Library Storage Cabinet

If you think that you could make a good use of one of such storage cabinets, we encourage you to check out all these photos. After doing that, you should not have too many problems with making a good choice. All in all, you are not the first person who has come to this site.

Liliana Evans Interior Design Expert
Library storage cabinet

Library storage cabinet with a durable wooden construction. It features many drawers of different size. They provide plenty of space for small documents, etc. Each drawer is equipped with a durable metal handle.

Wood storage cabinet with drawers
Lauren Lewis

This project constitutes a great example of upcycling. Transformation of old, library wardrobe, used to store cards and catalogs, into a beautiful, vintage chest of drawers. It's unique climate will enhance both bedroom or living room spaces.

Card file cabinet
Brown Andrea

A wonderful transformation of a card file cabinet. Originally the piece featured a vintage character in a plain color. It was painted in a plenty of vivid colors that gave the piece a new life. Now it's a funky accent of the room.

White bookshelf with doors
Evans Liliana

Storage cabinets and bookshelves for home library use. Durable wooden construction finished in white color is simple and matches any design. Lower cabinets provide plenty of space just like upper shelves.

Unique storage cabinets

Unique dark brown storage cabinet repurposed from an old library card catalog cabinet. The result raises eyebrows in a positive sense. 23 wooden drawers await to organize all kinds of stuff. One of them even serves as a plant pot stand.

Library storage cabinet 1

Mmm... A dreamy nook for a book worm... This small space was exploited to maximum. A large bookcase reaches the ceiling; a ladder (painted light blue to match the shelves color) is therefore needed to access the highest shelves.

Cd storage cabinet wood

This library storage cabinet used for catalogs and documents gained a new breath. It can be smoothly used as a CD storage cabinet. Particularly, if you are an enthusiast of rustic style, then this one shall appeal to you.

White bookcases 1
Edwards Stephanie

All readers dream of solid, beautiful bookcases in their home. This library storage cabinet, with white open bookcase full of open shelving, drawers and cabinets could be your favorite one. Elegant wooden, white way to expose your book treasures.

Library storage cabinet 9
Valerie Powell

Floor to ceiling built ins, with bookshelves and cabinets. Always loved this about my grandparents house!

Stylish filing cabinets 15
Gray April

Incorporated from a library, this distressed catalogue cabinet can be a good proposition for a stylish office space. Sturdy, wooden construction, amazing with mutliple storage pigeonholes.

Library cupboards
Abbey Kowalski

The old style library storage cabinet with the brass handles. On each door there is a letter sign. It could be used as a decoration in the library at your home or be a good present for a person, who is a bookworm.

Library storage cabinet 13
Moore Angela

Found this pic on Playing in the Attic. I want this for my craft room.... seriously!

Home retro style wooden multimedia library file cabinets
Jasmine Torr

Home : Retro-Style Wooden Multimedia Library File Cabinets

Catalog could be used for library file storage drawer cabinet
Olivia Smithist

... Catalog. Could be used for Library, File, Storage, Drawer, Cabinet

Library storage cabinet 10
Evans Liliana

DIY Card Catalog Cabinet Reveal | Decor and the Dog

File cabinet window bench
Wilson Gabrielle

File Cabinet Window Bench

Library cabinets

Wall-to-Wall Built-In Desk and Bookcase | Home Is Where My Heart Is featured on #built-ins #storage #studyarea

Library storage cabinet 1
Lily Cravenable

Tucson Residence Kitchen by JOHN SENHAUSER Architects, Cincinnati, OH, US 45202. Photo Credit: William Lesch. Opened DVD storage showing here but seems like a great hidden BOOKCASE STORAGE DESIGN IDEA to me! ... Give credit where due. Link / Pin from th

Library card catalogs transformed into awesome furniture
Mackenzie Milani

Library Card Catalogs Transformed Into Awesome Furniture

Lounge shelving units

#DIY built ins in the dining room. May not be typical, but it works for us!

Library storage cabinet 8
Laura Anderson

Mini Office in a Chest How-To (convert carved chest? can it be done without ruining it?)

Library storage cabinet 7
Danielle Har

by Stacy JacobiKnoxville, TN, US 37919 · 5 photos Bookcases Built in bookcases w/ an x motif library lights over the bookcases

Library storage cabinet
Laetitia Anderson

Arts and Crafts Style Built-In. I probably have pinned this before. Deserves a 2nd pin.

