Milking Stools

Stools often turn out to be useful around the house so it's a good idea to have one. Browse below to see milking stools I've collected and choose one which matches your needs and the style of your home.

Marisa Thompson Interior Design Expert
Milking stools 2
Bianca Noorda

For an accessory so unique that literally no one around would have a similar one, original milking stools hit the mark. Sturdy solid wood construction with round seat and three-legged base lasted for ages to look amazing today.

Vintage milking stool 3
Kristina Lon

Milking Stool. I found something similar to this out in the barn. I ...

Milking stools
Parker Joanna

Small elm milking stool on three peg-secured ash legs, with burr top - an original 18th century piece! It even has traces of old paint and varnish to its base. Probably one of the most unique pieces nowadays!

15"H ROUND RISER, 12x12x15 Inches
Jenna Delicata

A simplistic stool for cow-milking, that will splash your kitchen with a drop of country charm. Crafted of hardwood and gracefully weathered, the stool is covered in a distressed green finish, and has a 3-legged base reinforced with a sturdy stretcher.

How to make a milking stool
Cynthia Dia

... would carry their buckets and milking stools and go to the cows

6"H ROUND RISER, 7x7x5.75 Inches
Craven Zoe

Classic stool mounted on 3 legs and reinforced with solid supports. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Handy gadget for each home.

Milking stools 8
Kristin Diaz

ornate primitive decor of the late 1800's | Old Wood Mortised Small Step Milk Stool Antique Vintage Completed

Adorable Antique Refurbished Small 8" X 5.5" X 4" Milking Foot Stool Farm Barn
Alexis Milani

The exquisite milking stool made entirely of wood is a unique element in antique styling just right for the cottage house. The whole is small and can serve as a footrest or small table. Beautiful performance captivates.

Antique milking stool antique stool french antique furniture
Bianca Weberable

antique milking stool antique stool french antique furniture

Antique milking stool

Cool clean-cut contemporary portable milking stools. They feature 3 round wide-splayed wooden legs with a natural finish. Each stool features a round seat (with smooth edges) in a glossy vivid colour.

One legged milking stool from the 1920s
Barnes Stacy

One-legged milking stool from the 1920's

This robert thompson milking stool includes a provenance back to
Jenkins Diana

This Robert Thompson milking stool includes a provenance back to the ...

Adorable Antique Refurbished Small 10" X 7.5" X 4" Milking Foot Stool Farm Barn
Watson Colleen

A simple and very useful stool for milking cows is a charming and attractive piece of furniture. The whole made in charming antique styling is extremely useful and very practical. Ideally suited to many arrangements.

Stools antique makers stools antique seat stools antique milking

... stools antique makers stools antique seat stools antique milking

Antique chairs sofas stools antique stools 6
Nelson Lindsay

Antique Chairs / Sofas / Stools : Antique stools

Hand Hewn Teak Milking Stool
Tara Walker

Hand Hewn Teak Milking Stool
It is a hand hewn teak milking stool that has got a traditional design and it fits to any style and décor in your living room, dining room, kitchen and other. This stool is high quality and nicely finished.

Antique foot stool
Lindsay Gre

Stool made of wood with antique finish. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect as plant stand or additional seating in each place as needed.

Historic Print (L): [Henry Wallace, full-length portrait, seated on stool, facing right, milking cow]

Historical poster, which will introduce unique atmosphere to your interior. The room in which the poster will be posted immediately get amazing character. The poster is unusual, has the depth and unique message, which is why so perfectly affect the reception of the room.

Wooden milking stool
Hayes Andrea

Limited Edition Milking Stools by UM Project

Old chippy wood milk stool from oldtimepickers for some reason
Isabella Martinable

Old Chippy Wood Milk Stool from OldTimePickers for some reason this reminds me of Grandma

Milking Stool Maple Stain (Made in the USA)
Evans Liliana

This simple yet sturdy milking stool in a red oak finish is hand sanded, and handcrafted from sturdy wood. The stool can be quite helpful around the house, simplify various home tasks such as changing drapes and bulbs, or reaching higher places.

Milk stool

Cool rustic style storage ottomans of old wire metal milk crates enclosed with reclaimed wooden planks with embossed lettering. They have casters and metal corner fittings. A removable padded top is covered in off-white canvas with printed writing.

Milking stools 6
Hilton Emily

A cool farmhouse style small stool modelled on old time milking stools. It's crafted of wooden materials. It has 2 upturned V-shaped legs joined by a straight stretcher just under a round black finished seat.

