Kitchen Utensil Caddy

Home products which join functionality with style are definitely my favourites. Best examples are the kitchen utensil caddies in my collection below. Each of them is an interesting object to look at and if you take into account that it is useful too, you have a keeper!

Jessica Wesson Interior Design Expert
Iron kitchen chairs
Roberts Isabelle

Buffet set with kitchen utensil caddy, set on a fancy wrought iron base which keeps the drying kitchenware away from the counter top. Four holders for cutlery are provided. The entire rack sports black finish.

Red metal square utensil caddy
Thomson Marisa

Red Metal Square Utensil Caddy

Kitchen utensil caddy 3
Anderson Alison

A little extra DIY skill and some recycling required for this very colorful and extremely practical portable caddy.

Cooking utensil caddy
Miller Rebecca

A handy kitchen caddy, excellent as a practical utensil holder, and a stylish decoration for homes, pubs, and restaurants. Designed of durable metal, the caddy stands on a circular base, and has a ring finial on top. The rod is equipped in 3 metal rings - each holding a white porcelain cup.

Kitchen utensil caddy
Sanders Megan

The simple construction of this kitchen utensil caddy makes us get a functional detail that will work for many occasions. Handles allow you to keep cups, radios, paper towels or trash and rack for spices.

Kitchen utensil caddy
Christine Tay

Make your life easier with this practical caddy that will help you to store and display your kitchen utensils. Made of wood in distressed finish, the caddy is capacious, has 4 open cubic compartments, and 1 large handle for easy carrying.

Buffet Caddy
Alexis Millerism

Buffet Caddy

Buffet caddy plate flatware organizer

Hello all well organized! This galvanized container, tin caddy - will provide you with stylish and functional access to your dishes or your paint brushes. Vintage kitchen utensil caddy with handle has four compartments. To make your life easier and uniquely.

Silverware and plate caddy

Hmmmm... and I just happen to have a handmade wooden tool box just waiting for someone to do something with it...

Kitchen utensil caddy

Table Caddy, Napkin Holder, Paper plate holder, Utensil Holder, Picnic Box, Camping Box, Serving Tray, Place Setting Tray

Unique diy home decor ideas design diy magazine 2
Patterson Gracie

Unique DIY Home Decor Ideas | Design & DIY Magazine

Utensil caddy for parties
Hilton Emily

Stylish and very interestingly made kitchen utensil caddy is an impressive combination of unique design and beautiful details. Glass cutlery jars combined in one steel container look delightful and will work well during parties.

Kitchen utensil caddy lazy susan
Sarah Mor

Made in rustic style kitchen utensil caddy is a beautiful element of décor of the kitchen or dining room. Made of metal and wooden utensils, cutlery containers are glamorous and beautifully presented in the decor.

Kitchen utensil caddy
Martin Holly

DIY Vintage Caddy

Lazy susan utensil caddy
Olivia Smithist

Who doesn’t need a proper kitchen utensil caddy? Especially in small kitchens, decluttering them and keeping everything in order is very important. This one here is black to ensure an elegant appeal.

Paper plate caddy holder

Kitchen utensil caddy consisting of 4 jars. It is mounted on wooden stand and fitted with convenient handle. Handy gadget for any kitchen as needed.

Kitchen utensil caddy 9
Gray Rachel

flatware caddy: tips for organizing the imperfect home

Wooden utensil caddy
Stacey Lopez

If you want to splash your kitchen with a drop of vintage elegance, then, this old-fashioned utensil caddy can be a great choice for you. Designed of durable metal, the caddy is stylishly weathered and curved, equipped with a wood handle for easy transport.

Kitchen utensil holder wood fired
Evans Ashley

Kitchen Utensil Holder Wood Fired

Silverware caddy very cute for outdoor party

Silverware caddy, very cute for outdoor party

Kitchen utensil caddy 1
Bianca Noorda

Utensil Caddy Herb Garden at The Everyday Home

Kitchen utensil caddy 12
Jasmine Hayes

DIY wood crate with recycled or mason jars... this one done with new wood, but would be great salvaged wood or pallet project

Wooden caddy for utensils

Organize your kitchen accessories, jars, bowls, spices, cans, fruits and more with this kitchen basket. The light green color is suitable with any other. It fits perfectly in every nook in your kitchen zone.

Kitchen utensil caddy

IKEA's Fintorp basket kitchen storage organizer set. We don't have much for drawers in the new place.

