Kitchen Wall Clock

An accurate kitchen wall clock is not just a useful tool to keep track of cooking time. It can also be a stylish accessory that enhances the look of your kitchen. Just make sure you don't choose one at random. A French country decor will call for a different design than, say, ultramodern interior. Browse the collection below and find something that will look awesome in your kitchen.

Elizabeth Coupe Interior Design Expert
Grapevine Kitchen Wall Clock Decor
Gina Barnes

A kitchen clock with a grapevine motive. Ideal stylization for the Provence-style kitchen. The decor in grapevine's shape lovely climb through the wires of the clock perfectly lying that it is a natural one ;)

Kitchen clocks retro
Alexis Hallify

Coffee Kitchen Wall Clocks

Retro wall clocks kitchen

Daily Bread Novelty Kitchen Wall Clock With Banner .

Vintage kitchen wall clock 2
Ward Denise

Red Retro Kitchen Wall Clock

Kikkerland Retro Kitchen Wall Clock, Black
Amber Gre

Wall clock featuring retro style, black minute and hour hands and red second hand. It's a perfect addition to variety of interiors, but it especially fits kitchen. Additionally, the clock requires one AA battery for operation.

French Country Rooster Kitchen Wall Clock - 12' Diameter
Julie Mil

Pretty rustic French style 1AA battery-powered wall clock. Its round frame is of brown-reddish plastic, cover of clear plastic. A white face features a chequered border, black Arabic numerals, hands, lettering in French and a colourful cock image.

Retro Kitchen Clock With Temperature and Timer. By Lily's Home
Krystal Lee

Kitchen clock with built-in one-hour timer, thermometer and retro design. Additionally, it has white dial and black hands. It's case is made of durable plastic, and the clock requires one AA battery for operation.

Geneva 10-Inch Metal Wall Clock

It is a simple and classic wall clock that has got a metal frame and fits to any office space. Everyone will tell you how great it looks on your wall. This is a nicely finished and high quality product.

12" Vintage Roman Numeral Design France Paris Rusted Metal Look French Country Tuscan Style Paris Wood Wall Clock
Susan Roge

Wall clock featuring appealing theme and construction made of environment-friendly wooden MDF. It's powered by one AA battery and includes dial featuring roman numerals. It's a great addition to any interior.

Antique Style Country Rooster Kitchen Farmhouse Wall Clock
Jenna Daviesful

Antique Style Country Rooster Kitchen Farmhouse Wall Clock

Brookwood Apple Shaped Wall Clock
Adriana Andersson

This apple-shaped wall clock can be a lovely enhancement for your kitchen. Characterized by polypropylene construction, the clock features an aged white face with black numerals, black second hand, and checkered border. Requires 1 AA battery.

Fat French Chef Wine Wall Clock / Kitchen Bistro Decor
Carmen Kowalski

Give an extra pep to your kitchen decor and enhance it with this adorable bistro style wall clock with a happy singing cooker image. White Roman numerals are printed on colourful background. The black hands feature classic teardrop shape.

Old fashioned kitchen clocks

Decorative Rooster Kitchen Wall Clock

12" Vintage France Paris Colourful French Country Tuscan Style Paris Wood Wall Clock
Amber Powe

Cool vintage French style wall clock with a 1AA battery-powered quartz mechanism. It's made of fibreboard with a distressed colourful dial of paper. It has black and red hands. Bold Arabic numerals and stylised lettering in French are in black.

Customizable Traditional Clock
Marissa Hugh

Customizable Traditional Clock
Stylish wall clock with deep-mounted mechanism for hung on the flat. Elegant and old-fashioned design. Runs on 1 AA battery (not included). Made in the USA.

Infinity Instruments Fisher-15" Metal Wall Clock
Lisa Wilson

A very functional and decorative piece of equipment designed for use in different indoors. This kind of clock features a decorative cat statue on its top. The product has got arabic numbers that are easy to read and its Quartz mechanism is very reliable.

Country apple basket kitchen wall clock
Wright Stacy

Country Apple Basket Kitchen Wall Clock

Infinity Instruments Retro 9-1/2-Inch Round Metal Wall Clock, Green
Kristen Sand

This 9.5-inch diameter wall clock can be a great addition for dining rooms and kitchens designed in retro style. The round green face features a glass face cover, black Arabic numerals, and green hands with no second hand. Requires 1 AA battery.

iCasso 12" Vintage France Paris Colourful French Country Tuscan Style Non-Ticking Silent Wood Wall Clock
Alyssa Wilsonify

Wall clock featuring colorful face and construction made of wooden MDF. Additionally, it features quartz mechanism, which provides accurate time and quiet movement. The clock requires one AA battery for operation.

Westclox 32042R Retro 1950 Kitchen Wall Clock, 9.5-Inch
Clark Monica

With big black Arabic numerals and tapered black hands on white background, this wall clock will let you know what time it is even from a larger distance. Besides, it has a thick vivid red case that gives it a feel of a retro charm.

Retro kitchen wall clocks
Hilton Emily

Coffee Kitchen Wall Clocks

ZLYC Vintage Retro European Style Novelty Simple DIY Quartz Gear Wall Clock
Lauren Kin

Steampunk style offers a nice choice of accent to embellish a decor with a drop of extraordinariness. This wall clock combines modern simplicity with retro influences. It has no numerals, and big black hands are affixed to a cogged wheel style face.

