New Cat Condos

Does your cat like such elements? Maybe they will also be a nice addition for you. If you think that this is possible, you should have a closer look at the models that are shown down here, and tell us what you like most. After doing that, you will find it much easier to buy.

Amanda Gosselin Interior Design Expert
New cat condos
Bush Eliza

A multi-level, complex cat condo, which will enchant both you and your cats with its multiple functions. Equipped in a high tree with hammocks, booths and nooks to sleep and high posts to observe their kingdoms.

New cat condos 2
Evans Liliana

Have to have it. New Cat Condos Triple Cat Perch - $64.99 @hayneedle

New cat condos cat scratch and lounge
Hughes Samantha

New Cat Condos Deluxe Kitty Pad

72" Premier Solid Wood Cat Tree

72" Premier Solid Wood Cat Tree
Create an area for fun and rest for your cat with this really tall, solid cat tree. Its frame is made of durable wood and covered with beige carpet. It has six levels and can be easy clean just with vacuum.

New cat condos
Jenna Edward

Comfy approach to a large cat condo with a triple perch. The piece has three tube-shaped tunnels stacked on each other with a flat area on the top and two poles, which can act as scratching surfaces if surrounded with rope.

Large cat trees 3
Laetitia Anderson

Large cat tree made of wood and durable, soft fabric. These materials are resistant to scratching and other forms of damage. The tree provides support and comfort for many cats. It also decorates indoors.

New cat condos 3
Peyton Donaldson

This piece of equipment is a perfect playground for cats. It provides an area to sleep, scratch or hide. The whole construction is based on a durable wooden frame, sonic tubes and sisal rope. The product is solid and stable.

New cat condos

My two would go no where near this. Ever.

Sisal cat tree
Amanda Price

If you want for your cat to be mobile and in shape, then, we recommend to check this unique structure. It's basically made of durable wood and screwed together, and then covered with a rough fabric, to prevent your cat from falling.

New cat condos 1

A touch of comfort for cats. This cat perch is a product created for people who want to provide the best level of comfort and relaxation to their cats. It is a triple element with a solid wooden construction.

Pretty cat beds

The cats' rest place. Perfect hiding place for your kittens. Made in recycle style by the old denim suitcases with red trimming and places on the leg looking like the baseball. It looks aesthetically and is also comfortable for animals.

New cat condos
Adriana Andersson

cat condos for large cats | New Cat Condos 67" Designer Pagoda Cat Tree | Wayfair

New cat condos

The Large Cat Pagodas Tree is the big brother to the ever so popular Mini Pagoda. This pagoda features many perches, a house on top, and a convenient replaceable scratch pad to keep your cat's nails healthy.

New cat condos 1
Lambert Abbey

Japan’s Perfect Cat House

New cat condos cat scratch and lounge 1

New Cat Condos Cat Scratch and Lounge

New cat condo
Sarah Ashleyist

$47 60" New Cat Tree / Cat Condo / Cat Furniture Scratcher- Beige by generic,

New cat condos

This is happening: Cat Play Tree by New Cat Condos features a playful tree design with multiple climbing perches and a sitting perch at the top. This large cat tree is covered in plush carpet and arrives fully assembled ($139.99).

Cat perch tree

Perfect kitty tower made with wood for scratching...

New cat condos
Stephanie Parker

These things are nothing but particle board, cardboard, some PVC pipe and cheap, ugly carpet. I didn’t want to spend money on a concrete form (the curved platforms), so I just made them flat.

New cat condos 4
Bianca Weberable

Cat tree that provides playing space for many cats. It also includes some relaxing spaces that are safe for animals. This construction is finished in purple color and it is resistant to damage caused by cats.

New cat condos 7

If you’re looking for a perfect piece to keep your cats entertained while in home, take a look at this gorgeous cat condo with a triple tunnel frame and two posts on the sides, all upholstered with a gray, plushy fabric.

New cat condos 2

Modern cat scratcher Rondo, a unique cat condo tree and cat home. Experience all that there is for you, and discover who you truly are, in the present moment. BWE will help you follow your dreams and transform them into reality. Visit Waverider @ http://

Enclosure Cat Litter Box
Megan Russell

Enclosure Cat Litter Box
Cozy and very cute Litter Box Enclosure – a perfect litter box for your kitty. The litter box has a handy lid for quick cleaning, and an enter hole for a cat. The fabric is water resistant, construction is made from lasting wood, and the box also minimizes the odors.

