Ergonomic Recliners

Even if you didn’t realize it, we can assure you that recliners can be a very good thing to have. Feel free to check out these shapes, sizes and designs so as to be able to pick the most appropriate option for yourself. All in all, what will be your final decision?

Wildon Home ® Dawn Leather Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

A lovable lounge room set consisting of an ergonomic recliner and an ottoman. Both pieces are covered with premium leather of deep dark brown tone. The recliner has a thick cushion at the headrest section.

Found by JaclynMorris+16
A black recliner chair that supports comfortable postures and decorates

A black recliner chair that supports comfortable postures and decorates indoors thanks to its neutral black finish. Its soft and tufted seat includes additional support provided by soft and tufted backrest.

Found by JennaDaviesful+4
Urban Leather Ergonomic Recliner

I am so delighted of this creamy color palette! It's very ergonomic recliner with ottoman with many functions, like the adjustable height and swivel motion.

Found by JulieCook+2

Recliner and ottoman for watching TV, reading books and more. Wooden base is fitted with round table. It is upholstered with leather. Carefully profiled back is finished with solid seams.

Found by MelanieBaker+5

An interesting set created for people who love comfort and ergonomy in their houses. It includes a stylish and comfortable recliner chair that holds up to 300 lbs. It also includes an ottoman that can be used as footrest.

Found by ThomsonMarisa+1
Campbell Ergonomic Recliner

It's an accomplished recliner chair, we received a lot of compliments. My son's friends who on occasion ended up sleeping in this! Very sturdy, well made and high quality product.

Found by WessonJessica+90
Standard Size Recliner

Standard Size Recliner
Traditional style recliner with matching ottoman. Both the armchair and the ottoman have solid wooden round bases. The chair swivels, the ottoman doesn't. Upholstered in bonded leather and finished in black - together with frame's light brown make elegant unit.

Found by AnnaYoun+216
Dawn Bonded Leather Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

To experience an ergonomic comfort, better not pass up this luxurious recliner and ottoman set. It's definitely designed to bring a relief to your tired body, and wrapped in upscale black bonded leather on top of it all.

Found by RaquelStone12+33
Conroy Ergonomic Recliner

To add a beige accent and a fine comfort factor, this ergonomic recliner is surely incomparable. It's nice to take advantage of its outwards splayed arms and soft cushioning, not to mention the wide footrest.

Found by WessonJessica+5
Oslo 54 Series Leather Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Create a fashionable contemporary decor with an upscale recliner and ottoman set. Curved design characterizes this bonded black leather comfort set, and the cherry wood base gives it a sleek flair. Lovable!

Found by ReneeGarcia+5
Kiri Leather Ergonomic Recliner

This comfortable recliner chair features a nice and durable blue leather cover. It offers padded arms and comfortable, soft seat with back. This ergonomic chair supports many relaxing postures favoured by different users.

Found by NicoleAll+4
Swedish Ergonomic Reclining Lounge Chair

Swedish Ergonomic Reclining Lounge Chair

Found by ShannonLewis+143
Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman Set in Mocha

Recliner and ottoman upholstered with pleasant to the touch material. Base is made of wood. Back is finished with solid seams and fitted with pillow for added comfort. Great for watching TV, reading books and more.

Found by StacyBennett+3
Wildon Home ® Dawn Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman | Wayfair

I was needed new seat, because my old one was destroyed by the dog. I decide to try the recliner. I found this set with ottoman and I'm so impressed of functionality, comfort and design.

Found by WessonJessica+215
Oslo 52 Leather Ergonomic  Recliner and Ottoman

Ergonomic recliner and ottoman mounted on wooden base. It is upholstered with high quality leather and fitted with pillow on the back to support the cervical spine. Modern design for the living room, bedroom and more.

Found by LaetitiaZernike+3
Wildon Home ® Shaw Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman | AllModern

Wildon Home ® Shaw Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman | AllModern

Found by TheVanessaWeber+3
Brentwood Microfiber Ergonomic Recliner

Provide true comfort for your family by choosing this ergonomic recliner that sports the microfiber upholstery and is more than you could have wished for when it comes to visual appeal and convenience.

Found by AlexanderAlison+161
Rissanti Campbell Ergonomic Recliner

This recliner chair is an element for anyone who loves taking a rest in relaxing and ergonomic conditions. Brown color of its leather cover looks good in different styles of indoors. The frame of this item is extremely durable.

Found by CaitlinRod+2
Dawn Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman in Cafe

Ultra thick and soft cushioning makes this recliner & ottoman set outstanding in terms of comfort and ergonomic features, but the contemporary style is fine, too. The color combination used here is chocolate brown (for the base) and beige for the upholstery.

Found by PeytonDonaldson+5
Shaw Bonded Leather Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

If you'd like to enhance your lounge room with a recliner that's available with a wide ottoman, both padded beige bonded leather, here's the pick. Wide seat and tall back remarkably boost the comfort of the set.

Found by ChloeHughesful+1
7151 Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Recliner and ottoman as additional place to sit or place for relaxation in all kinds of interior. It is mounted on wooden base and covered with durable material. Back is fitted with pillow for added comfort.

Found by WashingtonJillian+5
Shaw Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman - only $388!

If casual recliner sets do not meet your comfort requirements, give this ottoman & recliner set a chance. The recliner has thick arms pillowing and a small round side table incorporated in its all wood frame.

Found by AmySanc+1
Conroy Leatherette Ergonomic Recliner

Give your body the comfort it needs with the ergonomic leatherette recliner, that's black color. It's suitable with any decor and style around. Try it.

