Panton Chairs

This collection will provide you with a lot of food for thought as far as such nice looking and practical chairs are concerned. Now you can make a good use of these solutions and try to find something nice for yourself. The main question that arises is what will you decide on?

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
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Mega Leahbrown

These all-time favourites come in new color versions. Choose between clear, half-transparent smokey gray, pure black, glossy white or vibrant yellow to have a streamlined modern Panton chair that suits your coloring palette perfectly.

LexMod Slither Dining Side Chair, Clear
Ramirez Mary

Acrylic, ergonomically designed dining chair. Sleek and sturdy, comfortable with a little bounce. Clear stylish look to show every aspect of your contemporary living space. Appropriate for any room or outdoor setting.

S shaped chair
Theresa Powe

A modern take on something as simple as patio furniture, consisting of a set of eight identical, white chairs made out of plastic and two wooden tables, which gives the setup a nice, rustic detail and a fresh appearance.

Panton chairs
Elizabeth Coupe

9 Reasons Why You Need the Panton Chair on the Interior Collective 1

Verner Panton Style Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair White *1 Piece*

White S-shaped chair in Verner Panton style - this model is a high quality reproduction at affordable price; it just begs to be used as a completement to a retro decor. It is made of molded polypropylene.

Designer Modern Panton Style Shape Side Chair in Black
Lily Cravenable

S shape is friendly and comfy, as it reflects the natural curves of your body! This chair was designed to merge style with comfort... and then with more style. It is made of premium materials and it catches the attention with poppy red finish!

Work table vanity in office pink black white vintage modern
Isabella Martinable

work table & vanity in office... pink, black, white, vintage + modern decor. In general so cute but I hate that table!

Designer Modern Panton Style Shape Side Chair in Black
Lily Cravenable

This chair just cannot be overlooked. It is not only characterized by a classic S shape with exact features, just as the original models, but it also has a glossy black finish that is a chic itself. Wow!

MODIKIN Panton Style KIDS S Chair (Blue)

This glossy chair is made from solid plastic. Perfect piece for kids room. Nice blue color and futuricstic design. Very convenient - this piece is lightweight what makes it easy for moving. Comfort of using is provided by futuristic shape ,curved specifically to fit your kid.

Panton chairs
Robinson Layla

12 Ways to Use Panton Chairs: A black Panton chair adds gloss to the bohemian vibe of this bedroom, with its Moroccan throw, kilim, and crystal light fixture. Its curvy silhouette echoes the forms in the black and white abstract artwork.

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Allison Smi

Verner Panton chair. Danish designer.

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Gina Lee

With the perfect shape when it comes to actually providing you with both comfort and safety this plastic chair is a truly modern piece, sporting the clear red finish and making for the finest choice for your dining room or even the home office.

Verner panton style chair

wildefleur: vivideau: taken Perfection confined to a single room.

East End Imports Kids Slither Chair in Glossy Red
Alexis Hallify

This is a very original modern chair. It looks like it was made of a single plastic sheets, which was properly formed. It has no seams or separate legs. It has a red color. The chair is made in high-gloss.

Verner Panton Style Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair Black *Set of 2*
Katherine Rog

Designer in its shape, sophisticated in character, this Verner Panton "S"-shaped dining lounge side chair enchants with its form and comfort. Black finishing fits well into almost every contemporary decor.

LexMod Mini Panton Chair in Black
Michelle Ross

It is a Mini Panton Chair that has got a black finish. It is made of acrylic and perfect for displays, ethereal appearance. It measures 5 inches by 15 inches by 5 inches.

Panton Chair by Vitra - Tangerine

Stylish dining chair with fancy futuristic shape based on original Verner Panton design from the 60s, once hailed as sensational. Molded plastic construction with smooth surface features matt finish in rich tangerine coloring.

Panton Junior Chair by Vitra, color=White
Jaclyn Morris

Panton junior chair, white. This ingenious and beautiful chair based on the design by Verner Panton will be your apartment's new main attraction. This chair is specifically designed for kids and its as much fun to play with as it is to sit in.

LexMod Slither Kids Chair, Blue, Set of 2
Lindsay Bryant

Your kids deserve the top chic style of a decor just as you do! This 2-pieces chair set allows you to keep children's room decor in tip top condition. They are designed as the original S-shaped chairs and have light blue finish.

LexMod Verner KIDS Panton Style Chair in White
Peyton Donaldson

This chair is perfect for your kids and is available in three great colors: blue, clear and white. It is made of plastic and has got an abs construction. Your children will be impressed how amazing this chair is.

Designer Modern Panton Style Shape Side Chair in Black
Lily Cravenable

Designed with a modern influence based on a classic S-shaped piece, this dining chair will immediately add the 'wow' effect to your ambiance. Plus it is really well made of high quality material mix. And it is lime green.

Panton Junior Chair by Vitra - White

White junior Panton chair. This chair is kids favorite. Not only is it bright and cheerful but also its fun to play in. The chair is identical to regular model in terms of design and materials. Give your kid's room a modern appeal with this furniture.

4 X Kids Verner Panton 'S' Dining Lounge Playroom Chair - White
Laetitia Zernike

Stylish playroom chair inspired by classical modern furniture moderns. It has ergonomically friendly S shape and bold white finish. Nevertheless, the highest quality materials used for the construction ensure the effort-free maintentance.

