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13 Gallon Step-On Trash Can
This stylish waste bin made of plastic has a step-one opening which makes it very hygienic to use. Interesting semi-circular finish gives the whole style and subtlety. Perfect for any interior.

13 Gallon Step-On Trash Can
This stylish waste bin made of plastic has a step-one opening which makes it very hygienic to use. Interesting semi-circular finish gives the whole style and subtlety. Perfect for any interior.

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Garbino Trash Can
Decorative novel bin intended for bathrooms. It features a vase-like shape with curved top edges and cut-out handles. It is made of durable and resistant semi-opaque white plastic. It has 2.5 gallons of capacity.

Garbino Trash Can
Decorative novel bin intended for bathrooms. It features a vase-like shape with curved top edges and cut-out handles. It is made of durable and resistant semi-opaque white plastic. It has 2.5 gallons of capacity.

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Clean BBQ Grills - Guess what? You can clean your BBQ grills WITHOUT SCRUBBING! Follow the overnight cleaning method, the next morning hose off your BBQ grills and you are done! Now you are ready to paartaay!
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Neutralize unpleasant odors from trash cans or diaper pails with these DIY and eco-friendly deodorizing disks.
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R2D2 wastebasket star wars. $16.00, via Etsy. So....this would be easy enough to do DIY, don't you think.  Buy a trashcan, mark it off, prime with plastic primer, paint and seal.
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Emergency toilet use without flush ability. remove water. Line pot with trash bag. Have a pail of wood ash, quicklime, kitty litter or sawdust available so that after each duty is done, the offender can sprinkle a liberal amount over it. This will keep th
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Stacked stone bird baths with galvanized trash can lid saucers
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6 Gallon Hand Painted Galvanized Trash Can by krystasinthepointe, $59.00
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Make A Plastic Garbage Can Look High End - I couldn't stand it any longer. That plain, plastic garbage can in my kitchen. I took it on as a challenge!   I prime…
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can u believe this is a Styrofoam meat tray? decoupage! great site for crafts
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Coastal Charm: Texas Antiques Week...Part One
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Drill holes in the side bottom of trash suction issues, putting in & taking out bags become much easier~
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Trash can root celler... I've been WONDERING where I can store the vegis... This seems pretty easy.
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Can you use Polycrylic over AS Chalk Paint? Yes! If not using wax for some reason, you can use Polycrylic over the chalk paint.
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DIY Trick for Quickly and Easily Removing Household Mold You can easily remove mold with vinegar. If it's difficult to remove, heat the vinegar before applying. Put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the moldy areas, saturating well. Let it soak in. Leav
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Ubbi Diaper Pail. $79.   HOLY SHIT DO I LOVE THIS PAIL.   Stainless steel, so it doesn't absorb stink like the diaper gene/dekor/champ. Keeps a strong seal, has a child lock on top, easy diaper disposing access, KEEPS THE STINK AWAY OMG, & best part: YOU
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20 Freezer-Friendly Recipes | Tip: Stock your freezer with this classic Southern dish. Use empty cereal boxes to save space. Line an upright box with a zip-top bag (like lining a trash can). Fill, then seal the bag and freeze flat while still in the box.
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"Puppy Chow" apparently a childhood favorite of many, but I've never heard of it! :o
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Storing paint cans:  Drive a nail into the rim of the paint can. Paint drains back in the can. Clever!
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A very exhaustive, informative article. FoodSaver/Vacuum Packing Tips
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NYX Matte Lip Swatches - @Tristen Katz Probably a line you would like - no glitter!
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Each flavor is first vacuum sealed and individually hand wrapped in its own (unique) re-purposed mechanical drawing that would otherwise be tossed in the trash can. It also references Marcos's primary occupation as a construction manager.
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Lidia the Seal Lidia the Seal sits on top of a pile of netting, rope and buoy. The sculpture itself is colorful and playful—but opens up the conversation to how discarded plastics and trash can harm marine life like seals. Credit:  Washed Ashore  Washed
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Diaper Dekor Plus - Diaper Dekor - Babies "R" Us - I personally like this one best.  You can seal it off and throw away at any time - use real trash bags or the refills (biodegradable!).  It's GREAT
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During winter, insect pests are looking for a nice warm place to live. There are a few things you can do to keep these pests from making your home their home for the winter:  1. Make sure all screens and weather stripping are intact. 2. Seal up any holes
