Large Trunks

Do you like such style or what else are you looking for? This collection has proved to be impressive or even inspirational for quite a lot of people who have come here. This shouldn’t be surprising – just look at these shapes, designs and other features and try to choose well.

Sarah Miller Interior Design Expert
Shabby Chic and Rustic Wooden Card Box - Rustic Wedding
Cintia Brook

Fantastic functional and decorative element for your wedding. Guests have the habit of leaving greeting cards and letters - they can put them in this personalized, lockable wooden large trunk with brass elements.

Live Love Laugh Storage Trunk (Set of 3)
Alicia Robe

This great and super practical set of three iron trunks is an excellent idea for anyone who appreciates unusual decorative and for storage. Beautifully crafted details, practical closure and different sizes allow you to use trunks in many ways.

Old Style Wooden Chest in Antique Cherry (Large)
Robinson Layla

With this amazing chest you will surely be able to enhance your decor, while providing plenty of extra storage space for accessories or blankets. It comes in an old antique style and has beautiful crafting with a cherry finish.

Antique Wooden Trunk, Old Treasure Chest
Kelly Fost

Antique wooden trunk. This stylish trunk looks like a real treasure chest thanks to its antique hardware and high quality design. The trunk may function as a great decoration or as a regular storage area for all your items.

Old Fashioned Wood Storage Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest - Enhanced Large Size
Ebony Brow

Old World style wooden storage trunk with ample space inside - makes it easy to hide all treasures and to organize personal belongings. Its surface is adorned with intricate ornaments in bronze and gold coloring.

Wood Faux Leather Storage Trunk, Americana USA Flag Design, (Large 24-inch)

Crafted of wood, faux leather and metal accents, it is hard to find more American storage trunks. The small one measures 11.5'' H x 19'' W x 12'' D, medium 2.5'' H x 21.5'' W x 13.5'' D, while the large one 14.5'' H x 24'' W x 16'' D. Sold separetaly.

Round Top Large Victorian Steamer Trunk Wooden Treasure Hope Chest
Tara Whi

Round Top Large Victorian Steamer Trunk Wooden Treasure Hope Chest

Tara Gosselin

Unique and eye-catching design of this large trunk commands attention. It features steel and aluminum aircraft rivets, tight fitting steel tongue and groove lid, l wheel adapter plates, genuine leather handles and a loop for attaching a padlock.

Household Essentials New York Design Storage Trunk, Large and Small

Wonderfully stylish storage trunks with vintage New York design. One large and one small, they feature elegant faux leather and brass accents, polypropylene liner for easy cleaning and front closure that secures attached lid.

Large Red Mahogany Hope Chest/Coffee Table/End of the Bed Bench
Jillian Ross

This vast and beautiful mahogany chest is a nice piece of furniture for the bedroom, dressing room or living room. The large interior will look good for storage, and the furniture itself can serve as a coffee pot or coffee table.

Quickway Imports Old Style Suitcase/Decorative Box with Stripes, Set of 2
Jenna Daviesful

A decorative suitecase trunk - great both for storage and decorating your home. It's made of old fashioned hardware, which only adds to the antique look, while making sure it will last for many years to come.

Quickway Imports 3-Colored Vintage Style Luggage Suitcase/Trunk, Set of 3

A set of three vintage styled luggage trunks in small, medium and large size. The old-fashioned hardware adds to the antique look, while the leather decorations at the edges provide more style and class.

Decorative Wood Leather Treasure Box - Small Trunk Chest
Coupe Andrea

This decorative wood and leather treasure box will take you back to days of old time with its traditional design. It offers the extra storage, while helping you bring back old memories and create new ones.

Extra Extra Large Armor Trunk

Extra Extra Large Armor Trunk
Great looking armor trunk designed for maximum durability using high quality materials. Features steel and aluminum reinforced frame, heavy duty steel lid with solid hinges, and sturdy leather handles.

Large Armor Trunk
Mega Leahbrown

Large Armor Trunk
The rectangular case with a solid closure for safety. Includes 2 side handles for easy carrying. It is made of stainless steel and coated with a water resistant nylon material.

