Pretty Trash Cans

Pretty trash cans?... Well, after looking at the photos that are included in this collection, you will see that this is possible. All these styles, shapes, colours and other details vary from each other but it is true that all of these trash cans are actually functional and… pretty. Many people are already inspired by these solutions.

Adriana Andersson Interior Design Expert
Pretty trash cans
Laetitia Kloss

The beautiful and untypical performance of these trash cans makes this useful item look much better around the house. Attractive design and solid construction allow for their broad application. Perfect for the garden.

Pretty trash can
Leah Bai

Capacious and long-lasting, this outdoor trash can is beautifully hand-painted with dragonflies and blooming flowers. It's all designed of durable metal, featuring a drum body with a pair of metal handles, and a tight round lid.

Pretty trash cans 1

Thanks to this creative idea, even your trash cans can be stylish, beautiful, and decorative. Each of those trash cans is available with a different type of floral design, effectively adorning not only the front of your house but also the entire neighborhood.

Pretty trash cans 2
Kathleen Coleman

Pretty painted trash cans

Rolling metal laundry basket

The beautiful and highly decorated trash can be a great solution for the bathroom where it will serve as a metal laundry hamper. Beautiful decorations in eye-catching colors captivate you. The white background creates a unique whole.

Pretty trash cans 2
Theresa Phil

Practical element of home equipment. This trash can features simple appearance and includes two handles for better transportation. Its round lid also includes a functional handle. Green color of this trash can looks nice in any design.

Brelso 'Invisi-Overlap' Open Top Stainless Steel Trash Can, Small Office Wastebasket, Modern Home Décor, Rectangle Shape

Brelso 'Invisi-Overlap' Open Top Stainless Steel Trash Can, Small Office Wastebasket, Modern Home Décor, Rectangle Shape

Painted metal trash can
Richardson Krystle

Charming trash can made of metal and decorated with floral theme. Positive accent for kitchens, bathrooms, offices and others interiors according to taste.

Pretty trash cans
Stephanie Dav

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Pretty trash cans 10
Jacqueline White

You can reuse lots of old beauty tools for new things. | 42 Money-Saving Tips Every Makeup Addict Needs To Know

Pretty trash cans 23

This site explains 3 cheap and easy DIY rain barrels that you can make that actually look nice. You will learn tips and tricks about how to make that ugly rain barrel into something visually pleasing that has amazing benefits for your garden!

Trash can painting
Henderson Natasha

No more boring trash cans! This eye-catching trash bin with colorful monster design will make your home unusual and will encourage your family to tidying. Simple taking out the trash can be an amazing adventure.

Painted garbage cans
Richardson Holly

Placing a trash cans when you decide on rubbish segregation is not easy. This solution could help you to hide it when you don't want to show it to your guests, but still available if you would like to throw out something.

Pretty trash cans 1
Crystal Thompson

would like this wicker look as a trash can on my deck because it ...

Pretty trash cans
Richardson Krystle

Behold, the "set it and forget it" of trash cans. | 33 Ingeniously Designed Products You Need In Your Life

Painted galvanized trash cans
Carmen Milani

Trash cans don't have to boring. The ones in the picture were originally plain, grey color., but they were given a new life by decorating them with colorful paper. Bright colors will give your trash space a positive energy.

Find flip and paint a wire trash can for a

Find, flip and paint a wire trash can for a stylish side table. | 21 Weird Home Decorating Tricks That Might Actually Work

Pretty kitchen trash can
Alexis Milani

This vintage waste bin is a wonderfully crafted masterpiece with big attention to details visible at first sight. It owes its high quality thanks to materials used: perforated gold, anodized metal with a wooden base and legs.

Pretty trash cans 6
Jenna Daviesful

{ A garbage bin that I like! Of course it's from Martha's Home... Rubbermaid® Defenders Step On Metal Trash Cans - found via Little Green Notebook }

Need to find a cabinet to rework to make this
Olivia Smithist

need to find a cabinet to rework to make this so i can stop worrying about the dog getting in the trash

Rustic garbage can planter by the lilypad cottage featured on

Rustic garbage can planter by The LilyPad Cottage featured on I Love That Junk

Painted trash cans
Craven Rachel

The attractive and very functional composition of this pull out trash cabinet makes the kitchen furniture look great. The built-in space for trash cans is easy to use and very handy for everyday tasks. The perfect solution for the home.

