Glass Candle Lantern

Candle lanterns aren’t perhaps the most important thing to have, that’s true. But if you have a closer look at the photos that we have prepared for you, you will surely see that these glass candle lanterns are really charming and functional. Take all the time you need to make the right choice.

Jenna Davies Interior Design Expert
Glass candle lantern 13
Laetitia Zernike

To make an Outdoor Hanging Light you will need: -3 1/4” – Prismatic Glass light globe   -Hardware store chain, cut into 4 sections:  Enough to go around lip of globe and three equal lengths to hang.  Any narrow chain will work. The one I used

Glass candle lantern 35
Erika Miller

Ljus i vardagsrummet och vita golv | Helt enkelt

Glass candle lantern 16
Holly Mill

Homemade jam jar lanterns – a ‘how to’ | The Natural Wedding Company

Glass candle lantern 17

Outdoor Lantern made from a tuna can - In My Own Style

Glass candle lantern

@Lynsie Petig these look like something you should own.

Glass candle lantern 30

These types of products provide additonal decorations in the house. They also increase the level of light on small spaces. These lantrens are ideal for use indoors and outdoors. They are made of blown glass and stainless steel.

Homemade candle lantern
Holly Perez

Hanging Lantern - Homemade Wine Bottle Crafts,

Glass candle lantern 28

Hometalk :: Repurposed Wine Bottle Ideas :: Creatively Living's clipboard on Hometalk

Glass candle lantern 15
Sarah Col

Another great idea! wine bottle crafts | Wine Bottle Luminary - Hanging | Craft Ideas Daily update on my website:

Candle lantern diy
Margaret Jac

Repurposed/ Recycled Wine bottle lantern etched with Dandelions

Glass candle lantern 36
Lauren Carter

Cute and easy snowflake mason jar candle holders. Fill with Candle Impressions Flameless Votives to keep them kid-safe!

Glass candle lantern 21
Theresa Hall

wedding or not love these...great idea for outside parties Boho Beach Wedding DIY Tips

Glass candle lantern 23
Robinson Layla

Anna's tutorial is so much easier to follow then others I've seen! Might try this with a gold second fill in color instead of another looking glass coat. Well see...

Glass candle lantern 34
Robinson Layla

Candle Holder Stained Glass G1275 Yellow by SierraCreations, $45.00

Glass candle lantern 20
Wright Stacy

Glass bubbles with a single tealight in each brighten this outdoor wedding reception space.

Glass candle lantern 14
Mendes Natasha

Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Luminary by @amandaformaro - Crafts by Amanda

Metal Glass Candle Lantern
Jaclyn Smith

Metal Glass Candle Lantern
This amazing and stylish candle lantern would be the perfect decoration for every kind of house or courtyard, no matter what is your preferred style. Check it out and fall in love with that unique design!

Glass candle lantern 10
Crystal Pri

Home Decor - the online magazine for everything DIY

Glass candle lantern 9
Alexis Lope

DIY lanterns: tuna can + glass globe + dowel or old broom handle + copper fitting + black spray paint 1 of 28 Outdoor Lighting DIYs To Brighten Up Your Summer

Outdoor hanging chandelier
Mackenzie Milani

28 Outdoor Lighting DIYs To Brighten Up Your Summer - cupcake lights were cool as was the outdoor solar light chandelier.

Glass candle lantern 29

Photo Lanterns...I did this project today and it worked beautifully! All you need is: a lantern, 4 black/white vertical pictures, vellum/translucent paper & double-stick tape. One tip that wasn't in the blog, tape the pictures to the outside of the glass.

Glass candle lantern 6
Peyton Donaldson

Cool portable lanterns created from casual candle lanterns. Size-varied cuboidal frames with hip roof-like tops (with bucket-like handles) are of metal, walls - of clear glass. One of walls is a door. Lanterns are filled with string LED lights.

Glass candle lantern 7
Laetitia Kloss

Wine Bottle Hanging Lanterns. I love this so much I want to buy a house just so I can use this idea. lol

Glass candle lantern 18
Roberts Isabelle

A great example of turning small household goods into some valuable decorations. This glass jar lantern can be a charming addition to your patio, embellishing the space with its beautiful glitter.