Erika Smi

This Large Armor Trunk in Black & Silver Finish is capacious, with strong hand-crafted construction. Includes leather handles, a loop for a padlock, adapter plates for mounting caster wheels, and heavy duty nickel plated steel hardware.

Quickway Imports Old World Map Wooden Trunk/Box, Set of 2
Brittany Gree

Beautiful, stylized, cherry set of 2 chests: bigger and smaller. Made of plywood and artificial leather with an offset printed map of the world. Light and decorative, matches well to living-rooms or bedrooms. Useful for jewellery or other trinkets.

Boston Wood Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk - Large Trunk
Julia Pet

This beautiful chest made of cedar wood for the perfect storage solution for a variety of treasures and a beautiful coffee table or footrest. Beautiful finish and multifunctionality are the features that are sure to impress.

Nostalgic Large Wood Storage Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest

A beautiful and utterly elegant trunk wooden treasure chest that offers the cedar wood and antique hardware structure and is a great option for your side table, storage or as a decorative piece in any room of the house.

Seward Trunk Collegiate Collection Wheeled Locker, Purple, Vinyl, Medium
Jaclyn Morris

The roomy trunk is a revolutionary way to store your entire collection variety. Made of solid materials is stable and durable. Beautiful finish, practical details, such as wheels or handle and lock perfect in practice.

Gold Rush Steamer Trunk Wood Storage Wooden Treasure Chest - Medium Trunk
Craven Rachel

Large wooden storage trunk. This interesting storage trunk will give your apartment a great appeal with its treasure chest looks. The trunk functions as a storage while the top may be used as a table or display. Made with cedar wood and antique hardware.

Victorian Ancient World Map Wooden Trunk Wood Treasure Chest
Lily Cravenable

Charming retro style storage chest made of cedar wood finished in brown. It has low legs, decorative base edges and dark metal hardware. A chest features original front and lid old world map design. This chest is suited for most interiors.

Quickway Imports Old Style Treasure Chest/Box, Set of 2

This set of two old style treasure boxes in an antique cherry finish not only make for a perfect storage space but also compliment your interior amazingly, filling any empty place in your home like a charm.

J. Terence Thompson 2820-1B 32-1/2-by15-3/4-by-13-3/4-Inch Storage Trunk

Cool though simple rectangular storage trunk made of resistant black moulded plastic. It has a hinged lid closed with 2 latches, a handle on a side and profiled walls for greater durability. It can be stacked and is accepted by airlines.

Original Hawaii Wooden Chest Wood Steamer Trunk - Large Trunk
Esther Smith

This multifunctional trunk executed in Hawaiian style is a combination of storage features, the coffee table or bench. Cute combination of woven texture and smooth leatherette add it a unique character.

Saratoga Faux Leather Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk - Medium Trunk

Large wooden streamer trunk. This treasure chest will give your apartment a great, charming appeal. The trunk offers spacious storage area and the top which may be used as a regular table. The chest is durable and made from cedar wood.

The Designer Wheeled Trunk - Red - Large
Laura Gray

Bring some style and a beautiful upgrade to your interior with this trunk in the most stunning red finish and the wheeled construction that offers easier mobility. The size, on the other hand, ensures you fit all of your stuff neatly.

Quickway Imports Antique Style Steamer Trunk
Laetitia Kloss

Tasteful and aesthetic, old-fashioned in style chest. Made of wood in warm shades of brown. Metal parts give it solid appearance. Quite large, perfect to store jewellery or even bigger things. It is best suited to living-rooms or bedrooms.

The Basket Lady Wicker Storage Trunk
Campbell Natasha

Capacious storage trung made of brown wicker. Thanks to its large size, it is really helpful to organize clothes and other personal belongings, as well as to hide away all the mess you want to get rid off.

Kassel 3pc Wooden Decorative Storage Trunk Set w. Locking Lid Hinges

This beautiful set of wooden trunks in different sizes, is the perfect solution especially for lovers of original items. Made from high quality wood. Beautiful embellishment adds to its uniqueness.

