Jewelry Box With Necklace Hooks

In case you are currently on the lookout for jewelry box with necklace hooks, take a look at the available models: in this collection you will have a rare chance to get familiar with a lot of colours, shapes, sizes and other features of such jewelry boxes. That is why it is worth to look carefully at these photos.

Sarah Miller Interior Design Expert
Jewelry box for necklaces only
Laura Par

A charming jewelry box for your little girl that will make her feel like a princess or her mum, creating a perfect place for her to organize her entire collection of necklaces and rings. It offers the beautiful ivory finish and cute design with diamond knobs.

Jewelry box to hang necklaces
Stephanie Cook

The plain shadow box turned into the stylish jewelery holder. The screwed-in hooks allows to hang your earrings and bracelets in order inside the box. The bigger hooks below are dedicated to the necklaces.

Necklace vault jewelry box mahogany

Necklace Vault Jewelry Box - Mahogany

Jewelry box necklace
Jessica Zernike

Jewelry box in the form of wall art. It is mounted on wooden frame and fitted with a lot of hooks. Designed for mounting on the wall. Ideal for storing necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

Shadow box jewelry organizer

The Hanging Necklace Holder is a great way to store organize and protect a collection of bracelets and necklaces. This jewelry organizer is made entirely of crystal clear acrylic and the design features a removable lid with 12 hooks that hold hanging jewe

Tall jewelry box for necklaces

1000 Handmade exotic wood jewelry box made of bubinga wood and burl; with seven drawers and a door that has nine hooks for necklaces

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 2
Peyton Marthy

Make sure that all of your precious jewelry stays safe in one place with this amazing jewelry box that sports the additional necklace hooks to make it more convenient and practical and allow you to keep everything even better organized.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 19
Michele Tayl

IKEA Hackers: Hide your jewelry storage behind a full length mirror (like a medicine cabinet for jewels)! You'll save space and reduce clutter #spacesaver #closet

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 21
Marissa Hern

Just an ordinary cardboard box? Or perfect earring display?

Jewelry Box
Kristen Coll

Jewelry Box
It is a multifunctional box for jewelry. It is perfect for many elements of your jewelry. Here, you can hide both rings, earrings, and bracelets and chains. Everything organized and categorized. It guarantee a harmony.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks
Renee Murphy

This is master level - use space for jewelry lovers and glamor style. Everything in white - making a coherent whole of jewelry box with necklace hooks. The featuring a long panel, grid element, racks and shelves - reflects all the needs of women.

Jewelry hooks
Jackson Krystle

Wooden jewelry box with French graphic on its white background. It includes four drawers that are spacious and it also features side panels equipped with necklace hooks, so the whole construction is very useful.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 15
Bianca Noorda

Wooden Jewelry Organizer - with ring cubby via etsy. I need a room of these!!!

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 3
Lambert Abbey

Jewelry Shelf with mini boxes. I could make this from an old drawer. Paint it the opposite wall colour!

Jewelry box with necklace hooks
Edwards Andrea

A wonderful armoire that features a glass structure with a white frame. It has a cool look of a shopping window, where you can nicely display your clothes and accessories. A side with hooks for jewelry is a genius idea.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 1

6x20-white 37-black jewelry holder for necklace. Cool organizer with 37 coated jewelry hooks assembled. Ideal to have it in your changing room, or simply keep it in your bedroom and have your biju close to you.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 17
Lindsay Williams

I need to fill a frame with chicken wire and put it on the inside of the armoir. My jewelry box is ridiculous.

Wood jewelry box mirror back revolving necklace hanger doors
Perry Amber

Wood Jewelry Box Mirror Back Revolving Necklace Hanger Doors # ...

Girls jewelry box necklace organizer distressed mint green pink
Nelson Cynthia

Girls Jewelry Box..Necklace Organizer..Distressed Mint Green & Pink ...

