Outdoor Clock And Thermometer Set

Keep the eye on the time and check the temperature - with an outdoor clock and thermometer set the task is easy. In the collection below you'll find various designs with Arabic and Roman numerals. Choose from elaborate or simple designs to complete the outdoor space adequatly.

Sadie Edwards Interior Design Expert
Outdoor solar clock

f you are looking for the fancy looking and interesting outdoor decoration for your home you should consider installing clock like this. Deep brown clock face with brighter numbers and hands creates a smooth monochromatic impression.

Outdoor clock and temperature
Elizabeth Tay

Details about Stainless Steel Clock, Barometer & Thermometer Set 8 1/

Outdoor clock and thermometer set

An exquisite pair of a pineapple clock and thermometer designed for outdoor usage. Their appearance is, simply, astonishing, with weather-resistant round dials, gold accented Arabic numerals and matching hands.

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Brown Andrea

Outdoor clock and thermometer. Black and white design make it both elegant and stylish at the same time. It’s entirely water-proof, so you don’t have to be afraid of rain or anything else. The traditional design of letters is really nice.

Outdoor clocks and thermometers
Karen Per

A functional and decorative accessory for outdoors, that will be a nice improvement for your kitchen window. The thermometer is placed in a brass frame with clear glass front, and it uses the Fahrenheit Scale.

Terracotta garden clock and thermometer
Mega Leahbrown

National Geographic Thermometer/Clock Set

Matching outdoor clock and thermometer
Anderson Marisa

Wall clock and thermometer for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of durable aluminum. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Hydro Tools 9260 Poolside Wall Clock and Thermometer Combo Set (Assortment)
Alison Long

In this case, you can check the time and temperature at the same time. Outdoor clock with thermometer set. On the clock face, there are sunny graphics. Sunset and beach. These clocks will guarantee a warm atmosphere for example by the pool.

Outdoor clock and thermometer
Alexis Hallify

A pair of impressive accessories for outdoors, consisted of 1 thermometer and 1 wall clock. Those solstice masterpieces feature a quality metal dial that's shaped like an old-warrior's shield, with decorative hands and Arabic numerals.

Outdoor clock thermometer

Add an unique design into the interior or exterior with this train station clock. It features the thermometer and weather proof finish. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks on your wall.

Slate mosaic indoor outdoor clock this slate mosaic clock looks
Elizabeth Coupe

slate mosaic indoor outdoor clock this slate mosaic clock looks great ...

Outdoor clock and thermometer set 1
Laetitia Kloss

The effective combination of a thermometer and a clock in the form of an outdoor clock is a perfect decorative and functional solution for any home. Beautiful artistry, stylish details, and solid artistry make the whole look perfect.

Outdoor hanging clock and thermometer
Anderson Marisa

Outdoor Hanging Clock and Thermometer

Patio clocks and thermometers

Villanova Outdoor Clock and Thermometer Set traditional-outdoor-decor

Poolmaster 52551 Terra-Cotta Clock and Thermometer - Antique Gold (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The amazing terra-cotta clock with thermometer has the antique gold finish, sun and flowers details and the round shape. If you looking for an unique piece for the outdoor, choose this one.

Outdoor White Clock and Thermometer Combo Set
Robinson Layla

Outdoor White Clock and Thermometer Combo Set

Clock outdoor

... Classic Pineapple Indoor/Outdoor Clock and Thermometer (Set/Pair

Outdoor thermometer clock
Courtney Powell

Whether you want to protect flower beds from frost or see how much longer 'til the sun sets, this dual-sided thermometer and clock will help you keep tabs on the temperature and time. With crystal-clear glass lenses and quartz clock movement, this durable

Outdoor clock thermometer combo
Peyton Donaldson

Outdoor clock and thermometer set with medallion stylization. These practical items include decorative scroll work. Their hand-cast aluminum surface is lightweight but solid. They are resistant to weather conditions.

Small outdoor clock

... wall art multi metallic view now blanc fleur wall thermometer antique

Hydro tools 9260 poolside wall clock and thermometer combo set
Theresa Hall

Hydro Tools 9260 Poolside Wall Clock and Thermometer Combo Set

Home outdoor clocks thermometers white clock and thermometer
Yulia Thompson

... Home → Outdoor Clocks & Thermometers → White Clock and Thermometer

National geographic decorative thermometer and clock set

National Geographic Decorative Thermometer and Clock Set

RAM Gameroom Products Outdoor Decor Sun with Clock and Thermometer
Watson Margaret

This colorful and super positive clock / thermometer was hand-painted by what ideally suited to the colorful decor and artistic character. Cute details and shape resembling a flower lubsłońce will add charm to any interior.

Terra cotta outdoor clocks thermometers
Peyton Donaldson

Outdoor Clock And Thermometer Set Sun Pictures

14" Bracket Wall Clock
Weber Lily

14" Bracket Wall Clock

Clocks wall art gardman gloucester wall clock thermometer
Carmen Kowalski

... , Clocks & Wall Art > Gardman Gloucester Wall Clock & Thermometer

Outdoor clock with thermometer

The beautiful combination of metal base in cooper and functionality makes this set of stylish circular shields with a clock and thermometer out to delight. Perfectly executed and beautifully captivating styling.

Solstice 14" Thermometer Clock
Coupe Andrea

Solstice 14" Thermometer Clock
This 14" clock merges two function into one - it is a thermometer and it also shows the time. It has been made of aluminum and is finished in French bronze. Manufactured in the USA, it uses AA batteries which have been included.