Milking stools
James Michele

Grandpa's Milking Stool

Antique french oak milking stools 1

Antique French Oak Milking Stools 1

Milking stool 1
Shannon Harr

An authentic rustic footstool serving also as a milking stool. It's made of solid wood with a weathered 2-tone finish. A rectangular top with rounded edges has a natural finish. A-shaped recessed legs and a showy apron with slanted corners are grey.

"Cottage" Milk Stool Table
Lambert Abbey

"Cottage" Milk Stool Table
It is a cottage milk stool table that has got a light blue color and fantastic design. Everyone will be impressed how amazing this table is. It is perfect for your dining room, kitchen and other.

24" Bar Stool with Cushion (Set of 2)
Alexis Hallify

24" Bar Stool with Cushion (Set of 2)
Elegant and decorative, this set of 2 bar stools in milk chocolate finish features a tubular metal frame, with a ring foot rest, x-shaped back, and feet with non-marring caps. The seat is upholstered in beige fabric, and provides 200 lbs of weight capacity.

Milking stools b
Theresa Edw


Driftwood side table
Martinez Marisa

nakashima_mjolk_kitka-19 Great blog from a Toronto furnishings boutique, Mjolk.

Adorable Antique Refurbished Small 8.5" X 6.5" X 5" Milking Foot Stool Farm Barn

Adorable Antique Refurbished Small 8.5" X 6.5" X 5" Milking Foot Stool Farm Barn

Legged milking stool blank pyrography blanks wood products

Legged Milking Stool Blank - Pyrography Blanks - Wood Products

Milking stools 1
Tara Zucker

The simple and very charmingly made milking stool is a great way for an attractive and stylish interior design. Cottage style trim and wooden construction combine to bring to the decor an interesting character exquisitely.

Photographic Print of The milk maid s morning
Julia Lambertify

A charming photographic print showing a 19th-century country scene. A milk maid, wearing clothes in bluish tones and red shoes, is carrying a milking stool under her armpit and a wooden pail on a head. There are cows and pasture in the background.

Antique milking stools for sale
Julie Jenk

Comfortable pouf ottoman that serves as a sitting stool. This construction is very solid thanks to its wooden base. The upper part is thickly padded, so it provides good comfort of sitting. Floral pattern on the upholstery looks very nice.

Canvas Print, Milking the Cows - 12x18

Canvas Print, Milking the Cows - 12x18

Wooden Milking Bench
Alexis Hallify

Wooden Milking Bench

Framed Print of The milk maid s morning
Peyton Marthy

Framed Print of The milk maid s morning

Wooden milking stools for sale
Hilton Emily

Crate seats...use plastic crates purchased from your local walmart, plywood cut to fit the top, foam, fabric and a staple gun. What a cute idea for a child's room or a classroom reading corner. The "seats" can lift off so you can use the crates for stor

Milking stool antique
Evans Liliana

DIY Milk Crate seats.. Cut a piece of plywood to fit the opening of the milk crate, cover with foam and batting. Place fabric on top and staple the excess underneath the plywood. Place on the opening of the crate.

Photographic Print of Land Girls WWII
Young Vanessa

A great addition for rooms drowned in artifacts and memorabilia from the World War II. This fine photographic print is called "Land Girls WWII" and it pictures two village women carrying wooden stools.

Brittney Milk Stool Table
Craven Rachel

Brittney Milk Stool Table
It is a beautiful milk stool table that has got a round top, dove gray colors, distressed finish and brown undertones. If you looking for a fantastic stool table, you need to choose this one.

Milking stools 5
Bianca Noorda

Crate stools. Can't tell you how much I want to make these for my small group area.

Milking stools 7
Holly Cox

Sanded to give the surface tooth, so adhesion wasn’t an issue. Painted with one coat of MMSMP Typewriter without the Bonding Agent added. Distressed pretty heavily with 80 grit sand paper. Top was finished in Minwax Dark Walnut stain and the entire pie

Milking stools
Bennett Erin

Stool painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Artissimo, distressed, and finished with Hemp Oil.

Kids table and bench set
Valerie Roberts

This lovely stools storage table is ideal for children's room or nursery. Wooden construction, beautiful colors, and functionality make them unique. Wheels attached to stools make it easy to move them.

Cow milking stool

Antique Foot Milking Stool Farm Bench with Old Brown Paint from Dairy Farm

Milking stools for sale
Jessica Zernike


Milking stools 4
Latoya Powell

diy stool - Website full of tutorials, remakes, and crafts. Scroll to the bottom.

Milking stools 1
Chloe Hughesful

Milking Stool ~ I have one