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Ubbi Diaper Pail $80   Made entirely from stainless streel with special rubber seals to keep odor in, this baby locks and loads odor like no other. And here's the best part: It's affordable and will save you tons of money on having to buy expensive refill
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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
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...I want a small one in my kitchen that seal good to use for scraps too big for disposal & too yucky to let sit in a regular can until garbage day.Then I would like a big one for the regular trash. Right now I have one that is so small there was still ha
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Countertop Trash Can from an oatmeal container.  Steps:  •Cut rim off container •Cover with scrapbook paper and mod podge •Attach a knob to the lid •Spray paint lid •Seal scrapbook paper with polyurethane or clear spray paint  This only took thi
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EZ Autumn Composting with Leaves! - YouTube
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Rubbermaid Flex & Seal Container with Lid, Seal 'n Saver, 1 container, $9.99 - nice especially for the bulk bags of cereal we usually find, or home-mixed granola, or a trash can in the car
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Nine Stars Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can Oder Seal Non-Contamina  #NineStars
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Plastic pollution could be the most widespread anthropogenic activities in the world with perpetual and profound impacts to the environment, wildlife and human.
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Everyone knows that littering is very harmful to environment, but one thing that can be forgotten is where the trash might end up. The trash that you might so carelessly throw out your window could very well end up in the ocean, and cause the death of sev
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Line your garbage cans with multiple bags so you don’t have to waste time re-bagging. | 31 Genius Super Bowl Party Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier
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Oatmeal Cookie Mix in a Jar - great last minute gift and a yummy dessert in a pinch
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Make The Best of Things: Make Vintage Style Books (Part 2) With Crackle Paint
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Sealing garbage can without pedal
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20 gallon galvanized can - gret for yard, around the pool - ice bucket, towel storage, any type of use you can imagine - indoor/outdoor - sealed with 5 coats polyurethane
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So, how do you choose the trash bag that suits your need? After knowing the technical aspect, choice is determined by the size.
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Trash Liner, Hi-Density, 40"x48",25/Roll, 10 Rl/Ct JAGRH4048S by Jaguar Plastics. $36.90. Star seal bottom helps prevent leakage, made from high-quality blended resins for superior strength and puncture resistance.. Save 73%!
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Altered domino keychains for teachers by TERRORE3 - Cards and Paper Crafts at Splitcoaststampers
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High-Density Can Liners in Black by Essex. $63.79. BRM33BK Features: -Trash can liners.-Durable.-Star seal bottom prevents vacuum at the bottom of waste containers that can restrict easy lifting.-With 1000 / Case.-Capacity: 15-Gallon. Color/Finish: -Color
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Jaguar Plastics Industrial Strength Commercial Can Liners, 56 Gallons, 1.3 Milliliters, Gray, 100/Carton (G4347G) by Jaguar Plastics. $34.49. Star seal bottom.. Industrial strength.. Made from linear low-density polyethylene.. Individually folded and disp
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4 Gallon Clear Trash Bags 17x17 6mic 2000 per Case (GEN171706) by General Liners. $19.95. 4 Gallon Trash BagsThese compact coreless trash bags are manufactured as interleaved rolls for effortless bag dispensing. They feature the star seal bottom design fo
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When this trash can had been mistaken for an exit one too many times. | The 23 Most Painfully Obvious Things That Have Ever Happened
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33 Gallon .9 Mil White Supertuf LLDPE Trash Bags 33" x 39" by Bestpolybag. $50.00. 33 GallonSuper Tuf White LLDPE Trash Bags are perfect for your business and home trash needs. These .9 mil 33x39 LLDPE trash can liners are designed for a wide variety of a
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40-45 Gallon .55 Mil Black LLDPE Trash Bags 40" x 46" Regular Duty by Bestpolybag. $72.00. These 40-45 Gallon .55 Mil Regular Duty Black Trash Bags 40 x 46 offer a cheap and economical way to protect your cans. These heavier duty Trash Can Liners are .55
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Found it at Wayfair - Electric Vacuum Seal Coffee Container in Black
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Boardwalk BWK 517 Linear Low-Density Repro Liners 40x46 1.5 Mil by Boardwalk. $42.20. Perforated Coreless Rolls.. Extra Heavy Duty.. Star Seal Bottom For Maximum Capacity.. Low Density Trash Bags.. Black Color.. Brand: BoardwalkMfr#: X8046SKKR01BlackStar
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