Floor Lamps

There is no doubt that lamps are very important. Make sure to check out all of these floor lamps, and tell us which one you like most. Of course, you don’t have to rush while doing that, which should be emphasized here. This compilation is so interesting that you should spend here more time.

Yellow Floor Lamps

Thanks to this site, you will have a good idea about floor lamps. It would make sense to spend some time here and see if any of these photos present something that you would like to have at home. In the end, there are hardly any other sites with so many impressive offers.

Rice Paper Floor Lamp

Most probably, all of us appreciate floor lamps that we use a lot. On this site, you will see a very wide range of rice paper floor lamps, all of which have their own charm. You don’t have to rush with anything while checking these options – all that you should do is take your time to see them all.

Floor Ceiling Pole Lamp

The ambience of the interior often relies on the light. You can vary the atmosphere and intensity by choosing different lamp designs and the kind of light they produce. With a floor to ceiling pole lamp you can easily direct the light on specific parts of the room. Check the styles presented below.

Antiques Torchiere Floor Lamp

A torchiere floor lamp is a perfect lighting option for living-rooms. It directs the light upwards and as it gets reflected by the ceiling, the room is better lit. Check the designs below and choose the perfect floor lamp for your home.

Antiques Victorian Floor Lamp

Looking for something innovative and classic at the same time? In this case, you should definitely discover all the Victorian style floor lamps that are shown in this collection. They differ when it comes to their sizes, shapes and designs so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to choose something for yourself.

Palm Tree Floor Lamp

Looking for an accent feature which will surely make jaws drop? What about a palm tree floor lamp? A challenging design for the brave-hearted! Check the unique style and choose your favourite in my collection below.

Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp Stained Glass Table Lamp

Are you looking for a stained glass table lamp? Even if not, it might be worth to see all the sizes, shapes and designs that have been included in this collection. They differ from each other but they are all really functional and elegant. The artistic qualities of many of them are impressive, indeed.

Mid Century Floor Lamps

This will be a nice collection for all those who like floor lamps. Those that you can see down here, are not the same when it comes to their shapes, sizes and designs so feel free to discover all of them. In case this is something for you, take all the time you need to make the right choice.

Shabby Chic Floor Lamps

Here's something for the enthusiasts of the shabby chic style like me. Just have a look below and get delighted with all the floor lamps I've presented. With their romantic designs, a sweet palette of colours and eleborate details the interior gains style and unique character. Look below and get delighted.

Antique Solid Brass Floor Lamp

An antique solid brass floor lamp updates the look of any living room or study. Whether you need style that’s sturdy and simple to fit into a modern interior, or you’re into something a bit more eye-catching, with unique lines and beautifully crafted ornaments, the choice of brass floor lamps is big enough to suit any type of décor. Browse the set below and you will surely find a piece that steals your heart.

Wrought Iron Rustic Floor Lamp

Don’t you think that floor lamps can make for a nice addition to your interior design? If you have been considering a purchase of one of such wrought iron floor lamps, it might be wise to get to know those that are presented below, and pick the perfect one for yourself.

Frank Lloyd Wright Floor Lamp

This is intriguing, isn’t it? The collection that you are about to witness on this site, includes many different designs, sizes and colours of this Frank Lloyd Wright floor lamp. There are customers who already enjoy this incredible design of the lamp and you can also be one of them – are you ready to choose your favourite?

Wood Twist Floor Lamp

You would have thought that they only place to see a wood twist floor lamp today is a flea market or a yard sale, but it turns out that its vintage appearance has a lot of fans out there. If you prefer more contemporary designs, the idea of twisted wood is rendered in a variety of modern forms, too. Browse this collection to find a lamp that best fits your décor style.

French Country Floor Lamp

Fancy a French country floor lamp? Floor lamps strike the perfect balance between form and functionality, not only providing adequate lighting, but also holding a great deal of aesthetic value. French lamps are an epitome of class and style, co you just can’t go wrong with them, no matter what design scheme you wish to complement.

Floor Lamp With Glass Shade

I'm a great amateur of floor lamps, especially those with glass shades. They are nice and stylish additions to many rooms around the house and perfectly create an interior full of light ambience. Check my collection of floor lamps with glass shades below for more inspiration if you fancy them, too.

Capiz Shell Floor Lamp

If you enjoy having a nice lamp in your house, this is your place to be. Below you can see an interesting collection of shell floor lamps, mainly in modern designs. But even if you are not a great fan of such solutions, it might be worth to take a look at them as some lamps here are truly fascinating.

Stiffel Floor Lamp

Here you will get to know a lot of stiffel floor lamp designs, all of which have their own particular charm. You can feel free to see all these designs, shapes and sizes so why don’t you browse through the photos? Even those who are very demanding, should have no problems with picking the right model.

Hurricane Lamp Table Lamps

Flickering light and flames are probably the best of ways to fill the interior with cosiness and ambience. If you feel like creating a romantic atmosphere, equip the home with candles, tealights and hurricane table lamps. Some great products are presented below, just have a look.

Rice Paper Lantern Floor Lamp

Lamps are important, all of us know that. This collection will provide you with a lot of food for thought when it comes to paper lantern floor lamps, all of which have their own charm. What will you decide on after getting to know all these interesting offers? Take your time.

