Folding Panel Screens

How about having a folding panel screens like the ones that are presented on this site? It is really rare to be able to find such an incredibly rich variety of different offers, all of which have proved to be a favourite of numerous customers. And what will you say about all this?

Isabelle Roberts Interior Design Expert
6 Panel Black Bamboo Print Oriental Shoji Screen Room Dividers
Peyton Donaldson

Interesting motives panel of black bamboo print design in oriental delight and make this panel folding screen charms. Functional and easy-to-arrange decoration element impresses with details. The whole in stylish black and white colors.

Oriental Furniture Classic Elegant Beautiful Formal Room Divider, 6-Feet Wedgewood Blue Floral Double Print Wall Paper Folding Floor Screen
Krystal Mit

A charming, Oriental, double-sided room divider. It features an unusual, white and blue, floral pattern. It can be used to block the light or to provide intimacy. It's foldable so you can quickly move it.

Standing Panel - Photo-decorated (4"x6") Privacy Screen and Room Divider Product SKU: HD221922
Gina Bailey

It is a beautiful standing panel that has got three panels with spaces for your photos. It adds beauty and elegance to your living room, bedroom, family room and other. you need to have it.

Moroccan wood lattice
Laura Tur

These colorful folding panel screens will add brightness and vividness anywhere they would appear. Especially beneficial when you want to divide some area within the other one, like for example bedroom or cabinet area within studio space.

Japanese Oriental Style Room Screen Divider (Black 3 Panel)
Hilton Emily

This kind of product is functional and it is also good for people who love oriental stylizations. It is a screen divider that has got an interesting Japanese style. The frame is very durable and it has got a black color.

Saigon Folding Screen
Bryant Monica

Saigon Folding Screen
A stylish and functional piece, this Folding Screen in Brown Finish is going to grant you all the privacy you need. The frame is designed of Paulownia wood and Bamboo inserts, and thanks to double hinges you can bend the panels in either direction.

Diy privacy screen for some reason i have always wanted
Mackenzie Milani

DIY privacy screen. For some reason I have always wanted one of these

Tension wall room divider
Tara Zucker

Light glows through the circular holes to give a star-studded appearance to the walls. The hinged panels are hollow and a transparent PVC pipe lines each perforation. Hidden wheels allow the partitions to be easily moved. by CUT Architectures via Dezeen (

Oriental Furniture Elegant Simple Beautiful Premium Quality, 6-Feet Double Cross Folding Shoji Privacy Floor Screen Room Divider, 3 Panel Black
Gina Young

Shoji style room divider, characterized by simple elegance and strong oriental influences; matches orient-inspired decor and modern, minimalist interiors as well. In black and white, with three panels.

Coaster 3-Panel Liquid Metal Folding Screen

Folding metal screen/room divider, with solid center panels in beige and arched detailing on top. Metal construction promises long-lasting sturdiness, and the design is simple, but attractive and easy to match.

Contemporary 3 panel folding screen room divider
Bush Eliza

Contemporary 3 Panel Folding Screen Room Divider

Folding panel screens 1
Catherine Russ

How to Make a Folding Room Divider with Removable Fabric Panels - Stefanie Gabrych Fraser

Oriental Furniture Asian Furniture, 6-Feet Window Pane Japanese Shoji Privacy Screen Room Divider, 3 Panel Honey
Kathleen Wil

Honey-coloured, Asian style room divider with classic grid pattern, associated for ages with oriental decor. A classic choice when it comes to style, especially for Japan-inspired decors, and a decent option in terms of sturdiness.

Screen room divider i want one just like this
Patterson Gracie

Screen / Room Divider I want one just like this!!!!

Tension pole room divider

Now you can adorn your home with country flair, thanks to this cottage room divider that is sturdy, functional, and gorgeous. Made of white-painted barnwood, the divider features 3 hinged panels that you can arrange according to your needs.

Cutout screen panels

The impressive combination of the attractive design of this floor mirror/room divider screen is a perfect combination of functionality and unique style. The whole presents itself incredibly, giving the interior lightness, elegance and glamor effect.

Fabric in Lay Folding Room Screen Divider in Cherry Finish Wood 4 Panels
Julie Car

It is a room screen divider that has got a cherry finish and four wooden panels. It is a fantastic addition for your living room, bedroom, family room, dining room and other.

ORE International 3 Panel Solid Room Divider - White
Rebecca Pet

White room divider with classic louvered design. It is crafted of rubberwood and painted white. Classic, elegant design adapts effortlessly to any interior. Panels are hinged, and this provides the desired flexibility of the standing position.

Folding panel screens
Krystle Brya

or 4 Folding Panels Wood Shoji Room Divider Screen Oriental ...

ACME 02277 Naomi 3-Panel Wooden Screen, Cherry Finish (Espresso, 3 panel)

This is a product that has got a functional character. It is a wooden screen made of three panels. This wooden construction has got a very attractive espresso finish that looks very nice in any type of decor.

Antique room screens

The folded panel screens are an excellent way to decorate the interior. Beautiful finish with soldered elements makes the whole look phenomenal. The antique trim design of this divider adds an interior of a comfortable and very functional character.

Oriental Furniture Good Simple Inexpensive Durable Room Divider, 6-Feet Rattan Style Two Tone Woven Fiber Folding Screen Partition, 3 Panel
Hughes Dana

This 3-panel screen is totally opaque, so it provides maximum privacy, and no light is able to shine through. Though constructed of wooden panels, it is light in weight. The construction is completed with tough cord.

66.63" x 54" Privacy Screen in a Box™ 3 Panel Room Divider

66.63" x 54" Privacy Screen in a Box™ 3 Panel Room Divider
3 panel privacy screen constructed of rust-proof steel frame covered with protective powder coating. The panels catch the eye with their rich sky blue coloring. The divider is easy to move around and may be used outdoors.

