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A mattress is serious enough a purchase to want to keep it in spotless condition for longer. Luckily, there’s a broad selection of plastic mattresses covers that fit snugly over the top of mattress, without compromising the comfort of sleep. Not only do they provide waterproof protection from stains and spills, but they are also hypoallergenic.

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Carmen Kowalski

An aesthetic and practical cover for large rectangular mattresses. It's manufactured of durable clear and greyish plastic having hypoallergenic features and well protecting against moisture, stains and damage.

Plastic mattresses
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If you are looking for an attractive solution to the bedroom, this sensational plastic mattress made from old milk boxes captivates you. Beautiful colors, impressive performance, and functionality. The whole is an innovative dimension of recycling.

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Giant plastic water filled mattress provides an awesome outdoor play opportunity for kids. Try something new to variegate your outdoor playground and give your kids fun on a sunny day. This mattress can be set directly on a lawn.

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Foldable bed frame in modern form. It is made of fiberglass and reinforced plastic tubes. It folds flat for easy storage. It is compatible with standard mattress. Perfect solution for small spaces.

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How not take up too much floor space but not separate brothers or sisters in their room? Plastic materals in the retractable bed for two are a good solution. It has the charm of the integration of two people, but leaves their own space.

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How well you sleep has a very big impact on your life. Investment in high-quality mattress like this can be one of the best way to spend money. It is not only fancy looking but very comfortable as well. You will thank yourself for the purchase.

Plastic covered mattress

This element of home decor is a large bed with plenty of small storage drawers suitable for different items. Wooden frame of this bed holds two adult users without wear and damage. Its mattress provides softness.

Make your own daybed
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This item can play the role of an outdoor bed. It features solid wooden construction that is hanging on durable wooden frame thanks to its solid metal chains. Its lounging space is soft, comfortable and relaxing.

Standard Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

Standard Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

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Sadly lacking a mud room, I need something like this for the entry to the garage.

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Metal day bed, mattress is included. mattress is 4 years old, and has always had a plastic mattress cover on it. Does not include trundle in picu
tre, it was sold earlier.

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Or try this for the porch gathering area. Something like this open feel, but with low walls so "windows" can be closed in with screens (for bugs in summer) and maybe frames with plastic to cut the wind & make it a three-season room.

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Twin Mattress Cover by THE HOME STORE. $0.50. Visit our store for more sizes and colors. Each cover measures 39x75x8".. It also easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.. Fitted, durable, extra soft. Fitted, durable, extra soft, plastic mattress covers are a

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Do you look for a soothing shade every time you go to a beach? With this quality tent canopy bed you can be sure you will stay out of the sunlight. The tent accommodates one mattress, and is made of stripe-patterned PVC and a steel frame.

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Folding Air mattress like this will provide you a convenient use, transport and storage. Assures relaxation, support and ergonomy, so it's well for backbone health. Give your body the comfort it needs.

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With its innovative design and modern appearance, this bed is durable and stylish, made of fiberglass reinforced plastic tubes. The whole structure folds in different ways, allowing you to use various types of mattresses.

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Doesn't appear to be difficult to make, futon mattress covered in plastic and outdoor fabric

Grafco Plastic Mattress Cover
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Grafco Plastic Mattress Cover
This Plastic Mattress Cover in White features zippers allowing you to completely enclose the mattress. Characterized by heavy 4-gauge PVC plastic construction, the mattress is foldable, lightweight, latex-free, and resistant to moisture, stains and dust.

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Re-cycle old mattress pads - create pot holders or nap pads for children. (copied from article - Pads that have fabric on both sides, instead of a plastic material, can also be used for batting in pot holders).

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Jim Lambie "Bed Head" {plastic buttons, mattress} Art Experience:NYC

Plastic mattresses
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Maybe make it with left over plastic covered crib mattresses.

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100% organic wool mattress... so close to pulling the trigger on this

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Adjustable height ruffled crib skirt - good idea, but method could be a lot better. Just make a small rod pocket at the top of each panel and use a flexible plastic dowel to create the ruffling. Still have the ties to attach to mattress frame. Make the

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Plastic cover for mattress is realy helpful and useful. Imagine, you have a lot of guests, or in the other hand you don't use it for a while. This one plastic cover for mattress provides protection from moisture, stains and dust.

Grafco Plastic Mattress Cover

Grafco Plastic Mattress Cover
This Plastic Mattress Cover in White features zippers allowing you to completely enclose the mattress. Characterized by heavy 4-gauge PVC plastic construction, the mattress is foldable, lightweight, latex-free, and resistant to moisture, stains and dust.

