Dog Crate Night Stand

Like to have a night stand at hand… along with your pet? Now you can make it happen by choosing one of these dog crate night stands, which are available in various designs, sizes and colours. They are different but all of them have some charm and are surprisingly functional. Do you know which one your dog would choose?

Aaliyah Thomas Interior Design Expert
Dog crate night stand
Weber Lily

Wooden night stand with four solid and stable legs. It also offers a rectangular top. Lower area includes crate walls between legs and doors, so this element of furniture can be used as a safe crate for dogs.

Dog crate night stand 1
Jessica Zernike

Night stand and dog bed. This would take the big ugly plastic kennel out of the room. I wonder how easy it would be to clean.

Ikea hack dog house

So awesome! A dog crate that looks like a nightstand, so it will fit perfectly in the decor of your room! TownHaus Wood Designer Dog Crate Furniture by DenHaus - PetSmart

Diy dog crate
Patterson Gracie

A stark rustic style end table made of ordinary planks with a distressed brown finish. It has a rectangular top, straight angular corner poles and X-crossed stretchers on longer sides. The table can nest e.g. a dog crate.

Dog crate night stand
Dominique Hug

I would love this for the dogs...however I think for the cats it would be discusting to have their litter box next to your bed?? ew! And I would never spend $500 for this either...but cool idea!

Dog crate night stand 2
Laetitia Zernike

Dog Crate Night Stand - I would love to have the dogs this close, but I think they'd freak about being that close to the bed without being IN it.

Dog house end table
Carmen Milani

Why not replace that ugly, old plastic dog bed with a unique, traditional dog crate that actually looks like a side table! Perfect to put in your living room if you’re a pet owner, bound to give it a nice, unusual look!

Wooden dog crate plans
Vanessa Thom

DIY wooden dog crate - $40 worth of materials, just need to put in the effort. Might be nice to build it around a wire crate for dogs who chew...

Dog house nightstand
Butler Mary

Hand made dog crate/ night stand

Custom dog kennels

To add some style to your indoor environment and define it as pet-friendly, use a dog crate that's crafted from real wood. This inner dog kennel with decorous door serves as a crate end table as well.

Crate nightstand

Small but elegant, this simple nightstand is effectively combined with a dog crate, so your pup could sleep cozy right next to your bed. It has an intricate design that uses sturdy wood planks, leaving enough gaps between them for proper ventilation.

Dog crate table top
Perry Alexandra

Dog cage table with rectangular top. Base consists of braided wires. Designed for large dogs. Suitable for any room as needed.

Dog crate night stand
Jaclyn Morris

Dog Crate night stand!

Diy indoor dog kennel

Advice needed: decorating around huge dog kennels | Offbeat Home

Nightstand dog crate 4
Wright Stacy

Can double as a crate if you create sliding doors on the inside that meet in the middle!

Dog crate night stand 7

A solid and useful item that is a good choice for owners of dogs. This dog crate includes solid metal front and walls. Its wooden frame protects dogs and assures solidity. The product can be used as a coffee table.

Dog crate night stand 8
Jillian Moor

Doggy bed end table

Dog crate night stand 12

You must provide your dog with a place to rest. This is a copy of dof crate night stand for real dog beaus. Placed aroud our bed - plays two roles, a night stand and a dog bed. Made of stylish dark manghony wood.

Dog crate night stand 16
Holly Wat

zenhaus dog crate/bed doubles as an end table or night stand. door is removable.

Dog crate nightstand 1
Richardson Holly

DIY night stands

Kirkland Buddy Residence Pet Crate End Table

Kirkland Buddy Residence Pet Crate End Table
This stylish crate for your pet is both stylish end table or nightstand. It has a stylish finish and is ideal for many occasions. It is extensive, so pet will feel at ease in it. You'll like her as your pet.

Dog crate night stand

Got an old, ugly end table? Remove the front door and attached hardware, splash on a few coats of paint and voila! A cozy doggie bed.

