Green Wall Clocks

If you want to add a splash of colour to the interior and a functional feature, opt for a green wall clock. The variety of designs is really impressive and it's easy to find a product which will complement many rooms and many interior styles. Check my collection below.

Ideas By Cintia Kowalski
JustNile Kids Basic Color Round 12-inch Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock - Baby Pink

It is an adorable wall clock that has got a round shape, baby pink color and white finish. It fits perfectly to any style and decor in your kids room, bedroom, living room and other.

Found by OliviaSmithist+0
Vintage ~ Hammond Prudence Synchronous ~ Kitchen wall clock.  Model

Wall clock in retro style. It has Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Frame is made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and neutral design for each room.

Found by StephanieWard+5
Infinity Instruments Retro 9-1/2-Inch Round Metal Wall Clock, Green

This 9.5-inch diameter wall clock can be a great addition for dining rooms and kitchens designed in retro style. The round green face features a glass face cover, black Arabic numerals, and green hands with no second hand. Requires 1 AA battery.

Found by KristenSand+5
Coo Clock Cow

It is a beautiful and adorable coo clock cow that has got a green color and flower purple pendulum. It is a fantastic addition to your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, kids room and other.

Found by SarahMiller29+14
Home > Decorative accessories > Clock > Green Clairo wall

Home > Decorative accessories > Clock > Green Clairo wall clock

Found by HollyMit+277
New Restored Green John Deere Tractor Model A Years 1947 - 1952 Vintage Tractor Wall Clock 10" Round

Vintage wall clock made of high quality materials to provide durability and functionality. Features a clock face with colorful image of a tractor,quality quartz clokc movement, and solid acrylic lens for added protection.

Found by JennaDelicata+2
colourful wall clock to brighten up any room.

colourful wall clock to brighten up any room.

Found by JoannaPer+118
Geneva/Advance Clock Co 8104 Quartz 10-Inch Hunter Green Plastic Wall Clock

Simple, yet attractive, modern-looking clock that will add a nice color accent to your space. It features sturdy plastic frame and high-quality quartz movement. Black hands and numerals are really easy to read.

Found by KatieGre+3
Allen Designs PRETTY PEACOCK Pendulum Wall Clock

If you looking for an amazing gift for your friends, you have to choose this pendulum wall clock. It has got a pretty peacock shape with colorful finish and round face. Everyone will be impressed how cool this clock is.

Found by KellySanchez+1
French Bistro Blue Green Gallery Wall Clock

French Bistro Blue Green Gallery Wall Clock

Found by SuperLaurenPotter+178
Gorgeous Art Deco clock

Choosing this art deco wall clock, you can be sure, you will have an accurate timepiece that boasts of its gorgeous, geometric design. Crafted of durable green material, the clock looks like a lady's fan with 2 black metal hands and 1 brass metal second hand.

Found by CoupeAndrea+5
Westclox 32004G 7-3/4" Green Translucent Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring original green frame made of translucent plastic, white dial and large green Arabic numerals. It's a great idea for a gift as the clock fits majority of the interiors and has appealing design.

Found by BushEliza+57

A very interesting, functional and decorative product. It is a wall neon clock that has got a round shape. It has got a Coca-Cola logo on its face. The product features red Arabic numbers that are easy to read.

Found by ChristinaKing+3
ECOOPRO® 3D Big Digital Modern Contemporary Home Office Decor Round Quartz Wall Clock Green

This type of product plays a very functional and decorative role. It is a wall clock that is made of durable hard plastic. It has got big 3D digits that are easy to read. Its mechanism is problem free and effective.

Found by BiancaWeberable+45
CUTE KIWI CLOCK! Objectify Fruity Wall Clocks

CUTE KIWI CLOCK! Objectify Fruity Wall Clocks

Found by EricaWashington+4
3dRose dpp_107325_2 Sea Foam with Blue and Green Sea Glass Wall Clock, 13 by 13-Inch

A gorgeous wall clock that features a coastal theme. The dial is made of solid, high quality aluminum with a high gloss mirror-like surface. It's characterized by simple hands and numerals, but it presents a beautiful image of sand and stones.

