Fake Flowers In Vase

Fake flowers in a vase are a perfect idea for an easy decoration. They look great, many of them look natural in fact, and can be used for a long, long time. If you don't mind the fact that there's actually no life or beautiful smell in them, choose some for your home. Check my collection below.

Sarah Ashley Interior Design Expert
Silk flower centerpieces for tables 2
Craven Zoe

Tall vase made of transparent glass. Designed to fill with water and top with floating candle. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Simple i could possibly try to start collecting fake flowers
Heather Cox

simple i could possibly try to start collecting fake flowers for this.

Fake flowers in vase 7

Submerged flower and floating candle centerpiece

Fake flowers in vase 11
Dana Dia

blue orchids submerged in vases filled with water and floating candles on the top for an adorable wedding reception centerpiece

Tall orchids centerpiece can these go in water with floating
Chloe Hughesful

Tall Orchids Centerpiece.. can these go in water with floating candle on top?.. different colour too

Fake flowers in vase
Emily Fost

An elegant decoration for important events like weddings and anniversaries, or to beautifully decorate your dining room table. It's a set of 3 clear glass vases - each filled with water, crystal beads and drowned silk flowers, with a small candle floating on the surface.

How to make fake water in vase
Thomas Vanessa

The unique and exceptionally impressive artificial flower in the vases allows you to create a lasting, colorful decoration in the decor. Beautiful details and interesting composition in the vases are captivating.

Fake flowers in vase 5
Laetitia Kloss

White Roses in a Vase ♥ La Maison des Roses

Fake flowers in vase 1
Green Stacey

The unique vase with artificial flowers with an illuminating backlight is an excellent way to the sensational decoration of the table and every interior. Beautiful details and stylish form impress and bring to the room a unique atmosphere.

Faux flowers in vase
Kristin Jackson

Isn't a crystal glass globe the finest receptacle for silk flowers arrangement, especially when they're big and effuse like these peach orange beauties? A vase like this makes for an instant and budget-friendly accent piece.

Fake flowers in vase 2

Orchids are plants known all over the world for many years. Here they found their place in table centrepiece, with some beads in the bottom. Painted in teal and turquoise color in three different vases, together with a small candle.

Flower water vase centerpiece
Coupe Andrea

Classic vase made of clear glass. Dedicated to medium floral arrangements. Suitable for each place according to taste and need.

Fake flowers in vase 3
Alexander Alison

DIY Paper Lantern Vase Centerpiece |

Fake flowers in vase

Realistic Life-like Pink Cherry Blossom with Sticks Flower Arrangement in Artificial Water & Glass Vase

Fake flowers in vases

Transform Fake Flowers to Look Real. May be an inexpensive way to achieve the look I want. Will take some work though. Sounds like a trip to Hobby Lobby is in store for me tomorrow

Fake flowers in vase 10
Jessica Zernike

Destination wedding Ideas (I like the flower in the sand in the hurricane vase for a tablescape idea!)

How to decorate flowers in a vase
Monica Fos

Beautiful artificial roses in a vase full of beads captivate and makes the look unique. Subtle, romantic styling is extremely impressive and captivates the details. The roses look like they are so real.

Fake flowers in vase 13
Bush Eliza

A simple way to emphasize the organic beauty of flowers in a modern way..

Silk centerpieces
Liliana Gadjus

A gorgeous decoration for contemporary homes and offices. This artificial floral centerpiece consists of silk white flowers drowned in clear water, inside of a beautifully shaped vase designed of clear glass.

Faux flower centerpieces 19
Thomson Marisa

Home Made Modern: Faux Milk Glass Fabulous idea for all those cheap vases that bouquets come in!

Pasque Flower Vase

Pasque Flower Vase
It is a flower vase that has got a porcelain construction. It is hand painted and it fits to any style and décor. This is a fantastic decoration for your home. You will be impressed how beautiful this vase is.

Large Silk Hydrangeas with Vase

Large Silk Hydrangeas with Vase

Fake flowers in a vase
Sara Ross

DIY Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms Tutorial

Fake flowers in vase 1
Cintia Kowalski

roll over product image to zoom in

Artificial flowers and vase
Morgan Meghan

I Love this...pussy willow stems in glass bowl vases...Doing this spring from my tree!

Fake flowers in vase 14
Tara Zucker

White Stardust Babys Breath... beautiful and affordable for the aisle decor at only $7/bundle!

Faux flowers and plants
Tiffany Edwards

Faux Dirt like PB & How to Make a Pottery Barn Faux Potted Plant

Multi Pink Peonies in Glass Vase
Tara Zucker

Multi Pink Peonies in Glass Vase

Fake flowers in vase 17
Ashley Pete

I have some cute vases in the house and I hate to leave them empty, but I'm not a big fan of fake flowers. These would be perfect.

Fake flowers in vase 12

maybe I'll have one at home for myself!

Assorted Blooming Roses with Vase

Assorted Blooming Roses with Vase

Fake flowers in vase

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Candle and Flower Centerpiece Vase
Lisa Ward

Candle and Flower Centerpiece Vase
It is a fantastic centerpiece vase for candles and flowers. It adds style and beauty to any living room, dining room and other. This is a perfect decoration and great product for a gift to your friends.

Fake flowers in vase
Vanessa Davis

Accessorizing Ideas for Any Room! |

Fake flowers and vase
Abbey Kowalski

twine/hemp/cord/seagrass wrapped around hurricane vases. Cute neutrals. Could add felt and button flowers for texture and pops of color. Flair!

Floor vase flower arrangements
Bell Erica

Tropical Faux Rose Nosegay Arrangements | Fake Roses in a Glass Bubble Vase

Tall vase arrangements
Foster Joanna

Floral arrangement in square vase made of transparent glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Vase lighting ideas
Abigail Wrightful

diy rustic centerpieces | DIY we can put the fake candles in here and nobody would ever know

Fake flowers in vase

this could be done with the containers you have! so simple and easy...if all flowers are just cut and grouped then it would be fast to assemble.

Artificial flowers in vase with lights
Kristina Rod

This would be a pretty and inexpensive to make table centerpieces -- spray-painted bottles and paper flowers.

Fake flowers in vase 16
Jenna Delicata

A set of three square vases with purple orchids by WreathsByDiane, $60.00

Vase and fake flowers
Roberts Isabelle

Vase made of clear glass and decorated with slices of lemon. Suitable for fresh and faux flowers. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Fake flowers in vase with water
Thompson Alyssa

Fruits combined with flowers create a handsome pair. These cylindric crystal glass vases display green apples and hydrangeas topping - a whole new take on flower arrangement suitable for contemporary interior.

Plastic flowers in vase

Fake flowers arrangement - table centerpiece with artificial flowers. Shiny silver vase accommodates a bunch of huge rosy pink blossoms. No green leaves here - the style is both romantic and pared-down.

Flowers in a vase with rock floral vase fillers
Yulia Thompson

Flowers in a vase with rock floral vase fillers

Fake flowers in vase 8
Alexis Milani

pink old fashioned flowers - beautiful

Am i falling in love with peonys romantic for a
Erica Barn

Am I falling in love with peony's... Romantic for a beach wedding

Fake flowers in vase 9

Stunning! 87slk flowers in the garden

Hydrangea Centerpiece
Roberts Isabelle

Hydrangea Centerpiece
Beautiful flower arrangement in greens and blues. This stunning centerpiece is composed of green leaves, hydrangea blossoms and some berries and stems that all look like real. This high quality composition comes in a white ceramic bowl.

Fake flowers in vase 15
Courtney Thom

decorating with cranberries