Wall Clock by Kelloggs - Vintage - Retro - Cornflakes Boy and Girl Image Antique Style - In Stock and comes with AMAZON 30days 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
Lambert Abbey

Wall clock featuring vintage retro style, classic colors and having 12 inches in diameter. Additionally, it has metal, black hands. It's a perfect addition to all interiors furnished in mid-century style.

Cursa Clock

Cursa Clock
Classic clock made of wood and iron. Powered by 2 AA batteries. Designed to hang on the wall. Grateful accent to any interior in the old style.

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Kitchen 10-inch Wall Clock
Aloma Garcia

Charming kitchen wall clock inspired by 19th century botanical illustrations. The porcelain plate is made in the UK and the sturdy clock mechanism in Germany. There is no second hand so the clock is conveniently quiet.

Fat Chef Kitchen Wall Clock Decoration
Mackenzie Poly

The clock is just what I wanted. I gave it to my mother at her birthday, and she was so happy. Absolutely stunning thing to kitchen area.

Kitchen wall clock 8
Jessica Wash

The impressive design of steel and the great motifs of cutlery and kitchenware make this stylish wall clock delight in details. Beautiful design captivates the details and looks great in the kitchen or dining room.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Melissa Turner

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

Infinity Instruments Retro Round Metal Wall Clock, Red
Julia Lambertify

Retro inspired wall clock can be a nice accent in any decor, not only fully vintage styled. This clock has a round white face closed in a thick red case. Red hands point the time and are visible from a distance thanks to their vivid colour.

Westclox 46994a Simplicity Wall Clock, White, 8-1/2"
Stephanie Parker

This wall clock is easy to hang on your wall, and is quite durable thanks to its round white frame. The face is also white, and features black Arabic numerals, and black sweep hands along with the second hand.

Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock, Red. By Lily's Home
Lopez Ashley

This wall clock can be a lovely and functional addition to any kitchen. Characterized by durable plastic construction, the clock includes Arabic numerals, a built-in 1-hour timer, and white dials with black numbers. Requires 1 AA battery.

La Crosse Technology WT-3102B 10-Inch WWVB Self-set Analog Wall Clock and automatic DST reset
Wesson Jessica

Opt for a fine addition of style and class for your household with this stunning wall clock that sports precise movement and will prove essential for when you need your home to be functional and want to always be on time.

Geneva/Advance Clock 8102 Tradition 10-Inch Round Black Wall Clock - Quantity 6

Round wall clock in traditional form. It is fitted with Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Neutral design for all kinds of interior according to taste and need.

Geneva Clock Co 8001 Advance Wall Clock (White)
Chloe Hughesful

It is a classic casual wall clock that has got a white finish and it fits to any style and décor. If you looking for simple wall clock, you need to choose this one. It is a fantastic choice.

Geneva Clock Co 8004 Advance Wall Clock
Andrea Powell

This piece of equipment is a high quality wall clock that has got a round shape. It features a traditional stylization that looks very attractive in any decor. The product has got large and readable arabic numbers.

Infinity Instruments Precedent Wall Clock
Mackenzie Poly

This vintage wall clock can be easily mounted, and provides an accurate quartz movement. The round black case is durable, and accommodates a round weathered dial with decorative black hands and Arabic numerals.

Geneva/Advance Clock Co 8104 Quartz 10-Inch Hunter Green Plastic Wall Clock
Katie Gre

Simple, yet attractive, modern-looking clock that will add a nice color accent to your space. It features sturdy plastic frame and high-quality quartz movement. Black hands and numerals are really easy to read.

IMPECCA Non Ticking Wall 12" Clock (Metallic Grey)
Robinson Susan

Clock which has 12 inch in diameter and simple design. Additionally, thanks to the metallic gray finish it fits almost all interiors. Big numerals make it appropriate even for people who have problems with their sight.

Cartoon chicken kitchen wall clock 2
Michelle Ward

Cartoon Chicken Kitchen Wall Clock

Coffee lovers kitchen wall decor clock with image of a
Latoya Lee

Coffee lovers kitchen wall decor clock with image of a coffee cup and steaming fresh coffee, stylish damask pattern background and fancy numbers on the clock face. Designed to decorate the walls of any home in the kitchen, dinning room, or livingroom.

Bai Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock, Black
Mackenzie Poly

It is a wall clock that has got a timer, black metal hands, convex glass lens and retro design. It is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. This product is available in four colors to choose: black, red, turquoise and chrome silver.

Rooster kitchen wall clock
Melanie San

Rooster Kitchen Wall Clock

Yesurprise Modern 3D Frameless Large Wall Clock Style Watches Hours DIY Room Home Decorations Model MAX3 #6
Laetitia Zernike

This eye-catching 3D wall clock includes an alloy clock face, aluminum clock pointer, and EVA foam stickers. Finishing size of the clock depends only on you, allowing you to place it on both smaller and larger walls.

Cartoon chicken kitchen wall clock 3
Caitlin Robi

Cartoon Chicken kitchen wall clock

Kitchen wall clock no battery

Kitchen Wall Clock [No Battery]

Kitchen wall clock

Aluminum Black Kitchen Wall Clock

Spoon amp fork creative designer kitchen wall clock

Spoon & Fork Creative Designer Kitchen Wall Clock

Kitchen wall clock 13

kitchen wall clock :-)

Kitchen wall clock with knife amp fork hands recycled repurposed

Kitchen Wall Clock with knife & fork hands. Recycled, repurposed vintage cake pan - Ovenex pattern (297)

Cartoon apple kitchen wall clock
Sara Haye

Cartoon Apple Kitchen wall clock