Meditation Stools

In case such products are interesting for you, you have come to the right place. Below you will find a wide variety of stools and cushions that are suitable for meditation. Find the one which you really like and take all the time you need to make the final decision. What will it be?

Ideas By Paige Evans
Imperial Scroll Garden Stool
Charming contemporary garden stool which can aslo serve as a table. It's crafted of quality bluish ceramic with a convex scroll pattern having a delicate brownish hue. It looks like a cylinder with a wider base and a flared top.

Imperial Scroll Garden Stool
Charming contemporary garden stool which can aslo serve as a table. It's crafted of quality bluish ceramic with a convex scroll pattern having a delicate brownish hue. It looks like a cylinder with a wider base and a flared top.

Found by RobinsonLayla+2
Meditation Gardens 2 Ottoman

Meditation Gardens 2 Ottoman

Found by GinaLewis+144
Pouffes with a pom-pom trim are very difficult to get over. The color of this ‘suzani’ style pouffe is so dreamy… works great for a shabby-chic house with an ethnic, bohemian edge. The pink pom-pom trimming is feminine, yet not overboard; it’s sti
Found by WashingtonCrystal+115
Crochet DROPS pouf with stripes in 2 strands ”Eskimo”. ~ DROPS Design. Free pattern.
Found by PatriciaBarnes+199
Yoga-y space. bend-y tunes - Music to the Ears of a Yogi,
Found by MrKeiraWhite+101
DIY knitted floor pouf
Found by PeytonDonaldson+103
The Pi Meditation Bench promotes correct spinal alignment while eliminating stress on the knees when practice seiza meditation, or kneeling meditation. $89  Dharma Crafts
Found by NicoleParker+2
Asia Teak shower bath stool chair seat Asian Japanese meditation bench
Found by ChloeHughesful+63
Meditation Everyday, a seating option inspired by the levitating yogi and his meditation capabilities :)
Found by AmyRod+196
What a calming piece of furniture -Yoga meditation stool - bench seiza bench with OM symbol
Found by ThompsonAlyssa+5
African Inspired Bench/Stool    Great also for meditating, e.g. for people who have problems to sit on the floor due to sentitive knees.
Found by LisaWats+122
Meditation stool ;-)
Found by TheStacyGosselin+4
Love these big square cushions--wouldn't be hard to make
Found by MendesNatasha+271
DIY Meditation Stool
Found by RodriguezJulia+5
The Zen Bench meditation stool or meditation bench provides a comfortable stable position for all forms of sitting practice
Found by LaetitiaAnderson+115
Continuity between the inside and outside spaces, separated only with protection from rain and creepy crawlies gives an illusion of a larger space :D
Found by SuperOliviaJackson+23
Forget about enlightenment. Sit down and listen to the wind singing in your veins. Feel the love, the longing, and the fear in your bones. Open your heart to who you are, right now. Not who you'd like to be, but the being right here before you, inside you
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Yoga stool  Seiza bench  Meditation stool by Fraximus on Etsy, £30.00
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kristin you need this meditation chair i believe
Found by GinaRivera+244
The Emperor Seat recycled oak wine barrel staves by StilNovoDesign
Found by WatsonLeah+1
Pi, meditation stool, yoga seat, recycled oak wine barrel staves.
Found by CarmenMilani+13
Meditation Stool
Found by MrKeiraWhite+204
Seating from IFDA 2008. Meditation Bench by Sehwa Bae (Korea)
Found by EmilyLee47+3
the legs on the stool are great - it would be great to make this with tarn
Found by RobinsonLayla+2
Michael Anastassiades, Meditation Stools
Found by SarahMiller29+2
Crocheted Pouffe. I checked these out and to be honest at a starting price of 129euros I think I'll settle for making it myself. So will start this month and get back to you on cost etc and a pattern.
Found by Jocelyn1Walker+171
Meditation Stools
Found by WashingtonLisa+4
Ronin Meditation Bench, Zebrawood
Found by JennaEdward+13
Meditation Room Ideas | @Teragren Bamboo Bamboo floors
Found by TaraGosselin+265
Pouf, Blue /Green Family on This would be fun for the kids!
Found by alexsandrawilson+1
could I DIY one or two of these for a reading area of the kids room?
Found by MackenzieMilani+3
Blue Meditation Stool
Found by WilsonGabrielle+143
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Prayer/Meditation Stool by Fraximus on Etsy, £30.00
Found by RachelMorgan+38
Black Dragon Meditation Stool
Found by ErinYoun+141
Meditation Chair... meditate IT Octochair I think its part wood
Found by TheStacyGosselin+288
Black Marble Meditation Stool
Found by LambertAbbey+79
Cushion for Meditation Stool Hessian
Found by JenniferTurner+5
Meditation stool on Etsy, $100.00 AUD
Found by CaitlinNel+279
$149.00 Teak Meditation Stool.See More Meditation Benches at
Found by LindseyCoo+1
Yin Style Meditation Stool
Found by paigewalkerpaige+1
Meditation stool by Raihartenatural on Etsy, €45.00
Found by EricaNelson+4
The 3 legged stool of Buddhism
Found by VanessaMartinez74+55
White Marble Meditation Stool - Shop - L'ArcoBaleno
Found by ValerieRoberts+4
Meditation Stool - bodhi style, standard
Found by LindseyGrif+3
Meditation Stools by Michael Anastassiades
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Meditation Stool By Michael Anastassiades | Hub Furniture Lighting Living
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Black Marble Meditation Stool
Found by PatriciaBarnes+159
Rohlfs / seldom seen "meditation" stool
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