Library storage cabinet 1
Natalie Coll

A nice corner cabinet bookcase that sports a design suitable for every big living room, providing you with more than enough space to keep all of your books organized. It will even fit your DVDs collection in the cabinets below.

Index card filing cabinet
Craven Rachel

Stylish and Budget-Friendly Tips for Setting up a Craft Room or Office - Love the cabinet in the center and all of the black and white!

Library storage cabinet

Turn a Hemnes shoe cabinet ($129.99) into a faux library catalog. | 37 Cheap And Easy Ways To Make Your Ikea Stuff Look Expensive

Library storage cabinet 11
Alyssa Wilsonify

Under The Table and Dreaming: Home Office and Work Space Ideas & Inspiration | 75 Creative Desk Areas

Library storage cabinet 2
Evans Liliana

... at 1-800-803-1083 and let us help you plan your music storage area

Library storage cabinet 5
Erika Tor

This is cool! > > Turn your pantry into a bookshelf. | 35 Things To Do With All ThoseBooks

Library storage cabinet 4

All Wall Collections and books can take up a lot of space. House them comfortably in wall-to-wall bookcases that surround a doorway or window. Notice how some books have been used as pedestals for decorative objects.

Round bedroom chair

Corner desk for space between upstairs bedroom.

Living room wall shelves
Allen Katie

I need to save this one for sure! I am always overwhelmed when decorating a bookcase. Great Decorating Ideas for Styling a Bookcase @Laura Jayson Putnam - Finding Home

Storage bookcase with doors 3
Carmen Milani

Ladies and gentelmen, this is super cool manthattan style dinign table. Suits every spacious living room or cabinet. Made from thick, light wood is a perfect idea for a busy library room as well. Functional storage bookcase in the background.

Storage Cabinet
Alyssa Wilsonify

Storage Cabinet
This is a very interesting cabinet. It is made of wood. It has a white color. It consists of various cabinets and shelves. In addition, it has a variety of drawer. It is perfect for the bedroom, hallway or office.

Magdelene Accent Storage Cabinet
Robinson Layla

Magdelene Accent Storage Cabinet
Rustic style storage cabinet designed using solid wood for durable frame, quality lacquer finish to offer great protection, brushed nickel knobs for added elegance, and ample storage compartment behind glass and wood doors.

Antique bookcase

Garden-Side Library. Keep your favorite garden reference books right inside the shed in a nifty bookcase. Protected from dust and debris by a pair of eight-pane windows that serve as doors, the books are arranged on three deep shelves. A piece of crown m

Library storage cabinet 6
Meghan Barn

IKEA hack: How to add lights, molding, and paint to Besta and Billy shelves for pretty, affordable storage.

Library storage cabinet 2
Patricia Barnes

Whitley Desk by Ballard Designs | via @Laura Trevey @ Bright Bold & Beautiful

Pink kitchen rugs
Peyton Marthy

Again, LOVE the use of color and the storage capacity!

Library storage cabinet 3
Karen Gon

Dining Room Home Office

Wood cd dvd video storage cabinet with library style face

... Wood CD, DVD, Video Storage Cabinet with Library Style Face – Walnut

Library storage cabinet 1
Adriana Andersson

Who wouldn't want to come home to this every day?! This is a great mud room!

Library storage cabinet 12
Thompson Alyssa

Craftsman Style Interiors Window Seat... this might be cool in the master? or up in the guest room.

Library storage cabinet
Weber Lily

Am digging the idea of having your CD/DVD/book collection on display instead of tucked away or stored in some ugly "media storage".

Flat filing cabinet

File cabinet consisting of 15 drawers with labels for content identification. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

I want to do this in your room this summer
Lindsey Bail

I want to do this in your room this summer!!! except where the window is, put hooks to hang up jackets, housecoat, etc. and a lamp attached to the end of the shelf so you can curl up there and read. want to do this along your large wall. Cool eh?

Library storage cabinet 14

This one would look just right underneath our basement stairs.

Library storage cabinet 1
Robinson Layla

library powered storage cabinets motorized library powered storage ...

Vaultz Locking CD File Cabinet, 2 Drawers, 8 x 14.5 x 15.5 Inches, Black (VZ01094)
Hilton Emily

Vaultz Locking CD File Cabinet, 2 Drawers, 8 x 14.5 x 15.5 Inches, Black (VZ01094)

Library storage cabinet 3
Rebecca Hall

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