Jewelry Cases To Go

How about buying one of these jewelry cases? If you feel like taking a look at these designs, go ahead. Check out all these options and see what you want to buy – there are really a lot of interesting options to choose from. Can you already see what appeals to you?

Ideas By Gracie Patterson
Queen's Court Zip Jewelry Case
Jewelry case as a perfect gift idea for every woman. It has a compact shape and is zippered. Coverage of soft and pleasant to the touch material gives an elegant effect.

Queen's Court Zip Jewelry Case
Jewelry case as a perfect gift idea for every woman. It has a compact shape and is zippered. Coverage of soft and pleasant to the touch material gives an elegant effect.

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Genuine Leather Travel Jewelry Case
Travel jewelry case. This contemporary accessory has been upholstered in genuine leather and will look good with anything. The case has multiple compartments and hooks for storing jewelry of all shapes and sizes.

Genuine Leather Travel Jewelry Case
Travel jewelry case. This contemporary accessory has been upholstered in genuine leather and will look good with anything. The case has multiple compartments and hooks for storing jewelry of all shapes and sizes.

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cute jewelery display.  I'm going to make these for title gifts for my girlfriends. Clm
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How about installing paper towel holders inside a suitcase.  But glue or screw the central mandrel permanately.  Add bracelets before going to fair. Awesome site featuring jewelry displays
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Suitcase to a traveling jewelry store. #diy Love this! You can fund your travel habit as you go....
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Travel jewelry case  I still have one a friend made for me 20yrs ago and I still use it every time we go any where!
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Loaded Shotgun and Bullet Casing Mixed Metal Boot Bracelet exclusively from SureShot Jewelry.  It's where you'll find the original bullet and shotgun casing boot bracelets.  Copyrighted and protected.  6 styles.  Go to to see them
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Miniature Treasures (jt-been following progress of this lovely little treasure box and this is pin three. Just needs treasures in place. Go to blog for more pics in close up showing detail)
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Use Buttons to Organize Earrings-just in case i ever go back to pierced ears OMG this is a great idea!  I'm doing this as soon as I get home.  I'm forever searching for an earring.
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How To Make A Survival Whistle From A .223 Case make these to go along with my gun shell earrings! I cant wait to get started
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Pinwheel Purse by Frankie Brown. Based on a traditional origami design, this little purse measures 5cm / 2”². It opens up when you pull the top apart and then snaps back closed when you let it go. It is very simple to knit, the secret of the design lie
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How To Carve A Heart in Pebbles, stone, sea glass and beach pottery by Eternal Tools. Take a Dremel rotary tool, a diamond core drill and a diamond burr and start creating shapes into your sea glass and pebbles.
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Shotgun and Bullet Casing Jewelry   $145.00  Time to save up the ammo casing and learn anew skill
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Antique / Vintage Book Jewelry Display / Ring storage - Cheap, easy & portable display for craft shows, market display, etc.
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In case you missed it, get Lexi's 10-part series on soldering from Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine, all in one convenient eBook... Plus 30% of proceeds of everything in the JMD shop go to National Breast Cancer Foundation through Oct. 5, 2012.
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Five Minute Leather Bracelet Tutorial | I got my supplies for today’s project from Goody Beads.  When I spotted their leather jewelry accessories and supplies, I had to try out a few of their components!  You will only need 3 things to make this bracele
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This could be a fun project with little ones, go on a thrift store trip for the items or set up a scavenger hunt with nifty items and then the culmination is making their very own planter for the summer.
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Badass Hidden Gun Safe List| these are some great ideas
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Truth is, there's no way I'm ever going to make this.  But juuuuuust in case I become a DIY goddess or something. Anthro Necklace Week Bonus – Party Animal Necklace » Flamingo Toes
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What makes me smile more than getting to a long-distance destination and finding--aha!--that my jewelry is STILL organized!  This clos-ette organizer is a big 'want' at this point (I don't go places often enough to justify the $50.00 price tag)
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Shotgun Casing Jewelry -                      This is going to so be for my first buck!!!
