Kids Cottage Playhouse

Imaginative pretend play is such a vital component to your child’s development. Browse the best offers for kids cottage playhouse, or learn how to build one with basic building materials. Create a space for your children that stimulates their imagination and lets them have their own little secrets. You just can’t go wrong with a present like that.

Kate Banks Interior Design Expert
Kids cottage playhouse 1
Perez Alexandra

My house is small ~ no mansion for a millionaire, but there is room for friends, and there is room for love. That's all I care!

Small outdoor playhouse
Coupe Andrea

Thi is such an amiazing little house for fairies and gnomes, but this super sized fairy house has been scaled up and is ready for play! Great for kids as cottage playhouse in the backyard. Made from thick wood, decorated with small stairs.

Kids cottage playhouse
Stone Caroline

This charming house - at the edge of the forest is perfectly integrated with the landscape. The roof has a characteristic form, is covered in steam bent wooden shingles laid in a wave pattern. Perfect to play role of kids cottage playhouse.

Kids cottage playhouse 15
Latoya Coo

Gorgeous playhouse by Storybookers. Fabulous oval door! Any child (and parent) would be lucky to have this!

Playhouse for older kids

A fantastic playhouse for outdoors, assembled of sturdy wood planks and several fun embellishments. It comes with a high-pitched roof, glass windows, a fenced deck, a rope ladder, a traditional ladder, a slide, a slide pole and a pretty swing.

Kids wood playhouse 3
Emily Mitchell

It's a cottage playhouse for kids, but actually it's a miniature house as it is possible to install running water, electricity or satellite there! It features a sheer roof and a patio. It will look just fab in your garden.

Kids cottage playhouse 2
Tiffany Coo

Children's cottages playhouses are not just ordinary wooden huts. But also true - romantic, carefully finished beautiful homes! With yellow walls and sloping roofs. With beautiful veranda and garden. It looks better than many real ones.

Kids cottage playhouse
Michele Tayl

A wonderful playhouse that your kids will absolutely love. It looks like a typical cottage with doors and a small window with shutters. It's surrounded with a railing. An extra fun element is a slide on one side of the house.

Kids play cottage
Watson Leah

Beautiful house for little housewives or princesses on your yard. This wonderful cottage playhouse offers a plenty of ways for your children to play. Your child can create a lovely magic home, where her's imagination will grow.

Kids cottage playhouse 5
Amber Torr

Playhouses Make Me Smile. I want one of these for my youngest grandkids while they are still little. Every little kid's dream.

Kids cottage playhouse 3
Jenna Edward

The most beautiful clubhouse I have ever seen. The inside is even prettier!

Inspiration for fairy houses big or small this is great
Laetitia Kloss

Inspiration for fairy houses. Big or Small this is great.

Kids cottage playhouse 14
Howard Renee

like the color combo: grey house, navy trim around windows, white windows

Kids cottage playhouse 21

A Place Imagined Designer Playhouses - wow, would have loved this as a kid. You can buy the plans and build your own for $35.

Kids cottage playhouse 6
Tara Zucker

Free Tiny Cabin Plans. Isn't this tiny cabin adorable? This might become a guest house, or an office, or a playhouse for the grandkids. So many possibilities.

Kids cottage playhouse 4
Stephanie Dav

the boo and the boy: outdoor kids' spaces

Kids cottage playhouse 22

Thinking it's time for a clubhouse for the boys. This looks like a happy medium from the huge obnoxious space hogging structures at toys r us and would actually keep the boys entertained. Question is...could my husband build it, and how many handyman mel

Kids cottage playhouse 2
Vanessa Butl

Fairy-Tale Retreat. Lacy trim, a miniature Dutch door, and a pseudo chimney and shutters supply plenty of kid-friendly charm. To help small structures fit into their surroundings, outfit playhouses with colors and details drawn from nearby buildings.

My Very Own House Cottage
Barnes Maria

My Very Own House Cottage

Big play houses

This kids cottage white playhouse is just awesome! Imagine warm, sunny days spent playing for hour in the backyard. What could make this beautiful childchood memories even better? A perfectly child-sized space they can call their own.

Kids wood playhouse 1
Thomson Marisa

A fabulous large wooden playhouse stylised on a traditional cottage mansion with a tower. It has pink-finished walls, white door and window frames as well as roofs aprons. Gable roofs are finished in greys and feature decorative white pinnacles.

Kids cottage playhouse 1

Victorian Cottage Style Playhouse

This outdoor playhouse kitchen is adorable
Sara Jackson

this outdoor playhouse kitchen is adorable!

