Offset Patio Umbrellas

For more flexibility choose from offset patio umbrellas. The design allows to raise, lower or angle the arm that holds the umbrella. With a range of such possibilities spending time on the patio on a sunny day is pleasure and creating a shaded area is no challenge.

Cintia Garcia Interior Design Expert
11' Deluxe Offset Patio Umbrella
April Collins

11' Deluxe Offset Patio Umbrella
Big patio umbrella. Like, very big. It will cast a relieving shade on anyone sitting by the outdoor table, and it shields everyone from UV rays and other nature's elements. Its angle and height are adjustable.

9 ft offset patio umbrella

Have to have it. Treasure Garden 8.5-ft. Square Offset Patio Umbrella - $299.98

Blue Wave Santiago Octagonal Cantilever Umbrella, 10-Feet, Terra Cotta Olefin

It is a product that assures protection from sun in the summer days. This umbrella has got an octagonal shape and a very solid frame made of aluminum with an attractive bronze powder-coated finish. It is resistant to negative outdoor factors.

10ft. California Cantilever Umbrella

10ft. California Cantilever Umbrella
Sturdy cantilever umbrella with big beige canvas. and aluminium pole It resists moisture, wind, sun and microbes. Pull lever mechanism operates smoothly and easily. Pole and frame are included in the set.

10 offset patio umbrella 1
Patterson Gracie

10 Offset Patio Umbrella

Deluxe 9Ft 9' Sq. Tan Polyester Outdoor Offset Folding Umbrella Aluminum Pole Tilt Crank w/ Zip Mesh Net UV Protect for Patio Furniture Pool Beach Sun Shade Canopy
Ebony Gar

This 9' umbrella with a mosquito net tent features an adjustable, weather-resistant aluminum pole with 8 matching ribs. Provides a 360-degree rotation, easy tilt functions for angles of shading, and a zipper door entry/ exit from inside & outside.

Abba Patio® 11 Ft Aluminum Offset Cantilever Umbrella, Outdoor Hanging Parasol with 360 Rotating Device, Cross Base, and Vertical Tilt, Olefin Fabric
Mackenzie Poly

Full rotation adjustability option, vertical tilt and smooth crank opening mechanism mean that this 11 feet umbrella is very functional. Its canvas is made of olefin fabric in sand gray. It is resistant to fading.

Threshold tm offset patio umbrella 11 1
King Margaret

Threshold™ Offset Patio Umbrella - 11'

Deluxe Modern 10ft Polyester Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella (Rust)

Big, 10 feet diameter umbrella with polyester canopy in a warm rust shade of bronze. It comes with a sturdy pole equipped with X-shaped base in black. The canopy tilts and rotates for optimal adjustement.

8 ft offset umbrella
Jaclyn Rus

US $54.99 New in Home & Garden, Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living, Patio & Garden Furniture

Portofino Signature Resort Umbrella 10' X 10' Sunbrella® Fabric Canopy and Swivel Base. Cover Included
Patterson Gracie

The efficient patio umbrella is the perfect solution to spend your time on the terrace, patio or in the garden during rainy and sunny days. Beautiful design and interesting details combine to form a slim whole.

[10ft] Out Door Deck Patio Umbrella Off Set Tilt Cantilever Hanging Canopy Tan
Natalie Coll

This umbrella is a very attractive and functional product designed for an outdoor use. It has got a very durable fabric and a solid pole made of metal that assures stability and support. This product is resistant to damage and wear.

Elephant umbrella stand
Krystal Murp

This umbrella is an outdoor element designed for use in the patio or garden. It is a solid element that provides the best protection from the sun or rain. Its solid base is durable, so the weather and mechanical damages are not problematic.

Southern patio umbrella replacement canopy
Erika Brya

Commercial offset patio umbrella - SPIN - TOUCHBYCORRADI - ArchiExpo

International Concepts Offset Market Umbrella, 10-Feet, Lime Green
Lauren Martinezify

Garden umbrella, perfect to escape from the strong sun or light rain. The umbrella is very stylish and easy to use. The dimensions of the umbrella is 10 x 100 x 10 inches, the construction is very stable.

