Microwave Bean Bags

Have you discovered how functional such bean bags are? Even if this is the first time that you see such an impressive collection, we advise you to take a good look below. After doing that, you shouldn’t have too many problems with making a good decision – can you already do it?

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
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100% natural Shaun the Sheep microwave bean bag. Makes a nice and kids-friendly alternative for hot water bottle. Smooth to the touch thanks to high quality outer shell. Scented with French lavender (the fragrance is realed after heating).

Microwavable bean bags
Lauren Johnson

Keep Home Simple: Microwavable Bean Bag

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Tara Gosselin

Moomi - microwavable bean bag

Microwave bean bags 11
Stone Caroline

Lamb microwavable bean bag

Microwave bean bags
Patricia Brya

Microwave Bean Bags!

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Andrea Park

For all lovers of the sweet country of Canada - we present microwave bean bags with blue and red prints and inscriptions on the white base. Square shapes, comfortable slight structures consist also a print with red maple leaves.

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CHICKEN POT PIE 2 lbs cooked chicken, 2 cans cream or potato soup (only one can of water), 1 small bag of frozen veggies, 1 can of crescent rolls. Place all ingredients in Bean Pot or Tortilla Warmer except the crescent rolls. Mix well then place in ov

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Weight Watchers Recipe by lisalnoll

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Liliana Gadjus

Pretty practical bags for preparing food in microwave ovens. They're crafted of patterned cotton fabric and have inner liners of cotton, too. They can be used many times as they're washable and dryable.

Fuf Bean Bag Chair
Vanessa Cart

Fuf Bean Bag Chair
Versatile bean bag chair filled with quality memory foam for extra comfort and support. Offers nice to the touch, soft suede fabric cover which is easy to clean. Functional and easy to store lounging piece.

Bean Bag Chair
Holly Kelly

Bean Bag Chair
Fantastic bean bag chair featuring modern design, gorgeous polka dot cover, ample and comfortable filling, and sturdy stitching to provide great looking and versatile lounging piece for your you and your family.

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Instructions for making the pattern for the potato bag

Microwave bean bags 3
Lily Cravenable

A small, simple, but very functional product. This corn popper features a durable construction based on glass. It allows for preparing popcorn in microwave without unnecessary oils, wates and other additives.

Lavender bean bag microwave
Krystle Perry

Peanut-butter Fudge Brownie Dessert 1 box of Fudge Brownie Mix 1 small bag of peanut butter chips 1 Celebrating Home Bean Pot 1. Mix Fudge mix in Bean Pot just as directions call for (eggs, water, oil..) mix well 2. Pour entire nag of chips into

Microwavable bean bag
Kristen Green

Hot/Cold Rice Bags Tutorial...(handwarmers Bethany wants for jacket pockets)

Bean bag microwave
Kristin Park

DIY Microwaveable Potato Bag by Marilyn | Brewed Together [my favorite pattern by far]

Microwave bean bags warmers 1
Laetitia Kloss

Popcorn in the Bean Pot 3/4 cup of popping corn 2T. Oil mix and cook 5 min with lid on in microwave

Microwave bean bag
Roberts Isabelle

Brown bag burritos- make em and freeze em! Taste just like chili cheese burritos from taco bell!

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Elizabeth Coupe

DIY Microwavable Bean Bag

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Peyton Marthy

How to make your own microwave kettle popcorn - no artificial flavors, no toxic chemicals, no trans fats!

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Colleen Howard

Keep Home Simple: Microwavable Bean Bag

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How to Make Microwave Bean Bags

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Esther Walker

Crispy green beans with sriracha mayo. No leftovers? Sub in a bag of microwaved steamed beans.

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Aloma Garcia

DIY Microwavable Bean Bags #GiftIdea from @Multi-Testing Mommy

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Kathleen Coop

The 46 Most Brilliant Life Hacks Every Human Being Needs To Make Life Easier | EpicDash

Microwave bean bags 17
Monica Jame

Snowflake Popcorn-my kids favorite! Takes minutes to make...

