Lamp Socket Covers

Sockets are not particularly attractive elements of décor, but you can’t simply hide all of them behind furniture. Below you will find a collection of both wall and lamp socket covers to purchase or make on your own. Sometimes it takes a pair of skillful hands and a brilliant idea to come up with a simple solution that makes a great visual impact.

Ideas By Isabella Martin
3-Wire Medium Three Way Lamp Socket

3-Wire Medium Three Way Lamp Socket

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Three Way Lamp Socket

Three Way Lamp Socket

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hand made concrete lamp
Found by NatashaBak+4
Lamp Recycling - Drum pendant made from vintage snare drum and sauce pan cover!   Materials: Chrome plated brass and steel Lamping: # of  bulbs (1) Socket type: Medium
Found by JamesMichele+50
Positively Splendid {Crafts, Sewing, Recipes and Home Decor}: Lamp-Painting Sock Trick
Found by GriffinCaitlin+23
A simple piece of sliced poster paper can instantly become a cool wall lamp.
Found by KrystalBail+72
Cloth Covered Pendant Cord Set Red with Brass Socket
Found by AlexisHallify+271
actually, I guess it's a crocheted socket cover and an i-cord-type cover for the cord.  What's the name of those little devices we used with pins on them as children?
Found by Jocelyn1Walker+233
Copper Lamp Socket Cover Fitting
Found by MrMadelineJohnson+235
Let there be light. Just ordered these for the house!!! Can't wait to see it.    Color Cord Company - Color Pendant Light Cords, Fabric Covered Electrical Cord and Accessories
Found by JuliaAnderson+44
Here's a lamp I made from and old barn pulley. Bought antique fabric covered cord, and nickel plated socket. finished it off with an smoked radio bulb. I have 2 of them as sconces. They don't give off a ton of light, but aesthetically they do the job.
Found by RobertsIsabelle+5
Outlet stickers.  Because who doesn't want their outlets to look horrified and appalled at their behavior. lol for that lamp
Found by JessicaZernike+101
Brass Or Copper Lamp Socket Cover
Found by JuliaLambertify+5
Copper Lamp Socket Cover Fitting
Found by CampbellChristine+1
Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing ever. Put a little door over an outlit, it then looks like a mouse house. I'm so going to do this
Found by ValerieRoberts+5
brass or copper lamp socket cover by old with new |
Found by PeytonDonaldson+174
Antique Color 4" Paper Board Candle Chandelier Lamp Socket Cover, Candelabra
Found by LilianaGadjus+2
Can the kids crochet doily's? I'm not sure how to crochet or how advanced the kids are but I do know how to wire a plug and socket. I have lots of vintage cloth covered wire and ceramic outlets and vintage plugs and bulbs.  -Chelsea
Found by ZernikeLaetitia+2
This green pulley light is filled with a barn spirit ! It's soft light and adjustable height would fit perfectly in any room's corner.ON/OFF knob on socket7 foot of rope7 foot of beige cloth-covered wire40 watts Edison style bulb included
Found by JessicaWash+17
Tiffany Studios Table Lamp   Bronze and glass   New York, 20th century   Linenfold glass and bronze shade over three light candlestick lamp with pulled father cylindrical socket covers, base with circular scroll foot, marked, Tiffany Studios, New York, 53
Found by MonicaBro+4
Simple-great effect. Start with a paper lantern, crumple up coffee filters at the base and hot glue all over. Put a regular light socket in the lantern and hang wherever. Would look great in a higher ceiling off the to the side where you just see the side
Found by AlexisMilani+3
Custom Aluminum Lids For Mason Jar Pendant Lighting & Chandeliers, Includes Compatible Phenolic Lamp Sockets
Found by SuperOliviaJackson+2
Brass Or Copper Lamp Socket Cover
Found by AshleyMar+1
FINALLY! Located a source for cloth covered wire and it looks like they'll ship to Canada. Woot! Cloth covered wire from Sundial Wire. Cool barebulb pendants. Awesome with edison bulbs.
Found by MegaMiaJones+296
look like a hat! they're the lamp socket cover for mix and matching different lighting style.
Found by TheElizaLambert+210
Industrial-esque lamp. It has three sockets and two usb ports, perfect for the side table in the bedroom! I put it together over the weekend. FYI Use proper wiring! It'll go boom if you don't! Here's a parts list: 1. 2-Gang Box-$1.12 2. 2-Gang Box Cover~$