8 Foot Square Cantilever Umbrella Vented Tilting Canopy Great For A Balcony - Deck - Patio Or Indoor Outdoor Pool Includes Cross Umbrella Stand On Sale
Laura Anderson

High quality cantilever umbrella with vented tilting canopy that has 8 feet diameter, which gives just the right amount of sun rays protection - about 64 square feet of a relieving shade! It has smooth crank mechanism for opening.

10 Foot Brown Cantilever Offset Umbrella with Updated Sand Base Patio Deck
Sarah Ashleyist

This is a very useful product created for an outdoor use. It is an umbrella available with a special rack. The whole construction is very safe and solid. It protects from the sun and assures a comfortable relaxation outdoors.

Coral Coast 9-ft. Offset Umbrella
Butler Crystal

An exquisite set for outdoors, that will keep you away from the burning sun. Consisted of 1 round table, 4 matching chairs and 1 umbrella, the set is made of durable metal - weather-resistant and beautifully curved. The umbrella is angle & height adjustable, with a large canvas shade that blocks UV light.

9' Cantilever Market Umbrella

9' Cantilever Market Umbrella
Improve your patio, backyard, garden or swimming pool area with this excellent protector against sun rays. This Large Sun Umbrella in Green & Bronze is functional and durable. Includes an adjustable feature that allows setting umbrella's angle according to your needs.

10-Foot Offset Umbrella in Royal Polyester

Patio umbrella mounted on adjustable pole. It is covered with thick fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers.

10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella

10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella
This 10-Inch Patio Umbrella In Tan & Black Finish is waterproof and functional, allowing you to adjust angles according to your needs. The canopy is made of 180G polyester while the ribs and rest of the frame are designed of durable steel with black powder coating.

Hearth & Garden SF40239 Offset Umbrella Cover

This umbrella cover offers a beautiful beige finish and a strong material that will easily withstand the elements for a long time and without any trouble. It will prove to be an irreplaceable addition to your household's functionality.

New Deluxe Burgundy 10' Offset Patio Umbrella Off Set Outdoor Market Umbrella

This type of product is a patio umbrella that assures protection from the sun. It is also made of materials that are resistant to water and other outdoor factors. Its frame is very solid, stable and supportive.

Deluxe Natural 10' Offset Patio Umbrella Off Set Outdoor Market Umbrella
Sarah Ashleyist

This type of product is an umbrella designed for use in a patio. It protects from the sun and assures more comfortable and relaxing rest outdoors. Its upper area is made of waterproof polyester material.

Offset patio umbrellas
Cintia Kowalski

The impressive combination of style and functionality makes this phenomenal offset umbrella patio captivates. The stylish umbrella in an unusual shade on the side leg is perfect both for the terrace and for the garden, and the strengthened base keeps it in the right position.

10' Top Quality Cantilever Parasol Garden Patio Home Umbrella #2010 (Beige)
Tara Zucker

A perfect protection from the sun in the summer. This umbrella is made of materials that are resistant to negative weather conditions. Its size allows for creation of a sufficient amount of shade outdoors.

9ft Umbrella Replacement Canopy 6 Ribs in Taupe (Canopy Only)
Stacey Coo

Aesthetic contemporary 9-foot canopy for umbrellas with six 52-54-inch long ribs. It's made of durable water repellent beige-greyish polyester fabric with strong stitching. It has an air vent on a top.

STRONG CAMEL 10' Patio Half Umbrella Wall Balcony Sun Shade Garden Outdoor Parasol-TAN
Evans Liliana

What should be an umbrella on our patio? Waterproof, wind resistant, spacious but not taking to much space.It would be great if it could have a beautiful, fashionable design.So-take offset patio umbrella with bisquit color and black finish, and feel all of it.

Ace Evert 3862020 Suntracker Dual Funtion Market and Offset in One Umbrella, 9-Feet, Terra Cotta
Valerie Jame

Offset patio umbrellas are great for protecting oneself both from the heavy rain and from the sizzling sun. They come in every colour, so make sure to pick one that’s appropriate for your patio.