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This is a Velveeta box. Seriously amazing! We are going to transform boxes this month into an amazing treasure box!
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Bullet  Earrings, I am going to make these from my own empty bullets :)
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Love Wish Lanterns over Paris phone cases. by Paula Belle Flores #paris #iphone6 #iphonecases
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Wine Bottle Bracelet Display.  Magnet on top to keep bracelets from sliding off, mat board on bottom to keep bottle from rolling (I'm going to use 1 of the flat slate pieces I have).  Love it!  Display at top of pic looks like a Pringles can!
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Coin Bracelet | 19 DIY Projects For The Travel Obsessed Use my international coin collection
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Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Jewelry Display Box - Blue, with White Nature Painting - Recycled Cutlery - Eco Earth Friendly. $99.00, via Etsy.
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Morse Code instructions~survival~ also go here for more instructions :
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Personal Safe with Lock    Take peace of mind wherever you go with our portable Personal Safe with Lock. Choose to use the security cable to tether it to any stationary object or mount it in a permanent location. It's sized for items such as a wallet, jew
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Casings collected by women on open fields, made into jewelry
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Washer Necklaces - Organize and Decorate Everything. My oldest daughter is going to love doing these! :)
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the jewelry on this site is going to give me a heart attack, it’s so awesome. go check it out.  CLICK THE IMAGE TO GO TO BONADRAG.COM.  These necklaces are by Unearthen and will soon be for sale at
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DIY braided bracelets by Lovenicart
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New - Mobile Jewelry Bars!! Want a quick #lunchhour party?! Want to meet at the #coffeeshop or #park with some friends?! Flexible & on-the-go!!
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DIY Earring Holder...minus the flowers (not my style).  Perfect for holding some of my favorites go to pieces on my vanity.
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Top:  Cameo 7 1/2" bracelet in Cornelian Sardonyx 18k, circa 1840/1850, Italy.  Bottom:  Cameo Brooch in Sardonyx Shell, 18k gold, 2 3/8"x2", circa 1840.1850, Italy.  Go to link for detailed photos.
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I want to make something like this for my daughter's softball team!  Go Blue Bullets!
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Eyeliner 101: The Basics -  What kind of eyeliner do you use? Do you know about the different types that are available and how they wear? I'm going to share 4 basic types of eyeliner . Many of you makeup lovers know all about this, but this guide is meant
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So what if you take old suitcases or briefcases- add mirror to back? Add your own divisions? This is an art box that has its own divisions and is out of wood so easy to add small hooks too. Like the idea that you could just close it and 'go' carrying the
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such a good idea!
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Love this antique travelling apothecary chest! Totally going to build one of these to put crafty stuff in...
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AMAZING website of wire jewelry and bead ideas,  Go To to get more Gossip News!
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Go vertical when possible :: Be sure customers can still reach mdse., tho'... ! (may be 2nd Pin:  but such a great look, really need to keep it in mind!)
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In the Distance Necklace. This would be lovely for a steampunk loli or anyone with a star/space/moon-themed coord.
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10 DIY Ways to Make Traveling Suck Less -- Since I despise travel but love a final destination! I wasn't going to post this but that jewelry roll and charger case are exactly what I've been missing in my life.
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travel manicure set - great gift for the business traveler
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What's Inside My Professional Makeup Kit ~ Beauty Spotlight Team Mystery Post |Perilously Pale
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Make this DIY pouch you can use as a wallet, jewelry case, makeup case, etc! Get crafty with us using supplies from
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Bracelet from bullet shells. silver, gold, brass, women's, men's, apparel, accessory, goth, emo, heavy metal, rocker, rock star, punk, black, rock the f out, fashion
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Shadow Box Jewelry Holder - Martha Stewart Organizing Crafts
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