Kids Room Lighting

This site will provide you with a lot of opportunities when we speak about lighting for rooms for kids. What will you do as far as these offers are concerned? You do not have to rush with anything while checking out these solutions so make sure to get to know all these offers.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Kid room lighting
Rachel Coo

Do you remember where the mouse hid when Tom was chasing her? In his little house, in the wall where there was a special hole for a small mouse. This decoration and kids room lighting in the same time is a great solution - combined with light and black doors.

Kids room lighting 1
Danielle Thom

Add recessed hallway or basement lights are a much more polished alternative to night lights. | 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Kids room lighting 4
Bennett Erin

Ceiling lamp in the form of balloons. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Modern design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Kids room lighting 21
Courtney Lop

27 Ways To Rethink Your Bed - Kid and adult bed ideas

Kids room lighting 8
Erica Martinez

DIY full size Lite Brite tutorial -- too cool!

Kids room lighting
Peyton Donaldson

Original lighting for kids rooms. These attractive ceiling lights look like stars. They not only provide appropriate interior illumination, but they also decorate indoors. These lights are stylish and practical items.

Kids room lighting 27
Abbey Kowalski

skateboard lamp - cool for a boys room!

Toddler girl canopy beds

This beautiful little girl's room soaks in powder pink, features natural wood daybed and cute tulle canopy over it. Note the lighting: crystal beads chandelier is complemented with warm lights with butterfly stencills.

Kids room lighting
Alexis Milani

Memory Lamps: Colorful Lamps Designed Like Balloons. These are the best lamps I've ever laid eyes on.

Kids room lighting 9

You can take the glowing orbs with you when getting up to go to the bathroom. | 41 Coolest Night Lights To Buy Or DIY

Kids room lighting 20
Jacqueline Lon

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: 12 Black Walls Done Right via Brit + Co.

Kids room lighting 7
Victoria Nels

Do it yourself! These elements of kids room design provide practical and attractive illumination. Rain cloud stylizations are very attractive and they are able to decorate different indoors. They are original and unique.

Corner wall lights

Or just paint a wintry forest mural on the wall and attach an old-fashioned lamp. | 21 DIY Ways To Make Your Child's Bedroom Magical

Quincy 1 Light Pendent

Quincy 1 Light Pendent
This simple but stylish light pendant is gonna bring you a huge dose of functionality and unique design. If you're looking for practical solutions for your house or office, this item would be a perfect choice!

Kids room lighting 2
Powell Danielle

Simple night light suitable especially for kids rooms. This night light outlet saves energy and it does not require additional wiring. It is suitable not only for kids rooms, but it also plays practical role in hallways.

Chelsea home bunk beds
Martinez Marisa

Martha Stewart Bedford Gray (from Home Depot) and the IKEA bunk beds are painted in one of my favorite colors, BM Chelsea Gray.

Kids room lighting 14
Jenna Daviesful

46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion - BuzzFeed Mobile

Kids room chandeliers 1
Julie Brooks

17 Fascinating Girls Chandelier Inspirational Image - THIS LIGHT IS SOOO PRETTY !!!

Tv benches 18
Hilton Emily

love this- who cares if you don't have a bay window, make a window seat anyways!

Kids hanging tent
Katherine Cook

A gorgeous addition to children's rooms, in shape of a beautiful indoor tepee with a cozy inside and durable frame. The tent is covered with a quality off-white fabric and adorned with black cross pattern.

Kids room chandeliers
Latoya Lee

Light aqua shared girl's bedroom with wonderful pastel accents, globe, arrows and floral chandelier.

Kids room lighting 24
Krystle Jam

How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop #diy

Kids playroom tables
Sanders Patricia

Cool lighting goes along with the shades used in the girls' playroom

Kids room lighting 1
Wright Stacy

Cut old globes in half, cut hole in the top, insert and secure a socket and hang. Ta-daaaaa.

Kids room lighting 22

Hula Hoop tent tutorial. Using pink or lavender tulle would be really pretty.

Ceiling film and led lights creative kids room decorating ideas
Melanie Cole

... ceiling film and LED lights, creative kids room decorating ideas

Kids room lighting 23
Mackenzie Poly

#DIY upcycled firetruck lamp. Spray parts of truck and lamp kit the same color.-----This would have been awesome a few years ago for Seth's room....why can't they stay little?

