Electric Fireplace With Bookshelves

Want to introduce some warmth to the interior? Check out the electric fireplace with bookshelves. You can use the bookshelves to display family knick-knacks and keep the books organized. The fireplace will add ambience with flickering flames. Check my collection below.

Keira White Interior Design Expert
Electric fireplace with bookshelves
Tara Lew

This beautiful set of living room furniture is a combination of charming fireplace, space for TV and numerous bookshelves and cabinets. The whole of the classic contemporary design is stylish and very attractive.

Fireplace bookcases
Coupe Andrea

Natural fireplaces are cool and all, but they do get messy. That's not the case with electric ones. Look at this traditional-style, luxurious electric fireplace, surrounded by ergonomic bookshelves able to accommodate all your books. A timeless appeal!

Fireplace with shelves
Victoria Mar

Thanks to this electric fireplace with 2 built-in bookshelves, you can easily complement your home decor. Each bookcase features thick construction, and 4 open cubic compartments with a fixed lighting system.

Electric fireplace with bookshelves 1
Mackenzie Milani

Use a wall to its maximum: here an electric fireplace, enclosed in an artificial mantel, is flanked by floor cabinets, wall shelves and it has flat screen TV hanging above. This setting abounds in storage options.

Building an electric fireplace
Mendes Natasha

If you want to have much more functional surrounding of your electric fireplace, those bookshelves are here to help you with that. Beautifully designed case is perfectly combined with open storage space, you can accommodate as you please.

Electric fireplace with built in shelves
Yulia Thompson

Trying to find the interesting, nicely finished and accomplished fireplace? Try this one! It is an electric fireplace with the bookshelves on both sides. It will help you to create the restful and homelike atmosphere.

Primitive fireplaces
Lambert Abbey

If you surround your electric fireplace with those wooden bookshelves in a white finish, you will have enough place to decorate it as you please. Each unit features 4 open compartments and 1 two-door cabinet.

Custom electric fireplace
Cooper Kristen

If you want to have much more functional surrounding of your electric fireplace, those bookshelves are here to help you with that. Beautifully designed case is perfectly combined with open storage space, you can accommodate as you please.

Fireplace with bookshelves

This delightfully made fireplace with side shelves is a great way to create a cozy space in a living room or game room. The finish in white is subtly stylish and very modern. The interesting motif of tiny tiles adds all lightness.

Electric fireplace with bookshelves

A fireplace with a painting of fire and with bookshelves on a side. It's all white and its design is very simple and elegant. On the top of it you can put all kind of decorative elements as well as a TV. On its sides there are 6 shelves for books.

Shelves next to fireplace

A beautiful addition for living rooms, that consists of an electric fireplace combined with a stylish bookshelf. Made of espresso-finished wood, the unit contains 3 open shelves for decorations, giving you a great mix of visual benefits and practical solutions.

Fireplace bookshelves
Angela Russ

A great modern TV storage unit with a built-in electric fireplace with beige framing. Both a large central panel for hanging a TV-set and identical side units with open shelves and full door cabinets feature crown tops and pillar corners.

Built in bookshelves fireplace
Allen Katie

This electric fireplace with bookshelves on the side will create a cosy ambiance, alluring from the first moments. White panelled finish and lots of shelves for display shall attract all, who like traditional decors.

Electric fireplace bookcase
Evans Liliana

Combine the two of your favorite things and finally be able to sit by the fireplace with your beloved book in hand by choosing this bookcase that comes with the space for the fireplace in the middle.

Fireplace with bookcase surround
Elizabeth Bro

Built your wall with the fireplace in it to utmost perfection with some help from this built-in bookshelves set. It will provide you with more space than needed to accomodate your collection and will keep your interior looking vintage and charming.

Fireplace bookshelf
Crystal Camp

The coziness of the interior is an important aspect, so an electric fireplace with bookshelves can be a great idea. Wall decoration in the form of a fireplace allows you to introduce a warm climate to the decor, and at the same time, it is very effective.

Fireplace wall unit
Susan Sim

Thanks to this wall unit you can surround your electric fireplace with your favorite decorations and precious collectibles. The whole unit is crafted of wood and bathed in white, offering 2 two-door cabinets with shelves, and multiple open compartments.

Fireplace bookcase
Alexis Hallify

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this electric fireplace and bookshelves. You can choose one of three finishes: black, dark walnut and white. It features the engineered wood and powder-coated steel construction.

Fireplace with bookcases

Not only does this TV console look great and have a plenty of very handy compartments, it also hides an electric fireplace underneath to keep you warm during winter! Very unique, gorgeous design, bound to spice up your living room.

Shelves on each side of fireplace with cabinets i would
Allen Lisa

Shelves on each side of fireplace with cabinets! I would LOVE this!

Built in fireplace entertainment center
Kristin Allen

An elegant contemporary white-finished wall unit with a built-in fireplace. Each of 2 bookshelves has 3 open shelves, a 2-door cabinet and features a dark (like a fireplace is) countertop. A fireplace and a TV shelf above are framed by wide pillars.