Ace Evert Offset Umbrella 8074, 10 ft, Polyester, Beige
Williams Tiffany

Interesting and aesthetic patio umbrella with a cover hanging on an horizontal bowed-up arm. Frame is made of steel with a cross base and finished in black. A cover is made of durable beige polyester. Easy opening thanks to a crank system.

Umbrella Mount
Bryant Veronica

This piece of equipment is a high quality product created for use as an umbrella mount. This element features a very durable, heavy-duty construction with a neutral black finish. This steel product is not very heavy.

9ft Umbrella Replacement Canopy 6 Ribs in Brown (Canopy Only)
Jackson Jenna

The slim form and extensive conopy of this beautiful garden umbrella is a perfect combination of functionality and style. Ideally suited in the backyard, on the patio or the terrace will bring some nice shadow on hot days.

10' Deluxe Polyester Offset Patio Umbrella by Trademark Innovations (Red Stripe)
Craven Rachel

Red stripe patio umbrella. This high quality exclusive umbrella will protect you from excessive sun and allow for proper relax. The opening angle is adjustable allowing for better control of the umbrella. The canvas is made from polyester.

Red Patio Umbrella Offset 10' Hanging Umbrella Outdoor Market Umbrella D10
Jillian Bake

This kind of product is a high quality outdoor umbrella that protects from rain and sun. It assures the best conditions for people who love outdoor relaxation in a patio or garden. This product features a solid and stable aluminum pole.

Classic Accessories Veranda Elite by Classic Accessories 55-120-011501-00 Offset Patio Umbrella Cover
Thompson Alyssa

A high quality product created for an outdoor use. It is a special cover for an umbrella that protects it from UV, water, low temperatures and other negative factors. It assures a safe storage of an umbrella outdoors.

Classic Accessories Veranda Elite 55-085-011501-00 Patio and Market Umbrella Cover

This type of product was created for the purpose of safe and high quality storage of an outdoor umbrella. This cover fits most standard-sized umbrellas and it assures protection from cold, UV and other factors.

Builddirect r kontiki shade cooling offset patio umbrellas
Carmen Milani

BuildDirect®: Kontiki Shade & Cooling Offset Patio Umbrellas

Sorrento 86 square offset patio umbrella
Nicole Hayes

Sorrento 8'6" Square Offset Patio Umbrella

10 square portofino sing2u lighted offset patio umbrella
Turner Catherine

10' Square Portofino Sing2U Lighted Offset Patio Umbrella

Threshold offset patio umbrella
Wesson Jessica

Coolaroo 10-ft. Offset Patio Umbrella

Corliving ppu 4 offset patio umbrella
Isabella Martinable

CorLiving PPU-4 Offset Patio Umbrella

Garden treasures round tan offset patio umbrella with tilt and
Stacy Bennett

Garden Treasures�Round Tan Offset Patio Umbrella with Tilt-and-Crank (Common: 10-ft 6-in; Actual: 10-ft 6-in)

Offset patio umbrella off set outdoor market umbrella 10 ft
Kelly Shannon

Offset Patio Umbrella Off Set Outdoor Market Umbrella 10' ft Polyester (Tan Mesh Net) Expectsaving

Offset patio umbrella i want this for my new patio
Jennifer Turner

Offset Patio Umbrella---I want this for my new patio!!!!!!!!

Commercial offset patio umbrella
Kristen Wrig

Commercial offset patio umbrella

144 corliving offset patio umbrella
Zernike Laetitia

144" CorLiving Offset Patio Umbrella

Threshold tm square offset patio umbrella and base 9 2

Threshold™ Square Offset Patio Umbrella and Base - 9'

Offset patio umbrellas
Wilson Gabrielle

patio umbrella at thelashop offset umbrella cantilever umbrella ...

Offset patio umbrella offset patio umbrella patio pole umbrellas are
Martinez Marisa

Offset Patio Umbrella | offset patio umbrella patio pole umbrellas are marvelous they give us ...

Belmont cantilever offset patio umbrella green 10 what a great
Laetitia Anderson

Belmont Cantilever/Offset Patio Umbrella - Green 10' What a great idea...perfect for my tiny deck