in your home. Adding cabinets and a folding table will create structure and help with organization. For lighting, ambient
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a DIY project for a simple little cafe area in your living room, and other easy DIY projects for small apartments
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No entryway in your small apartment.  Not a problem.  Mount a shelf on the wall, add a mirror, a bowl and a vase of flowers and you have an entryway where there was none.  A bowl of potpourri and flameless candles with timers add a warm glow when you arri
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Small beverage vending machine for your home
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Clean Kitchen Design from House & Home. Great use of a small space. Add upper cabinets for extra storage space (prevents dust from settling above your cabinets, too).
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DIY Network shares these beautiful X shelf inserts (that you can buy or make at home based on the size of your shelves) that create a beautiful way to store and display your wine.
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A beautiful off-beat wine bar design. Easily accomplished in any space. Great for entertaining your dinner guests and taking care of your wine collection.
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11 Small-Space Living Tricks From Real-Life Apartments #refinery29   Carve out an entryway.
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basement+bar+pictures | ... Basement Ideas, Place for Everyone Joins in Togetherness : Mini Bar
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Making Your Own Wall Mounted Kitchen Table
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Right-Sizing Your Home: How to Make Your House Fit Your Lifestyle by Gale C. Steves,
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Tiny Bathroom: Use coat hooks instead of a towel rod for shared bathrooms.  Some of us aren't lucky enough to live without roommates, so when the germaphobe in your life insists on their own hand towel, hang up coat hooks to keep things organized
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Emergency Preparedness: Inside this little container is enough food to sustain a person for three days. All that is needed is the drinking water to go along with this canister. It's so small that you can keep it in your car or at your office, or in a clos
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After:  By making a pegboard  Jeffrey was able to move all her cookware and utensils to easy access on the wall. No more struggling to pull a pan out of the cupboard now.   "The pegboard became the ideal solution to store all of the oversized and highly u
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If you are a coffee lover find a small unused space (or under used like many living and dining rooms) and create a custom coffee shop in your home.  Coffee/tea is an art form for those who treat it as a ritual so make it a special part of your home.
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The perfect travel companion! Love these bar lotions (TSA Friendly!) Non-chemical ingredients, making them safe for sensitive skin. Rub the lotion bar and your warm body absorbs it into the skin. The bug block has bug repelling essential oils to make it a
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small home bar designs and mini bars for small rooms
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Make your own "Bar".  I think we will need this.
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Your renovation doesn't require a big shed. A couple of benches and a center grille also make for a cozy hide-away. Add a few mirrors and decorative steins and you have yourself a pub.
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Looking For Low Water Usage In Your Tiny Home? Try A Dish Drawer : TreeHugger
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@Katie Mustard, a place for your popcorn maker and pop machine, don't forget the craft room too!  You could make this room a totally chick room....LOVE IT!!
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Wallet-friendly metal furniture makes this small patio a fun party atmosphere.
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Mini kitchen stand-in---perfect for a loft or small apartment if you're cramped for space. Designed by Echelon Custom Homes
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I’ve been an avid user of spray paint for many years, and consider it a quick fix in a can.  Spray paint has the power to change the color of so many decorative objects or small pieces of furniture to suit your style or inject your home with a fresh dose
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Be a better and faster cleaner with these clever ideas that use why-didn't-I-think-of-that tools and creative techniques that help take the work out of your chore list. So tuck these ideas into your bag of tricks and consider
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