Bookshelf fireplace design

tv above electric fireplace with bookshelves | New York Home tv above fireplace Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and ...

Fireplace mantel and bookshelves
Cook Alexis

A fantastic living room decor for those, who look for traditional charm and warmth. Enjoy your favourite TV programs, while being heated from the fireplace, located at your legs level. All surrounded by two, cottage-like bookcases.

Whole wall tv unit
Parker Joanna

A functional choice for larger living rooms. The tall corner shelving unit is characterized by wood construction with an espresso finish, including spacious cabinets, and several open shelves with a built-in lighting system.

Bookshelf fireplace
Laetitia Anderson

tv above electric fireplace with bookshelves | Raleigh Home tv above fireplace Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and ...

Electric fireplace with shelves
Julia Lambertify

A fantastic idea to make your living room cozier, warmer, and more aesthetic. The fireplace has a protective screen and is embedded in a stone brick wall, surrounded by a white mantel with stylish design, and a smooth top for decorations.

Built in tv cabinet above fireplace
Maria Anderson

Materials: Two full-size and one narrow Hemnes bookshelves I had a spare wall in my living room, but wanted both a lot of book storage and a fireplace. I checked the dimensions of the Hemnes bookshelf, and discovered an electric fireplace insert that fit

Built in custom cabinets and bookcases for northern virginia
Lambert Abbey

Built In Custom Cabinets and Bookcases for Northern Virginia

Bookcase fireplace designs
Elizabeth Coupe

Warm Brown Rococo Electric Fireplace Bookcase Unit | eBay

Fireplaces with bookshelves
Natasha Her

DIY Build in with fireplace...prob no fireplace but helpful tutorial on the bookcase part.

Electric fireplace with bookcases
Natasha Williams

can get a fake fireplace for $300-500, build in some lower shelves. Paint wall darker accent color. Paint shelves to match above on sides,TV on wall above fireplace. Napoleon BGD36CFNTRE Top/Rear Vent Clean Face Fireplace With Black Door Nat

Fireplace with built in bookcases
Lauren You

Dublin Glazed Pine Electric Fireplace with Bookshelves |

Decorating ideas for bookcases by fireplace

You could get old books and wrap them with different paper to create this. I might love that idea!

Decorating a mantel with a tv above meadow lake road
Laetitia Zernike

Decorating a Mantel with a TV Above - Meadow Lake Road

Muskoka picton electric fireplace with bookshelves
Stacy Tor

Muskoka Picton Electric Fireplace with Bookshelves

Bookcase fireplace
Tiffany Ram

tv above electric fireplace with bookshelves - Bing Images

White built in shelves
Crystal Bryant

Holly & Martin Fredricksburg Gel Fireplace with Bookcases in Ivory | The Simple Stores

Ashley Electric Fireplace

Ashley Electric Fireplace
Aesthetic useful electric fireplace. It has a decorative white mantel. It is equipped with thermal protection, firebox, vent, programmable thermostat, flickering LED-flame effect and remote control. With 1400W of power it can heat 100 square feet.

A white mantle fireplace a for real one though not
Jacqueline Parker

A white mantle fireplace! A for real one though...not gas or electric...a real old fashioned brick wood burning classic fireplace with a white mantle around it! Perfect for decorating on and around...especially for the holidays! and reading/writing on tho

Silverton Electric Fireplace
Julie Lon

Silverton Electric Fireplace
This is an electric fireplace. Perfect for all kinds of interior decorated in a classic, warm style. It provides coziness that comes from the fireplace, with a purity that guarantees its electric version.

This is the closest i could find to what we

This is the closest I could find to what we are looking to do. Why do people need cupboards under their built ins??? UGH! We need them floor to ceiling to hold all the gazillion movies we have, plus room for the TV and the DVR, blu ray DVD player and t

Built in entertainment centers with fireplaces

pictures+of+electric+fireplaces+with+bookcases | This is an electric fireplace(artificial flames)with bookcases on both ...

Fireplace cabinets and bookcases

SEI Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcases, Ivory

Shaker living room furniture 3
Amber Gar

Living Room Built-In cabinets that Nate Built and the window wall with all the trim. Lovely~! September 2014.

Electric fireplace images
Victoria Nels

Alcove with shelves. One shelf as "desk" ( Lamp + charging station)- this helps with the chair in front of shelves dilemma- allows light in that corner- great idea.

Built in tv fireplace

Inc. Marcus Electric Fireplace with Bookshelves Home & Kitchen

Fireplace mantel with shelves on side
Craven Zoe

Sitting room with built in cupboards by a local joiner and an electric fire (image from House to Home)

Corner fireplace with tv above
Patterson Gracie

The simple form of this corner electric fireplace with mantel makes it a very atmospheric and glamorous element of the living room. Bookshelves and impressive construction of the platform fascinates.

Clark Electric Fireplace
Denise Barnes

Clark Electric Fireplace

Curved Electric Fireplace

Curved Electric Fireplace