Plate napkin utensil caddy
Jenna Daviesful

Old toolbox used as a rustic kitchen utensil holder. Looks amazing! &&& i just found one at my Poppop Campbell's house i can save & use!!!

Kitchen utensil caddy
Leah Pere

Jar for storing cutlery, kitchen utensils and others needed items. It is completely made of clear glass. Functional solution for each home.

Utensil caddies
Weber Lily

IKEA 5 Hook 3" Pot Pan Lid Cutlery Caddy Container Holder Utensil Hanger Fintorp | eBay

Kitchen utensil caddy 2
Brooks Christina

Soup Can organizer... I'm thinking I'm going to make one for summer picnics to hold my silverware and napkins.

Modular buffet caddy
Karen Gon

Create A Kid's Pantry In The Kitchen Better Homes and Garden

Bamboo Utensils and Kitchen Caddy
Yulia Thompson

Bamboo Utensils and Kitchen Caddy
Natural bamboo is a neat and tidy material that looks good and is less prone to microbes invasion, preventing their growth naturally. This square kitchen receptacle is made of natural bamboo and it comes with some kitchen utensils.

Kitchen utensil caddy 4
Alexis Millerism

Idea: Hang wall storage cans like this on the side of every desk, and store a pencil, eraser, and sharpener in each of these cans. Attach items with string knotted at end and poked through bottom so students can't accidentally walk out with the contents

Plate and silverware holder
Wesson Jessica

A country-looking caddy for kitchen utensils, that is practical, sturdy, and quite stylish. Designed of wood planks and bathed in a distressed off-white finish, the caddy features 2 tiers - each with 4 open cubic compartments.

Utensils caddy
Yulia Thompson

You do not even know how many people pay attention to such small details as these containers.The devil is in the details. Invest in brown, decorated florist trays kitchen utensil caddy for spoons, ladles. Use it as you wish, also for other parts of appartment.

Paper plate and utensil caddy
Jillian Ross

A cool contemporary standing holder for kitchen utensils converted from a kid's pail in the form of a head of a famous character - Darth Vader. It's manufactured of durable black plastic with white accents.

Wrought iron utensil caddy
Alicia Lee

Charming kitchen utensil caddy with Mickey Mouse theme. It is made of high quality gloss ceramics. Positive accent for each kitchen. Classic form and contemporary design.

Diy utensil caddy
Amanda Bell

Crackle glaze finish for utensils

Kitchen utensil caddy 6
Amanda Adams

Triple Buckets with Handle. You could paint these. #saveoncrafts. #dreamwedding

Kitchen utensil caddy 7
Cooper Jennifer

The Good Wife: organization - kitchen

Kitchen countertop kitchen utensil holders utensil holder leaf

... Kitchen Countertop > Kitchen Utensil Holders > Utensil Holder - Leaf

Kitchen utensil caddy 8
Jillian Kel

Cherry Butter Dish and Knife from; $48 (butter dish) and $4.50 (knife)

Kitchen utensil caddy 10

Wood Caddy with Rope Handles for the bathroom, kitchen utensils, craft supplies, etc.

Kitchen cow utensil holder with utensils 2
Peyton Donaldson

Kitchen Cow Utensil Holder with Utensils

Kitchen utensil caddy 11

Tin can DIY

Winter Fruit Kitchen Utensil Holder Tuscany Black Decor14"H, 85938 by ACK
Emily Murphy

Container for kitchen utensils in the Tuscan style. Made of ceramic and painted by hand. Glossy coating. Viewable theme of fruit in the colors red and green. Store all kitchen spatula and other utensils.

Seasonal Buffet Caddy Kitchen Utensil Holder
Alyssa Wilsonify

Seasonal Buffet Caddy Kitchen Utensil Holder

Kitchen utensil caddy 13
Julia Lambertify

Modular Kitchen Wall Storage Spice Rack with Cup Hooks -- really neat and affordable from @worldmarket

Ikea 3 rails 31 10 hook cutlery caddy condiment stand
Diana Rami

Ikea 3 Rails 31" + 10 Hook + Cutlery Caddy + Condiment Stand + Dish Drainer + Basket Kitchen Storage Organizer Set Fintorp

Kitchen utensil caddy 14
Allison Evans

Personalized Kitchen Caddy Utensil Holder by TheKitchenBoutique, $17.50

Kitchen utensil caddy
Rebecca Edw

Primitive Kitchen Utensil Caddy

Spectrum Pantry Works Scroll Grande Utensil Holder

Spectrum Pantry Works Scroll Grande Utensil Holder