Game Room Decorations

Here's something for the game room! It's not furniture, it's not equipment. It's decorations! Take a look below at all the game-inspired accessories which complement the room with character and humour. Aren't they awesome? Check the products and the prices.

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Game Room Strikers Darts Framed Vintage Advertisement

Game Room Strikers Darts Framed Vintage Advertisement

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Game Room 'Fine Beer' Framed Vintage Advertisement

Game Room 'Fine Beer' Framed Vintage Advertisement

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Need a special gift for that little gamer in your life? Then check out some must-see room decor that will earn you high scores for sure.
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wii remote book shelf- bet we could diy this! :) This would be cute for a game room to organize all the wii games and accessories..
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baseball room - could easily be done with plastic bats and spraypaint. Love this! Perfect for Nate's room!!
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Game Board Storage Turned Playroom Artwork--this would be good in the back hallway
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Level-Up your window coverings with video game-themed blinds
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88 Holiday Gaming Decor Presents - The Gamer Christmas Gifts are a Surprise for Video Game Lovers
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Coins hanging from the ceiling?  I see a game of who can knock them down fist with my little Mario and Luigi!
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Mount board games on the wall and eliminate bulky boxes. | 36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom
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The Highest Scoring Video Game Decorations: Trying to decide how to design our game room. These are pretty creative!
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minecraft game room decor | minecraft themed bedroom Decorating Your Kid’s Room With A Minecraft ...
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Dad has an old arcade bowling game in the back yard. Maybe he'd let us take it make this with it?
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Second Chances by Susan: Vintage Board Game Shadow Boxes  Game Room Decor
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This is a great way to use left over pieces of wood and paint. Make larger/floor size dominos
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88 Holiday Gaming Decor Presents - The Gamer Christmas Gifts are a Surprise for Video Game Lovers
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church youth group room decorating ideas - Google Search
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》AMAZING 《   Arrange Lack shelves in a V shape for an interesting way to display shoes.
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Five ideas to soundproof so you can turn video games up to 11 without waking the dead | Offbeat Home
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Hang game boards on wall with game pieces hidden on back in bags ready to play anytime and makes great game room decor.
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Controllers that don't work, display them for the hubby for his "man cave". Sucn a neat idea for a gamer! :D
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15 DIY Decor Hacks for Teenage Boys Rooms 10 -
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Having your own bowling lane at home, priceless. Though for me I want to welcome the teens to hang around home with their friends. Safer, and supervised.
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This room with hundreds of games from various systems. | The 32 Geekiest Bedrooms Of All Time This is what I want except all those video games will be movies!!!!!!!!!!!!
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40 Absolutely Amazing Living Room Design Ideas | World inside pictures
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Bowling Alley in the basement? Heck yeah!!! The neon colors are so cool!!!
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Indulge Your Playful Spirit with These Game Room Ideas
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@Heather Steinbach perfect gaming room decor!! Classic video games murals on each wall!! Loves it!
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Many different takes on a kids video game themed room -- for a boys room someday?
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Create a tray ceiling with crown molding and put LED lighting in it. Put a plug in ceiling that is attached to switch, so you can turn this on with light switch. For bar area
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Stone set on a glass sheet that is lit red by LED lighting--The floor is lava!
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Game system organizer.  TV can also be used for good, serving as a tool of entertainment for individuals and families and also as an educational tool. People can bond and learn over a TV watching session.
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A Creative way to organize your Video Game Controllers and more
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#DIY Valentine's Day Arrows! Perfect way to top off a Valentine's Day gift!
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Another way to stretch a narrow room, with less paint, is to break up the lines.
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Pac-Man Wall Decals #ManCave - Geek Decor
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Photo/Interior/Typography Fusion
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small mini bar. would love to have this one day! perfect for entertaining.
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Create your own memory box as a way to display all your South Alabama football, baseball, basketball tickets and even tickets from all the concerts you attend while in college. This will help make sure you don't lose them while preventing clutter in other
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Board games as decoration. Might consider doing this with that game of Operation I never play.
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25 Adorable Kids Study Space Designs | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design
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I like this one story plan. Master on one side, other bedrooms on the other. nice.
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Like the dominos in a different type of bowl. Cute idea. Probably have several sets missing one or two.
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Pacman bulletin boards. This would be awesome for the game room. <3 it.
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5 Video Game Rugs To Dress Up Your Game Room-this one would be great for my mother-in-law!
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This is EXACTLY what I want to build when we move houses! A hole for every console. Would make an epic gameroom :)
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Great imagery for a kids room, or game room! could be a cheap diy?
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12 x 12" Waffle Pillow, Stuffed Toy, Kids Room Decor, Children's Pillow, Kids Throw Pillow, Food Pillow, Kawaii Pillow
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