Recliner And A Half

If a regular recliner is not enough, opt for a recliner and a half. This design is a bit wider and offers a comfy seat for all the leisure hours at home. Browse my collection below to find the best style and upholstery which matches the overall style of your home. My favourites have lush velvety seats and look so cosy!

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Recliner and a half 2
Adriana Andersson

Recliner armchair with a very soft seat cushion and comfortable, cushioned backrest. It is based on a very solid frame and it also includes a practical reclining mechanism that provides great support for relaxing postures.

Recliner and a half 1

Jenna Power Reclining Chair-and-a-Half

New Orleans Rocker Recliner
Wesson Jessica

New Orleans Rocker Recliner
This comfortable rocker recliner will be the furniture your family member fight over. It's very comfortable and features sinuous wire seating. The furniture has a durable, wooden frame and is filled with high density foam.

Chair and a half recliner 7
Perez Alexandra

This piece of furniture can be used as a cramped sofa or spacious armchair. It is covered with brown, old-fashioned cloth and decorated with vintage cushions with bed skirt. It is a little bit kitschy, but cozy too.

Recliner and a half 23
Stone Caroline

This chair is a chair and a half Lazy Boy recliner. I just ordered two of them. They are much prettier in person than this picture. I can't wait to get them.

Recliner and a half
Margaret Ram

Lounge Chair and a Half in Chairs Would want the ottoman too for the bedroom

Recliner and a half 26
Cassandra Kel

Van de Velde - Reclining half nude in a wheelbarrow in the back of my girlfriend’s garden, not doing the gardening I’m supposed to do, feeling detached from passing time ...

Recliner and a half 22

Southern Motion Maverick Recliner Chair and a Half - Item Number: 550-00

Recliner and a half 7
Alicia Gre

"Reclining Nude With Book," (1927 - 1929) - Tamara de Lempicka. | According to commentary on the website, "Books are a frequent theme in this artist's oeuvre; their presence often has to do with melancholy."

Recliner and a half 21
Wilson Gabrielle

This half tree garden bench is designed to bring comfy rest in lovely, enjoyable surroundings. An enchanting, DIY, metal construction, which can easily create a romantic corner in the garden.

Recliner and a half 3

Monroe Traditional Upholstered Chair & a Half & Ottoman by England very similar to ours, minus the ottoman=> consider using the chair & a recliner as living room furniture until we get settled & buy newer stuff

Recliner and a half 10
Thomson Marisa

Chair and a Half Recliner Chairs | The Mattress and Furniture Superstore, Johnstown, NY

Recliner and a half
Mackenzie Milani

Elegant design for an old-fashioned, vintage recliner armchair fitted with a leather upholstery in a gray color. The armchair has a decorative seam on the sides and an adjustable back cushion, making it really comfortable.

Recliner and a half
Jenna Edward

The Ultimate Arms and Abs Workout. Tighten and tone your entire upper half without any equipment required! Re-pin now, check later.

Recliner and a half 4
Erica Rob

Online Auctions Hit The Big Time: Breaking The $1.3 Million Andy Warhol Record - Forbes

Larson Power Recliner

Larson Power Recliner
Gorgeous recliner chair featuring sleek, contemporary design, solid and durable plywood frame, bonded leather upholstery, and amply padded seat, back, and armrests to provide ultimate comfort and support.

Recliner and a half 1

Jenna La-Z-Time® Full Reclining Sofa by La-Z-Boy. One of two I really liked in the store

Recliner and a half 5

Barrington Chair and a Half - Another possible compromise to get rid of Nate's ugly recliner. $1099

Recliner and a half 6
Leah Phi

Yoga Sequence to Relieve Tension Headaches - When you're suffering from a dull, tension headache, try these yoga poses before reaching for medication. They're a series of forward bends and reclining poses that will soothe your head and release tension fro

Recliner and a half 2

The thick rolled set-back arms and plush pillow back design of the “Stafford-Antique” upholstery collection features a warm earth-toned fabric and nail head accents to beautifully capture the look of grand traditional style while offering the comfort

Recliner and a half 8
Tara Zucker

The Ultimate Arms and Abs Workout - Tighten and tone your entire upper half; no equipment required!

Recliner and a half 9

Oakland Raiders Home Recliner. This would be perfect in my mother's living room, she's a Broncos fan!

