Felt Furniture

If you feel like buying practical and elegant furniture, it might be worth to take a careful look at the photos that have been presented in this collection. There are really a lot of designs, shapes, sizes and colours so everyone should be able to pick the right model for themselves.

Ideas By Kaylee Green
Origami Felt Throw Pillow

Origami Felt Throw Pillow

Found by MegaMiaJones+4
Dog Furniture Style
If you are looking for an interesting option den for your dog, this sensational piece of furniture is the perfect solution. Made of raw logs is very impressive and after adding soft pillows, a comfortable den.

Dog Furniture Style
If you are looking for an interesting option den for your dog, this sensational piece of furniture is the perfect solution. Made of raw logs is very impressive and after adding soft pillows, a comfortable den.

Found by FosterAngela+3
The Flying Carpet is the only carpet/floor pillow that gives you the magic sensation of lying down between Teletubbie-like hills. Flying Carpet redefines the concepts of "carpet" and "furniture": It defines a new topography and functions at ground level.
Found by StephanieRod+3
Folding seat
Found by PattersonGracie+4
By creating an enclosed space HUSH provides a personal retreat, an escape into a dark, quiet, natural space, or state of mind. HUSH can also be transformed to provide more traditional open seating.   HUSH is made from 100% wool felt and its cushions are s
Found by JessicaEva+1
Serie FW stools and benches // Tommaso Bistacchi
Found by BrownAndrea+214
Sensory Concentration Space (SCS) pods for concentration by Freyja Sewell
Found by JonesJasmine+5
Felt Stool from Barnby and Day, seen at clerkenwell design week 2013
Found by MrKeiraWhite+34
felt lamps by: Architects: i29 | interior architects  Location: Duivendrecht, The Netherlands  Client: Tribal DDB Amsterdam
Found by BushEliza+268
Naoto Fukasawa - Hiroshima Chair
Found by isabellepotter1+3
A stone-like furniture piece! Intriguing. It would be interesting to find a way to make this or use this idea in something else.
Found by ElizaReid1+90
Pod chair | Designer: Benjamin Hubert -
Found by emmahhansson+5
Ronél Jordaan's 100% wool, hand dyed, hand felted pouffe (link goes to a page from pinterest saying it might be spam or otherwise inappropriate, I did not think anything is wrong with this page, so safe to go and look at
Found by LaetitiaKloss+189
Felt stools (from Fitz felt) to sit or stand on. Might be cool to have blocks of color matching colors in dresses
Found by VanessaCart+277
Wave, the felt room divider by HEY-SIGN - On display at Orgatec 2014
Found by HollyFlo+260
enrico gondim follows biomimicry principles for the ivy chair
Found by JoannaButler+225
Farklı puf modelleri ile film izlerken, kitap okurken ya da misafirlerinizi ağırlarken, rahatınıza kavuşabilirsiniz.
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Found by ElizabethCoupe+2
AJ floor lamp by Louis Poulsen, Restore basket by Muuto, Wooden Monkey by Kay Bojesen. Picture from Alvhem Mäkleri
Found by MariaEdwa+5
Lily by Michael Sodeau for Modus
Found by MendesNatasha+277
I kind of like this as an idea for a side table for my laptop. However, I'd want the top to have a drawer or a shelf, too and go entirely across the top of the magazine rack.
Found by JenkinsJenna+103
Charlotte Kingsnorth felt chair...this would be so cozy in a mountain cabin.
Found by RobinsonLayla+35
I love love love these!  soft pillows that look like pebbles?!? That's my kind of fun!    Interesting Design: Felt Pebble Cushions |
Found by RaquelStone12+139
Plum Peacock chair (2009) designed by Dror Benshetrit for Cappellin
Found by ThompsonAlyssa+1
felt covered ceilings, walls, furniture and lamps used in open office to help reduce noise
Found by Lucy1Reid+3
Sail By Gan | Hub Furniture Lighting Living
Found by TheresaWrig+3
Designed by Johanna Richter as a piece of jewelry for your home
Found by JamiePric+212
Joseph Felt Bench | design Chris Ferebee & Laurice Parkin, 2000, 521Design
Found by MegaMiaJones+276
LJ series (seat is made out of recycled PET bottles) - Design by Laurens van Wieringen
Found by RiveraLindsay+3
Smarin Livingstones- in love! The picture reminds me a little of the sleeping heap in 'Where the wild things are'... so cozy, and I absolutely adore the idea of such a flexible 'couch' solution- I want to jump in there right now!
Found by AndersonMarisa+2
Modular Floor Pillows
Found by HiltonEmily+184
Augusto Bozzi This looks like a masculine sculpture.  You could lay in it with legs over the one arm and head with a small neck roll pillow on the other side.  Just to be different.  Especially for us little bodied creatures.
Found by TheDianaBanks+79
A Continuation of HUSH from Freyja Sewell in home furnishings  // something homey about the oversized/exposed stitching (like jongerus)
Found by aaliyahthomas1+3
Furniture Feet - What a great idea!  Those little sticky felt pads never seem to stay stuck.  Since these are felted, they should be easy to wash whenever it's needed.
Found by CarterDiana+12
Tom Dixon | Felt Shade suspension
Found by KrystleKelly+131
Oki Sato of Nendo's line of furniture and decor for BoConcept
Found by AmandaDonaldson1+65
Geometric Coasters
Found by TheStacyGosselin+4
How to keep those darn felt pads on the bottom of your chairs. I so need this!
Found by MrMadelineJohnson+70
Dressed Felt, the cupboard “Felt Belt” of the Korean Kamkam design studio
Found by TheAmandaGosselin+203
Stitching Concrete by Florian Schmid. Stools made with fabric and PVC stuffed with concrete, soaked in water, stitched together, and left on a mold to dry. Fireproof, waterproof, and strong as hell
Found by CarterJulia+2
Found by TaraGosselin+191
3D Felt facets, love the look of this.  Maybe we could create a room divider or sculptural wall texture unit that have little shelves or storage cavities built in.
Found by LauraTur+52
Abstracta - Triline Wall - Sound absorption/angled reflection
Found by AlexisLope+131
hushpod - this would be great to have at work so I could take a nap at lunchtime.
Found by LaetitiaZernike+245
Airberg sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud. Filled with a padding material, the 'airberg' sofa appears as if it has been inflated with air
Found by SuperOliviaJackson+136
Inspired by nature, South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan patiently rubs and coaxes threads of pure wool into a wide range of textures and shapes
Found by BiancaNoorda+2
‘Saddle’ – A Beautiful and Practical Chair by Angell, Wyller and Aarseth
Found by RaquelStone1+1
Corbels painted with Milk paint.  The site gives tips on how to get the aged look.  Very interesting!
Found by CourtneyPatt+3
Another 'pinner', Sophia Gibson, had a pin from this site - when I followed the pin the Blog site blew me away - check it out - Wee Folk Art!
Found by MeganCoo+273
Another take on a Monster High bedroom
Found by DianaCol+26