Glass candle lantern 25
Isabella Martinable

A table centerpiece for an outdoor party, perhaps? A candle in a simple glass jar delivers kind of dreamy ambiance, and as it's put in a large glass with water, plants and pebbles, it makes for a complete composition.

Glass candle lantern
Craven Zoe

A beautiful collection of tea lights that loosely float from a tree. They are made of transparent glass, which beautifully sparkles when filled with candles. It will be a romantic and subtle decoration of every ceremony.

Diy candle lantern
Julia Thomas

Round candle holder made of clear glass. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Sophisticated decoration for the wedding and others occasions.

Glass candle lantern 32
Campbell Christine

Such a cute, beautiful DIY project! A fresh and vibrant mason jar with a hand-decorated surface with a bunch of shiny, blue stones glued onto it. Simply and easy to do yourself, and the effect is really stunning!

Adorable easy diy candles how cool is this would be
Brown Maria

Adorable, easy DIY candles! How cool is this? Would be perfect to make and put around the house, or to give away as gifts.

Glass candle lantern 19
Marissa Nels

DIY COLORFUL GARDEN LANTERNS---holy crap!! I want to finish all the olives and pickles that I have in my fridge right now!!!

Glass candle lantern 22
Thomson Marisa

can use brown paper bags filled with sand and a candle inside of a glass mason jar - luminaria

Come realizzare un taglio perfetto su una bottiglia di vetro
Carmen Milani

come realizzare un taglio perfetto su una bottiglia di vetro, a casa.

Ivory Vines Candle Gazebo
Wright Dominique

Ivory Vines Candle Gazebo

Glass candle lantern 24
Alexis Millerism

Cute Dollar store craft idea for Halloween decorating....

Glass bottle tea light holder by lucirmas by using a
Adriana Andersson

Glass Bottle Tea Light Holder by Lucirmás. By using a Diamond Slitting disc from Eternal Tools, create holes in your bottles to hold candles and tea lights in. Begin the hole with a diamond core drill then cut out the shape with your disc. File away the

Glass candle lantern 27
Cynthia Pete

wine bottles with the tops and bottoms cut off. // I don't usually like the wine bottle crafts, but these look awesome.

Floating Candle Lantern
Courtney Phil

Floating Candle Lantern

Glass candle lantern 31
Kimberly Smi

Free People 64 oz. Mason Jar Lantern

Glass candle lantern 33

Turn wine glasses into candle lamps. The blog has a pattern for the lampshade too. Easy, customizable, inexpensive and a nice way to dress up a table or room for a party.

Glass lantern rope handled candle holder votives tea light holders
Dominique Hug

Glass Lantern Rope Handled Candle Holder - votives & tea light holders

Hanging or tabletop glass candle lanterns silver accent candleholders
Reed Rebecca

... Hanging or Tabletop Glass CANDLE LANTERNS Silver Accent Candleholders

Glass candle lantern 37
Roberts Isabelle

DIY with Candle Impressions - a mason jar or glass candle holder, twine, and lemon stained music sheets!

Outdoor hanging chandelier 1

crystal / candle chandeliers

Want kind of want this is low priority if we

Want: Kind of want ******* This is low priority. If we get fairy lights, then lighting won't be a problem, and these pose a breaking hazard and a clutter hazard. Definitely cooler and cuter than the tin can lights, especially if I can find purple/green ma

Unique Metal Glass Lantern
Peyton Marthy

Unique Metal Glass Lantern

I love this look candles in glass lanterns and flower
Stacy Tor

I love this look, candles in glass lanterns and flower bouquets on the end of the isles. This is so romantic!

Indoor wall sconce lantern

Rustic wooden wall lanterns made to hold a jar candle, bound to give your house a unique look. Let’s be realistic – who else can brag they have a candle in a jar hanging in their house as a wall lantern?

Vivid Blue Tabletop Candle Lantern
Kristin Diaz

Vivid Blue Tabletop Candle Lantern

Glass candle lantern 38
Alicia Lee

OMG. I wish I had seen these before my wedding... Hand Painted Mason Jar Moroccan Lantern Henna Inspired by LITdecor on

Glass candle lantern 39

How to make bottle candles port - how to cut bottle with string - Tips and Walkthroughs Photo - DIY - Tutorial - How to make cut botte and l ...