Recliner and a half 11
Thompson Alyssa

* * " Nowz I kin lie abouts my age, cuz I can't's remember what it iz anyways."

Recliner and a half 12
Bush Eliza

Yoga Sequence for Tension Headaches. I get tension headaches ALL the time and will try anything!

Recliner and a half 14

Belly crunch and half boat Tones rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis Lie down and cross your right ankle over your left knee. Wrap your hands behind the left knee and pull it toward your chest for thread the needle (aka reclining pigeon pose). Pla

Recliner and a half 15
Abigail Wrightful

Hans Schuler- Nereid Reclining on a Wave (1st half 20th century) [575x360]

Recliner and a half 16

The Ultimate Arms and Abs Workout Tighten and tone your entire upper half—no equipment required!

Recliner and a half 17
Hall Katie

Mill Neck Chair and a Half w Optional Ottoman

Recliner and a half 18
Cintia Kowalski

ASH URN WITH A GATE TO THE UNDERWORLD. Etruscan, Chiusi, 2nd half of the 2nd CBC. Ash urn with a lid in the form of a reclining woman. On the box a depiction of the gate to the underworld. Terracotta, height 13 cm, length 27 cm, depth 12 cm. Found: Chiu

Recliner and a half 19
Adriana Andersson

Head of a woman (Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Cavendish) - Lucian Freud -

Recliner and a half 20

Pendant jewel with Apollo and Daphne. 2nd half 16th c. with 18th c. additions. A sard cameo representing a bearded male head, in profile to the right; with surrounding open scrollwork frame set with seven table-cut diamonds and two rubies and incorporatin

Recliner and a half 24
Lindsay Hal

Cosy seating area for two This double seat on gravel is surrounded by large leaved plants - hosta, rodgersia, ligurlia, synellesis and fatsia as well as yucca, hebe, nicotiana and gold clump Carex elata 'Aurea'. A black iron pump spills water into a ha

Recliner and a half 25
Jenna Edward

Design to Recline Dodger Plush Chair and a Half Recliner - Rotmans - Three Way Recliner Worcester, Boston, MA, Providence, RI, and New England

Recliner and a half 27
Natasha Williams

Chair and a half recliner...I want in red!

Recliner and a half 28

Here at we inform visitors on what you should take into consideration when you consider to purchase an oversized chair. There are many benefits to these chairs as there are variations. Therefore we think it is wise for everyone

Recliner and a half 29
Sarah Ashleyist

Maverick Recliner Chair and a Half by Southern Motion

Recliner and a half 30
Kathleen Camp

Axiom - Walnut Chair and a Half

Recliner and a half 31
Laetitia Kloss

Recliner and a Half. Interested in this piece? Contact us for more info: 405-947-7710

Recliner and a half 4
Lambert Abbey

Silas Power Reclining Chair-and-a-Half | It doesn't get much more luxurious than a reclining chair-and-a-half. This one even offers power reclining for truly customized comfort.

Recliner and a half 32
Campbell Monica

sectional i want. minus the chaise (getting a seat and a half recliner) and minus the ottoman. can't decide on this color or gray???

20 photos of the chair and a half recliner for
Cassandra Riv

20 Photos of the Chair and a Half Recliner for Completing the Look of ...

Recliner and a half 33
Diana Bak

Bronze Sculpture of a Reclining Nude

Chair and a half recliner 4
Monica And

Chair And A Half Recliner

Modern chair and a half recliner uploaded by famous chairs
Kimberly Ale

Modern chair and a half recliner uploaded by Famous Chairs Design on ...

Recliner and a half 5

Mucha-a round fan with plant motifs in the bottom half and two reclining women with drapery and petals in the top half

Jenna lazy boy chair and a half power recliner with

Jenna Lazy Boy chair and a half power recliner with cedar fabric

Recliner and a half 6
Kathryn Scott

"Cosmo" Collection Saddle Brown Recliner and a Half

Chair and a half snuggle me please
Vanessa Wil

Chair and a half, snuggle me please :)

Recliner and a half 7
Watson Krystle

"Cosmo" Collection Saddle Brown - Recliner and a Half

This room is divided in half with a curtain and
Cynthia Patterson

this room is divided in half with a curtain and two sisters share it. great idea