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A comfy contemporary inflatable mattress for kids' twin beds. It's made of airtight plastic inside and has an outer layer of soft fabric with a colourful floral and fairy-tale design. It's easy to deflate and can be stored furled.

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A cool large sack ideal for shared rooms e.g. in halls of residence. A mattress is on the floor, a wooden bed frame is set high, has curtains attached to it to make a kind of canopy, attached lights, put e.g. plywood on a top to make a kind of desk.

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A comfy rectangular contemporary air mattress for 1 person. It has an airtight inner layer and a surface of soft nice to the touch bluish fabric. It's easy to inflate with a pump. It is foldable so requires little storage space.

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crib mattresses for the deck because their covered in plastic! if we do the pallet couches..

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Vinyl Plastic Mattress Protectors Twin XL for pool cover 9.99

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February 1922: A British society group at Palm Beach, Fla., with their inflatable plastic mattress. (Topical Press Agency/Getty Images). I don't think some things will ever change......

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Mattress Cover Sz. Full 54"x76"x8" by the home store. $0.01. Fitted plastic. Can Be wiped clean with damp cloth. Easy Handling. Protects Mattress from incontinence. Durable, Extra Soft Plastic. queen mattress cover

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Zippered Plastic Mattress Protector - Hospital - 36" x 80" x 6" - Each by Mabis. $15.99. Package Size: 1/Ea. Unit Of Measure: Each. Features: 1. Protect and extend the life of the mattress. 2. Noiseless and odorless - will not crack, peel, discolor or har

Make a bed frame for free out of salvaged milk

Make a bed frame for free out of salvaged milk crates! Blog post tutorial! I would put the crates on their sides for shelving, and spray paint them white.

Brand new mattress sets still in plastic queen pillow tops
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Is A Satisfied Memory Foam Mattress The Ultimate Mattress? -

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Plastic Mattress Cover - California King Size (Fitted)

Rug on rug window dressings take down those ugly plastic

rug-on-rug & window dressings: Take down those ugly plastic blinds and dress your windows with something a little nicer: roman shades, floor-length curtains, a screen-printed panel... anything that will soften up your room and complement your decor.

Mattress protectors mattress cover mattress encasing
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Mattress Protectors – Mattress Cover – Mattress Encasing

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Twin Contoured Plastic Mattress Protector for Home Beds - Full by DeluxeComfort. $22.09. Experience comfort and benefits of this Matress Cover that will make your life more enjoyable!. Provide protection against dust mite allergen mold pet dander bed bugs

Black Inflatable Car Mattress // Inflatable Car Bed Cushion for Child Parent Boy Girl
Kimberly Ale

Black Inflatable Car Mattress // Inflatable Car Bed Cushion for Child Parent Boy Girl

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Sofia the First Toddler Bed $59.99 Bedtime is more magical with this Sofia the First bed! It features Sofia designs on the plastic head- and footboard. Built-in bed rails protect your little one from falling out. Bed fits standard crib mattress.

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#Polythene #mattress covers

Mattresses on top of plastic boxes
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Mattresses on top of plastic boxes

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Nobody wants to wake up to a soggy mattress. Of course nobody wants to put their baby on top of a plastic mattress protector either. Yuck. These pads are so effective! We plan to use it for years to come. Organic Caboose puddle pad made in the USA.

Tents on trucks never heard of that might improve car
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Tents on trucks! Never heard of that. Might improve car camping, (my favorite). I have thrown the top mattress with all the bedding right in the truck and headed out camping that way, even in winter (with extra blankets and a plastic tarp on top). I alway

Innerspring Mattress, Mattr 80X36 1633 Cmplnt -Sp, (1 EACH, 1 EACH)

High quality spring mattress filled with fibers of poly fiber with high density. Vinyl cover is antibacterial, anti-static, acid-resistant and waterproof. Padding for added comfort and durability of the mattress.

Pod Convertible Crib with Mattress

Pod Convertible Crib with Mattress

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Complete Medical 7442D 39x75x9 Mattress Protector-Contour - Twin by Complete Medical Supplies. $18.15. Heavy 3 gauge plastic.. Contour.. Excellent retail packaging.. Twin 39 x 75 x 9.. Protects mattress.. Contour. Twin 39 x 75 x 9. Excellent retail packag

Contour plastic mattress protector full 54 x 75 x 8

Contour Plastic Mattress Protector - Full - 54" x 75" x 8" - Each by Mabis. $9.50. Unit Of Measure: Each. Package Size: 1/Ea. Features: 1. Protect and extend the life of the mattress. 2. Noiseless and odorless - will not crack, peel, discolor or harden. 3