Mirrored wooden jewelry cabinet box with jewelry hangers
Stacey Mor

Mirrored Wooden Jewelry Cabinet Box with Jewelry Hangers


A piece of furniture that has got functional and decorative character. It is a jewelry box that offers plenty of space in its large drawers. Its wooden construction is very solid and it protects stored items from negative factors.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 16
Angela Pric

Perfect organizer to your dressing room. No more muddle your necklaces and earrings with this smart solution. Hand made bars with hooks, mounted to the wall will keep your jewelry always close to hand.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 22
Anna Joh

Rethink Hooks: Sometimes jewelry boxes aren't the best way to store necklaces. Put them on display and prevent tangles with hooks. Source: Instagram User abbeygrim

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 23
Renee Cole

Vintage Clothing Blog | Vintage Wedding Dresses | Salvage Life: Salvaged Vintage Jewelry and Purse Display

Jewelry wall mirror
Alexis Millerism

Cutlery Tray for Jewelry! I wonder if I could DIY a mirror over the front with hinges or something.

Gift box with doors hooks necklace jewelry wooden collection box
Jamie Whi

Gift box with doors hooks necklace jewelry wooden collection box with ...

Necklace hooks

Reuse old window frames

Jewelry box hooks

25 Brilliant Ideas for Beautiful Organization, DIY Projects, and more!

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 10
Monica Patt

only for a couple often-worn necklaces, otherwise too junky looking and will just be dust-collectors (running out of room in my jewellery box)

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 29
Stacy Williams

I love this idea of using an old picture frame backed with what looks like wire mesh and also the hooks for all of the larger pieces. I could definitely duplicate this one!

Jewelry box for necklaces
Kathleen Lopez

In order for your jewelry to no longer be accidentally thrown into drawers and boxes - make yourself a beautiful painted gray jewelry cabinet. You can do it yourself - from found wood. With buttons and hooks - it will handle your tinsel very well.

Shadow box necklace holder

Ring Storage made with a cigar box and an old sweater. Do you remember when cigar box purses were in (at then turn of the millennium?) Can those come back in again?

Jewelry boxes for necklaces only
Renee Gonzales

DIY Necklace Stand using a craft store cylinder and basic hooks or pins.

Decorative hooks for jewelry

great vertical display Handmade Saskatchewan is a member based community uniting local crafters/artisans and their customers.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 5
Tara Walker

Flaunt Your Jewelry - A frame lets you see the big picture when choosing which pair goes best with an outfit. Besides, isn't it a shame to keep pretty baubles tucked away when they could be adorning your dresser every day?

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 14
Sara Ross

This customer made. The same thing can be done with a shadow box picture frame sold at target and many other stores. Take of the glass and get some tiny screw hooks and put them in place.

Jewelry box with necklace hooks

The most amazing way to organize your jewelry!!! Now, I can actually see what I have and wear it!!

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 18

Framed Gems These flea market frames, outfitted with fabric or paper, ribbon, and glass knobs, show off a beautiful collection of brooches, bracelets, and necklaces. Even the earrings get a chance to be in the spotlight when hooked over a length of ribbo

Bought two 16 x 20 inch shadow boxes at hobby
Ward Denise

bought two 16 x 20 inch shadow boxes at Hobby lobby. They have glass ...

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 20
Lauren Martinezify

pinboard covered in fabric with clear knobs screwed in the holes. So pretty and easily customizable.

Necklaces 6
Bush Eliza


Gift box with doors hooks necklace jewelry wooden collection box
Sara Ross

Gift box with doors hooks necklace jewelry wooden collection box with ...

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 24

Triptych Jewelry Stand - Blog - homeandawaywithlisa - frames made with pinewood, cup hooks, metal mesh

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 25

Necklace Rack with Red Valve Handle

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 26

do this with my white shutter - Problem here is your neclaces need flair as they have several elements.. so we have to stretch them and show..

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 27
Bryant Michelle

Like bags in wine rack. Easy to see and supported so not flopping around everywhere. Also visually interesting. Combine with shadow boxes for jewelry? Not mesh idea.

Jewelry storage i did this with vintage drawer knobs mostly
Wright Stacy

Jewelry storage. I did this with vintage drawer knobs mostly for my longer necklaces that don't fit in my jewelry box

Jewelry box with necklace hooks 28
Martinez Marisa

Maori-inspired Handcarved Lacewood Hook with Handbraided Cotton Cording Necklace

Minneola 2 Door Jewelry Box
Martinez Melissa

Minneola 2 Door Jewelry Box

Ellie Jewelry Box
Rachel Coo

Ellie Jewelry Box