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What you are about to see are perhaps not the most essential elements of our houses, but they can still be quite useful. We honestly encourage you to browse through all these photos, so as to decide on something for yourself. Can you already make a good decision, in the end?

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Metro 3" Center Arch Pull

Metro 3" Center Arch Pull

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French Country Arch Pull

French Country Arch Pull

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15 Beautifully Organized Kitchen Cabinets (And Tips We Learned From Each) Organization Inspiration from The Kitchn | The Kitchn
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20 Best DIY Kitchen Upgrades: 7. Transform a regular cupboard into a pull-out drawer for hidden trash and recycle receptacles for responsible and efficient waste sorting.
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(Repin) spice organization  Source:
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15 Beautifully Organized Kitchen Cabinets (And Tips We Learned From Each)
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"Deep Drawers:  It makes a lot of sense to place a deep drawer right beside the kitchen range for easy access to large cooking pots and pans. Drawers may be limited in their size by the cabinet that houses them, but drawers that probe the depths have marv
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House Hacks - Pull out baking drawer – this is a dream drawer!! With Lids on would be a good way to store them. Maybe a drawer in pantry?
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DIY: No more unsightly step-stools always in the way. How to turn any bathroom sink kickplate or bottom drawer into a pull-out step-stair for the munchkins.
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Very simple, but useful sponge cabinets created for mounting under the kitchen sink. These elements are good for storage of spoons and other useful accessories. They are long-lasting and functional items.

Very simple, but useful sponge cabinets created for mounting under the kitchen sink. These elements are good for storage of spoons and other useful accessories. They are long-lasting and functional items.

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More great storage, preferably built in. I love pull out shelving for easy access. Just make sure to use the sturdy hardware to allow for the weight.
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60+ Innovative Kitchen Organization and Storage DIY Projects - You can buy pull out cabinet organizers that will hold your cookware and keep it neatly in place. They work about like the drawers in your dishwasher. In fact, you can install old dishwasher d
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This is a great idea for a deep closet with narrow shelves. Love it! #pantry ideas #pantry organization #closet organization
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Turn a drawer and a door into a pullout trash can.  Step by step tutorial.
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Top 10 Kitchen Cabinetry Trends narrow spaces that would otherwise have false cabinet fronts utilized as customized spots for pans such as cookie sheets and muffin tins
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Breakfast For Dinner: Kitchen Cabinets with DIY Drawers   she has the best tutorial ever! lol 'kiss'!!
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Make base cabinets more functional by building rollout trays for pots and pans. Family Handyman has the tutorial.
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Great idea for supplies under the kitchen sink too.  Cabinet Products | Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets | Kitchen Craft
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Shaped posts or dowels allow for stacked plates to stay in place. Love this idea!
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Slide-Out Closet Drawers
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Create a welcoming bedroom away from home for guests with the HEMNES daybed. It can pull out from twin size to sleep two and has storage for extra linens and clothing.
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DIY tutorial ~ how to make pull out shelves for your pantry. Tons of amazing DIY home projects & tips.
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Top-Down Organization "Stock a kitchen pullout drawer based on supplies you'll need most while cleaning. Position often-used towels, scrubbers, and cleaning agents on higher shelves for easy access. Stash seldom-used items lower to keep them within reach
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Pantry Options and Ideas for Efficient Storage | Kitchen Designs - Kitchen Layouts & Remodeling Materials | HGTV
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10 Things You Certainly Need in Your New Kitchen 7
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DIY kitchen cabinet slide out drawers
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Slide out drawers in the kitchen provide easy access for spices and condiments. | 33 Insanely Clever Upgrades To Make To Your Home
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This solution of a dedicated cabinet and sliding drawer beneath fitted for feeding bowls is not only clever, but stylish. This is just awesome..Not good for my Dane however...he would need the bowls built in at the top of cabinet :)
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How cool is this slide-out knife block?? | 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home
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10 Tips for an Organized Pantry | #pantry #organization
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kitchen pantry cabinets | Turning Unused Space into an Organized Pantry
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Pull-out basket drawers for fruits and vegetables
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Built-in ironing board in kitchen/laundry, this fixture is from IKEA. Would be really great if I ironed :)
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modern laundry room ideas for interior design and decorating
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coffee station - except it appears the coffee maker is too tall to fit in its space...
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Which cabinet could I do this in? I HATE having all the cookie sheets and pizza pans in the drawer under the oven.  It's impossible to get to them. #kitchen
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Drawer for Pots and Pans
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Creative Counter Space...under the silverware drawer, remove that storage area, instead of a pullout table, we could add a pull out garbage can...therefore eliminating the bulkiness of the one we have. then, we could utilize the area above the microwave f
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Craft Room / Office ideas for a small bedroom or dining room // pull out shelves for your Silhouette and printers
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totally awesome DIY drawer pulls - take that, over-priced Anthropologie decor!
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Photo: Keller & Keller Photography | | from How to Install a Pull-Out Kitchen Shelf
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I want to make this!  DIY Furniture Plan from  Turn a builder grade vanity into a child friendly vanity by converting the toekick to a step drawer. Also could be used to create a storage drawer, increasing the storage in the bathroom.
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work boxes, have one for each student, when they finish their work they can go to their work box and pull out things to work on that the teacher has placed in there. (lets the teacher assign different things for the student/if they need extra practice in
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This makes a ton of sense for silverware... or put one next to the stove for cooking utensil storage.
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clearly described sequence for designing and building a roll-out pantry, large or small.
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Add deep drawers for laundry basket storage!
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pull out kitchen island.  i had a friend when i was younger and thought their kitchen was amazing, all the cabinets were custom with pullouts so nothing got stuck in the cabinets.  it was genius in my little mind, and this is too.
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53 Cool Pull Out Kitchen Drawers And Shelves #DIY #organize
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What a clever idea! Cutting Board in a Drawer, over the Trash Can, via @Bob Vila, Top Inspired and
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