Found by NicoleLee+75
Pendant Light White Painted Brass Twisted Cotton Covered Cord Wire Hanging Lamp Modern on Etsy, $30.92
Found by KimberlyPat+112
Vintage Barn Trolley Chandelier--Edison Bulbs, Vintage Cloth Covered Wire, Antiqued Brass Sockets by ikeandannie on Etsy, $425.00
Found by AmandaDonaldson1+3
The lamp socket cover makes a very playful decoration for your DIY lamp. We offer various color. You can simply put on top on the lamp socket and
Found by CravenRachel+2
House Doctor DiY01 - Lamp, DIY, Set of 14 pcs.: Silver cover for socket, 3 meter black fabric wire w. barkelit socket (E27), 12 pcs. of glassballs dia.: 12 cm
Found by KathleenRoss+270
Repurpose and old fan into a noguchi-like pendant lamp - Rodney Trice (  Create a hanging lamp with a fabric cover stretched over the fan cage.   “I wired the lamp with three candelabra bulb sockets and screwed in small soft fluoresc
Found by CoupeAndrea+2
Housedoctor Sierstuk voor fitting, koper metaal Ø4.5x11cm, Cover for sockets Kant copper (10,95)
Found by EricaWashington+10
This Custom Made to Order Industrial Wall Light, Cage Lamp comes with  -Ceramic Socket (250V Max)  -Metal Wire Cage  -4ft of Cloth Covered Cord in your
Found by ThompsonAlyssa+266
Industrial Lamp by DesertandIron, $129.00 -- This is a hand made lamp made out of industrial black iron pipe, a retro / vintage style cloth covered cord, and a high quality socket. Also included are two vintage style 30 Watt tube Edison bulbs that give of
Found by ZernikeLaetitia+3
You need: White rice paper lampshade, a textile-covered pendant lamp wire, spray paint and masking tape. 1 Assemble the rice paper lampshade and hang it in the painting area using yarn. Cover your surroundings well before beginning to paint. 2 Apply a thi
Found by EmilyLong+3
Housedoctor Sierstuk voor fitting, koper metaal Ø4.5x11cm, Cover for sockets Kant copper -
Found by KarenGon+127
Bell Pendant Lamp with Barn Roof finish. A natural, "weathered" metal color. No electrician required for these unique pendant lights! Our pendant lights include a 15½ foot cloth-covered lamp cord with switched socket, two finished ceiling hooks, two cord
Found by HiltonEmily+5
refurbished chandy, with rubber-stamped tissue paper decoupaged onto the "candle" part of the light sockets.  Great idea.
Found by MendesNatasha+295
Lesley Anton: Blossom pendant lamp Height: 5 foot drop cable length (as shown) Ceramic Shade Dimensions: 3 to 8 inch diameters with heights of 3 to 4 inches Hardware: Ceiling canopy approx. 8 inch diameter. Stainless steel braided cables with thin plastic
Found by CintiaBrook+4
Each pendant is custom handmade in Oakland, CA. This blown glass pendant light is aptly named the pendulum for the rustic solid wood sphere that balances this stunning handblown shade.  Shabby meets chic with a nickel plated and hand brushed socket cover
Found by TheAmandaGosselin+109
A string of lights against white subway tile at Restaurant Museet in Stockholm
Found by ErinNelson+253
Winter is coming and my hands will need a project. Wire frame, bulb socket...I haz LOTS of yarn and colors....LiKE
Found by LindseyRich+5
Love the mountain climber look but maybe not those colors  DIY Pendant cord, silicone socket cover
Found by KristinPark+276
Medium Swing Sconce - Available in Matte black, ancient white, and Brass variation. candelabra socket, UL Listed parts, Fabric cover cord with inline switch. Inline Dimmer switch is available with charge. Designed and handmade by Jason Koharik. Price $975
Found by EbonyWas+2
Canning | Dripping Socket Cover Canning Jar Lamp Kit - Lamp Making - Basic Craft ...
Found by MackenzieMilani+4
Lamp-Painting Sock Trick - cover the cord and socket with a sock before spray painting to prevent  both from being painted. Simple and smart! from Positively Splendid
Found by KellyKellAshley+232
Cover for a lamp socket - Nd0401 / House Doctor
Found by TorresAlison+1
Los Angeles-based Feltmark lamp plugs directly into the wall. aluminum rod w/ rich, dark finish. hardwood covered socket.
Found by AngelaKing+278
Antique Polybeeswax Candle Covers | Antique Lamp Supply
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lamp socket plug   Reversible Décor: Martina's Chandelier Cover-up
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