Indoor/Outdoor 18" Wall Clock
Jessica Zernike

Indoor/Outdoor 18" Wall Clock
This unique wall clock is gonna improve not only your punctuality, but also the design of your house! Check it out and enjoy the extraordinary look together with the high functionality brought to your room.

Outdoor clock and thermometer set
Tiffany San

An outdoor clock that is also suitable for indoor applications. Its solid construction is quite large and finished in neutral black color. Black hands of this clock show hours in the form of Roman numbers.

Outdoor thermometer clock combo
Coupe Andrea

Wireless Weather Station with Forecast and Clear Frame WS9257U-IT Calculates sun rise/set & duration for 99 North American cities Forecast w/ Tendency Barometric Pressure History IN/OUT Temp Moon Phase Dimensions: Receiver: 7.4" x

Matching outdoor clock and thermometer 1

Elaborate medallion outdoor clock with Roman numerals and openwork scroll design, hand-cast in aluminium, offered in a weather-resistant old gold finish (fitting for outdoor use, works well indoors too).

Precision instruments sea submarine clock and thermometer set of 2
Abigail Wrightful

... Precision Instruments Sea Submarine Clock and Thermometer (Set of 2

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer 1
Patterson Gracie

Springfield 91501 14-Inch By the Sea Clock with Thermometer

Outdoor thermometer and clock
Tiffany Stew

The pewter-finish 18-inch Metal Analog is radio-controlled and automatically sets the clock to the accurate time. With an analog thermometer and hygrometer, this versatile piece can be used indoors, or as part of your outdoor décor. quality atomic outdo

Outdoor wall clock and thermometer sets
Gray Amy

Sportline Walking Advantage 241 Keychain Stopwatch by Sportline. $9.00. Unique large display clock and stopwatch for your pocket. Full time of day, date and alarm functions, plus an event and split stopwatch. Also includes directional compass, fahrenheit

Springfield Precision Instruments 15.8" Thermometer Wall Clock

Springfield Precision Instruments 15.8" Thermometer Wall Clock
Clock designed to hang on the wall. It has an additional shield showing temperature. The edges are decorated with a pattern of bamboo. Neutral and functional addition to any interior.

La Crosse Technology TX29U-IT 915 MHz Wireless Temperature Sensor

A very important product that should be installed in any house equipped with weather systems. This temperature sensor has got a wireless design, so it is ideal for placing in different areas without cables.

Springfield Precision Instruments 12" Thermometer Wall Clock
Karen Hay

Springfield Precision Instruments 12" Thermometer Wall Clock
This funny, colorful wall clock with a thermometer can be use both indoor and outdoor. It has a slightly wavy, round shape and a flip - flops pattern around a clock face. Clock arms and numbers are white.

La Crosse Technology Atomic Outdoor 18 in. Wall Clock
Roberts Isabelle

Modern styled (with a drop of vintage influences) wall clock with radio controlled time. The construction and resistance makes it appropriate for interior and exterior use. It is equipped with analog hygrometer and thermometer.

La Crosse Technology 302-604B Black Indoor Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer Station with MIN/MAX records & Comfort level icon
Evans Liliana

Indoor thermometer with humudity display, time and comfort icon. It's made of plastic and closed in thick black case. It is simple but pretty functional, it lets you know whether the temperature is OK.

La Crosse Technology WS-9740U-IT-NL Wireless Temperature Station with Remote Sensor and Dress-for-Weather Icons

Stylish wireless temperature station with time and date display - dress for weather thanks to multiple useful icons! The stations displays temperature in °F or °C and humidity, and it suggests you what to wear!

AcuRite 75077 Wireless Weather Forecaster with Remote Sensor and Atomic Clock

Big wireless weather forecaster combined with an atomic clock. It lets you know immediately what the weather is. It monitors temperature and other weather details. It has ultra large display with well-spaced data.

Springfield Precision Instruments 14" Thermometer Wall Clock

Springfield Precision Instruments 14" Thermometer Wall Clock
This is a wall clock that has got an attractive round shape. It has got an interesting stylization that shows fish in the water. The lower part of this clock includes a thermometer. Mechanism of this clock is reliable.

Springfield 91455 Wireless Digital Outdoor Thermometer and Clock

Springfield 91455 Wireless Digital Outdoor Thermometer and Clock

MARATHON CL030027 Atomic Wall Clock with 8 Timezones, Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Date in Silver - Batteries Included
Jenna Delicata

Digital wall clock with big display: bold black digits are clearly visible even from larger distance. The clock also displays date and indoor/outdoor temperature, and you can choose time from eight different timezones.

10" Bracket Wall Clock
Powell Emily

10" Bracket Wall Clock
Pretty traditional AA battery-powered wall clock. A round casing and a bracket with bottom scrolls and a pointy finial are of resistant brown-coated metal and can be used outdoor. It has a 2-sided white-yellowish dial, black hands and Arabic numbers.

Oregon Scientific BAR388HGA Wireless Weather Station with Atomic Clock, Black
Shannon Pat

This practical wireless weather station with atomic clock is a handy and very useful gadget. It has a remote sensor that allows you to predict the weather. The perfect gadget for every home.

La Crosse Technology 302-604S Silver Indoor Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer Station with MIN/MAX records & Comfort level icon
Jaclyn Torr

Indoor digital thermometer with subtle ornaments on beige plastic frame. It displays time, humidity and temperature in Fahrenheit's scale, it also has a practical comfort icon that lets you immediately know if you should change the parameters of yoour air conditioning.