Found by MrKeiraWhite+74
Campbell Ergonomic Recliner in Chocolate

Proving both extreme style and true elegance this ergonomic recliner in chocolate finish will prove to be an utmost useful addition to your decor, especially with its strong frame and high quality structure.

Found by SarahMiller29+229
Wildon Home ® Dawn Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman | Wayfair

My friends told me that they have a new purchase. They found the ergonomic recliner with ottoman with great price. This set looks more expensive than it is.

Found by DeniseKin+182
Dawn Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman in Black

With this amazing set that consists of an ergonomic recliner and a matching ottoman in black finish that contrasts beautifully with the dark brown color of the frame you will have the perfect way of adding not only style but also comfort to your home.

Found by morgranjohson+192
Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Your life will be much easier with the ergonomic recliner and ottoman. You will have the best comfort ever. Spend your free time in this great seating place.

Found by MelissaWat+2
Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Found by MargaretJac+30
Lafer Kiri Leather Ergonomic Recliner

Modern recliner covered with high quality leather and reinforced with solid seams. Application in all kinds of interior according to taste and need. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

Found by paigewalkerpaige+4
Campbell Ergonomic Recliner in Brown

The best way to add some comfort to home is a recliner. It's always ergonomic because of the shape, many postures option and high quality upholstery.

Found by carolinepatterson1+211
Found it at AllModern - Conroy Ergonomic Recliner

A Conroy Ergonomic Recliner for relaxation and back support with footrest and leather upholstery. Are you searching for elegant recliner? So, you should try this furnish.

Found by DianaCol+152
Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman in Sage

With its warm-toned, sage finish this recliner and ottoman prove to be a sublime choice for your living room or lounge, adding a ton of comfort and creating the perfect nook for you to read your favorite book.

Found by JacquelineThom+111
You should see this Campbell Ergonomic Recliner in Chocolate on

My favorite color-the chocolate brown on the recliner! It reminds me a little bit of the sweet bar of chocolate. Wow! I want to try it in my apartment.

Found by CaitlinWoo+116
Wildon Home ® Urban Leather Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Comfortable recliner, perfect for my family's needs. Works in all levels in our modern space. Our visitors are always impressed and this product gets a lot of compliments.

Found by StephanieParker+1
You should see this Dawn Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman in

Don't pass up this comfort set - no need to look for a recliner and an ottoman separately, as they are sold together for a matching visual characteristics. Black leather padding is not the only feature that gives the set a high end feel.

Found by CintiaBrook+1
Grand Comfort Ergonomic Recliner

For an ultimate comfort experience, try this ergonomic recliner in espresso brown. Its smartly designed pillowing lets you feel the incomparable comfort, with resting your arms and calves on the soft surface.

Found by KathleenLopez+24
Rebel Leather Essentials Ergonomic Recliner

Let the comfort experience begin out of hand when you sit on this luxurious leather padded recliner, characterized by ergonomic design and high end burgundy color with sheen finish. So upscale you can't miss it!

Found by ElizabethCoupe+2
Rissanti Campbell Ergonomic Recliner

Compact size with no cost to functionality - the design of this ergonomic recliner provides that. Rich chocolate brown faux leather upholstery is paired with durable wooden frame. The padding sports updated horizontal tufting.

Found by carolinepatterson1+5
Conroy Ergonomic Recliner

This recliner chair provides high level of comfort to anyone. It supports different postures that assure relaxation and ergonomy, so it is also good for health. This chair stands on a round base for more stability.

Found by HollyKelly+3
Shaw Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman

An elegant and comfortable recliner with footrest ottoman. These elements of home furniture assure relaxation in different postures. They also feature neutral color, so they look very nice in all types of decor.

Found by AlexisYou+102
Oslo 54 Series Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman

This set consists of a recliner chair and ottoman used as a footrest. Both of these elements feature round stable bases and soft, comfortable surfaces. They assure not only relaxation, but also ergonomy.

Found by CourtneyPatt+173
Conroy Ergonomic Recliner

A nice and functional element of living room furniture. This recliner chair offers different postures for its users, so it meets requirements of many people. The whole surface provides ergonomy, softness and relaxation.

Found by ErikaTho+236
Shaw Leather Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

A nice recliner chair with black leather cover. This neutral stylization looks great in any living room. The set also includes an ottoman. Both elements feature solid round bases that assure support and stability.

Found by WeberLily+1
Wildon Home Conroy Leatherette Ergonomic Recliner $290.81

Recliner covered with leatherette and reinforced with solid seams. Is mounted on metal base. Carefully profiled back gives support to the spine. Great for watching TV, reading books and more.

Found by JacquelineCole+1
Ergonomic Design = Ultra Recliner

Ergonomic Design = Ultra Recliner

Found by DianaFlor+1
Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner/Ottoman with Swiveling Maple Wood Base

Are you dreaming of an extraordinary comfort and an intriguing design in your house? Then, check out this incredible and stylish recliner with ottoman and enjoy an amazing convenience at your own place!

Found by MitchellAllison+117
Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Blissfully Executive Office Chair, Black

Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Blissfully Executive Office Chair, Black

Found by AngelaLew+2
A European (ergonomic) Recliner.  Looks perfect for a "Man Cave

A European (ergonomic) Recliner. Looks perfect for a "Man Cave."

Found by AbigailWrightful+3
58 Oslo Series Leather Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman

58 Oslo Series Leather Ergonomic Recliner & Ottoman

Found by EstherGar+297
Campbell Ergonomic Recliner

Campbell Ergonomic Recliner

Found by AprilPowell+144