Verner Panton Style Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair - Yellow

Verner Panton Style Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair - Yellow

Verner Panton Style Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair - Green

Inspired by classic original model of an S-shaped dining chair, this piece will provide you all the merits of the prototype. It is crafted of high quality mold material mix with UV protection. This beautiful lime green color will not fade!

LexMod Slither Panton Dining Side Chair in White

This is a reproduction of a famous Panton chair. It is made of molded plastic in white finish. It looks great in vintage-inspired decor styles and in contemporary surroundings as well. Though not cushioned, the chair is surprisingly comfy.

2 X Kids Verner Panton 'S' Dining Lounge Playroom Chair - Orange

Kids size reproduction of an original Verner Panton 'S' chair made of high quality materials and with great care to details. You may be sure that every line and angle is right in its place! This makes the chair just as comfy as the original one.

LexMod Slither Dining Side Chair, Blue, Set of 2

This set of two very unique, futuristic side chairs is available in few colors. This set is made of solid plastic and has an comfortable, ergonomic shape. It is resistant to fading and will be looking good long.

Orange Panton S Dining Side Chair FMP25940
Bianca Weberable

Dining/side chair. Ergonomic modern design, comfortable seat. Stackable up to four and easy for storage. Made of single piece strong ABS plastic in vibrant orange. Great accent to any room and home decor.

2 X * Higher Quality * Verner Panton Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair - Blue
Christina Allen

Verner Panton created this cult S-shaped chair model in the sixties, but now you can have an exact reproduction of the piece in your dining room! This one is crafted of top quality plastic in pastel blue, with UV-resistant blend.

LexMod Slither Kids Chair, White, Set of 4
Jenna Delicata

LexMod Slither Kids Chair, White, Set of 4

2 X * Higher Quality * Verner Panton Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair - Orange
Bush Eliza

Top quality S-shaped dining chair being an exact reproduction of cult designer Verner Panton's model. The piece is made of durable plastic and it has a solid orange coloring. Truly orange. You can't get more of an orange than in this vibrant shade.

Verner Panton Style Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair - White
Jessica Rami

Bring a piece of work of a design legend to your design! Well, it is not the original S-shaped dining chair, but you may be sure that it looks EXACTLY the same, as it is crafted with care down to the milimeter. In white!

Verner Panton Style Pink ABS Finish New Dining Room Furniture Side Accent Chair

It is a contemporary dining chair that has got a pink finish and strong, flexible material construction. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks in your dining room and other.

LexMod Slither Dining Side Chair, Blue, Set of 4
Veronica Alex

These chairs look just amazing! The decor looks like a futuristic kingdom with them being on duty! The chairs are made of mixed materials, S-shaped (being copies of an original model), and they are light blue. And they stack!

Panton Junior Chair by Vitra, color=Dark Lime
Martin Holly

Panton chair for kids? Why not! These chairs are fun, they have outstanding design, and they are reproductions of stylish classic models! This particular example has a popping dark lime finish that really stands out!

Panton Chair by Vitra, color=Basic Dark
Anna Howard

This chair is futuristi design and unique. This piece is completely made from wood in basic dark finish. This chairs design makes it unforgettable . This chair is outstanding and one in kind. If you are looking for furniture that offers unconventional solutions you must have thi one.

2 X * Higher Quality * Verner Panton Classic 'S' Dining Lounge Side Chair - Black

Designed to look exactly as the original Panton chair, this S-shaped piece is really outstanding! Not only because of the form, but also thanks to the glamorous black semi-matte finish. Just can't be overlooked!

Panton Junior Chair by Vitra, color=Tangerine

Adored by children model chair colorful and unusual piece of furniture into a playroom, nursery or other places. The streamlined structure and high quality materials ensure strength and durability.

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Panton Chair Classic, Verner Panton (1959/1960) edited by Vitra _

Green stackable chairs

Who said you can't style your patio so that it works smoothly with your modern decorated interior? This set of green stacking chairs offer the plastic molding of the structure and the shape that comforms the body perfectly.

Wooden armchairs 1

A simple but cool garden chair hand-crafted with using a chainsaw of 1 thick rugged wooden log with bark. It has a semi-oval base, a thick angular support with a cutout back, a rectangularish seat and a tall full backrest with wings.

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Interior design ideas: beautiful #office space, wood + white! #Beautiful furniture - pantone #chair!

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yarn-bombing | panton s SO COOL!!!! makes me feel cozy just thinking of a cold winter's night inside

Panton chairs
Cintia Kowalski

Home of designer Femke Brooks. Photography by Holly Marder for @Holly Becker

Panton chairs 5
Craven Rachel

#reforma #cocina ( de planta alargada con 2 frentes y zona de comedor junto a la ventana, muebles blancos sin tiradores, suelo de parquet.

Panton chairs 6
Thomson Marisa

Gorgeous contrast between the Panton chair and the antique desk! I doubt I could afford the chair and I doubt I could find the desk but, to me, this is the SOUL of eclectic style-- beautiful juxtapostion of disparate styles and period but not at all clut

Small space design and minimalism are a natural match according
Katie Long

Small space design and minimalism are a natural match, according to the client's design preference, but it need not come at the cost of comfort, rustic touches, softness or lush greenery.

Panton chairs 7
Sarah Ashleyist

White lace was all over Paris Fashion week Spring 2015. Love the translation in this Panton chair -white "lace" by Ben Adams Architects

White plastic chairs 3
Brittany Gree

12 Ways to Use Panton Chairs: Everything’s slick in this Paris kitchen, designed by French architecture firm Double G—concrete floors, stainless steel appliances, and a white plastic Panton chair