Posture Chairs

Which one of these posture chairs would be the best option for you? As a matter of fact, you are not the first person who got interested in this compilation of impressive shapes, sizes and designs. Maybe it would be a good thing to consider all of these offers and pick one.

Ideas By Abigail Wright
Low-Back Leather Posture Task Chair

Low-Back Leather Posture Task Chair

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Mobile Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair in Black Fabric with Back

Mobile Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Chair in Black Fabric with Back

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This is what everyone who sits at a desk daily...should invest in.  Great for posture and caloric burn even while sitting.  WANT!
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FitBALL Balance Ball Chair at BrookstoneBuy Now! Although, it's not really balancing if it's a chair
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Balance Ball Chair....Use it as a desk chair for an all-day tightening session that you won't even know is happening.
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Active chairs have replaced the fit ball as an alternative to the #office chair. Sitting on a fit ball can also help #strengthen some of the postural #muscles that support your torso because you have to work to maintain your balance. However you have no b
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I have seen these at cosi museum! And I have heard of a couple studies and grants where they helped all students, not just ADHD ones (who would surely benefit)
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still the ultimate office chair in my opinion
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WANT This in LRC, maybe new circ desk? Lol just kidding but still cool @Carissa Thatcher @Amy Werring @Miranda White
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50 Best Exercises for Muffin Top
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I actually have one of these, used it at my old office.  gaiam swiss ball chair.
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Sit on an exercise ball..Posture.  Desk Job Got You Down? Try a Desk-Defying Workout!
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Improve your posture and alignment using the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.
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The Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair offers a simple alternative to re-learning proper posture, and nurturing a strong and agile back.
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This is a great compilation of blogs on classroom setups.  This 1st grade teacher's was my favorite because she has yellow balls for chairs, and the research to back it up!!
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Modern Ball Chair - The Ball Chair is your ideal chair! It promotes the development of good posture and sense of balance. It has a round and soft exterior. The back rest provides comfort and helps promote blood flow to the legs. A great toy for children w
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Pillow Lumbar Cushion - Navy color, this lumbar support office chair back cushion helps the lumbar and sacral region of the spinal colum. This Lumbar support helps to keep a good posture while sitting and also prevents spinal colum problems, it is ideal f
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The Best Active Office Chairs (Please tell me there is an invisible leg or two holding her up!  I am way too clumsy for that!)
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Balance Ball Chair | Yoga Ball Chair - Gaiam. Get yours at Great for your posture- saw Kiefer Sutherland sitting on one in his show "Touch"
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Strengthen your back and improve your posture with this large exercise ball Ergonomic seating system combines the core strengthening benefits of the stability ball Promotes active sitting while strengthening the back
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The Back Saver. Portable lumbar support that can be used almost anywhere. Increase comfort and decrease pain. Perfect for cars, office chairs, or even at home.
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Product name: Setu. Company: Herman Miller. Why we like it: Intelligent use of plastics and elastomer suspension material to support the user as they change posture
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Gentle Chair Yoga Routine for Seniors
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Reclaimed Wood Chair  #reclaimed #recycled #wood
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Sit for hours hunched in a chair, as many of us do, and your body will actually start to develop a case of perma-slump. While this stance may seem relaxed, it's probably putting more strain on your body than you realize. Key muscles in your core, hips, an
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Ergonomic Office Furniture from Okamura
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DIY standing desks - I like the one in the pic because you just need an tall chair with adjustable height to make it into a regular sitting desk
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Strengthening core muscles while browsing: highly recommended for any person that experiences lower back pains due to inappropriate posture at the desk. This chair will not allow bad posture, thus solving the back pain problems
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How to Successfully Address Client’s Inattention, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity in Therapy Sessions » Smart Speech Therapy LLC | Smart Speech Therapy LLC
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The Easiest Way to Look 10 Pounds Thinner | Women's Health Magazine
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Posture Pro Back Support for Chairs by As Seen On TV. $1.89. The Posture Pro helps reduce back and neck strain. It promotes good posture for long hours of sitting in the office, at home or in the car. The streamlined lumbar support system cradles your bac
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Chairs!  Pottery Barn
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Sit on this chair you won’t fall, design by Norwegian Designer Peter Opsvik in 1983, named Gravity balans, still worth mentioning
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Stokke Balans - Danish modern ergonomic chair.
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Sometimes shopping wears you out and you just have to sit awhile......
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A chair that only has two legs, forcing the user to maintain better posture and sit with "bearable discomfort", engaging different muscles and body parts.
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Evolution Chair by ORA ITO
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Asana of the Week: Chair Pose Love the reflection in this one.  #sunset #yoga
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A good head-neck-back relationship as taught by the Alexander Technique prevents the pulling back of the head.
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Boss Deluxe Posture Chair (AJ room)
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Rare George Nelson Pretzel Chair for Herman Miller  USA  1950's  Rare design by Nelson for Herman Miller. Slender curvaceous bent wood arm rises from beneath the seat to define the armrest and seat back. Masterful use of materials later reflected in Norma
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Cadillac, ladder barrel, spine corrector, wunder of the trade
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A desk chair, the ONE piece of furniture that you are allowed to bring into residence. Make your room your own.
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Chair Yoga Poses- perfect for stretching at work.
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21 Weight Loss Tips You've Probably Never Tried ~ Switch to a stand up desk! Burns a ton of extra calories throughout the day.
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stability ball at your desk Repinned by Suzanna Kaye of A Space That Works Organizing
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If you’ve ever had an office job or worked at a desk for an extended period of time you’re probably already aware of the importance of a good desk chair. The quality of the chair you sit on for most of the day can directly influence your enjoyment and
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Stability ball desk chair
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Keep active all day with these great tips- even at work! Pinned by @skinnyonlowcal. #exercise
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Ergonomic kneeling chairs. Apparently they keep spine in proper alignment, strengthen lower back muscles and encourage good posture.
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