Kids room lighting 28
Liliana Gadjus

HB Lamp by Michael & George. The HB Lamp is the debut product from Michael & George and the first in their Stationery Objects range. A made to order design piece that aims to elicit a smile and illuminate your room. Also available: The HB Lamp Mini. www.m

Boys room lighting
Cintia Brook

Cozy setup for a spacious boy’s bedroom with a bright, tranquil interior design. The bedroom is furnished with a white set of furniture with a small desk and a matching office chair with a rounded back and a silver frame.

Icarus 1 Light Pendant
Abigail Wrightful

Icarus 1 Light Pendant
It's difficult to find something more stylish than this amazing light pendant! If you're a fan of intriguing and extraordinary solutions, you will probably fall in love with this awesome and unique item.

Solar lights and other outdoor lighting options are so expensive
Thompson Alyssa

Solar lights and other outdoor lighting options are SO expensive! So pretty and fun for a teen dance party!

Kids room lighting
Rogers Nicole

Daughter at that "in between" stage? 5 Ways to Get This Look: Small But Fun Tween Girls Room

Diy constellation jar i dont know about you guys but

DIY :: Constellation Jar ( ) I don't know about you guys but I've always been interested in the stars. Now you can have them in your bedroom for not even a third of the price you would bye other stuf

Kids room lighting 19
Heather Lee

mommo design blog - Kids Room Lamps from gingeredthings.blogspot

Tinkerbell painted on the wall above a light switch love
Michele Col

Tinkerbell painted on the wall above a light switch...LOVE this idea! Get an all glitter light switch cover and this would be perfection <3

Kids room lighting 1
Coleman Allison

this cloud and star lights night light would be a fabulous backdrop for an "Up" or "Starry Night" candy buffet this site has a lot of cute DIY with light s

Project nursery honey and fitz tween girl room what a

Project Nursery - Honey and Fitz Tween Girl room. What a happy room!

Wall night light 2
Mega Leahbrown

IF I EVER HAVE A LIL GIRL THIS WOULD BE PERFECT IN HER OWL ROOM! bird houses as night lights for the kids' bedroom

Kids room lighting
Amber Pri

Emily Henderson's Design Tips For Kids Rooms.. perfect. But I would also paint the ceiling pink

Harry potter quote light switch i want to make this
Amanda Edwa

Harry Potter quote light switch-I want to make this for Amy's room

Kids room lighting 2

26 Fabulous Kids Room Design Ideas That Will Delight You -

Kids room lighting 25
Lambert Abbey

Paint little dots on the inside of a jar with glow-in-the-dark paint. (I might do a glitter wash on the interior or exterior, first, to make this pretty in daylight, too. It would be really cool to place the silhouette of a fairy, unicorn, or other whim

Emily bedroom set

bunk beds my favorite so far!!!!!

Kids room lighting 26
Wilson Gabrielle

I want to put a room like this in my attic when I buy a house.

Stars on ceiling light
Kathryn Smit

This DIY light fixture will let you literally have your head in the clouds and get delightfully lost in a daydream! An innovative take on a popular star ceiling: white puff pendant lighting for kids room (and not only!).

Hunter 23252 Baseball 44-Inch Single Light 4-Blade Ceiling Fan, Leather-Look Mitt Base with 4 Pine/Aluminum Blades and Baseball Light
Renee Murphy

Hunter 23252 Baseball 44-Inch Single Light 4-Blade Ceiling Fan, Leather-Look Mitt Base with 4 Pine/Aluminum Blades and Baseball Light

Contemporary lighting pendant lights kids rooms 6 jpg


Unique playroom furniture
Hill Courtney

Colorful modern children's playroom - gray rug, Ikea furniture, play kitchen, zgallerie orbit light fixture, floral curtains, colorful accessories

Butterfly bedroom
Caitlin Nel

Butterfly Bedroom

Www bunk beds
Martinez Marisa

Simple, but still cozy: two bunk beds in white, incorporated into white panels covered walls, hidden behind printed curtains with black dotted trim - this matches the monochrome bedding. Warm light provided by wall sconces makes the arrangement more inviting.