Kids Rugs Cheap

A soft, colorful area rug is both a practical and decorative addition to your kid’s room. It pulls the elements of décor together and helps create a warm atmosphere, at the same time providing a comfortable place for playing or just lying down on the floor with a coloring book. Here’s an assortment of cheap kids rugs, including cool DIY projects.

Morgan Marthy Interior Design Expert
Kids rugs cheap
Torres Rebecca

A funky DIY project for a handmade rug, made out of a cheap, simple rug and a colorful duct tape with a rainbow pattern on it. The handmade rug makes for a perfect addition to decorate a children’s bedroom with.

Kids rugs cheap 3
Dana Mil

A cool idea for using old T-shirts and a hula hoop to make a rug for your kids room...

Kids rugs cheap

Sitting Pretty: 25 Perfect DIY Pouf Tutorials

Kids rugs cheap 2
Bianca Noorda

All kinds of cheap and easy DIY rugs. Amazing way to add color and unique warmth to our room :)

Kids rugs cheap 31
Kelly Sanchez

Inexpensive Rug! Just got this for my kitchen in mustard!

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A cool ingenious floor rug for girl kids' rooms. It's DIY-created from cutting wastes of various fabrics in prevalent white and pinkish shades with pale bluish inserts. It's rectangular, quite thick and can be vacuumed or spot cleaned.

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Personalized rug for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. It is made of nice touch fabric and finished with pastel colors. Excellent gift idea.

Kids rugs cheap 18
Cintia Kowalski

Cute rug in the shape of cloud. It is made of soft faux fux and fitted with anti slip back. Great addition for kids room and others interiors according to taste and need. Simple form and contemporary design.

Kids rugs cheap
Amber Gar

Opt for a fun and colorful choice for your kids' room with this amazing rug that sports the butterfly shape and comes in the bright orange finish, letting you actually make the stylish statement in your house.

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Make your own area rug for under $30! I am so doing this!

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Alison Cook

DIY roller shade I like how she put the mini blinds behind the roller shade

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Carmen Milani

Photo 20 of 58: Hobbits, Lord of the Rings / Birthday "Hobbit 4th Birthday Party" | Catch My Party

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Laetitia Anderson

Bubble Baby Blanket DIY. But lets face it, I really want this for myself

Curious George and Friends Kids Rug
Thompson Alyssa

Curious George and Friends Kids Rug
An amazing rug for your kids' room, this piece is just the most stunning choice, allowing your children to play and have fun, while the Curious George theme catches their attention instantly and adds some color.

Fun Time Colorburst Kids Rug
Angela Williams

Fun Time Colorburst Kids Rug
The most stunning addition for your kids' room, this color burst rug is just the most charming choice for your home, providing some extra color and light to the interior, while the material is strong enough to withstand heavy use.

Kids rugs cheap

This is from old Tees shirts so can go well in the bottom of the dogs kennel when cut to size : How to make your very own... SHAG RUG! I like these. And they're so easy and cheap. Great for a student on a budget who just wants to get comfy! #craft, #rug,

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Abbey Kowalski

Make your own floor poufs out of cheap Ikea rugs

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Thomson Marisa

40 Indoor Kid Activities and Crafts....great for Spring Break! --- Make It and Love It

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How-Tuesday: Learn to Weave | The Etsy Blog

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Roberts Isabelle

DIY Rug from yarn and cardboard tutorials I'm gonna try this with all my yarn from my frustrating failed attempts at knitting scarves n whatnot :p

Kids rugs cheap 10
Peyton Marthy

If my boys ever decide they want a pirate themed room, this is the site to look at! Cheap and lots of instructions.

Kids rugs cheap 11
Kristina Lon

Create a book holder / shelf using pallets: it was so much harder to pry off boards than I expected! you really need to be able to saw through the nails... I love how ours turned out though!

Kids rugs cheap 12
Heather Clar

Here are 5 ideas of things you can do that will help give your little girl’s room a makeover without having to spend a fortune: 1. Paint All Furniture The Same Color – You can take old, mismatched furniture, ugly craigslist pieces and paint them all t

Kids rugs cheap 13
Peyton Marthy

Fun seating idea for the classroom-have the students store white boards or other things in them.

Kids rugs cheap 15
Russell Amanda

tutorial here!

Kids rugs cheap 16
Mendes Natasha

Cozy-up and read...idea for basement/Learning room

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DIY :: Painted foam play mats :: On the smooth side of the mat, applied 2 coats of primer and then 2 coats of the base color. paint With acrylic paints. After sealing the pieces with 2 coats of poly (

Kids rugs cheap 19
Jenna Daviesful

Wish i saw this for your baby shower. Would've been perfect to incorporate uncle eric

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Carmen Kowalski

Echoes of Laughter: 40 Amazing Family Reunion Ideas

Kids rugs cheap 21

maybe a bit too colourful, but love the idea

Kids rugs cheap 22
Erin Nelson

Colorful Rag Rug Tutorial - crochet using old t-shirts - on Cuada Design at

Kids rugs cheap 23

awesome idea to jazz up a plain boring cheap rug. hope the old hair clipper is around somewhere

Kids rugs cheap 24
Olivia Smithist

This bed is such a GREAT idea! Ms. A's room has no closet and limited space, and this would definitely free up playroom and give her storage (plus a cozy retreat).

Kids rugs cheap 25

Her great-nephews, Dexter Harris and Nolan Gillis, and great- niece, Vivi Harris (center), kick back in the "bunk room," which features double-decker beds purchased on the cheap at an unpainted-furniture shop and transformed with custom paint.

Kids rugs cheap 26
Mitchell Stacey

Chandelier purple nursery... Love the decal idea, those are cheap and easy!!

Kids rugs cheap 27
Alexandra Wood

perfect combination of color and neutrals, modern and vintage, clean lines and warm textures

Kids rugs cheap 28
Lauren Kin

Sew | Braided Rag Rug | Free Pattern & Tutorial at

Kids rugs cheap 29
Patterson Gracie

DIY dollhouse made from two pieces of foam core, scrapbook papers, and magazine cut-outs. Cute, cheap, and easy to store. Keep the furniture in a bin nearby. Originally from Cookie Magazine.

Kids rugs cheap 30
Elizabeth Coupe

Rachel's Nest: DIY burp cloths - This gives me an idea to transform a plain cotton bathroom rug with a pattern to match the bathroom.

Kids rugs cheap 32
Wright Stacy

Circo; Scallop Rug - Purple (4'x6')

Kids rugs cheap 33
Katherine Kin

We are going to need a fire pit in the back yard! 47 Incredible DIY Fire Pit Design Ideas ....

Kids rugs cheap 34

Make a braided t-shirt rug: Wonder if I could do this with strips of felted wool sweaters?

Kids rugs cheap 35
Mendes Natasha

Great website for college stuff

Kids rugs cheap 36
Rebecca Pet

Put Glow Sticks In A Balloon Put Them All Over Your Yard. Summer Party. Use white balloons and hang from tree

Kids rugs cheap 37
Cynthia Patterson

A nursery idea for next baby... , I also wanted to show you a solution that worked for me! I saw this new weight loss product on CNN and I have lost 26 pounds so far. Check it out here

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teal rug - amazon $58.69 & free shipping | this post has a bunch of rugs under $100!

Kids rugs cheap 3
Natasha Kell

Weave a rug using a hula hoop and old t-shirts.

Kids rugs cheap 5
Robinson Layla

This is great! Plywood planks that are painted...should make a great, cheap floor.

Kids rugs cheap 4
Lauren You

Homemade bubble station solution...

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Butterfly Pink Rug