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Laetitia Zernike

Hello everyone! It's Megan from Brassy Apple (shop and blog).I am excited to share my idea with you!This is a fun Holiday gift for friends (of all ages) and family too! Give the gift of warmth with the smile of a fun character on it's face. Pop these litt

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Mary Roge

Microwavable Bean Bag Heating Pad Aromatherapy by BiomedDesign, $34.95

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Lindsay Lee

Crispy Green Beans with Sriracha Mayo Recipe |

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Craven Rachel

Cheeseburger Soup (don't forget bean pots are $29 this month!!) 1 pound Velveeta cubed 1 pound hamburger browned 5 strips bacon cooked and crumbled 3/4 bag of hashbrown potatoes (cubed kind) 1 container Philadelphia Cooking Creme Mix all ingred

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Mackenzie Poly

Gifts for the Whole Family ~ Instead of pairing a game with the typical bag of microwave popcorn and a 2 liter of pop, pick out some of the coolest candies from the past. You can find TONS of them at The kids would not only

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Danielle Campbell

Baked Parmesan Green Bean Fries 1 (14 oz) Bag of frozen whole green beans (or about 4 cups fresh) 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, grated 1/2 tsp Garlic powder 1/4 tsp Salt (or to taste) 1/8 tsp Pepper (or to taste) -Oven 425dF; non-stick spray foiled pan; using

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Thompson Julia

Skillet green beans: buy steam in a bag green beans (I like whole green beans for this too) and steam in microwave for 5 mins. Put in a skillet with olive oil. Season with seasoned salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and cook in skillet for 7-10 min

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Printable Popcorn Bag Valentine "I need to ask you a corny question......will you be my valentine?"

Microwave bean bags 28
Thompson Alyssa

1-2lb bag of Marley Coffee Kingston City Roast Espresso 1-bag each Ghiradelli dark and milk chocolate chips Melt each type of chip in a separate double boiler or microwave safe dish. Place a handful of beans at a time into each and stir to coat. Once

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Nicole Hill

Quick Asian Steam: This lunch is loaded with good-for-you carbs, including veggies and brown rice. Vegetarians looking for protein will find it in the tofu. Night before: Cook brown rice according to package instructions. Assemble other ingredients th

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Julia Lambertify

Easiest fudge recipe in the world, can't mess it up if you tried - 1 can Eagle brand condensed milk ( 14 oz ) 1 1/2 bags of chocolate chips ( 11.5 oz bags is what I use) any flavor you wish 1 cup chopped walnuts ( optional ) Toss all ingredients in to a

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Bianca Noorda

Make ahead lunch burritos...these are REALLY good! I used 96% FF Mission tortillas and a 14oz bag of 2% Kraft Mexican Blend Cheese and filled each burrito with one cup of filling. They have a WW Points+ Value of 8 per burrito.

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Julia Lambertify

I'm kind of addicted to these Ziploc Zip n'Steam bags, so I have a new recipe to make with them: seafood & pesto pasta sauce. In one steamer bag, place one large handful of Trader Joe's frozen seafood blend, a handful of fresh or frozen French green beans

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Cassandra Jackson

whale outline. Going to use this as a template to make rice/lavender bean bags that you warm up in the microwave.

Microwave bean bags
Nelson Cynthia

DIY BEAN BAG FOR HEATING AND COOLING!!! Simply sew together two squares with the right sides together, leaving a small gap for filling. Turn it right side out and fill with dried beans, rice, or other grains, and sew the opening closed. The bean bag can

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Aloma Garcia

Brown Bag Burritos Recipe from Taste of Home :: shared by Mindy Culver of Post Falls, Idaho ::

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This awesome - as soon as my air popper nites it I need to buy this! Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper, 2.5 quarts

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Ready to "Pop" popcorn baby shower #babyshower #popcorn

Microwave bean bags 37
Kristina Gon

this little guy would make a great corn bag. Just don't use felt; it doesn't microwave well.

Microwave bean bags 38
Melissa Davi

No oil, super simple microwave popcorn in a paper bag. Easy peasy.

Microwave bean bags 5
Robinson Layla

Microwave Bean Bags

Homemade shredded chicken breast pinto bean shredded cheese i use
Robinson Layla

Homemade Shredded Chicken Breast, Pinto Bean & Shredded Cheese ( I use Pepper Jack and Cheddar Mix) Thick Chunky Salsa & Jalapeño Burrito's (Jalapeño Optional ) Healthy Burritos I Freeze in a Ziplock Bag! Yummy

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Wright Stacy

Beans make a great filler for microwaveable heating pads.

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Evans Liliana

Crispy Green Beans with Sriracha Mayo Recipe