Rustic cat tree
Alexis Hallify

A cool tall contemporary multi-tier tower tree for cats. It's made of wooden materials covered in beige fake fur but scratching posts which are wrapped in sisal rope. It's also equipped with shelves, platforms with holes, condos, ladders.

Outside cat litter box
Lindsay Gre

This is a product created for owners of cats who want to provide the best level of comfort to their four-leged friends. This box enclosure has got a heavy bottom that increases stability. The product is made of wood, laminate wood, carpet, staples, nails and screws.

New cat condos 5
Stacy Tay

New 60" Cat Tree Pet Condo House Scratch Post Condo Tower Furniture Toy Hammock

New cat condos 6
Amanda Flor

The cats will love it and it fits with my new living room theme. Kitten condo / Cat Tower / Unique / Custom Made By: Kitten Kingdom

New cat condos 8
Mendes Natasha

Have to have it. New Cat Condos Cat Play Tree - $109.99 @hayneedle

New cat condos 1
Tiffany Whit

New Cat Condos 46" Large Pagoda Cat Tree

New cat condos 9

This "Doctor Who" Tardis cat condo may not be bigger on the inside than the outside, but it does have three levels.

New cat condos 10
Jacqueline Cole

Have to have it. New Cat Condos Cat Play Gym - $229.99 @hayneedle

New cat condos 11

New Cat Condos Mini Cat Pagoda House

New cat condos 13

Have to have it. New Cat Condos Large Pagodas Cat Tree - $119.99 @hayneedle

New cat condos 14
Carmen Kowalski

Have to have it. New Cat Condos 71 in. Tall Cat Tower - $199.99 @hayneedle

New cat condos 15

Have to have it. New Cat Condos Cat Scratch and Lounge - $76.99 @hayneedle

New cat condos 17
Latoya Coo

New Cat Condos 6-foot Skyscraper Cat Tree

New cat condos 18
Nicole Parker

$99.00 All our cat trees meet California consumer safety code 93120.3, Title 17. Safe for your cats. This is a brand new in box 52" tall cat tower tree. Scratcher posts are made from Natural Sisal. The panels are made from 1/2" thick wooden board covered

New cat condos 19
Laetitia Anderson

pet door - new house has a sliding glass door - we are so going to have to get this!

New cat condos 20

Keeping a cat's eye on things: A feline resident is caught on camera. Meadow Cat Hotel.

New cat condos 21

Herrrooo kitty and my new color palate for the house!

New cat condos 22
Adriana Andersson

Have to have it. New Cat Condos 72 in. Premiere Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree - $149.99 @hayneedle

New cat condos 23

New Cat Condos Elevated Cat Bed

New cat condos
Evans Liliana

My new cat condo. This is a dresser repurposed into a cat condo, litter box disguise. This was an old chest of drawers, all drawers removed except the top one. Only the middle shelf was saved and a cat bed put on it, completed the look with tension rod wi

New cat condos 24
Lambert Abbey

New Cat Condos 50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree & Reviews | Wayfair

New cat condos 25
Abbey Kowalski

Cat Enclosure - Just finished one similar to this one along the side of the shed. It's 4' w x 8' l & has an interior & exterior door for escape proof. In the process of resucing 2 strays & a feral & needed a place to put them to teach them their new ter

New cat condos cat playground fdf19811 bc45 4f8e 80a1 092664d974f2_600
Rachel Massonable

New-Cat-Condos-Cat-Playground-fdf19811-bc45-4f8e-80a1-092664d974f2_600 ...

New cat condos 26
Thomson Marisa

New Cat Condos Litter Box Enclosure For Sale - New and Used

New cat condos window perch

New Cat Condos Window Perch

New cat condos 27

Give the cat in your life a brand new homemade toy they’ll love.

New cat condos paw print cat condo cat houses at
Wesson Jessica

New Cat Condos Paw Print Cat Condo - Cat Houses at Hayneedle