Found by VeronicaAlex+114
Coca Cola 15" Neon Wall Clock Lighted Distressed Sign Soda Pop Shop Coke Bottle Logo Vintage Retro Style Green

This kind of clock is a high quality, wall-mounted mechanism that has got an attractive neon light. The central area of its face features a Coca-Cola logo. It is a clock created for people who love retro style.

Found by JamieButler+132
Billiards Clock

Cleverly designed wall clock made using billiards balls, miniature wooden pool table with pool cue border, and quality quartz clock movement. Solid looking and visually attractive timepiece with unique style.

Found by ElizaReid1+69
SKOVEL Wall Clock IKEA - saw this today - I

An aesthetic traditional wall clock having a round frame of green-coated stainless steel. Its glazed creamy dial features large black Roman numerals. Two arrow-like hands are of black metal. It requires 1 AA battery.

Found by WeberLily+265
shabby chic wall clock from repurposed boards

Wall clock with antique finish. Round shield is made of wood. Includes quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

Found by SuperAliceMartinez+74
Trademark 13-Inch Soccer Wall Clock - Quartz Movement

For any soccer fan out there and especially for your kids, this wall clock with the soccer theme on the clock's face will prove not only useful with the precise time telling but also stylish since it offers the frame that stimulates the highly polished metal.

Found by AndersonMarisa+135
Allen Designs `Marshell` Turtle Pendulum Wall Clock

It is a wall clock that has got a very functional and decorative character. The product has got a turtle stylization, so it not only shows current time in a very accurate manner, but it also decorates different indoors.

Found by JillianTho+1


Found by CarmenMilani+28
"Green Botanica" by Jan Weiss Graphic Print on Canvas

"Green Botanica" by Jan Weiss Graphic Print on Canvas
Abstract graphical print by Jan Weiss; it is printed on canvas in bold colors, including bold splashes and black doodles. The artwork is entitled "Green Botanica" and it includes varied shades of green.

Found by YuliaThompson+1
Decorative Green Apples (Set of 12)

Decorative Green Apples (Set of 12)
Fruits are a great decoration, both in terms of form and colors. Yet they are not very long-lasting, so that's why high quality artificial fruits are a nice idea to enrich a decor. This is a set of twelve green apples. They look like real.

Found by JennaEdward+1
Cabinet with Clock

Cabinet with Clock
If you looking for an amazing cabinet, you need to choose this one. It has got a clock decoration on the doors and distressed finish. You will be impressed how cool this cabinet is.

Found by AbigailWrightful+79
Mathematical Expression Blackboard Wall Clock - Classic Green Chalkboard Background

Funny wall clock with mathematical expressions instead of classic numerals. Pretty witty and great for math geeks of all ages! The expressions are 'written' with a 'chalk' on a retro green 'chalkboard' background.

Found by AlisonMil+5
John Deere 15 Inch Double Neon Wall Clock - Genuine Parts Theme

This 15-inch diameter shiny neon clock is equipped with AC adapter, and requires 1 AA battery. The clock includes a round face with Arabic numerals, and two neon rings - a green outer ring and white inner ring.

Found by LaetitiaSmith1+2
Splashing Gamefish Clock

Wall clock featuring classic design, green frame, dial with 12 the most popular freshwater gamefish in North America, different fish sounds signaling every hour and light sensor which deactivates them when it's dark in the room.

Found by OliviaSmithist+5

This is a wall clock that has got a very interesting gasoline pump sign stylization. It also features a neon stylization. Its case is made of plastic and metal with a chrome finish. The size of this clock is 17 x 17 x 5.5 inches.

Found by Lucy1Reid+128
Diastar Big Oversized Digital LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date - Shelf or Wall Mount (16 Inch, Green)

Large AC adapter-powered clock with an easy to read bright green LED digital display so it's good for elderly persons. It displays a date, too. A rectangular casing is of black and clear plastic. It can stand upright or be mounted on walls.

