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In case you are one of those who have already discovered the functionality and elegance of fold up stools, this collection will be a great thing for you. You are about to see a very diverse range of designs and colours of such stools so the main thing you now should do is browse through all the photos that you can find below.

Lucy Reid Interior Design Expert
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Home Hardware - Fold up Pine-Stepping Stool. Project for dave

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This powder coated steel frame for added corrosion resistance fold-up stool constitutes a proposition for all campers, events organizers or photographers. With the weight of 3 pounds and being stored in its Dacron carrying bag, this little stool is perfectly portable.

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Wilson Gabrielle

Fold Up Stools

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Brittany Scott

Folding stool | I New Idea Homepage

Safari Folding Stool
Margaret Jac

Safari Folding Stool
It is an amazing safari folding stool that has got a natural finish and comfortable seat. It is an attractive addition to any living room, bedroom, family room, outdoor and other. You need to have it.

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Rachel Massonable

If you’re into wrestling, take a look at this gorgeous folding stool. Made out of black painted metal, this stool has a unique decal on the seat, depicting WWE superstar Undertaker who is recognized worldwide by fans.

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Carmen Kowalski

Fold up stool designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Seat consists of vertically arranged strips. Functional design for each place as needed.

The ingenious folding mechanism allows the stool to fold up
Lauren Martinezify

the ingenious folding mechanism allows the stool to fold up to 40mm ...

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Home is where the heart is

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Fold up stool made of wood. Legs are arranged conically. It folds flat for easy storage. Handy gadget for each home.

Folding Stool with Handle (Set of 4)

Folding Stool with Handle (Set of 4)
It is a set that includes four folding stool with handles. They have got a red finish and classic design and they fits to any style and décor. This set is perfect for your garden parties with friends and family.

Fold up stools
Jenna Baker

This leather and rosewood fold-up stool takes the minimum amount of space to make it a fine and really suitable addition to any decor, while allowing you to finally know real comfort and convenience.

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Julia Alexander

Build a Convertable Step Stool and Chair Plan. Here’s a classic project that both steps up and provides overflow seating.

Fold out stool
Tara Zucker

The Nifty Gifter: Fold Up Stool ($15) Follow us on Pinterest or Click through to see more Nifty Gifts!

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Fold down table & Step stool for eat in kitchen - Popping Up in the Kitchen: The BEKVÄM Step Stool From IKEA

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Jenna Edward

Beautiful Mosaic Inlaid Folding Patio Stools | PAIR of TWO(2)

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Zernike Laetitia

Van Embricqs - The Rising Chair

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SignChair, meanwhile, can be affixed to any standard sign post with holes in it, and can be folded up. "We were just kind of looking into ways that we could make the street more comfortable," explains one of its creators, who didn't want to be named.

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Lily Cravenable

Wish I had these little steps in my new kitchen. A library ladder is more likely needed. :o)

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Hilton Emily

NEW STYLE! The Incredible Cardboard Stools are now available in the Speaker style! These gravity-defying pieces of furniture look like some of the things you have lying around your house! These amazing stools are easy to assemble and can fold flat for sto

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Olivia Smithist

Hextable recycled cardboard Designed by Wilson Brothers for Stussy, Hextable is an occasional table made from two identical components that is folded and locked into place. Fully recyclable, the honeycomb core table is incredibly light at 1.2kg, yet stro

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Lindsay Ross

Folding table. This is a solution that is used by a lot of tiny house builders. In fact, many of us use the very same model from Ikea: the Norbo. It is a sleek, small table that is mounted on the wall and can be folded down and takes up no space at all. W

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Little French fold-up stool -

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Joanna Hug

Meet The Perfect Wooden Step Stool Wooden Fold Up by MyOtherMind, $65.00

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Tiffany San

When a beat-up foldable stool can actually be a piece of art

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Evans Ashley

Weekend DIY idea: dress up a folding table with cute animal shapes.

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Joanna Long

Need a lift? Our Easy Fold Step Stool provides a quick step up whenever and wherever you need it!

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Natasha Tur

Vintage Wood Stool

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3 pc White finish wood make up bedroom vanity set with straight legs stool and tri fold mirror with three drawers

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Lisa Anderson

3 pc Black finish wood make up bedroom vanity set with curved pedestal legs stool and tri fold mirror with three drawers

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Anderson Marisa

Stool by Andrew Cassels... The seat is detachable and the legs fold up, it's an interesting design

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A handy step stool. It's always great to have a leg up for extra-high upper cabinetry, but where on earth should you store the step stool? An ultrathin model can slip right inside a discreet drawer. This homeowner managed to sneak one inside a toe kick.

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Yulia Thompson

Shop Staples® for Trademark 18'' Cushioned Folding Steel Stool, Black. Enjoy everyday low prices and get everything you need for a home office or business. Get free shipping on orders of $49.99 or greater. Enjoy up to 5% back when you become a re

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Laetitia Zernike

Rear Deltoid Raise - This exercise will target the rear of your shoulders, helping with posture and balancing out the muscles in your arms. Sit on the edge of a bench or stool. Holding dumbbells, fold torso on top of your thighs. Reach hands toward the gr

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Leah Wash

The best stool ever! It folds flat when you pick it up by the handle, and it's small enough to slip between the fridge and cabinet!

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Materialise One Shot Stool, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, laser sintering, folding chair, fold-up chair

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Tri Folding Mirror Make Up Table Vanity Set Wood w/ Stool 5 Drawers, White contemporary-bedroom-and-makeup-vanities

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Craven Zoe

Make-up Stools

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fold up camping stools might be nice

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Rachel Massonable

Step-Up Stool: "There when you need it, disappearing when you don't, this cheerful red step stool is made from sturdy plastic that folds flat for storage. A lightweight design belies this stools' strength, which can hold up to 300 lb."

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Johnson Amy

bifolds. a definite but do we have it straight without a step up bar.?

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Bush Eliza

I pinned this Fionia Teak Folding Stool from the Skagerak Denmark event at Joss and Main! Pair them up on a deck!

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An adjustable stool. Good for if I want to stand up and fold laundry or sit and still be at the right height for the counter. Industrial Metal Adjustable Stool, Raw Seat, Raw Legs

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Craven Rachel

Slim Folding Step Stool, The Container Store (folds up to 1 1/2")

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Mendes Natasha

Take Inventory, Sort, & Divide "First, find out how many pieces you'll want to actually put in the space. Hang up all your pants, tops, and dresses, and group together and sort by length. That gives you the big picture of how to best lay out your closet

Fold up stools

Open to Change Replacing dark upper cabinets with a sparkling wall of pale glass tiles turned this kitchen luminous. A china hutch (not shown) now sits opposite the sink to make up for the lost storage. To free up space for a peninsula counter, the refri

Fold up picnic stool

Fold Up Picnic Stool

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Hill Karen

Folding Black Step Stool III Folds away when you're not using it so it won't take up space. Perfect for a tiny girl in a tiny dorm room.

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Laetitia Anderson

Cardboard Origami Child Stools - This Upcycled Hand-Crafted Child Stool Lets Kids Sit and Step Up (GALLERY)

Little helper tower one of my kiddos 3 wiseman gifts
Mackenzie Milani

Little Helper Tower: One of my kiddos "3 wiseman" gifts this year. They love helping out while I'm cooking and baking. These have different levels and fold up to store!