KidKraft Furniture

All kids like to play and they also want to have some comfort. This is why you might find the collection below, quite an interesting place to choose from. Even the most demanding parents have made their choice here and what will you decide on, after considering all the offers?

Laetitia Zernike Interior Design Expert
Young girls dressing table

This set includes pieces of furniture that are ideal for use in a room owned by a little girl. The pink colour is very stylish. The chair is solid and comfortable and the desk provides storage space for books, toys and other items.

Zulily furniture

This amazing dollhouse is a nice option for when you simply can't help but give your little girl that lovely piece to play with and have hours of fun on end, since it sports the lavish and huge frame and the detailed, safe structure.

Kidkraft furniture 3
Tara Walker

Oh my god, it so cute! If you have little daughter, this open cabinet with mirror is must-have in her bedroom. It is made of blanched wood. This cabinet has hanger intended to storage clothes and shelves for shoes and frippery.

Kidkraft furniture 1
Sarah Ashleyist

Dress up storage for the playroom- gender neutral.

Kidkraft furniture 37

Converted her old dollhouse into a funky Monster High house over the weekend thanks to ideas from Pinterest!

Kidkraft furniture
Theresa Hall

If you really want your children to have fun, then this play kitchen and laundry playset will surely do the trick, especially with its amazing looks and great attention to details. It is just the perfect choice for any household with little ones.

Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture
Tara Zucker

Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture
This is a great modern story doll house. The cottage is fully finished and furnished. Inside there are not only furniture but also accessories. The whole is doing a remarkable impression. The cottage is a perfect gift for any girl.

Kidkraft furniture 33
White Stephanie

Vanity set for girls. The table includes an oval mirror and attractive pink material. It is paired with a backless and armless stool that includes a cushioned pink seat that stands on four solid legs in white color.

Dress up costume storage

A nice elemnt of furniture that allows for the storage of different items that belong to the kids. Its solid construction and attractive color are advantages that assure decorativeness and functionality.

Full length mirror vintage
Sanchez Rachel

A nice mirror that is an element of girl's bedroom stylization. It includes a solid frame and an attractive oval shape. This free standing mirror is solid thanks to its MDF, acrylic and plastic based construction.

Kidkraft furniture 2
Alyssa Wilsonify

Fun and Stylish Little Girls Bedroom Furniture Design, Princess Toddler Collection by KidKraft – Vanity Table and Stool

Kidkraft furniture 4
Lauren Martinezify

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion @KidKraft LP Toys and Furniture LP Toys and Furniture

Kidkraft furniture 5
Thomson Marisa

Take a look at this Floral Fantasy Doll Furniture Set by KidKraft on #zulily today!

Brown Andrea

Small yet so much fun - this 5-piece table and chair set lets your kid play or study comfortably and since it offers four chairs, you can now invite their friends without worrying where they're going to sit.

Kidkraft furniture
Wilson Gabrielle

Fun and Stylish Little Girls Bedroom Furniture Design, Princess Toddler Collection by KidKraft - California's Home, Design and Gifts Market | California Markt

Kidkraft furniture 6
Jenna Delicata

Offering a strong structure for utmost safety and the charming looks this toddler bed will prove to be the finest choice for your household, allowing your little girl to truly feel like a princess she is.

Kidkraft furniture 7

TEAMSON Monster Mansion Dollhouse with Furniture - might have to DIY for my daughter's Monster High Dolls...

Camden bedroom furniture
Sarah Ashleyist

This is a very interesting product that provides a storage space in a child's room. Its neutral style looks good in any decor and its shelves provide plenty of storage space for toys and other kinds of items.

Kidkraft furniture 8
Caitlin Tor

Toddler bed - maybe I can build one like this using pallets ;)

Kidkraft furniture 9
Alexis Millerism

Look at this #zulilyfind! White Wall Storage Unit & Bins #zulilyfinds I WANT THIS FOR GENNY'S ROOM SOOOO BAD!