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My little cottage playhouse
Laetitia Zernike

This charming project constitutes a playhouse for the backyard. Your kiddies will love and so will everyone that will see it. Well integrated into the landscape, backed to a fence offers a border for kids and a convenient way to shield a back facade.

Cottage dollhouse many photos of the details and discussion of
Griffin Kristen

Cottage dollhouse - many photos of the details and discussion of how she made parts of it - always been fascinated by highly detailed miniatures - I might have to try my hand at it someday, or just continue to do very upscale decorative birdhouses. :) (s

Kids cottage playhouse 8

Chimney too complicated. It would have to go. But this would be easily turned into a working garden shed after Fields grows up.

Kids cottage playhouse 1

Build an outdoor child's playhouse with basic building materials and create a space for your children that they can call their very own.

Cute playhouses

A wonderful playhouse that your kids will absolutely love. It features a few clever ideas that promote spending time actively. There is a slide and a climbing net that lead to a spacious terrace. A solid wooden construction.

Kids cottage playhouse 4
Valerie Jame

This is supposed to be a playhouse for kids but put this on beach somewhere and I'll sleep in it myself.. why should kids have all the cool stuff!!??

Kids playhouse kits
Laetitia Zernike

Cottages in the garden or on a tree very often appear in children's books, for example, those by Astrid Lindgren - here made of wood kids playhouse cottage kit has door frames and doors finished in white, graphite color and gray roof with imitation tiles.

Kids cottage playhouse 18
Liliana Gadjus

I would love to live with a small footprint and in a tiny space like this.

Kids cottage playhouse 23
Robinson Layla

These 16 awesome playroom ideas will make you feel like a kid again.

Kids cottage playhouse
Alexis Millerism

Carbon Copy. Relying on detail and material can help playhouses resemble small-scale replicas of larger homes. This petite version showcases standout accents, including stucco and stonework on the corners and chimney.

Kids cottage playhouse
Patterson Gracie

Outdoor Room Series: Converted Sheds + Cabanas

Kids wood playhouse
Anderson Marisa

Tasteful playhouse designed for older kids. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Stylish accent for the garden, patio and others outdoor places.

Kids cottage playhouse
Laetitia Anderson

Now any child can not only sleep comfortably but also have an amazing place to play and have fun thanks to this amazing loft bed that sports the structure that safes space and the colorful finish reminding a small house.

Childrens playhouses for sale
Sarah Ashleyist

Wow! I am so delighted how amazing this wooden Hobbit style is! A cute little playhouse is every kid's dream. It has enough space for playing, reading books, sleeping and relaxing.

Kids cottage playhouse 7
Cintia Brook

I don't think hubby would want to spend money on it, but I always wanted a playhouse like this as a kid! Maybe our kiddos will get one?

Kids cottage playhouse
Kathleen Coop

This adorable white playhouse with the green shutters and window boxes belonged to singer Linda Ronstadt's daughter.

Kids cottage playhouse 11

Turn a card table into a fort! Great idea for a homemade Christmas Gift! You could make it more boyish or to fit whatever kind of table you have in your home to more suit your children.

Kids cottage playhouse 1

inside of playhouse | inspiring playhouses, playhouse ideas for inside and outside

Kids cottage playhouse 3
James Michele

Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas for Porches and Gardens : Home : DIY Network. A pink playhouse surrounded by pink roses!

Kids cottage playhouse 10
Angela Lew

No specific reason, but this sure made me think of you, Kristi! Maybe it was the aqua…and the red…and knowing you love cute spaces. ;o)

Kids Cottage Learning Playhouse
Wesson Jessica

Kids Cottage Learning Playhouse
A high quality piece of equipment that provides good fun for kids. This is a playhouse that has got a small school stylization. It is perfect for kids who want to learn letters and other useful things.

Childrens playhouse kits

Children love to play in the garden, and this playhouse is an excellent choice. Beautiful chalet-like woodwork admires the details and resembles a real building. Charming colors, railings, shutters and a lovely patio encourage to play.

Sandra foster transformed an old shed into her own little
Jamie Fost

Sandra Foster transformed an old shed into her own little slice of Victorian heaven. Someday, I will claim my own space.

Princess cottage playhouse
Griffin Veronica

Princess Cottage Playhouse

Pennfield Cottage Kids Playhouse w Floor Kit (9 ft. x 8 ft.)

Pennfield Cottage Kids Playhouse w Floor Kit (9 ft. x 8 ft.)

How to build you own playhouse detailed instructions and tons
Julie Mil

How to Build you own Playhouse--detailed instructions and tons of pictures