Pretty trash
Wesson Jessica

A cool storage bin (e.g. for toys, laundry) from an old cylindrical metal trash can. It has a green-painted vertically grooved body, 2 dangling handles, a round lid with a C-handle. A removable liner is of colourful fabric with a floral pattern.

Pretty trash cans 5

12 DIY Projects You Can Make From Things You Throw Away

I would love to be able to hide my trash

i would LOVE to be able to hide my trash can and recycling

Pretty garbage cans
Jennifer Hay

This trash can is not only extraordinarily sophisticated furniture but it is also one hundred percent ecological - recycled and pretty. Having such a trash can is a nice idea. Creating a trash can out of trash.

Garbage can art
Alexis Millerism

Refab a plastic garbage can with fabric {a Ballard Designs knock off}

Brown packing paper flooring instructions im compiling all these instructions

Brown Packing Paper Flooring instructions - I'm compiling all these instructions so I can decide the best methods when we recycle all our packing paper!

Waste Basket

Waste Basket

Pretty trash cans 17
Latoya Powell

Trash Can Lights - Make a simple modern light fixture out of a trash can!

Pretty trash cans 19

Need to make these for the car, but I think I'd make it with PUL rather than regular fabric... just in case someone puts a "wet" item in there...

Pretty trash cans 22
Laetitia Kloss

Beautiful Rain Barrels - my next summer project - may just use an old trash can....

Pretty trash cans 4
Shannon Eva

21 Totally Awesome Duct Tape Creations…{how is #8 possible?}

Pretty trash cans 11
Peyton Donaldson

Keep your home clean and looking great with this wood tilt out trashcan for any room in your home

Pretty trash cans 21
Katie How

Time for a trip to the thrift store. This is so cute!

13-Gal. Trash Bin

13-Gal. Trash Bin

Pretty trash cans 3
Brittany Hug

Here is the trash can "before" the new numbers.

Argosy Waste Basket
Jenna Edward

Argosy Waste Basket

Pretty trash cans 9

pretty tool shed....although even if I could get him to build it I couldn't get him to keep things in there....

Pretty trash cans 13
Peyton Donaldson

how to build a tilt out trash can for the kitchen. So much prettier than a regular trash can

Primitives by Kathy Box Sign, 5 by 8-Inch, Pretty Lipstick
Cintia Brook

Primitives by Kathy Box Sign, 5 by 8-Inch, Pretty Lipstick

Spray paint trash can

Good idea to use something other than garbage cans for garbage cans

Garbino Trash Can
Isabella Martinable

Garbino Trash Can
Decorative novel bin intended for bathrooms. It features a vase-like shape with curved top edges and cut-out handles. It is made of durable and resistant semi-opaque white plastic. It has 2.5 gallons of capacity.

13 Gal. Deodorizer Automatic Touchless Trash Can

13 Gal. Deodorizer Automatic Touchless Trash Can
It is a modern trash can, which ensures cleanliness, hygiene and a pleasant smell, even in its immediate vicinity. Trash neutralizes odors. At the same time, modern technology that has been used allows the automatic opening and closing it. You do not need to touch it.

Metal Step Trash Can
Melissa Mur

Metal Step Trash Can
A stunning and modern-looking trash can that offers the removable inner bucket carrying handle and a strong, durable plastic structure to provide years of convenience and functionality for your household.

Pretty trash can 2
Peyton Marthy

pretty trash can

Another favorite of mine i really love the way it
Stacey Patterson

Another favorite of mine. I really love the way it looks, but I really ...

Pretty trash cans 18

^INSPIRATION...They are strung on a twenty four inch chain with tiny bits of lace under glass and antique buttons hanging from the bottom.  Each one is it's own unique little piece of the past. One of the fun things about these is that the front and back

Casa Concealed Trash Bin

Casa Concealed Trash Bin

Pretty trash cans 20
Alexis Millerism

I like shopping at flea markets, garage sales, and antique fairs... in theory. I love the idea of hunting for and finding a treasure, but the reality is that these places can be overwhelming to navigate, particularly if you don't know what to look for, or