Howard Miller Wall Clock

Would you like to have one of these wall clocks? If you answered positively, this might be a great chance for you. Thanks to this site, many previous customers have become satisfied with a lot of nice models from this collection. The main question is now what will you decide on?

Vanessa Martinez Interior Design Expert
Howard Miller 625-296 Paulina Wall Clock
Holly Wat

It is a wall clock that has got an aged dial, Roman numerals, spade hands, convex acrylic crystal and elegant design. It adds style and beauty to any room in your home. You will be impressed how beautiful this wall clock is.

Howard miller wall clock 8
Sarah Ashleyist

Howard Miller Wall Clock - Sandringham

Howard Miller 625-350 Randall Wall Clock

With its weathered look, this wall clock spices up home interiors with functionality and vintage accents. The clock features an antiqued dial with Arabic numerals and a built in brass pendulum. The dial sits in a metal frame with beautiful decorative scrollwork.

Howard Miller 625-450 Spokane Wall Clock by
Jaclyn Price

It is a classic, simple and contemporary wall clock that has got a round shape, black numerals and silver finish with white face. It is a perfect addition to your living room, office space, kids room and other.

Howard Miller 625-468 Continental Wall Clock by

Transitional style wall clock with classic gold coloured circular pendulum with brass finished lyre and grid, accompanied by round dial, Roman numerals and black spade hands, all closed in solid colour case made of selected hardwoods.

Howard Miller 620-174 Grantwood Wall Clock
Dana Perez

Wall clock featuring beautiful design, white dial and brass-finished bezel. Additionally, the clock features quartz movement and requires one battery for operation. The clock also has large black Arabic numbers.

Howard miller wall clock 7
Valerie Bail

If you like decorative wall clocks, this Howard Miller one is something for you. Made from formable wrought iron, its solid frame enchants with the ornate style, full of curls and volutes. It is finished in gold-tone highlights and measures 36 inches.

Oversized 49" Postema Wall Clock
Sarah Bro

Oversized 49" Postema Wall Clock
Modern take on the classic oversized clocks' style. The clock has an espresso finish and round shape, it is made from wrought iron with retro accents. Features roman numbers with antique gold finish. All for interesting and still contemporary look.

Oversized 49" Stockton Wall Clock
Coupe Andrea

Oversized 49" Stockton Wall Clock
Round wall clock in form of skeletor. It is made of metal and finished wrought iron. It has Roman numeration and is equipped with a quartz mechanism. It is very well recommended by customers.

625333 howard miller wall clock

Wall clock in modern style. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement. Great addition to the living room, dining room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

Moment In Time 13" Wall Clock
Erika Tor

Moment In Time 13" Wall Clock
Phenomenal pendulum clock with quartz movement and battery powered. The shield is made of select hardwood and veneers. It has Roman numbering. Timeless design for each interior according to personal taste.

Gallery Oversized 32" Lacy Quartz Wall Clock

Gallery Oversized 32" Lacy Quartz Wall Clock
This Oversized 32-Inch Wall Clock in Black Finish is characterized by wrought iron construction. The clock includes a round face, Roman numerals, accurate quartz movement. Requires 1 AA battery.

Howard Miller 625-423 Lacy II Wall Clock
Alexis Hallify

This wall clock has got a charcoal gray-finished hands and stylish design. It is perfect as a gift and as a clock for your living room, bedroom, office space and other. Everyone will tell you how fantastic it looks on your wall.

Howard Miller 620-168 Brentwood Wall Clock

A wall clock that has got a very accurate and reliable mechanism. It features a round frame made of wood that is durable and attractive. Its arabic numbers have got a black color and they are easy to read.

Howard Miller 625-195 Chronicle Wall Clock by
Cintia Brook

Chronicle wall clock with white dial, black Arabic numerals, and black hour, minute and second hands that make the time well-visible. Clock features quartz, battery-operated movement. LCD calendar displays the month, date and day of the week.

Howard Miller 625-299 York Station Wall Clock
Katie How

This vintage wall clock in an antique gold finish provides an accurate quartz movement, and requires 1 AA sized battery. Includes a round wrought iron design, with decorative hands, Roman numerals, and diamond-shaped embellishments.

Howard Miller 625-485 Kenwick Wall Clock by
Abigail Wrightful

This type of wall clock is a very functional and reliable product. It has got a round shape and Arabic numbers that are easy to read. The overall size of this clock is 1.8 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches and its mechanism works very well and without problems.

Howard Miller 625-313 Pisces Wall Clock by
Brittany Peterson

A very reliable, convenient and attractive element. It is a wall clock that has got a round shape. Its case is made of solid metal with a burnished nickel finish, so it also looks very attractive in any decor.

Howard Miller Malia Wall Clock with Westminster Chime, Cherry Finish, Quartz Movement
Jacqueline Cole

It is a traditional wall clock that has got a beautiful cherry finish and solid wood construction. It adds elegance, style and beauty to any room in your home. You will be impressed how fantastic this product is.

Howard Miller 625-406 Postema Gallery Wall Clock
Alexis Millerism

This is a very original stylization of a wall clock. It is made of solid metal and its hour and minute hands are finished with gold. The size of this product is 2.2 x 49 x 49 inches. It features Roman numbers.

Howard Miller 625-283 Aries Wall Clock by

Casual, contemporary-looking wall clock. It features brushed nickel-finished case with easy-to-read white dial and black numerals. It is water-resistant and has high-quality quartz, battery-operated movement.

Howard Miller 15.25" Kalvin Wall Clock 625-418
Brown Kimberly

Add elegance and style to your living 5room with this classic, traditional round wall clock and charcoal gray Arabic numerals. If you looking for a perfect wall clock, you need to choose this one.