Chandelier Floor Lamps

Ever thought of a chandelier floor lamp as a lighting and decoration option? If not, do it now and have a look at my collection below. You'll be delighted by the elaborate designs and their great style. The interior instatntly gains royal grandeur once you put a lamp like this.

Floor Lamps With Dimmer Switch

What is your impression after seeing this collection for the first time? As a matter of fact, various people already enjoy such floor lamps with dimmer switches and how about you? Maybe it will be wise to get to know all the photos shown down here, in order to find the best offer.

Remote Floor Lamp

Do you like such floor lamps like many other customers? There is actually no point in looking any further for other collections as almost all the available designs, shapes and sizes are already here. In case you feel inspired, you can pick any of these models and enjoy its charm.

Home Depot Floor Lamps

Are you ready to take a tour through this unthinkably diverse collection of floor lamps? After all, everybody knows how useful such elements can be and now you stand before a rare chance to choose from among so many inspiring solutions. We advise you not to rush with anything.

Adjustable Gooseneck Floor Lamp

Do you happen to be searching for a nice looking but, at the same time, practical floor lamp? Then you are now in the right place since this collection consists of various shapes, sizes, colours and designs of charming, adjustable gooseneck floor lamps. Which one will be the best solution for yourself?

Wood Base Floor Lamp

Thanks to this collection of floor lamps with wooden base, all potential customers will feel themselves at home here. There are different types, shapes and designs of such elements below so why not check out all of them? It is obvious that you do not have to rush with anything while checking out these possibilities.

Touch Sensor Floor Lamp

Would you like to have such a touch sensor floor lamp at home? Maybe this is a good solution for your house so why not browse through all the shapes, sizes and designs that are presented at the photos down here? Don’t try to pick too quickly, without a longer consideration.

Lighthouse Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are already a favourite element of many people. If you also like such lighthouse floor lamps, you couldn’t have come to a better place. The main question that now arises is which size, shape and design appeals to you most? Take all the time that you need to choose.

Stained Glass Floor Lamp

A stained glass lamp can create a truly wonderful, fairytale-like atmosphere in the room, and we all need a little magic in our mundane lives, don’t we? If you’re planning to get a stained glass floor lamp, scroll down and enjoy being spoilt for choice with this selection of amazing artworks. Prepare to be enchanted!

Mission Style Floor Lamp

Lamps are important, that’s a sure thing. Thanks to this compilation, all potential customers will face a unique opportunity to take a tour through a very wide range of mission style floor lamps. As you can see, all of them are interesting visually and can prove to be quite functional.

Bridge Arm Floor Lamp

There is no point in discussing the obvious functionality of lamps. The floor lamps that you can witness below, differ when we speak about their sizes, shapes and designs. However, they all fulfill their functions well and are nice looking. Take the time you need to pick one from among so many possibilities.

Dimmer Floor Lamp

It shouldn’t be surprising that quite a lot of people have been satisfied with the floor lamps that they had bought here. If you feel like you want to buy the right one for your house, there is no need to look any further for other collections since almost everything is already on this site.

Bear Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are actually a useful piece of furniture. After seeing these photos, you will have a chance to appreciate how many different intriguing designs there are available. Even if you haven’t been considering a purchase of one of these before, you might find yourself appreciating this collection. What do you think?

Black Wrought Iron Floor Lamp

No matter what decorating style you prefer, a black wrought iron floor lamp can always enhance your place, so if you like wrought iron accessories, I do encourage you to browse my collection. It’s got to be the right lamp, though. The multitude of designs means that you can certainly find a product that’s perfectly matched to your overall décor scheme.

Spotlight Floor Lamp

All of us use lamps a lot and we don’t always think about it. Thanks to this site, you will stand before a rare opportunity to choose from among various designs, shapes and sizes that are quite popular. In the end, what will you buy after considering all these floor lamps?

Tripod Floor Lamp

Looking for an eye-catching lighting option? Check out the tripod floor lamps in my collection below. This sleek contemporary design is an ideal addition to Scandinavian and industrial style homes. If you care for products which feature simple yet refined lines, browse below to find the perfect product for your home.

Column Floor Lamp

We don’t have to convince anyone about the importance of lamps. Thanks to this collection, all potential customers will have a unique chance to choose from among an impressive range of choice when it comes to column floor lamps. Will you also pick something for yourself here or do you need to think it over?

Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp

Lamps are a very important thing to have and all of us know that. Take a closer look at the shapes and designs of the floor lamps that we have prepared for people like you. As a matter of fact, there is no need to decide on anything too quickly, especially that there are so many offers down here.

Rectangular Shade Floor Lamp

Lamps can be quite a good thing to have. Those that you will see down here, are really interesting visually and quite practical so it might be wise to spend some time on this site and decide if any of these shapes, sizes and designs of rectangular shade floor lamps appeals to you.

Parrot Floor Lamp

If your intention is to introduce an eye-catching feature to the interior, browse below. The parrot floor lamps which I found on the web are sure to add a unique touch to your home. I'm a great fan of decoration like this, aren't you? Take a look at my collection below to find out more about the product characteristics and prices.

Chinese Floor Lamps

You are aware of the fact that floor lamps can be a very useful thing to have. Now you are faced with a unique opportunity to get familiar with a very rich collection of Chinese floor lamps that are not only functional but also intriguing visually. Take the time to check out all of them.