Found by WilliamsRachel+0
Regal Art & Gift Bottle Cap Wall Clock, Green

Offer something unique to your room with this bottle cap wall clock in a slightly distressed, green finish. It will enhance the decor of your home just the perfect amount and still bring you the functionality of a clock, that will surely last for years.

Found by PattersonGracie+2
Water Powered Clock Round, Blue

If you are keen on unique gadgets, you'll for sure be attracted by this round clock - believe it or not, but it's powered with water - it requires no electricity and no batteries! You just have to pour water inside.

Found by StephanieWard+1
NJ Croce Gumby Animated Wall Clock

Gumby says hello! This friendly green fairy tale creature will offer you a helpful hand when it comes to time issues. Just watch him wave his hand back and forth, as the white faced clock tells you time.

Found by RobertsDanielle+3
Allen Design Studios "Vintage Mixer Green" Mixer Kitchen Wall Clock

It is a fantastic mixer wall clock that is a perfect addition to your kitchen. It has got a cupcake pendulum and beautiful colors. Everyone will be impressed how amazing this clock looks on your wall.

Found by JuliaLambertify+3
Mark Feldstein and Associates DLB9821E Original Singing Bird Clock 8 in Green

This wall clock is perfect for nature lovers, and it also plays an educational role. On each full hour, you'll hear different bird singing. The names and images of the birds are printed instead of classic numerals.

Found by GinaPere+1
Allen Design Studios "Stitch" Resin Wall Clock

Awesome wall clock designed to resemble a sewing machine. Made of durable resin, this stylish time piece features a scissors shaped pendulum, quality clock movement, and colorful clock face with hand-painted details.

Found by HiltonEmily+1
Trademark 14-Inch Double Ring Neon Clock Green Outer White Inner Neon Clock

Wall clock having 14 inch in diameter, AC adapter, quartz movement, high quality glass cover and green outer and white inner neon. It's modern design is a great addition to all interiors furnished in contemporary style.

Found by CooperDenise+125
Green Leaf Art Blue Wood Art Clock

Elegant wall clock made of quality MDF, featuring clear and colorful clock face with roman numerals, solid battery operated clock movement with two hands, and a sturdy frame for additional durability.

Found by JamieTaylor+2
The Quirky Lime Round Wall Clock with White Rim

Functional, practical and decorative wall clock, light yet robust. The clock face is round, colored lime, with large clear numbers on it. It has a light, plastic frame in white and hook on the back for wall mounting.

Found by WilliamsRebecca+107
JustNile Minimalist Round 9-inch Quiet Wall Clock - Orange

Non-ticking wall clock in mandarine orange case, with white dial background, black hands (the second hand is silver) and black Arabic numerals. Easy to read, looking good and modern, it works well in any house room.

Found by OliviaSmithist+0
Fox Run Brands 42600 Kitchen Clock, Small, Green

Stylish kitchen with sturdy frame featuring green colored steel exterior, quartz clock mechanism running on one AA battery and easy-to-read clock face. Solid and elegant time piece made to last for years to come.

Found by Jocelyn1Walker+50
a sign with a clock! genius! adding to my to-do

a sign with a clock! genius! adding to my to-do list!

Found by Lucy1Reid+3
Keep time in retro style with this mint-colored wall clock

Keep time in retro style with this mint-colored wall clock. Get it here:

Found by IsabellaMartinable+5
CK12056 Thomas Kent - Arabic Duck Egg Blue Wall Clock

CK12056 Thomas Kent - Arabic Duck Egg Blue Wall Clock - 12 approx 30cm This beautiful hand painted resin wall clock will add a touch of style to any

Found by RaquelStone1+289
camea green wall clock wall clocks and ornaments

camea green wall clock wall clocks and ornaments

Found by LilyCravenable+2
Green #Meditation #Wall #Clock

Green #Meditation #Wall #Clock

Found by paigewalkerpaige+129
green wall clock

green wall clock

Found by ElizabethCoupe+229
Green Wall Clock

Green Wall Clock

Found by AmandaThomson100+4
Design O Vista Wood Green Pastures (Large) Wall Clock

Design O Vista Wood Green Pastures (Large) Wall Clock

Found by JudyJacob1+12