Howard Miller 625-381 Virgo Wall Clock

Small wall clock having 8.5 inch in diameter and featuring oil-rubbed bronze finished case. Additionally, the clock has cream dial and is water resistant. It has quartz mechanism and requires a battery for operation.

Howard Miller 625-279 Bergen Wall Clock
Craven Zoe

This elegant wall clock is going to improve your living room or hallway with functionality and timeless appearance. The clock features a round white dial with black bar hour markers, and a long pendulum covered in a brushed nickel finish.

Howard Miller 625-259 Murrow Wall Clock

This classy wall clock is perfect for lightening your home or office decor with elegant style. It has white dial with black Arabic numerals and is super accurate, receiving a radio signal from the cesium atomic clock.

Howard Miller 625-472 Stockton Gallery Wall Clock
Laetitia Kloss

Stylish open-face type wall clock with slender Roman numerals enclosed in a thin trim of the frame. The hour and minute hands, that are finished in charcoal black and sport an open fret-cut diamond style, highlight the elegant form.

Howard Miller 625-372 Lacy Gallery Wall Clock

A touch of simplicty and style in the house. This type of wall clock has got a round shape and a durable construction based on wrought iron. Its roman numerals are large and easy to read. The size of this clock is 2.2 x 32 x 32 inches.

Howard Miller 625-401 Cyrus Wall Clock
Krystal Bel

Beautiful pendulum wall clock featuring original and appealing modern design and construction made of high quality wood and metal. It's a great addition to variety interiors designed in contemporary style.

Howard Miller 625-241 Devahn Wall Clock

Beautifully shaped wall clock featuring battery operated quartz movement, white dial with black roman numerals and antique bronze finish. Additionally, the clock is made of high quality and durable materials.

Howard Miller 625-404 Marrison Wall Clock
Cooper Jasmine

This wall clock fits perfectly to contemporary and simple style and decor in your living room and bedroom. It has got a square shape and wood finish. You need to have it.

Howard Miller 625-445 Maverick Wall Clock
Erika Jone

One-of-a-kind wall clock with big black star in face's centre, with hours marked as raised Arabic numerals and embossed stars in aged bronze finish. The design is completed with classically shaped spade hands.

Howard Miller 625-340 Gwyneth Wall Clock
Williams Rachel

The design of this clock incorporates modern elegance as its finest. Combination of black and brushed nickel finish excellently highlights the updated form, composed of bold straight lines and softening curves.

Howard Miller 625-205 Accuwave II Wall Clock

Highly reliable and stylish wall clock featuring an easy-to-read white dial with black Arabic numerals, black case, and glass crystal. It receives a radio signal from the cesium atomic clock. Automatically sets itself, and adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.

Howard Miller 625-326 Carmen Wall Clock
Martinez Marisa

Pendulum wall clock featuring classic design , columns finished in Windsor cherry color, quartz movement and antique dial with large Roman numerals. Additionally, the clock requires a battery for operation.

Howard Miller Statesboro Clock

This comely Statesboro clock can bring a classical update to any decor. It has white dial with black roman numerals, black hour and minute hands and a polished brass tone bezel and comes with quartz movement that plays Westminster chimes.

Howard Miller 625-497 Kersen Wall Clock by
Diana Flor

This amazing and beautiful wall clock has got a traditional design and solid construction. It adds elegance to any room in your home. It fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Howard Miller Sinclair 26 3/4" Chiming Wall Clock

It is a Sinclair wall clock that has got a traditional design, wood construction, black Roman numerals and cherry Bordeaux finish. It is a beautiful addition to your living room and family room area.

Howard Miller 625-378 Henderson Wall Clock

Traditional wall clock with beautifully carved wooden case in multitone dark brown finish, with glass panel on front. The case features columnal and scroll detailing. The elaborate pendulum is gold coloured.

Howard Miller 625-207 Easton Wall Clock by

Combining functionality with modern style, this wall clock features spun nickel-finished metal frame and well visible black hour, minute, and second hands beneath a glass crystal. It has reliable quartz battery-operated movement.

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Howard Miller Wall Clock With Thermometer & Hygrometer

Howard miller wall clock 1
Julia Lambertify

Howard Miller Wall Clock

Howard miller wall clock 5
Peterson Krystal

Howard Miller wall clock

Howard miller wall clocks lacy 625372 32 34 diameter wrought
Abigail Wrightful

Howard Miller Wall Clocks | Lacy 625372 32" diameter wrought iron wall clock Features stamped Roman numerals. Finished in dark charcoal gray with silver edging. The hands are finished in charcoal gray with silver edging. Quartz, battery operate

Large howard miller wall clock roman numerals wood frame no
Wesson Jessica

Large Howard Miller wall clock. Roman numerals. Wood frame NO RESERVE

Howard miller oversized wall clocks
Elizabeth Coupe

Howard Miller Wall Clock Quartz

Built in midcentury modern howard miller wall clock on bamboo
Elizabeth Coupe

Built-in midcentury modern Howard Miller wall clock on bamboo cabinet door.

Vintage howard miller wall clock
Kristen Howa

"Mad Men" era inspired decor is great for dad! Mid century modern Howard Miller Wall clock with by gleaned

Atomic era howard miller wall clock
Leah Wash

Atomic Era Howard Miller Wall Clock

Howard miller r postema wall clock
Perry Victoria

Howard MillerĀ® Postema Wall Clock

Rare george nelson for howard miller wall clock very unusual
Nicole Richardson

Rare George Nelson for Howard Miller wall clock Very unusual. 2400. 1st Dibs