Large wooden dollhouse
Tara Gosselin

What a truly amazing dollhouse, what little girl wouldn't love one of these. Best Gifts For 4 Year Old Girl - UR Kid's World

Kidkraft furniture 10
Carmen Kowalski

KidKraft Deluxe Pastel Play Kitchen - Playhouse Furniture at Play Houses

Kidkraft furniture 11
Mendes Natasha

Love this Fun in the Sun Double Chaise Lounge by KidKraft on #zulily! #zulilyfinds

Kidkraft furniture 12
Gonzalez Lauren

Daniel, could you build this for Abigail? lol Look at this #zulilyfind! Dollhouse Toddler Bed #zulilyfinds

Kidkraft furniture 13
Cassandra Reed

KidKraft Furniture & Toys

Kidkraft furniture 14
Julie Stew

This dollhouse surely is a dream come true for any little girl - it sports a lavish and rich design with plenty of rooms and details that your child will simply fall in love with, while providing a safe play environment.

Kidkraft furniture 15
Maria Per

Firehouse Bookcase by KidKraft Furniture 76026

Kidkraft furniture 16
Kelly Bryant

This sky blue bed lets your kid fly into dreamland - figuratively, but the bed is airplane-shaped as a matter of fact. Abounding with adorable details, such as wings and a propeller, it truly stands in line with aero-theme.

Kidkraft furniture 17

Take a look at the KidKraft Furniture event on #zulily today!

Kidkraft furniture 18
Leah Phi

Phenomenal dollhouse with 3 levels. It is made of wood and plastic. Charming accent for each kid's room. Excellent gift idea. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Kidkraft furniture 19
Brittany Scott

Bubblegum Pink Medium Locker by KidKraft Furniture 14326

Kidkraft furniture 20

Kids Bookcase and Shelf: Sling Cube Corner Revolving, Tree, White in Kids Furniture

Kidkraft furniture 22
Carmen Milani

she tells me she wants a dollhouse. We have some small dolls from the castle set that would work, but she would probably also like dolls to go with this. ;) Look at this #zulilyfind! Modern Living Dollhouse Set by KidKraft #zulilyfinds

Kidkraft furniture 23
Harris Samantha

Toddler Bed - Boat Toddler Cot - KidKraft Furniture - 76251 - Toddler Beds

Kidkraft furniture 24
Lisa Pete

Costco: KidKraft Outdoor Youth Chaise Lounger Set Oh my goodness, we need these!!

Kidkraft furniture 25
Esther Morg

KidKraft Teepee (Orange) KidKraft

Kidkraft furniture 26
Wesson Jessica

Super cute Dinosaur Easel by KidKraft on sale at #zulily today! Only $109.99, normally $160.00, yeah!

Kidkraft furniture 27

KidKraft Fancy Nancy Dollhouse -

Kidkraft furniture 28
Karen Hay

Outdoor Kona Table & Bench Set by KidKraft on #zulily

Kidkraft furniture 29
Peyton Donaldson

Kids Sandbox - Outdoor Sandbox with Canopy - KidKraft Furniture - 00165

Kidkraft furniture 30
Gray Rachel

Charming dollhouse made of wood and plastic. It has 4 levels. Recommended for kids 5 to 7 years. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients for high quality and careful workmanship.

Kidkraft furniture 31
Amanda Broo

KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture

Kidkraft furniture 32
Hilton Emily

Princess Dress Up Unit - KidKraft Furniture - 76138

Kids table and bench set

KidKraft Octagon Table & Stools with Striped Umbrella

Kidkraft furniture 34

Kids Sandbox - Pirate Sandboat - KidKraft Furniture - 00128

Kidkraft furniture 35
Washington Lisa

Kidkraft Furniture Flash Collection Up To 690ff FREE Shipping!

Kidkraft furniture 36
Tara Zucker

Artist Easel with Paper - KidKraft Furniture - 62028

Nantucket toybox kidkraft furniture 14562 kidkraft 14562
Rogers Christine

Nantucket Toybox - KidKraft Furniture - 14562 - KIDKRAFT-14562

Kidkraft furniture 38
Aloma Garcia

Why not provide your little girl with the dollhouse of her dreams by opting for this sublime piece that looks like an elegant manor and will be an excellent place for your precious one to play and spend hours having fun.

Kidkraft furniture 39
Jenna Delicata

Toy Caddy in White - KidKraft Furniture - 15901