Decorative Night Lights With Shades

What’s important about night lights is not really the quality of light they give, but the ambiance they create. You don’t need a glare for a bedtime read, but you will definitely appreciate a soft and soothing gleam, perfect for dreaming and romance. Here’s my collection of decorative night lights with shades. Hope you will enjoy it!

Ideas By Riley Thompson
Decor Cat Night Light

Decor Cat Night Light

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Decor Bird Night Light
This small but very charming lamp is a great way to calm a child who is afraid of the dark. Cute bird theme will add charm to the whole décor, pleases the eye and Provides subtle lighting at night.

Decor Bird Night Light
This small but very charming lamp is a great way to calm a child who is afraid of the dark. Cute bird theme will add charm to the whole décor, pleases the eye and Provides subtle lighting at night.

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Seashell Night-Light Substitute the usual plastic shade of a night-light with a shapely beach treasure. Look for shells with a flat surface that you can glue by Martha
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These can be done with parchment and tea lights, or on a string of white lights maybe
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I keep seeing bottles w/ lights, but i love the idea of putting a lamp shade on top. I could find a cute one @ marshalls!
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Starry Night Lamp - typical floor lamp, crafter used simple paint pens to mimic the Starry Night scheme on top the plastic shade- very nice :)
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Bing : wine bottle crafts with lights - Kelly will LOVE this!
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Blue wine bottle lamp...this would be awesome with a really big glass lights inside act as a night light and then traditional lamp light on top!!!....I'm making one out of an old large bottle, will post when done :)
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DIY lampshade Idea. Polariod's Stamped together to make a fun memory filled bed shade!
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Brag Monday - French Lampshade & Whimsical Collage - The Graphics Fairy
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For the reading lamp by the chair - paint the base black, recover shade with burlap. Off to the fabric store.
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2nd arrondissement - the "Paris Deco Off 2013".  Participating fabric houses each contributed a lamp shade to create this fantastic display down the rue du Mail on the right bank.  How fun!  How quirky!  How Paris!!
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Create elegant wedding decor with #vintage lamp shades via A Night Owl. #weddings #weddingdecor
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Lace lampshades ~ turn a plain shade into a piece of art using lace, ribbons, flowers, trims, beads, even paint ~ the ideas are endless. A solid colored shade looks great when covered in lace, you don't have to start with a white or cream base.  {These ar
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Construction Table Lamp with Matching Night Light
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Fog Night Light with Shepherds Hook - The perfect fixture to make changing your "shade" easy!
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DIY Starry Night Cityscape Lampshade » Curbly | DIY Design Community
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Cutwork antique lamp base is hand painted and holds a Bohemian Gypsy Crescent Moon shade in tones of warm peach and midnight blue. Shade is covered with a duo of early 20th century lame fabrics with abstract patterns and embroidered net. The fron of the s
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I love the pattern this light shade casts on the wall and with a dimmer switch to turn the light down really low, it would make a great night light in a child's room. Is it macramé?
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Exotic cheetah print always goes with everything! Bejeweled animal print lamp shade on a bronze base for night stand or desk.
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Oh my stinkin' cute! Mini Fabric Lamps from Taylor Made... small plactic cups mod podged with fabric and white lights inserted through the top- I would love to make these as night lights for my boys' room! So versatile and fun :)
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From Santa to LK Play Tent (with lights) - 7 Playful and Fun DIY Tents for Kids
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Recycled Book Lamp: What a unique lamp! Great shadows cast. Maybe a use for an old textbook you can't get any money for at the bookstore?
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Gothic Lamp Shade - Convert a common lamp shade into dreadfully gothic décor suitable for any haunted parlor. USA. 60 x 22"
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dandelion lampshade...  i wonder if i could make one with vinyl...
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Family Photo Lamp Shade—Cover a plain lampshade with digital photos printed on translucent paper.
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Wine Bottle Lamp Kate & Cassie Cabernet Merlot by VineShine
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A nice design idea for a modern garden. Love the simple furniture with lots of refreshing details.
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Oh this is so Alanna, though a little more hippy and take out that pillow with the girl on it, replace with a peace sign and thats all her <3
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Bringing Some Color to Christmas - All Things G&D
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"I want verses of felt or feather which scarcely weigh, mild verses with the intimacy of beds where people have loved and dreamed." ~Pablo Neruda, Sweetness Always
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Crystal decanter lights - taking the mason jar idea to a whole new level. It looks like the bottoms were removed, so these are actually pendant light shades.
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Suzie: Kerrisdale Design - Woven magazine basket, Robert Allen Dwell Studios Gate white & gray ...
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Cloud Lights They are lit up by using electric candles inside of a lantern covered in stuffing.
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#DIY #Recycled old books -  I think you could use more books and make it a night table with reading lamp combined - great for small bedrooms & book lovers
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How to Pick the Right Lamp | Take the guesswork out of choosing the right lamp for any space
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Tiffany Mission Lamp, 26" high with 15" shade,  $235, Art Inst Chicago
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NEW Wine Bottle Light, Wine Bottle Lamp, Decoupage Wine Bottle with Lights, Decoupage on Lamp, Lokta Paper, Decorative Wine Bottle on Etsy, $40.00
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Transformations™ combines a Light Filtering fabric with a Room Darkening fabric to give you optimal thermal insulation.  can be cordless
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Victorian Lampshade with Antique French Embroidery
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Colorfully, Behr - Waterscape (light) & Night Shade (dark) Need in a room with lots of light or colors lean towards shadowy gray.
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Cordless Day-Night Shades give you a light filtering and room darkening shade in one. With completely cordless operation these shades are a great choice for homes with kids.
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“Not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and long-lasting. Sometimes people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little
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Button Lampshade  Did ya ever wonder what to do with the ugliest lampshade in the world? Well here is one idea.
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Greyscale bedroom. Yes please.
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Cabin 9 Design - Rustic Cabin Decor
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How cute is this: Eiffel Tower Lamp with black shade £95 www.grahamandgree...
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Making a Sturdy Wood Tripod - How To I want this for a floor lamp base, then I can outfit it with a diy light kit and a lamp shade of my choosing.
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Nauti Lamp
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Love this lamp re-do! I'm definitely going to do this with an old brass floor lamp of mine!
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