Leisure Season PS9662 Folding Patio and Garden Privacy Screen
Julie Kel

A decorative and functional element. It is a privacy screen designed for use in a garden or patio. It is a standing and folding equipment that doesn't require staking into ground installation. The product is made of solid wood.

Iflo kalhatti frameless 3 panel folding 1500 x 1250 bath
Melissa Mur

Iflo Kalhatti Frameless 3 Panel Folding 1500 x 1250 Bath Screen LH

Folding panel screens
Natalie Edwards

The folding screen is a romantic type of accessories characteristic of the French rural homes. The beautiful lace panels are the fantastic cover for the part of room you doesn't want to show to your guests. Playing with the shades of pale always looks elegant.

Iflo kalhatti frameless 4 panel folding 1500 x 950 bath
Gina Rivera

Iflo Kalhatti Frameless 4 Panel Folding 1500 x 950 Bath Screen LH

Oriental Furniture Small Size 3 Panel Room Divider, 4-Feet Rattan Like Woven Plant Fiber Folding Privacy Screen, Black
Aloma Garcia

4-feet tall rattan-like privacy screen, all black, constructed of natural plant fiber, with three panels mounted on double hinges. Kiln dried wooden frame is characterized by fine durability. The screen is fully opaque.

Oriental Furniture Bubbling Brook Picture, 6-Feet Path of Life Nature Photography Room Divider, 4 Panels

Room divider available in two versions, one with four panels and one with six panels. The divider features appealing park theme, which was printed with high saturation ink. Additionally, the construction is very durable and lightweight.

Winsome Wood 3-Panel Wood Folding Screen
Abbey Kowalski

A piece of equipment that has got a functional and decorative role in the house. It is a folding screen that can also be used as a room divider. It includes three solid wooden panels that are durable and attractive.

Bellaa 3-Panel Double Sided Painting Canvas Room Divider Screen, Abstract Paintings
Crystal Miller

This floor-standing 3-panel double sided room divider boasts of its abstract design, allowing you to fold the whole thing for transport or storage. It's made of solid hardwood wrapped with durable canvas, and hinged for easy usage.

ORE International R5441-4 Four Panel Shoji Screen Cherry Finish
Crystal Tur

Room divider made of four panels and featuring beautiful floral patterns. Additionally, it's frame has cherry finish and is made of solid pine wood. The divider can be folded, which makes it very easy to store.

3-panel Double Sided Painting Canvas Room Divider Screen, Do Do More Paintings
Robinson Susan

A chic contemporary room divider composed of 3 hinged panels of canvas wrapped over both sides of tall rectangular wooden frames. Each side of this standalone divider features different floral motifs painted in delicate pink, red and green shades.

4-Panels Shoji Screen Room Divider, White 71"H x 70"W
Rodriguez Julia

Oriental style shoji rice paper like room divider with four panels, each one having two-way hinges - this feature allows to prop the screen in a stable position. The screen is constructed of pine wood and veneer.

3-panels Shoji Screen Room Divider, White 71"h X 54" W

This room divider looks like it was made of special oriental shoji rice paper. It is all white, with pine wood frame and golden two-way hinges. It is perfect when you want to divide a room to sections.

3 Panel Espresso Wood Oriental Shoji Screen / Room Divider (White, 3 Panel)

This type of element has got a functional role in the house. It is a special room divider that also serves as a screen. The product is made of three wooden panels with a neutral white color, so it looks very nice in any decor.

Folding screen with hand painted glass panels
Bennett Erin

folding screen with hand-painted glass panels

67" x 60" Jakarta-B Folding Screen 4 Panel Room Divider

67" x 60" Jakarta-B Folding Screen 4 Panel Room Divider
You will love that serviceable and eco-friendly room divider! It is tastefull crafted from natural bamboo with espresso bands. The hand carved Shoji pattern will add some refined and calming appeal to your space.

Four panel folding screen in antique white finish w hand

Four Panel Folding Screen in Antique White Finish w Hand Painted Birds & Tree

Proman Saigon Folding Screen, Wood with Bamboo Inserts, Walnut
Meghan Wal

This type of screen is a product created for people who love Asian stylization. Its simple and contemporary design looks very nice in any type of decor. What is more, the product is made of very durable materials.

Home furniture more furniture and collectibles screens
Sarah Ashleyist

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3-panel Double Sided Painting Canvas Room Divider Screen, France Flower Shop Wall Decor

3-panel Double Sided Painting Canvas Room Divider Screen, France Flower Shop Wall Decor

3-panel Room Screen Divider - Black

Japanese style room divider in black: lets you divide a room to sections without hassle, and with maintaining desired flexibility. The panels feature traditional grid design, with black hardwood frame and half-translucent white paper.

Black 4 Panel Plum Blossom Screen Room Divider
Thompson Alyssa

Inspired by Japanese style, this panel screen in a black finish includes a sturdy wood frame that holds 4 rice paper panels. The divider is hinged and foldable, decorated with a plum blossom design.

How to build a three panel folding screen easy projects
Isabella Martinable

How To Build a Three-Panel Folding Screen : Easy Projects

Folding screens folding screen with hand painted glass panels

folding screens - folding screen with hand-painted glass panels

White 4 panel folding screen room divider

White 4 Panel Folding Screen / Room Divider

Home claridge products 4 panel folding screen 80 x 96
Katie Robi

Home / Claridge Products 4 Panel Folding Screen - 80" x 96"

Decorative folding screen with hand painted botanical motif
Bianca Weberable

decorative folding screen with hand-painted botanical motif

Black 3 panel folding screen room divider

Black 3 Panel Folding Screen / Room Divider