Lazy Susan Wood

If you like such style and such elements, there couldn’t have been a better collection to visit than this one. All you need to do now is check out these shapes, sizes and designs, so as to have an idea about what possibilities there are to choose from. What do you think about it?

Ideas By Sarah Miller
Copper Lazy Susan

Copper Lazy Susan

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Acacia Serveware Lazy Susan
Serving plate with beautiful finish and classic design. Additionally, its made of high quality solid acacia hardwood which makes it a long lasting construction. It's not intended for dishwasher or refrigerator.

Acacia Serveware Lazy Susan
Serving plate with beautiful finish and classic design. Additionally, its made of high quality solid acacia hardwood which makes it a long lasting construction. It's not intended for dishwasher or refrigerator.

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I think I want to build everything on this page!- Small Shop Solutions - The Woodworker's Shop - American Woodworker
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Steel wool soaked in vinegar=distressed wood.  who knew? DIY Lazy Susan from wine barrel
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IKEA Snudda Monogrammed Lazy Susan Hack - Southern Revivals
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Pottery Barn inspired lazy susan... DIY for less than $9!
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DIY Cake and cupcake stand...yep on to do list!
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15 genius ways to make a lazy susan work
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Very cute idea...think I lke the idea of it a bit wider maybe and a pretty doorknob on it to emulate a front door...for my greeting card display at fair
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One-day storage projects that organize odds and ends, clean up your workbench, and clear the garage floor.
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Make your own wine barrel inspired tray or cutting board......_MG_8016~~~
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Store small appliances, such as a coffee grinder, handheld electric mixer, and toaster, inside a cabinet on a large lazy Susan. "A quick turn, and what you need is at your fingertips," author Meryl Starr says in The Home Organizing Workbook.
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DIY Holiday Wall Decor | The Endearing Home
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Loving this Rustic Wood Cake Stand on #zulily! #zulilyfinds
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Hand Painted Lazy Susan Wood Personalized with Wood by spfdesign, $240.00
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smart_85_'s photo on Instagram
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Family name sign, round, with Established date for weddings, anniversary or home decor
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Kitchen cabinet organizers - solid-wood Lazy Susan easily makes the most use of corner storage space and keeps things organized and accessible
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Custom made Lazy Susan by EmmieLooo on Etsy, $45.00
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Thread Spool Bobbin Holder Organizer Sewing Room Accessory Rack
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make my own lazy susan
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steel wool soaked in white vinegar for aging process to wood, then strong tea for color
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How to make pallet wood into a round circle shape! Great DIY cottage-farmhouse decorating ideas at
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AW Extra - Small Shop Solutions - The Woodworker's Shop - American Woodworker
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Yarn holder  knitting and crochet caddy  lazy susan  by WrapNTurn, $29.00. Love this idea!
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Home-Dzine - How to make a Lazy Susan
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Love to make this but not with little crabs.  11UHeart Organizing: DIY Lazy Susan Serving Tray
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Unfinished and finished. Custom wedding lazy susan finished piece, painted by S. Feldstein, includes wood burned personalization
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I like the rope raped around the bottle.
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Need this to make lazy susan for pantry.  Can buy circles of wood in many sizes at Lowes pre-cut!
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This is an AWESOME picture-tour, via blog, of an amazing cabin full of WAY cool ideas - trash can lid lighting, watering can shower, a sink that defies verbal explanation, and quirky touches galore!
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how to wood burn this honeycomb lazy susan
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How to make a Lazy Susan
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Storage Solutions Details - Base Blind Corner w/ Wood Lazy Susan - KraftMaid
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Personalized Wooden Lazy Susan  by MyMeMineDesigns on Etsy, $35.00
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built in wood lazy Susan cupboards, in bottom corner cupboards. Like we had on the west side. AWESOME for storing crock pots, waffle irons, etc.!!
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10 DIY Shoe Storage Solutions ~ There are some cost-effective supplies to create shoe holders. Cardboard - Wood seems to be best ~ allows shoes to breathe. ~THIS PROJECT ON MY "MUST TRY TO DO LIST."
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Gather family and friends around the table! This Lazy Susan, with its antiquated appeal. It's spacious, functional and fun! It's crafted from mango wood and enhanced with dark, rich scrolling and hand chiseled grooves. A simple prayer imprinted on the top
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Make a Kitchen Lazy Susan with Natural Edge - a woodworkweb woodworking ...
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DIY Spice Rack From A Reclaimed Wood Pallet....or a paint rack for craft room! Really to store just about anything!
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Cottage chic Lazy Susan hand painted with strawberries by NEWaged, $86.00
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lazy susan...great faux finishing instructions. Paint pen, create groove in wood to give a wood plank look
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A video on how to organize blind corner cabinets with a half lazy susan.
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A simple caddy to hold all of your craft supplies. Also great for holding utensils at a BBQ or party!
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This lazy Susan has a sophisticated wine-country appeal!
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Watermelon Serving Tray
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3 separate galvanized pipe stations affixed to a walnut-stained wood base. Plenty of room to hang necklaces and bracelets. A Lazy Susan base would be interesting.
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Lazy Susan Upcycle (A Smart Lazy Susan Makeover)
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