Dog crate night stand 1
Parker Maria

Check out this stylish dog crate! Perfect as night stands in my bedroom!

Do it yourself dog crate

Finding the Appropriate Indoor or Outdoor Cage for Your Cat (Photographic Guide)

Creative dog crates
Yulia Thompson

A stylish dog crate that is also a piece of furniture. It's a cocktail table with a dog bed inside. It features a decorative pattern at the sides and a modern design. It will be a pretty accent of your living room.

Crate stand
Michele Phillips

I may be able to use this to hide the litter box. It's a bit pricey but given my litter box is the first thing seen as you walk in the door, it seems like a good investment.

Dog crate night stand 5
Bennett Melanie

Crate & Table | 7 Tables You Can Build So You Can Say You Actually Built Something In Your Life

Dog crate night stand
Hill Vanessa

I really really want my husband to make us a window seat dog crate like this!

Dog crate night stand 3
Krystle Perry

Wonderful alternative to nasty dog crates.

Dog crate night stand 4
Mackenzie Poly

End Table/Night Stand Dog Crate (Hand Made)

Dog crate night stand 1
Carmen Kowalski

dog crate night stand

Dog crate night stand 1
Heather Barn

Indoor Dog House/Bedside Table $650 It would be even better with a door so you could use it as a crate too.

Dog crate night stand 2
Jessica Zernike

These are expensive, but they illustrate how a dog crate could have a double function. I'd place the dog crate by a bed, cover it with a piece of plywood and a decorative fabric, and -- voila -- a night stand that doubles as a bed for the doggies, Mom. :)

Dog crate night stand 3
Tara Gosselin

I want 2 of these end table pet crates for my family room! Dual purpose end tables! Awesome idea for pet owners.

Dog crate night stand 4
Williams Tiffany

Finn Nightstand Rustic Modern End Side Table

Dog crate night stand 6
Alexis Millerism

Is it a reading nook for kids or a pet bed? You decide.

Dog crate night stand 7
Coupe Andrea

Dog Pen with Crate Cover

Dog crate night stand 9
Olivia Smithist

What a rocking dog crate/night stand. Dual purpose great idea when living small.

Crown Pet Crate End Table
Watson Krystle

Crown Pet Crate End Table
The fabulous functionality of this piece lets you enjoy the multi-purpose use perfectly, since it can easily serve as an end table and a pet crate that will let you keep your pet safe when you need to and enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting structure.

Dog bed house indoor
Renee And

Make sure your nightstand is truly functional by opting for one that can easily double as a dog crate. It still offers the boost of surface space you will surely need, while accomodating your pet at the same time.

Dog crate night stand 5
Stacey Coo

Dog Crate Table. Lucy would love this! She likes to be under tables. lol

Dog crate night stand 6
Crystal Camp

a boy, a girl, and 2 mini aussies: DIY | dog crate

Nightstand dog house

A very interesting multi-functional element created for owners of dogs or cats. It is a nightstand that features a solid construction and a spacious top with lower shelf. The lowest part of this table includes a house for pets.

Dog crate night stand 10

dog night stand

Dog crate night stand 11
Jamie Whi

TownHaus Dog Crates-night stand doggy bed. i want this! how cute

Dog crate night stand 13
Theresa Evan

DOG CRATE/BED: this is a 3 in one product! its a dog bed, dog crate & night stand or side table! pretty cool! go to: bitch new york

Dog crate night stand 14

"One of the biggest problems in winter time is the chilling cold that occupies our streets and houses; for us it’s quite simple to wear some sweater and hide beneath a cozy blanket, but what about our pets? I’ve found the perfect solution for that –

Dog crate night stand 15
Tiffany Ram

This is awesome. It could make a great night stand/dog cage.

Dog crate night stand 2
Sarah Lew

Dog crate / night stand.

Dog crate night stand 17
Kimberly Gri

This is the one. Going to make one as soon as we move into our house. Maybe a bit taller, for my Lyra bird.