Rhino Zebra Trunk (7 Sizes, 3 Colors)
Laetitia Zernike

Playful and adorable, with huge storage capacity - a fun accessory that adds to a decor and ambiance functionality. This trunk has funky zebra pattern (available in a couple of colours) and it is outfitted with metal hardware.

Large treasure Chest Box 20" - Skull and Bones Accessories
Sara Peterson

If you are looking for original objects that extraordinary, hand-made trunk is undoubtedly something that will surprise you. Impressive finish makes it hard to overlook, it has a large capacity and is very reliable.

Leather Trunk, Designer Treasure Chest
Roberts Isabelle

Leather Trunk, Designer Treasure Chest

Moose Racing Trailblazer Storage Trunk - Black
Sarah Ashleyist

It is made from easy to clean, high-impact resistant polyethylene making it safe to use. This storage trunk is closed with a key and has a large area for storage. It also has mounted stop lamp and security reflectors on both sides.

Household Essentials Decorative Storage Trunk, American Flag Design, Large and Small, Set of 2

Set consisting of two storage trunks. Each of the pieces features American flag design and faux leather as well as brass accents. Additionally, there's polypropylene liner, which make the items easy to clean.

Quickway Imports Old World Map Leather Vintage Style Suitcase with Straps, Set of 2
Valerie Broo

This set of two suitcases is a beautiful detail decorative and practical for your home. They can also be used on the go. Beautifully finished with upholstery with a world map and artificial leather stitching are extraordinary.

Kassel 4pc Wooden Decorative Storage Trunk Set w. Locking Lid Hinges

This 4-Piece Decorative Storage Trunk Set offers quite large storage space for your belongings. Trunks have shapes of stack piled books with the books on top playing the role of moveable lids that reveal useful compartments.

Dark interiors are brought to life with the addition of

Dark interiors are brought to life with the addition of clean white bedding and linens. Floral details on the shams and duvet serve as a rustic compliment to the raw oak in the exposed support beam and dry-stacked hearth with stones that could otherwise b

This Old Trunk - Quality Antique Trunks, Restoration, Antique Trunks
Julie Cook

This Old Trunk - Quality Antique Trunks, Restoration, Antique Trunks, Chests and Fine Antique Trunks and More.

love the feeling of this. would use a pop of

Multi-functional, large, decorative bamboo basket will be perfect, smooth finish to your room decor. You can use it as coffee table, decorative stand and extra storage space to keep things in order.

Here is a quirky idea for a seating plan. It
Carmen Kowalski

Here is a quirky idea for a seating plan. It is easy to create if you have an old suitcase, some ribbon and wooden pegs.

White scandinavian interior - monthly interior design inspirations- italianbark blog
Weber Lily

White scandinavian interior - monthly interior design inspirations- italianbark blog

something like this for programs: Large Shabby Chic and Rustic

something like this for programs: Large Shabby Chic and Rustic Wooden Card Box - Rustic Wedding Decor - Wedding Card Box - Rustic Wedding Card Box - Program Box

family room | Highland Custom Homes
Christine Hayes

I think that this stylization is great for family living rooms. It includes a coffee table with a rectangular trunk stylization. This solid element offers some black metal elements for support and decoration.

hope chest idea, something like this for the girls??
Mega Leahbrown

A large storage chest, that can be used as the garden, yard, bedroom, kids room and drawing room. Everything depends of your needs. The wooden construction and light blue color brings a fresh accent to any home.

Large Folk Art Carpenters Trunk

Large Folk Art Carpenters Trunk

Great back drop the exposed brick does for the large
Leah Smit

Great back drop the exposed brick does for the large and small framed photographs and art work Looovvvv!

Inspired by Old World trunks, these designs allude to heritage
Jenna Delicata

Mysterious chest-can store secrets,or linen and favorite pillows.When donned near the couch, it can serve as a wooden coffee table.Oak wood has not been deprived of its natural dimensions and in addition this old world trunk it has the original brass finish.

Large Trunk Made by hand using used pallet wood and
Renee Kel

Large Trunk Made by hand using used pallet wood and also driftwood. This item is made to order. We have many other designs of furniture and

Love the wood accents and color palette
Isabella Martinable

Love the wood accents and color palette